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Who are the Locusts?

This post is contributed by a fellow anointed slave of Christ.
Here is their website:
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Just recently, a massive, devastating locust plague made its way across areas of eastern Africa, threatening livelihoods and food supply, with new swarms developing from heavy rains experienced last month. This plague is expected to continue until the beginning of the harvest season in June and July, at the least. The countries of Yemen, Iran, and Pakistan are also on alert, as the development of a “new generation” makes headway into new territory. They appear to be unstoppable, as long as the conditions are favorable to support their life cycle.

Individual locusts experience a transformation that allows a swarm to develop; from the inconspicuous looking grasshopper, to a bold color change accenting their new aggressive attitude, and eating habits that contribute to accelerated size and strength. They are a desert creature, needing moisture to sustain the eggs they lay, which also produces a bumper crop of vegetation to feed on, once hatched.

When I investigated the characteristics and habits of what is called a swarm of “gregarious” locusts, the locust army in Joel chapter 2 took on further understanding of its application today, as an army whose intent is to destroy God’s “land”.
(Joel 2:2-3; Rev.9:3-4,7,10; 13:2,7; 20:7-9)

Most of us are aware that the organization just recently updated their view of the locust attack in Joel. It is rather incredible that it has taken many years to reach the conclusion that the anointed are not that particular “swarm”. The excuse given for their error, is that it wasn’t time for God to reveal its true identity. Perhaps instead of blaming God for deliberately hiding the truth for decades, the governing leaders should be held accountable to their admission of not being “inspired” by Holy Spirit. (2Cor.11:3-4,13-15)

Until reading their April magazine article, I had understood that this “new light” revealed two locust armies that would be present in the last days. Instead, the organization segregates the locust account in Revelation chapter 9, from that in Joel by saying Joel’s locusts had their fulfillment during the early Babylonian siege. True, but as witnessed continually in God’s word, the history and actions of God’s people, echo again and again, right down to today. The ancient prophesy in Joel has further fulfillment in our day.
Isa.13:9; Zeph.1:15; Joel 1:15; 2:2; 3:14-16; 2Thess.2:9-12; Rev.8:12; 9:3,11,12; 16:13-16

I noticed that the WT’s focus was on the wickedness of the army in Joel, and not the reason why God allowed the army to devastate His wayward people. (Joel 1:5,8-12; 2:12-14). During the time they taught that the anointed “Israel” were the now understood “wicked” locust swarm, I wonder how it escaped their notice that God’s nation of Israel was the army’s target. And still, it is taught that the anointed “Israel” today are Revelation’s devastating locusts. I hope if you compare the scriptures, you can determine they are the same army that comes against God’s people in the last days. God allows our exposure to this locust swarm as a discipline, leading to our cleansing and repentance from the organizations lies. (Joel 1:13; Lam.2:14; Rev.3:18; 11:3)

“When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2Chron.7:13-14

That army is the elder body/”man of lawlessness” ruling over God’s “land”; His anointed priesthood, who do not have the seal of God upon their foreheads.
(1Pet.2:5,9; 1Cor.3:16-17; 1Cor.3:9; Eph.2:20-22; Matt.24:15; Mark 13:14; 2Thess.2:3-4; Rev.11:1-2) (Joel 1:6; Rev.9:4) (Rev.3:12; 7:4)

Instead, they carry the mark of an organization; the “mark of the Beast” which is the mark of an idol. JWs receive this mark not only at baptism, but through all activities performed for the organization. Anyone who recognize this destructive body of elders and refuses to acknowledge their power over him, is “killed” –disfellowshipped; which ultimately removes the mark of the Beast. (Rev.13:1,4-10,15-17; 19:20)

The GB or their “helpers” developed a basic comparison chart that they label, “similar but different”
Using Joel 1:4; 2:7-9,20 :
They are from the north
Vegetation is devastated
Eventually, they are driven away
Joel’s locust depict the Babylonian army that invaded Jerusalem.
Using Rev.9:1-11 :
They are not from the north, but come out of the abyss (the place of “not perceiving”)
They are not to harm the vegetation (UNTIL God’s holy people are sealed – Rev.9:4; 7:3)
They finish their work (When the locust army/Beast from the Sea/man of lawlessness has finished its work, it will no longer exist - Rev.17:8; 20:7-10)
And it is assumed that they are “Jehovah’s anointed servants” proclaiming judgment messages.

