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"Anointed" Special?

Many ask if and why the anointed are special. Some doubt that the Chosen are the only ones given the promises in the current "New Covenant". Others ask how the future rule of the 144,000 will be used to restore peace to all Creation (Rom.8:22,19,23).
Please consider this...

Often the scriptures take the view of the anointed as the priority because in the fulfillment of their hope and future in God's purpose, all other things will be restored (this includes solving all other problems facing the physical creation). This is not to diminish the relevance of the physical creation. For, the whole purpose of the "new heavens" is for the benefit of the earth and those on it. (2Pet.3:13)

Jesus compared this to making a loaf of fermented bread. The yeast is nothing in itself. The flour is the substance of the loaf. Working the yeast into the flour and letting it come to life and raise the flour, is the priority; without which the finished loaf would not come to be. Do you understand this illustration and how it applies?

          The flour= the earthly creation and earthly sons (new earth)

          The yeast= "living" spirit sons of the kingdom

          Blending the two= New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven into the earth 


          Lump rising= earthly ones eating the "fruit and leaves" of the (anointed) trees of life
                              for the "curing of the Nations" Rev.22:1,2Isa.61:3
                              Zech.4:1,2,3,11,12,13,14;  Rev.11:3; Matt.16:28; 17:2,3,11
                              'raising' mankind to perfection.

Revelation shows that the anointed will be trees of life, fed living waters directly from the throne of God while they are in heaven. That living water fills their "leaves" and "fruit". They then come down to the earth; and those who eat their leaves and fruit receive that living water into themselves, and are cured (Rev.22:2). 
Zechariah Chapter 4 (Zech.4:1-14) speaks symbolically of two olive trees as representing the two anointed ones who are standing alongside the Lord. In the transfiguration scene, Matt.17:1,2,3 reveals that these two anointed ones, are prefigured by Moses and Elijah. These anointed trees who in reality number 144,000, are to raise mankind to perfection with their fruit and leaves, infusing life into mankind; just as yeast permeates dough.

         Baking= final test by fire. Rev.20:1,2,3,7,8,9

         The finished loaf= the restoration of the earthly creation in harmony with 
                                     Jehovah's original purpose (a new heavens and new earth)
                                    (Rev.21:1; 2 Pet.3:13).
         Please see Jesus' illustration about this... Matt.13:33; Rom.11:16

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As Those Who Use the World

For those interested, there is a new article about schooling...
Should a young Christian pursue education?
This article provides the balanced Bible view.
The cited scriptures can also apply to other pursuits of this life.



Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disgusting Thing

Here is a comment from a reader who asked a question about Matt.24:15

hi! ive been trying to post here but for some reason my comments don't get i'll try again..
 i have been a reader of your blog for a couple of months now..and i have drafted several emails to be sent to you personally,but never anyway...
 i just have something to share or maybe this is a question? i listened to a recorded CO talk where it discussed about the fulfillment of the prophecies in matthew 24. when i started reading your blogs i acquired a different understanding ( which i am open about) .
The speaker said that the phrase 'standing in a holy place' refers to the world's Jerusalem ( or what is viewed holy by the general public) and NOT Jehovah's holy organization or temple....the reason is because of the article 'a' - holy place. 
If 'the' - holy place was used, then it would refer to Jehovah's organization having a disgusting thing standing in the midst.. any thoughts on this? what the speaker said seem to make sense to me what are your thoughts on this ? uhmm..i might have to listen to that recording again and make sure i heard them right...


First let me inform you that I moderate comments. This prevents the automatic publishing of doctrinal errors. I am responsible before Jehovah for everything that is taught here. 
This is why it is not a “forum” free-for-all
(Prov.18:2; 26:12; Isa.5:21; Matt.12:36; James3:1; 1Tim.1:7; Matt.15:11). 
It is a tool Jehovah has graciously provided me, in order to accomplish my own obligation before Him
(Rom.12:6,7; 1Cor.12:28; Eph.4:11,12; 2Cor.5:10).

Moderating comments also allows me the time I need to prepare an answer to questions like your’s, before readers are left hanging. 
I think it is courteous to have an answer ready for readers, as soon as they read the question. Thank you for your patience. I know you have had to wait for this answer, but I work as fast as I am able.

Please do not hesitate writing to me personally at my email address if you feel inclined.

Okay, regarding your question. You said that according to a CO talk, “the phrase 'standing in a holy place' refers to the world's Jerusalem ( or what is viewed holy by the general public) and NOT Jehovah's holy organization or temple....the reason is because of the article 'a' - holy place. If 'the' - holy place was used, then it would refer to Jehovah's organization having a disgusting thing standing in the midst”

I don’t see any scriptures which support this idea, that “a” means a fake thing, and “the” means the real thing.
In fact, there are many scriptures in which “a” is used, and is the real thing
(See a few: Rev.20:11; 19:11; 7:9). Let’s examine the scripture you are referring to, so that the Bible can answer your question with certainty.

Matt.24:15   “Therefore, when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,)”.

