Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome Readers

Thank you for visiting my writings.
If you have a question on any of them, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of each page.

I recently received a comment from a reader who was concerned that Jehovah's Witnesses are celebrating the Memorial a day early, on Nisan 13. For him and those of you who may have this concern, I verified that the date is correct....April 17 after sundown.

In light of Jesus words in prayer, asking that his anointed followers would be as intimately united as he was with his Heavenly Father; I have set up this place. As it is now, anointed ones are scattered and isolated from one another. This is not Jesus' nor Jehovah's will for them. Christ's body should be fitly united under our Lord and Head. We need one another to have full understanding of truth. With this in mind, I thought this place may be a good start, introducing this idea to other anointed ones.

I have delayed removing this Rev.9 page due to the large number of hits it is still receiving. Please know that when it is removed, there is a copy of it in my profile under the list of blogs. I will continue completing it there.

Some may wonder why I have not worked on it for this long. I have been contacted by another anointed one who has input on the remainder.
If any anointed one appreciates the need for Christ's body to be united in love and work, please contact me. I am interested in what the spirit has given you and how that may contribute to the quality and quantity of the provisions offered here.

Thank you for your time, and Jehovah bless all His sheep who earnestly seek His favor and mercy.


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