· (For more understanding on the meaning of “abyss”, please see: “What is Sheole/Hades?” -

This is a bare-bones comparison chart of error, that most JWs will accept as “proper food at the proper time”. By using God’s Word, Pearl’s article explains in depth why His people today are under attack by a great army of symbolic locusts, that is the catalyst that brings about the Great Tribulation and Armageddon. I encourage you to read, “The Greatest Tribulation -- What and Why?” -

Can it be dismissed that the locust swarms the country of Africa is suffering from, has accomplished incredible damage to the vegetation…to the food supply? If Revelation’s locusts symbolize the anointed presenting the organization’s supply of spiritual food (Rev.13:16,17), which is said to cause the listener to become “very uncomfortable”, isn’t this contradictory to the instinctive drive of a swarm of locusts? Since when do locusts carry their own food supply? And, who in the “preaching work” are so uncomfortable by JW’s initial message that they “seek death”? (Rev.9:6)

As the locusts transform from solitary creatures into a blackened swarming powerhouse, they crave carbohydrate rich foods, and their favorite is in the form of grains. God’s priesthood, or “sons of the kingdom” who are to follow the footsteps of Christ, are compared to wheat grain. (Matt.13:23,37-38) They are to carry the “seed”, the word of God in their hearts; yet they are the first and foremost target of the locusts described in both Bible books. (Luke 8:11-12; Rev.9:4) Satan, who demands to sift God’s people “as wheat” is fueling the intentions of this locust army, to turn their hearts into “weeds”, using poison-induced teachings leading God’s people into idolatry. (Luke 22:31; Matt.13:30; Rev.9:1-3; 8:10,11; 16:13,14; Rev.13:4)

Pearl Doxsey:
As those deceptive desires and illusions/"weeds" grow and mature, they choke out the word from our heart (Matt.13:7; Luke 8:7,14; Gal.6:8).
When these hearts come to maturity, the appearance of the heart is full of weeds/thorns. The identity of that heart then, is a weed (Matt.13:38; Ps.37:1-2; Eze.2:6; 28:24; 2Sam.23:6; Isa.51:12; Micah 7:4)
These desert locust swarms are as one article put it, “opportunists”, who breed and forage where vegetation growth is aided by plentiful rain. God’s word of truth in Christ is compared to “living water”, which nourishes the faithful heart of the anointed and all who accept their teachings. (Prov.10:11; John 4:14; 7:38; Matt.5:6; Mark 9:37) The anointed receive a “token” of Holy Spirit that “writes” the laws of God through Christ, onto their heart. (Matt.13:12; 2Cor.1:21-22; Heb.8:10)

Effectively, the elder body/Beast/symbolic locusts have taken the opportunity to target, infiltrate and desolate the hearts of God’s lush “beautiful land” and dwelling (1Cor.3:16,17) spreading spiritual darkness, famine and thirst to all in the organization. (Amos 8:9-11; Rev.6:6-8; 13:15-17) Those anointed priests who submit to the power of this counterfeit priesthood, can lose all sense of God’s righteous decrees through their act of idolatry, acceptance of lies and the wicked rulership over them. (Mal.2:7-9; Num.18:7; Ezek.44:6-9)

Listen to me, you who know righteousness,
the people in whose heart is my instruction:
do not fear disgrace by men,
and do not be shattered by their taunts.
For moths will devour them like a garment,
and worms will eat them like wool.
But my righteousness will last forever,
and my salvation for all generations.
I—I am the one who comforts you.
Who are you that you should fear humans who die,
or a son of man who is given up like grass?
13 But you have forgotten the Lord, your Maker,
who stretched out the heavens
and laid the foundations of the earth.
You are in constant dread all day long
because of the fury of the oppressor,
who has set himself to destroy.
But where is the fury of the oppressor?
14 The prisoner is soon to be set free;
he will not die and go to the Pit,
and his food will not be lacking. Isa 51:7,8,12-14