To determine where this "disgusting thing" actually is, we certainly have many more clues than the one word “a”, don't we? 
First of all, the disgusting thing is standing "in a holy place". Are we to think that Jesus is deceiving us? Is this place really “holy”, or not? Would Jesus be a hypocrite? Let me explain…. He told the Pharisees that they were like white washed graves which were full of dead men’s bones and every unclean defilement. (Matt.23:25,27,28). Would he do the same thing, and call “holy”, that which was really unclean false religion?
Rather than assuming it is impossible for the "disgusting thing" to be referring “to Jehovah’s organization having a disgusting thing standing in the midst” of it; 
what did Jesus actually say?

Jesus said that the disgusting thing and the holy place, were “spoken of through Daniel the prophet”. Let’s use the Organization’s own Reference Bible. 
At Matt.24:15, it rightly refers us to Dan.11:31. 
Within that context, we see that the “holy place” is also referred to as the “holy covenant” and the “sanctuary” where the “constant feature” was, but is removed (by the "arms" "profaning" it). 
The reference Bible also gives us Dan.9:27, where it speaks of a “covenant” to do harm to the constant feature (“sacrifice and gift offering”). The Organization also teaches that this “constant feature” IS the daily sacrifice being offered by genuine faithful anointed.

The last cross reference given in the Reference Bible is Dan.12:11. 
There it clearly states, 
“And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.” 

Surely if you are one of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” you are familiar with the doctrine regarding this 1,260 and 1,290 days, as again being associated with genuine faithful anointed, and not with the “world’s Jerusalem” (This is not a scriptural term or idea, nor was the expressed opinion of Jesus Christ about what is "holy", the same as the “general public”.).
But in addition to these references, I wish to call your attention to another reference. 
Go back to Dan.11:31 in the Reference Bible. 
The cross references there take you to Dan.8:11. The organization teaches that this “established place of his sanctuary” (in speaking of the “Prince of the army”) is referring to Jesus Christ and his anointed. 

Another cross reference for Dan.8:11 is Rev.11:2, and is rightly associated with the “holy city” being “trampled” by this very same disgusting thing, for 42 months….a parallel to the 1,260 days.
(42monthsX30days in a Jewish month)=1,260

Remember what Jesus said? This disgusting thing and holy place, are the same ones “as spoken of through Daniel the prophet”. 
By the Organization’s own teachings and cross references…that “holy place” is God’s own Temple, and is just as Jesus himself declared it,…."holy”.
The scriptures also clearly identify what that holy temple is...(1Cor.3:16; 1Pet.2:9)

This is in harmony with the rest of the prophecies about the end (for example, 2Thess.2:4. By the way, there it states “in THE temple” of “THE God”; just in case you still had your doubts about the implications of “a” and “the). Remember...all the end-time prophecies are speaking about the same period and identities. We should not keep them apart, since they all augment and clarify the whole picture. Truth is harmonious with itself. The disgusting thing "standing" (ruling and taking over) in the holy place, is the same as the "trampling the holy city underfoot", is the same as the M.O.L. "raising himself up" in the "temple", over the "objects of reverence".
All the prophecies about the end are harmonious and supplement each other….IF you have the true understanding. 
If not, than such comparisons as advised above, are fatal to the deception.

Recent talk outlines may force the idea that the Organization which calls themselves by the Creator's name, have peace and security in their standing with Jehovah; but the Bible paints a devastating reality of what is soon to come for them. (1Thess.5:2,3,6)  ( )

Thank you for your question,

The Questioner replied:
hello..i am so glad to see your reply to my question. i also think it is very wise that you moderate the comments in your blog. i thought there is a problem with my browser or something that whenever i click publish nothing comes out on the screen, but now i know.:) thank you for taking the time to answer my question. they're very clear and i can see the scriptural basis in your answers. it's just that when i have read your blog about matthew 24:15 about the disgusting thing i am happy with the explanation but when i went through my recordings and listened to that talk, it kind of set a confusion inside my mind that led me back to accepting that maybe what the org teaches is be honest, a lot of my inner thoughts and questions are being enlightened by your writings. even the things i didn't know i didn't know. i've been wanting to write to you..but im sure you can understand the hesitation that i'm having. im currently in a spiritual struggle, especially with the recent releases but i am just an average person so who am i to question anyway-is what i say when i talk to myself.sometimes when i do a self evaluation, and try my best to be regular in my personal study using the publications, there's always a point where i just stop and think hard whether im hearing it right or if my heart is just being stubborn or if the spirit is not really enough to make me understand things.
im not sure if it's caused by my being a lurker to several blogs on the internet, like yours and others or if the struggle has been there yet i just didn't know it. but one thing is clear. there is a debate that has been going on inside my mind...and at this point i have already convinced myself to test ''every inspired expression' even if it means turning to the writings of those labeled by the Org as 'apostates'.i will take responsibility if in case i am wrong or if i am right with this action that i am taking. i do believe that only the brave ones will find the answer that they are looking for.

May Jah continue to strengthen you and continue your efforts in sharing what you have to us your readers....

take care! 
Here is a correspondence with another anointed one, which I believe will benefit all.

