Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is a question from a reader:

"Do you believe Genesis....specifically the account of human creation, and the 
world-wide flood of Noah....are a literal and accurate historical account?"
I believe that the Scriptures contain only Truth (John17:17). I know that
 everything that was written, was written for our instruction. This is especially
 true for those of us upon whom the end has arrived. (Rom.15:4; 1Cor.10:11)
I believe that all the details of those accounts (trees, fruit, days, deluge, ark,
 etc.) are all symbolic lessons which escape the physical man 
The lessons contained within the accounts are of surpassing weight than the
 establishing of them as historical. In truth, only Jehovah knows if these things
 physically and historically unfolded as scripturally described, or not. Yet we must
 remember, that God is not a liar (Num.23:19; Rom.3:4). Of what value is it to
 establish these accounts as actual history or not? Is not the value of the
 accounts, within the lessons they provide? If that were not so, they would not
 be contained within the pages of the Bible (2Tim.3:16,17).
Thank you for asking my opinion on this subject. But I hope you have noticed,
 that I do not esteem my opinion so much as to answer from it; but rather I do
 my best to reply from scripture, which is superior to any human opinion. I hope
 you read the scriptures, wherein lies the answer and value of my reply.  

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