Monday, May 7, 2012


Here is some basic information about the spiritual peril of this hour. I wrote it for an anointed one who has difficulty understanding English, so it is simplified. She is asleep as to the hour. I will not post her initial letter to me. But perhaps the reply will benefit those who are new, or that have had trouble understanding the deeper things...

I do not believe the GB is the wild beast. 
The GB is the Harlot who rides the wild beast. 

The wild beast is the organization, made up of those not anointed
 (spiritual gentiles, no spirit-circumcised heart, not Jehovah's priests) 
like elders, circuit overseers, etc.
These are not spirit appointed...that is one of their lies! (Rev.9:3,7)  ( )

These rule over the other anointed who are inside the organization. The elders have taken the job of priest away from anointed. 
This is what Jesus was meaning, when he said "the disgusting thing" ruling in the Holy place (See Matt.14:15,16; Lam.1:10; Eze.44:6,7,8,9 --(not our Bible...find a different one on-line. The NWT is the only version which has changed these verses in Ezek.);  Rom.2:29--anointed) .

There are many more scriptures about it, but that should give you the right idea.

It is very important to get out of the Organization. Otherwise, you have the mark of the wild beast on your forehead or hand... (letting them teach you or direct your actions).(see Rev.13:8,16)
There was a time myself when I thought that I could avoid having my thinking and actions directed by the Organization, and that as long as Jehovah held that power in my life...I was spiritually safe inside the Org. 
But now the Organization is demanding what amounts to worship. It is teaching lies at every meeting. It is an act of unfaithfulness to Christ, if we are silent in the midst of that. The Bible clearly says that ALL those who DO NOT ("in any way") worship the image of the Beast, ARE thrown out (spiritually "kill" Rev.1:1 symbol) John16:2 (Rev.13:15).

Only Jehovah and His Word have the right to judge. (Rom.8:33; 14:4,12)

If you tell the elders that you believe the things you are saying, they will kick you out right away (symbol- Rev.11:7)....they only teach and believe what they decide....NOT what Jesus or the anointed decide.
They are the Wild Beast.

The Organization IS NOT THE KINGDOM!!!! (see 1Cor.15:50)

It is Satan's fake decoy of the Kingdom, so that he can trick the anointed into lies and following Satan's men as their head, instead of Jesus Christ our true leader (Matt.23:9,10). 
Those who obey the Beast/Organization instead of Jesus... are drunk and asleep!

All those on the line to the wine-press believe that the Organization is the Kingdom, instead of Jehovah, Jesus, and the 144000...and Jehovah is going to kill them for that idolatry!!!!!
Exodus 20:5
Rev.14:9,10,18,20.  They die for worshiping the Image of the wild beast (organization) instead of Jehovah (Rev.13:15).

If you "wait", you will not live.
Get out if you want to live! (Rev.18:4)
Babylon the Great is the mother of the Harlots (Rev.17:5) the Covenant with Death (Isa.28:15)
[The harlot is the GB...her daughters. [the same as the false prophet and wormwood (Rev.20:10; 8:10,11; 9:1) They ride and control the beast. (Rev.17:3,7)]

Do you listen to the Bible anymore?
If you believe that you should stay inside Jehovah's greatest enemy, something bad is about to you.

It is too bad that you are not taking in knowledge right from the Bible, like I tried to tell you to do. It is costing you your life!
Please wake up! I care about you!

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