I have been asked by the one who wrote the letter, to please remove it. I have done so. If anyone does not want their faith shared with others (Rom.12:5,6,7,8); I will certainly comply. Yet I have left the reply to that letter, below. I myself understand Jesus' desire and command to all anointed....for us to be willing to die to save others, by means of any living bread, that he has, through spirit, graced us with (Heb.12:25; Matt.10:32; Dan.11:35; Rev.3:2).

Hello Xxxxx,

Thank you for your effort to explain. Yes, I see some truth in what you have observed.
But we should combine what we each know (1Cor.12:8,21). 
I hope you can hear me when I tell you, that being God-breathed/receiving the spirit or breath of life, is fulfilled when the GB teaches that the Organization is "spirit directed". That is the two-horned beast in Revelation, "breathing life" into the Wild Beast (Rev.13:15). Having the breath of life is the symbol of spirit-directed. This idol is not dead (Pharoah was also an idol who was worshiped, even though physically alive).
In the same way, the Wild Beast "Image" is worshiped   according to the Bible (Rev.13:8).
It is the Wild Beast itself which is physically alive....NOT the Image. But while "all the earth" worship the "Image", they obey the reality of the Image...the actual Wild Beast. The wild beast IS alive. This is obvious, because of all the things it is able to do (Rev.13:5,6,7).

Rev.13:15,16,17 shows that even the idolatrous "Image" of the Wild Beast is empowered to act...although a dead idol. How? Because the reality of it, is living, as we saw in Rev.13:5-7.

This is amazingly and perfectly fulfilled in the "Organization". Although the lifeless image of the "Organization" is considered spirit-directed; the actual elders that make up that Organization, are alive. THEY are the ones/proxies who demand that all worship the idea, that the Organization has divinity. In the name of that Organization's Image, they do "cause to be killed"/disfellowship, all who do not worship the image of the Organization as spirit-directed. 
Yet they do not demand personal worship...but worship for the image that they stand for. This prophecy is perfectly fulfilled in the details of the Wild Beast and it's "Image". Can you see it? (Rev.13)

Certainly you must know, that the Image of the Wild Beast which received the breath of life,  is NOT in the image of God! Don't you remember that the wild beast KILLS THE HOLY ONES (Rev.11:7)? LOOK at all the evil things the Wild Beast does...Rev.13:6,7,8,15,16,17. 
Yet you are correct if you think that "all the earth" THINKs that the wild beast is now a god (Rev.13:8). 
I hope that you do not also believe this lie. 
The Organization IS NOT Jehovah, nor does it represent Jehovah! It is an IDOL!
Whatever you have learned from your study of is only true if it is in harmony with ALL the scriptures. Only God's Word the Bible, is ALL true. While you may have learned some beautiful truths...
whatever is not in harmony with the rest of the scriptures, is from your own thoughts, and is not true (John7:18; 8:47). Where are all the scriptures which prove your understanding, interpretations, and teachings? In both your letters, I see, none. If you "speak of your own originality", it is you who should be careful.

In getting back to the GB, I am NOT saying that there is NO TRUTH in what the Organization has taught. When the fallen star of Rev.8:10,11 is falls on one-third of it's teachings and turns them to Wormwood. This leaves two-thirds of clear water. Therefore, the Bible is telling us that initially, there is still mostly Truth in what this great lamp/torch is shining. Yet we know that with time... poison spreads out to contaminate all the water; just as the frog-like expressions grow to full maturity (Rev.16:13). Satan knows that in order to trap chosen ones, he must bait that trap with Truth. Gradually, he poisons them with lies after he gains their trust. We will not be fooled, if we continue to be guided...not by the words of men, but by the Word of God.

As far as the consequences go for telling forth what Jehovah has told me to declare...
we are told,
"If anyone will kill with the sword, he must be killed with the sword. Here is where it means the endurance and faith of the holy ones." Rev.13:10

This indicates that if we choose to take up this spiritual warfare, and be empowered to do so through the sword of Truth (Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12); we will be "killed" by the same means....disfellowshiped by means of those who are using the scriptures to their own ends.
You may decide that the "woman" are those who are false female teachers, but the "woman" gave birth to Jesus Christ...Gen.3:15 says that Jesus Christ is HER SEED. HER SEED wages war with Satan..."bruising him in the head", and HER SEED also become the seed of Abraham, the anointed who will inherit the earth (Gal.3:16,26,27,28,29). Who the woman is, is made clear ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, at Gal.4:31,26,24. The mother of the "seed" (Christ, who bruises Satan in the head), was identified at Gen.3:15 as "the woman". The mother of the seed who conquers Satan (Rev.12:11), is identified as the free "woman", Jerusalem above, the New Covenant (Gal.4:31).....NOT apostate human women, nor a "wife-like" "celestial organization". According to the Bible, this "woman" is the New Covenant (see ).
If you do not look to God's Word for your understanding, you will be swallowed up by darkness and not even know it (Prov.4:19; 1John2:11; Eph.5:6-15).