And one last thought; these uniquely transformed locusts become attracted to the odor of a toxic plant substance, which attributes to their own toxicity and possible color change from grey, to bright yellow and black. This is a plant alkaloid used in the pharmaceutical world for several reasons, but its downside is harmful effects on the nervous system and vision. “Wormwood” has her army at her side, drunk on her toxic waters, while sharing dominion over God’s “land”, as together they bring “truth to the ground”
(Dan.7:23; 8:12; Rev.13:1,2; 8:10,11; Matt.24:48-51; Rev.13:11-12; 17:3,15)

Those under the influence of that organization and it's leaders, are drinking the wine of the vine of Satan (Deut.32:32-33; Joel 3:13-14; Rev.14:18-20).
Those who imbibe from that vine (instead of the vine and branches of Christ - John15:1,4-5,8), are spiritually drunk, and are unable to "Keep Awake" as Jesus commanded (Luke 21:34-36; 1Thess.5:7; John12:35)
Just as it is nearly impossible to rouse an intoxicated person, it will be near to impossible to awaken one who is devoted to demonic deception (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-16)
Spiritual blindness can only be cured by Christ, who opens that no one can shut, and shuts that no one can open (Rev.3:7; Luke 24:45; Matt.13:11). We are ready to offer our scriptural reasons for hope (1Pet.3:15; 1Cor.9:16)... but only God can make them able to hear what the spirit says to the congregations (1John1:5; Ps.36:9; Luke 11:13; 1Cor.2:10; Matt.11:15).

“Pay attention to me, my people,
and listen to me, my nation;
for instruction will come from me,
and my justice for a light to the nations.
I will bring it about quickly.
My righteousness is near,
my salvation appears,
and my arms will bring justice to the nations.
The coasts and islands will put their hope in me,
and they will look to my strength.
For the Lord will comfort Zion;
he will comfort all her waste places,
and he will make her wilderness like Eden,
and her desert like the garden of the Lord.
Joy and gladness will be found in her,
thanksgiving and melodious song.” Isa. 51:4,5,6
“Don’t be afraid, land;
rejoice and be glad,
for the Lord has done astonishing things.
22 Don’t be afraid, wild animals,
for the wilderness pastures have turned green,
the trees bear their fruit,
and the fig tree and grapevine yield their riches.
23 Children of Zion, rejoice and be glad
in the Lord your God,
because he gives you the autumn rain
for your vindication.
He sends showers for you,
both autumn and spring rain as before.
24 The threshing floors will be full of grain,
and the vats will overflow
with new wine and fresh oil.
25 I will repay you for the years
that the swarming locust ate,
the young locust, the destroying locust,
and the devouring locust—
my great army that I sent against you.
26 You will have plenty to eat and be satisfied.
You will praise the name of the Lord your God,
who has dealt wondrously with you.
My people will never again be put to shame.
27 You will know that I am present in Israel
and that I am the Lord your God,
and there is no other.
My people will never again be put to shame.” Joel 2:21-27

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

" Antipas "

At Rev.2:13 it reads;
"I know where you live (Greek: "katoikeis")—where Satan’s throne is. Yet you are holding on to my name and did not deny your faith in me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness who was put to death among you, where Satan lives.("katoikei")"

Firstly, please take note that I have provided the Greek word (kat-oikei) for the place where one "live/lives".

That word is made by combining two Greek words..."kata", which means "to settle down" (verb) upon in place and time...

...and "oikeo", which means a dwelling, or residence (noun). It is the place dwelt within.

As you see from Rev.2:13, "kat-oikei" is used to refer to a residence... firstly, of the person Jesus is speaking to... and secondly, of the place where Satan resides.

"OikoumenEs" is a related word, which refers to an owned land, upon which one occupies or settles. It is not the verb "living", but is the noun... the place occupied.