You are right in saying that the teachings of the GB are comparable to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge....death dealing lies masking as illuminating wisdom (2Cor.11:13,14,15; Rev.2:2; 8:10,11). These leaders indeed do take it upon themselves, to determine "good and bad" independent of God's Words (Jer.10:23)...and then they demand that all "J.W.'s" submit to their self-styled doctrines; forbidding any to "test out" their teachings in comparison to scripture (1John4:1; Acts17:11; 2Thess2:3; Rev.13:16).
 I do not "touch it", as you are saying I do. I don't know why you are worried that I am taking of the fruit of death. This was true of all of us anointed, who were deceived into trusting in men (Psalm146:3), rather than remembering the one who called us (1Pet.2:9). But we have been awoken by the spirit and are called into the light, stop touching the unclean harlot...that we might repent in sackcloth, and be saved through our courageous witness to Truth. (Rev.11:3; 12:11; 9:14)

The "ARK" is not a baptism into an Organization...It is a baptism into the Truth...into the name of Jehovah, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, which teaches the anointed directly (Matt.28:19,20; 1John2:20,27). When we are anointed and baptized by spirit into the body of Christ, HE becomes our head and teacher (Matt.23:8,10)
THE ORGANIZATION IS THE WILD BEAST! It is ridden by unfaithful anointed who have left the Covenant/Mother of Life (Gal.4:26,24), for the Covenant/Mother of Death (Rev.17:5; Isa.28:15,18).

You have been given many true, beautiful, deep insights...but you are applying them to some wrong identities.
I am praying for you, as I hope you are praying for me. Jesus is now trying to feed us the marriage feast....but if we are not shining our lamps based upon God's Word and spirit, he will not feed us personally.

The children of light ARE AT WAR (Rev.12:17,11,7; Eph.6:11,12). They are not at peace (1Thess.5:3; Jer.6:14; Eze.13:10).
Satan is seeking to drown the Chosen with lies (Rev.12:15), whether those lies come from others (Rev.8:11; 16:13,14) or from our own minds  (1Tim.4:1; 2Cor.11:3).


More information:

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I have just finished adding the rest of the scriptures to the last post below. 

Marriage Feast / New Covenant

(Benefit to those not anointed:

- - - - - - -

I thought it might help others to share the information from a letter to another anointed one....
Dear Xxxx,
I am very happy that you decided to write me. Interaction with other chosen is a source of joy for those of us who seek truth, love and unity.
Yes, as you know Satan's pressures are upon us, and will not let up until Christ comes to rescue us. Yet his care rescues us even now, in that he has sent us the spirit to be with us and feed us. He too, is manifesting his presence among us, that the world may believe that Christ is Lord.

I hope you will clarify some things you said, because I don't know what you mean...

"why Father allows many Witnesses to not be
> anointed, even though they can see the issues of the true gospel being
> the re-birth."  

First, "why the Father allows many Witnesses to not be anointed". Are you wondering why Jehovah does not do more anointing among "Jehovah's Witnesses"? Not sure what you are saying here. I know that almost all "witnesses" now are worshiping an Organization, committing idolatry against Jehovah. Of those who are not, or who have left due to seeing the corruption, remember 2Chron.16:9? Jehovah shows his spirit to those with a complete heart. Only Jehovah can judge this about a person. 

The next part of that sentence...

"even though they can see the issues of the true gospel being the re-birth."  

Now you've really got me. Can you explain what you mean by "issues", the "rebirth" and how this rebirth is the "true gospel"?
Are you saying that the emergence of full truth (the spirit leading the anointed into "all the truth" John16:13), as being associated with the birth of the Kingdom? 
Or are you saying that when we are born again as perfect spirits, and the Sons of God are revealed (Rom.8:19), that only then will we have all the truth?
Or, do you speak of the Word (true gospel) as being the "incorruptible seed", which, once sown in the heart and brought to maturity, gives a re-birth into eternal life? (Luke8:11; 1Pet.1:23; James1:21; Mark4:28,29; Eph.4:13)
If this is what you mean, perceiving this truth is not enough to obligate God to choose and anoint you as one of His sons. His righteous and just standards for making such a choice, reside with Him.

I would love to understand what you are trying to say in order to share your thoughts, but the scriptures don't immediately come to mind as to what you are referring to, so I am at a loss. 

Remember the illustration of the marriage feast? (Matt.22:1-14) Those invited were not worthy, and so the King told his servants to invite anyone they saw, who were **"going out from the City" (**according to the Greek "diexodous") (Matt.22:8-9). These were given the opportunity to share in the marriage banquet.
Today, all are being offered the truth of things that were previously hidden, such as the understanding of Revelation. Many anointed will not receive this spiritual food, because they are not worthy. They are busy filling their lamps with fuel that is teachings from men, or they are following their own thoughts independent of the body of Christ. 
These will not be given the true light of understanding (Matt.25:9-12). Their lamps, shine out darkness, because their "eye" of understanding is not "simple"...exclusively guided by means of scripture (Matt.6:22-23; John8:47).
  Yet, those who have been drawn out of the corrupt "City" by Yhwh's spirit (Rev.18:10,18,4; Matt.22:7,9,10), will be invited to share in that feast of true food (Rev.19:9). It will be up to them if they are humble and appreciative enough, to attend and eat.

The next thing you say,

"At least these are now partaking at home, after the Hall Memorial. That's a big plus."

If you are saying that you believe that the New Covenant is for all, and not for the sins of the Chosen heirs only;
YHVH has plainly shown me how the ransom applies first, to the anointed. This is through the Covenant by virtue of Christ's blood (Luke22:20).

Please consider Rev. 5:9,10:
"And they sing a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals, because you were slaughtered and with your blood you bought persons for God out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and you made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God, and they are to rule as kings over the earth.”

This is only one of the many scriptures that indicate a small piece of what spirit has plainly shown me, concerning all the truths of the Kingdom, and how the ransom is applied to mankind in general, through it's ambassadors, priests, and kings (Matt.7:20; Rev.22:2; Matt.10:40-42; Gal.4:19; Rev.12:2; Gal.4:26; Rev.21:2-3; 1Pet.2:5,9; Mal.2:7). The New Covenant, which ends/is fulfilled, at the arrival/coming of Christ (1Cor.11:26) is for that administration (Eph.1:9,10,11,12,13,14; Mark13:27), which is then completed. It is through them as the Bride Covenant/"woman" (Gal.4:26), that Creation is set free (Num.8:19,21; Rom.8:17,19; Rev.22:17), unlike the New Covenant, which initially sets the priests free from sin (Lev.16:6; Heb.9:11,12). First the mother must be free. Then those born to her, are also set free from sin, darkness, and death. First, there must be a free mother. Then the mother must marry a free father (Isa.9:6; Luke 4:16-21; John8:36). After the marriage of the lamb, children will be brought forth (Rev.19:7-9).

The New Covenant is for those who rule (Luke22:29; Rev.3:21; 5:9-10). All Creation will not be redeemed through Christ only (as the anointed are), but through New Jerusalem and Christ together. Once that Holy City is finally made complete, God's Kingdom commences, to the benefit of all who have obeyed the gospel of Christ. But in the meantime, those who belong to that heavenly city (Eph.2:6), offer the healing fruit of their lips (Matt.7:20; Rev.22:2) to those who accept Gods' sons (Rom.8:19; Ps.82:6; Gal.3:26,29; Rom.8:17).

For those who are not being redeemed (receiving a white robe Rev.6:9,11; 12:11; 19:7,8) now, in order to be cleansed for Kingdom Rule; the emblems of that cleansing are not for them. The cleansing of the sins of the 144000 and great crowd of final priests (who come through the great tribulation), is through the blood of the Lamb (Rev.14:1; 7:9,14) It is important to realize that the "Great Crowd" are the last remnant (Rev.12:17), who come through end-time tribulation (see )

The partaking of the emblems stop, when this promise is fulfilled for the Chosen (1Cor.11:26; Rev.20:5)
Try to remember that Jesus fulfilled the Passover (1Cor.5:7; John1:29).
Try to remember that the blood of the Passover lamb, was not for the saving of all Israel,
but for the saving of the Firstborn (Exodus12:12,13; Num.3:13; Heb.11:28; 12:23; Rev.14:4). 

These "firstborn" ones are the first imperfect humans to be born again and released from sin and death by means of Christ's blood. 
The rest come to life subsequently, by means of Bride, Holy City New Jerusalem, and the Trees of Life who make up that City of living stones....
Trees which offer the fruit which "cures the Nations" (Rev.22:1,2). 
All, whether chosen to be the bride of Christ, or her children... must be born again as spirit, in order to see God's kingdom (John3:3,5-6; 1Pet.1:23). All are born through the faithful and sealed anointed who have fulfilled the covenant promise in heaven (Gal.4:26). That mother provides living water to others (Rev.22:1-2,17). Some are born now, by God's spirit, directly poured into their hearts... and his laws written on their heart by God's finger. They accept Christ, and live (). They are tutored and nurtured by those already mature, to become members of the Bride (2Cor.11:2-3). Others are born through an acceptance of the living water, spirit, and truth from Christ's Bride (Matt.25:34-36,41,45; Matt.10:14-15; John13:20; Mark 9:37). By their treatment of God's messengers, they are judged. They are brought into account, at the last day. The difference between these two groups is seen in Jesus' words, at John11:25-26; 6:63,54,40,47-50 (John5:24; Rom.8:9; Eph.2:6).

It is a wicked abomination for those who are not being raised up now, to partake of the emblems which are reserved as a symbol of Holy Promise, between those betrothed to the Christ, and their husbandly Lord. To take the emblems into oneself, is to become one "body" with Christ (1Cor.6:17; John17:22). Those who in presumption, do not discern this body of the Head, Christ (1Cor.12:27; 6:15) a loyal husband is one flesh, only with his wife; 
drink judgement to themselves (1Cor.11:29,27). 

That body of Christ, are anointed ones (1Cor.12:12,27-31).
Partaking of the symbols of Christ's body, is to become symbolically, one flesh with him according to the promise. This is only for the virgins promised to Christ (2Cor.11:2; Rev.14:4) 
  In godly fear, I certainly hope that a right to spiritual fornication with Christ, is not something you promote... to the destruction of all those who heed it (1Cor.11:29).
 Yet if it is, and this teaching is not sourced in scripture, there is yet time to correct this teaching. We are all being cleansed, refined, and the hope that by the arrival of Christ, we can be "finally found" "without spot" or blemish (2Pet.3:14).
This is why the parts of Christ's body, need one another to build one another up, in Truth (1Cor.14:26; 12:21; Eph.4:11,12).