The reason why this is relevant, is because this is the word used ("Oikumen") in the Bible to describe places lived in, such as Rev.6:10; 13:8; 12:9 and many other places in Revelation's prophecies. It is commonly translated as "earth" / "inhabited earth" / "world". 
---That can be misleading, because these verses are not referring to the planet and all who live on it. They are pointing to a particular dwelling... whether it is owned and occupied by a Christian, Satan, (Rev.13:2; 2:13; 12:9,13), or by God (John 14:23;  2Cor.6:16; Eph.2:22; Rev.21:2-3). It simply means a settled and occupied land/dwelling (Heb.3:6;  1Cor.3:9; Eph.2:20). 
"World" should only be used to translate the Greek word "cosmos". Yet at Rev.12:9, the original world was "oikumen" (inhabited land/homestead). So we see another, sloppy inconsistency, which creates a challenge for those seeking accurate Bible understanding.
(Note: "Cosmos" also, does not mean the whole planet including it's inhabitants. It simply means, an order/arrangement, and in the teaching of Jesus, is usually referring to a religious system.)

Remember that Revelation is symbolic, so we need to decipher, which dwelling is being referred to. We should not assume however, that this is referring to the entire physical planet, occupied by the entire world's population, as it is commonly translated and understood. That is not the theme or entities that Revelation is about (Rev.1:1,3,11,20; 2:1; 22:19).

As you may now realize, having an accurate understanding of the dwelling being referred to in Revelation's prophecies, would be crucial to correctly perceiving the message of Revelation, and who it is that is being depicted in it's unfolding, prophetic scenarios.
For more information about the "earth" of Revelation, please consult this search result: 

Now back to Rev.2:13.

I felt it important to bring up this verse, because of another common misconception, based upon another less-than-accurate but common mis-translation. That translation gives the impression, that Antipas, IS, the "Faithful Witness".
All of Revelation should be interpreted by means of scripture (Gen.40:8) (John 16:13; 8:47; 7:16-17). Each symbolic reference in Revelation, can and must be deciphered, using God's Word (John 17:17;  2Tim.3:16-17;  2Pet.1:19; Rom.15:4).

So then, do the scriptures have another reference to this "Antipas", so that we can understand who Jesus is referring to?
Normally, we should pull up every occurrence of a Bible term, so that we develop a consistent interpretation that does not conflict with any Bible verse. But in the case of "Antipas", there is only one person having that name. He is referred to, at Luke 13:31; Matt.14:3,5; Mark 6:16-19. The Herod (king of Israel) that became the executioner of John the Baptist, was Herod Antipas.

Jesus chose to use the phrase; "In the days of Antipas".
How do these words help to identify who it is that Jesus is pointing to? 
Please consider these scriptures, regarding the use of...
"In the days"
2Kings 15:29;  1Chron.4:41; Esther 1:1; Jer.1:3; 3:6; 26:18;  Amos 1:1; Micah 1:1; Zeph.1:1; Zech.14:5; Matt.2:1; Luke 1:5 

When the phrase "in the days of" is used; it points to a period of time over which a person holds a capacity of great influence over many, such as a ruling position. 

If Antipas were a faithful witness of Jesus, who held significance influence over the Christian congregation for a recognized period of time; it is not likely that there would have been no additional mention of him, by those who wrote the Greek scriptures.
The other alternative, is that the "Days of Antipas", refers to an authority and power, outside the Christian congregation.
Other than Herod Antipas; there is no other Antipas referred to in the scriptures, to assist and guide us in our effort to decipher that reference of Jesus, at Rev.2:13.

Let's look at the meaning of "Antipas".
It actually means, against ("anti" -G473) the Father ("pas/pata" -G3962).

John the Baptist was a faithful witness of Jesus (Matt.11:11).
In a similar position as John the Baptist, there is a final herald to come in the spirit of Elijah (Matt.17:10-13). Jesus said that this one would "restore all things". We gain insight into what "things" that the spirit of Elijah, restores, at Luke 1:16,17. 
(see Mal.1:6; 3:1,2,3,4).