If you are actually saying that you believe that those not chosen to be one body with Christ, should show a marriage to him by taking his body into themselves;
please provide me the scriptures which have guided you to this conclusion. Certainly we can not take it upon ourselves to leave the Bible's guidance, but more-so when we teach others and direct their actions before God (James 3:1). 

Regarding one of your last comments: 

"I do believe in your anointing, and although I cannot see all your explanations being perfect as far as what things in Revelation in particular say"

Please do not remain silent about the things you do not see eye to eye with (Eph.4:25; Zech.8:16). 
My explanations must be limited for each subject. The Truth is as wide as the sky, and I must choose how far to spread the border of what I discuss in each article. 
I have often received supplemental questions by individuals, requesting further proof or explanation of what perplexes them personally. If you ask, then I am made able to answer your personal questions, so that whatever point you do not clearly see as being scriptural...I can show you the scriptures to. 

In this way, individuals are assisted with their own doubts. There have been many times that an article is then made more beneficial for someone who did not benefit initially. Additions I then add, benefit all, including me.
Each one has their own questions. I can not cover all Truth in each article, but if a point in particular is of personal interest to you, or is hard for you to see....If you let me know what it is, 
then you give both of us the opportunity to learn more. 

Please do not read an article, and leave it with unanswered questions...or worse...assumptions without scripture. If you need more, please request it of me. This has often lead to anointed ones having their vision clarified and re-adjusted...including myself. Any explanations I have given which you do not agree with, please speak up so that we may be "perfected" through the Bible's answer.

Again...I thank you so much for writing me. It is the will of Jehovah and Christ that we come together, for many beneficial reasons.

Jehovah's spirit bless you with faith, hope, love, and Truth.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

For all of those who have left comments containing deep questions...
I will get to them on the weekend and publish your answers as soon as possible.
Questions requiring lengthy answers are best sent directly to my email address, or through
The "comment" format is meant for brief expressions, has a short volume limit, and is not suitable for me to use for articles. Please resubmit your questions through
I won't have time to write until the weekend, so I hope you can extend me some patience.
Thank you,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspiration ?

A segment from a letter, regarding Jehovah's work through his slaves today...
I said:
I will copy a part from your letter that I do not understand...
"I have to honest with you pearl, the thing I worry about is how you can sit and get the writings from JAH, ?..mainly because it sounds like automatic writing.,,, don't be upset dear pearl. I just need to be honest and upfront, that's all and I know you would want me to be."


I honestly don't know what you mean by this, so I hope you will explain. It is true...I do want you to be "up front". It sounds like you don't feel assured that Jehovah's spirit can give understanding, or that Jesus is teaching those he has chosen to be prophets and teachers. Is that it? 
Or, were you thinking that I am writing while hearing voices? If that's what you wonder, that is not happening. If you explain what concerns you, perhaps I can tell you more about what you are wondering about...especially giving you scriptures that answer your "question".
Certainly I know you are aware that the scriptures say that we much be preaching (2Tim.4:2). Also, that what we preach must be from spirit and truth (John4:24), and that the truth is from the Bible (John17:17). Jesus' example and the Bible tell us that what we preach can not be doctrines from men (Mark7:7,8)...since they make the Word of God invalid and make our worship in vain. How then, do the anointed get the true understanding that they are given to preach (John16:13; 1John2:20,27; Matt.10:20; Mal.2:7)? The Bible makes this clear (Ps.119:105). It is up to us if we believe God's Word (2Tim.3:15).
Please read an article I've written for someone else. It may answer what you are wondering about. If it does not do so satisfactorily, please let me know what else you are unsure of. It is located at
Jesus said that his anointed slaves were the "light of the world" (Matt.5:14-15; Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15). How is that possible, if they are not given that light (Ps.97:11)? At Rev.11:3,4 we see that Jesus is certainly capable of "causing"/giving power, to his faithful anointed to prophesy truth. We are also told that anything we have, we have been given...that we should not boast that it was from we ourselves (1Cor.4:7). 
So many scriptures such as these, make clear that we have received the truth free, and are to pass it on to others in the same way (Matt.10:8). 
We are called out of darkness into the light (1Pet.2:9; Col.1:13). This means that we must be given that light from God, the Father of all light (Ps.36:9; James1:17). Do you doubt all these scriptures...and believe that God can not give truth and light to those who have faith in this? Please explain what it is that makes you think that Jehovah's slaves can not be taught by means of his spirit, the spirit of the truth, in order that they might witness about it, just as the scriptures say they will. (John16:13; Acts1:8) (Is this what you are saying? Not sure.)

Remember the scriptures that talk about the "parts" of Christ's "body"?...that some are chosen as prophets, some as apostles, some as teachers, etc. (1Cor.12:28; Eph.4:11; 2:20-22)? Do you believe it? If one was chosen as a prophet, how would they know what to prophesy? (Num.12:6)
From where would this part of Christ's body know what to declare? Do you know how holy spirit teaches the anointed the truth which God wants declared? 