The relationship between our Father God and his priestly sons, is severed in the time of the last Elijah 
(1Pet. 2:5;  1Cor.3:16; Dan.8:11,13,17; 9:17,26; 11:31-33; Rev.13:10,7; 11:2; Dan.11:35-37;  2Thess.2:4). 
The restoration of that relationship, between spiritual fathers and sons, must be restored by the final herald.

Who is severing the relationship between our heavenly Father, and His priestly sons? Who is, the "Anti-Pas"?
From the scriptures cited above, you may have noticed that it is the "man of lawlessness" found at  2Thess.2:1,2,3,4. That ruling identity over God's Temple, is the "abomination causing desolation" (Matt.24:15; Mark 13:14) to God's Temple (the "holy place" -1Cor. 3:17).
That desolating abomination, tramples God's priesthood underfoot, and severs the bond between God and His dwelling/habitation/people (Eze.8:6; 44:6-9; Mark 13:14; Mal.3:1-3). The final Elijah must restore God's covenant with the Temple Priesthood (Deut.10:8; 21:5; Mal.2:8; 3:1-3), and the relationships between spiritual fathers and sons 

(Deut.21:5;  1Cor.6:1,2,3,4; John 20:21-23)
   (Dichotomy of John 20:22 = Rev.13:15,14; 19:20)

Again, back to Rev.2:13
I submit to you, that it should read;
"I have seen your deeds and that your dwelling is where Satan holds authority and power. You hold to my name, and have not disowned my faith even during the Days of Antipas, in which the faithful witness of me was killed at your side, in that dwelling of Satan."

I suggest an examination of the Greek interlinear for comparison:

Since this is one of Revelation's prophecies, how does it apply in the time of the end?
Rev.16:13-16; 13:11,14,15,8,1,2,4 depicts for us, were Satan's throne is invested. Sure enough, Rev.13:7 shows us, that Satan's arm of power, does overcome God's anointed elect. Rev.11:7, shows us that those representing the faithful "two witnesses", are killed by that identity.

There certainly is a End-time presence of God's faithful, during a Satanic rule by an identity just like Herod Antipas. That identity, does exactly what Herod did, to the last herald(s)... the Elijah to come.
"I have seen your deeds and that your dwelling is where Satan holds authority and power (Rev.13:2,7). You hold to my name, and have not disowned my faith (Rev.11:3,7; 6:9; 12:11,17) even during the Days of Antipas, in which the faithful witness of me was killed at your side, in that dwelling of Satan."

Jesus is commending those who stand up to be faithful, even under a powerful demonic climate where death is not only threatened, but has even been demonstrated, by the death of Jesus' final faithful witnesses. Yet those faithful are "at your side". 
The "eagles" who are "taken" (Luke 17:30,31,32,33,34,35,37; Isa.57:1,2) feast on those slain (Job 39:27-28,29-30; Luke 17:37; Rev.12:14,6; 11:3)
Like Jesus, the sacrifice of their life for truth involves their providing a testimony of truth, which is a provision of spiritual food (John 6:53,54,55; Eph.5:29; Rev.6:9; 11:7; 12:10-11; John 12:24;  1Cor.12:7,27; 10:17).

Many related topics have been touched upon in this post. I do hope that if you desire deeper understanding of them, you will use the search box, or use the contact box to send me your questions.

Love in Christ,

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Third Heaven

In 2 Corinthians 12:2, Paul speaks of a “third heaven” that a person he met “fourteen years ago” was caught up in. 
Is this “third heaven” symbolic for truths revealed by God?  
If known, is there a particular purpose for Paul mentioning this specifically?