Jehovah has not changed (Mal.3:6). He deals the same way with His prophets today, as he did in the past (Isa.41:4b; Rev.11:10). If he wants a chosen prophet to make a declaration, He certainly does show that one the truth...letting him know exactly what he must declare, just as he did in the past (Numbers12:6; Rev.11:3). I hope you will let your understanding and Faith be guided by the Bible, and not by doubt (James1:6,7)
Please let me know clearly what you doubt, and in this way, I can give you the scripture where Yhvh addresses that. We all learn by means of His Word and Spirit.
I know you are dealing with your own troubles and tests. I pray that you might be made firm and strong, according to the love and kindness of our heavenly Father.

Follow up from me:
No, I do not channel what I write like that. But you should consider that if wicked spirits can do such a thing, Jehovah's spirit certainly can do better, and did... when the Bible was written. His spirit can do whatever it pleases to accomplish His work and will.
My writings happen just the way the scriptures and Jesus said. The Holy Spirit recalls to our mind the words of Christ (John14:26). As I write, my mind is always focused on God's Word as it relates to the subject. The scriptures that relate... come to mind, and I just put them in where they belong. The letter I wrote you was done in this way. It is the scriptures which guide my writing, and as I think of them, I insert them where they go. I always try to make all I say, based upon the scriptures that come to mind.
You are right. Jehovah is not cruel so as to make us a victim of the demons, while we humbly beg for guidance while slaving for Him. I did not choose my work for myself, but was chosen to do it. I simply obey and allow Jehovah's spirit to enable me to do that work. Woe to me if I refused. We all should prove faithful to our own assignment in the body of Christ.
If you work to clearly identify what bothers you, I'm sure you will see more clearly what Jehovah says about it. Then you need not have doubts or insecurities putting Faith in what Jesus and the Bible assure us of.
Remember that the Bible says:
Rom.9:33: "as it is written: “Look! I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock-mass of offense, but he that rests his faith on it will not come to disappointment.” (Rom.10:11)
Be assured that we can put faith in the words of Christ. This includes what he and the Bible say about the Holy Spirit not abandoning us (John14:15,16,17,18):
“If YOU love me, YOU will observe my commandments; 16 and I will request the Father and he will give YOU another helper to be with YOU forever, 17 the spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive, because it neither beholds it nor knows it. YOU know it, because it remains with YOU and is in YOU. 18 I shall not leave YOU bereaved. I am coming to YOU."
I know these words are true. I experience them every day because of my faith in them, and my faith is made stronger through my experience.
We must trust in Jehovah and His Word with all our hearts, and not lean on our own understanding.
Jesus has told us a simple clear way to tell the true prophets who are teaching by means of Holy Spirit, from others. He said....
John7:16Jesus, in turn, answered them and said: “What I teach is not mine, but belongs to him that sent me. 17 If anyone desires to do His will, he will know concerning the teaching whether it is from God or I speak of my own originality. 18 He that speaks of his own originality is seeking his own glory; but he that seeks the glory of him that sent him, this one is true, and there is no unrighteousness in him. 
I hope you will not loose your faith in Jehovah's power, due to the counterfeit work of the Devil. You are right...those who have such faith, will not be disappointed or fooled. Jehovah is not cruel...but rather, is loyal and faithful to those loyal and faithful to Him (Psalm18:25).
I am relieved that your anxiety about Bible explanations has been relieved. As long as teachings are solidly based and backed by scripture, they are true. The organization no longer derives most of it's teachings from scripture, but rather, from their own publications. The verses they cite, usually do not indicate the things they assert.
The GB is not the "man of lawlessness".....the Organization of spiritual Gentiles, under the GB are the Man of Lawlessness.  When 2Thess.2:3-4 speaks of the "Man of Lawlessness" as being over all anointed (1Cor.3:16), this is when the book of Revelation tells us that the Beast itself will rule as the eighth king, after it turns on and destroys the Harlot (Rev.17:11). Although the "ten kings" (anointed who surrender their future rule with Christ) subject themselves to the Organization prior to the Harlot's destruction, Yhvh highlights this alliance and co-rule, more-so after her demise. This brings the eventual prominence of the Beast/Organization over all anointed, into the limelight. The GB are the Harlot... that ride and steer the organization/Beast/man of Lawlessness. This is very important to have clear, in order to see the details of the prophecies come true...For example, when the organization turns on the GB.
 The man of lawlessness, the Wild Beast, and the locust-scorpions of Rev.9, are all the same identity. The one over and directing these (two horned beast, Wormwood, false prophet, Harlot, fallen star of Rev.9) are all representations of the GB leadership. If you see these more clearly, then when prophecy unfolds, you will recognize it's fulfillment.
I know of anointed ones that believe that the Organization needs reform. These do not realize that we are almost at the end, when Yhvh is to throw this Power into the Lake of Fire. Yhvh will never use it again. The next Government to be used by Yhvh is the Kingdom of God through Christ and his faithful holy ones! (Dan.7:13-14,18,21-22) This will not be run by imperfect or corrupt humans of flesh at all! Those seeking reform do not know or have faith in God's Word. 
In the beginning of the book of Revelation, Jesus says that he is showing his slaves what will shortly take place. This includes the total destruction of all man-rule...including the Organization and it's governors (Mark 10:42-45). Any faith in such man-dominion and power, is actually against Yhvh's chosen King Jesus, and his chosen kings, the 144000 who prove unspotted from this world and it's dominating powers. Any anointed ones who return to the Organization after the Harlot is removed, will become identified as belonging to the "ten kings". These get thrown into the Lake of Fire along with the Beast who they "rule one hour" with (Rev.17:12)
Please take care of yourself,

Monday, April 9, 2012

144,000 number symbolic?

Here is a question from a reader...

Pearl, could you say whether you believe the 144,000 to be a literal number? (Especially as the rest of the verse is to be taken as symbolic). Also if there were 8,000 anointed in the first few days after Pentecost 33AD in Jerusalem alone,40,000 martyed under Domitian in 95AD,52,000 partakers in 1935, 12,000 this year. This doesn't include all the ones during the rest of the first century, or those who died before or after 1935. This leaves a mere 32,000 over 1900 years!Is this possible?


Hello Anonymous,
About the 144,000 being a literal number:
There are reasons to consider it as both literal and figurative. First, we must acknowledge that Jehovah gave us that number. It is according to His own Word and should not be discarded as irrelevant. There are also physical realities within universal laws with which this number is associated. It is a key to mathematical formulas which effect the use of light and power, and is a key to understanding and controlling our physical realm.

While I do not subscribe to all that is conveyed at those links, the actual science referred to, is powerful evidence that even if the literal number is representative in physical application, it’s significance is represented in the literal number.
I wish to turn your attention to Rev.21:15-17:

“Now the one who was speaking with me was holding as a measure a golden reed, that he might measure the city and its gates and its wall. And the city lies foursquare, and its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs; its length and breadth and height are equal. Also, he measured its wall, one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to a man’s measure, at the same time an angel’s.”

"According to a man's measure, at the same time an angel's", points out that the dimensions of God’s Kingdom Government which God’s Word gives us, are according to a man’s measure, and at the same time, an angel’s. This means that these numbers apply equally, in both the physical and spiritual realm. 

To gain a scriptural understanding of the symbolic significance of this number (Revelation is written in symbols), please consider the article:
This means that we can accept an application of these numbers literally, as well as symbolically. I understand this. Holy Spirit has shown me the structure and operation of this government on earth. It’s functioning is based on both a spiritual and a physical application of this number, 144,000.

Regarding your next points about how many anointed have already been chosen…..
You must be told that there is no way for us humans to number those who have been chosen and sealed (Matt.22:14), as we cannot even number the last portion (Rev.7:9). 

For example, 
look at the number that you gave as the number of partakers in 1935 (52,000). It is reasonably clear that the reason so many partook, was because they were told to. In that year, everyone partook, regardless of whether or not Holy Spirit anointed them. 
This count of partakers was made before the Society first admitted that not all were anointed. The fact that all 52,000 were not, is reflected in the drastic drop in partakers over the next few years that followed this change in doctrine. (see note below*) In addition to this, please read Rev.7:9,14:

“After these things I saw, and, look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands. So right away I said to him: “My lord, you are the one that knows.” And he said to me: “These are the ones that come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

Can you see that even though the Society does a count each year of partakers, the anointed who make up the remnant (and come through the end/Great Tribulation) are un-countable by men? Yes, the “Great Crowd” are the anointed remnant ( 
No human can possibly discern those genuinely invited to reign with Christ…less so whether or not they are proving faithful. Those proving faithful, are prophesied as being rejected in the estimation of men (Rev.11:9,10).

This uncountable/un-judge-able nature, is the reality of all anointed, in whatever Century you examine.

Also to be considered, is that out of the 12 “kings” which represent the total number of the remnant of genuine invited ones; the book of Revelation depicts the unfaithful as “ten” and the faithful as “two”. True indeed are Jesus’ words, that many are invited but few are chosen. He also said that many will seek to get into the Kingdom, but will not be able (Luke13:24). He also said that the road to life is cramped and narrow, and few find it (Matt.7:14,21,22,23). 

How can we, possibly number how many Jehovah has put His seal of approval on? Should we then compound that assumption of error, by deducing that the 144,000 has been overfilled, based upon our first mistaken conclusion?

Whether the 144,000 is literal or illustrative or both, it is the number Jehovah’s Word gives us, and it is not without reason. If you write me at my email address ( I will send you an illustration, which partly depicts the literal value of this number and it’s place in Mount Zion. I will also soon be releasing details as to how this number applies to the functioning of New Jerusalem on earth (with a literal 144,000), once the Kingdom begins it’s reign. It is based upon the scriptures. Watch for the article “144,000”.

[*note: The WTS never apologized publicly (nor likely in prayer to God either), for misleading tens of thousands to partake of the emblems unworthily, and therefore, to be condemned by God (1Cor.11:27,29). These leaders demand to be masters over the faith and actions of all, robbing them of their own conscience before God (1Cor.11:28,31; 2Cor.1:24; 5:10; Rev.13:16). What they once expected of all, they now restrain from all, and judge as phony all who partake (Rom.14:10,4).]

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