Hello Rachel,
Please read and reflect on the scriptures, as you come to them.
While there are no other direct references in scripture, to "third heaven"....
      (Deut.10:14; Job 22:12; 1Cor.15:41; Dan.12:3,10; Phil.2:15)
....I do know that heaven refers, not to a physical place. The closest I can come to describing that spiritual realm in physical terms, is to say that the "levels" of heaven, have to do with perspective and understanding... and those who are granted that level. 
This is why those who are "raised up", or are invited to enter a door above to heaven (Rev.4:1), are given additional knowledge (John3:12).
This is symbolized by "eagles" (who are known to fly quite high)... yet from such great distances, they can see fine detail, as well as small items all the way down on the ground. Such ones are given greater clarity and understanding of how particular details, fit into the whole picture, so to speak.

Regarding "third heaven", I thought that I did write about it. I did not find it in a blog search, so I assume it's one of those chunks of information that I never got to transfer over.
Okay, so.... I'll start by summarizing what we covered so far... that with growing faithfulness, comes greater understanding 
(Matt.24:45; 25:23; 13:11-12; 1Pet.4:10).
You may note in those previous scriptures, that with increasing faithfulness, comes increasing divine wisdom/light/glory. Conversely, a loss of faithfulness, results in a loss of understanding/spiritual perception. We see this principle also eluded to, at Matt.22:12-13; James 1:22; Luke8:18; Matt.7:6; Prov.4:18; 2Pet.1:19; Rev.5:2,5,9,12 and many other scriptures. 

The next point, is that there are 3 stages to the maturation process of an anointed one... each stage, requiring fuller faithfulness and bestowing fuller light/glory, until finally, with the "full grown stature of Christ"...
(Eph.4:13; Heb.5:8; 1Pet.4:1; Rom.6:7; Phil.2:5; Gal.5:24; Luke10:17-20; Heb.12:22-23; 1Cor.2:15-16; 13:9-10,11-12), 
...a person dies for the truth, proving their love for it more than their lives.
As a result, the stain of sin is behind them, and they can be raised up into highest "heaven" (Eph.2:6; Rev.3:21; 19:11,14,8) where they are empowered to conquer the powerful deceptions of Satan, which is by means of, that fullness of divine understanding that they are given for faithfully conquering (Rev.2:7,17,26-28). 

The last point, is that this maturation process that is before those who eventually "win the race" and reach the end (not all do), is mentioned, at Rev.17:14. 
You will notice that there are 3 stages... "Called, Chosen, Faithful".  
First, one is "Called". 
That is when the Father, draws that person to Christ (John6:44). Jesus is the way, truth, and life (John14:6). This would manifest, as a great desire to learn the Bible and the teachings of Jesus (who is, the Logos/Word of God/author of all scripture -John1:1,4,12-14). 

If that person is faithful with that stage, a degree of divine wisdom is given, and that person's heart will prepare for the next stage. When they perceive their great need for the grace of God to save them, and to open their eyes to the things they do not understand... they long for that understanding so much, more than life, that with their whole heart, they Beg God for that grace (2Chron.16:9).
If God reads that complete and sincere heart as being ready, we come before the Father's sight and attention (John14:6), and they will then be Chosen.
This involves being anointed with holy spirit, and adopted as God's son (John1:12; Gal.3:26; Rom.8:14-17). The anointing makes clear to that person, that they have been chosen. They are now under obligation to continue their advancing growth in spirit and truth (1John2:20,27; John15:4-5,6-7), and most importantly, conforming obedience as they learn (Matt.7:24).
That path of Christ... 
       (in whose footsteps the anointed must follow closely -1Pet.2:21; Luke9:23), 
....eventually leads to a death for truth
(Rom.6:5; 1Pet.4:13; Phil.3:10; Mark8:35; John16:2; Rev.6:9-11).
If the anointed one makes it that far, they are "Faithful".

Now imagine that each of those stages, are levels in heaven... corresponding to levels of accomplished faithfulness and corresponding levels of enlightenment/glory.
Third Heaven is the place where the faithful, "reside"
(John17:24,22; 14:23,2-3; Rev.21:2; Eph.5:27,25-27).
The person Paul was speaking about, was himself. He puts it in the third person, out of humility (2Cor.12:1-3,4-5,6-7).
I do believe that there was a specific purpose behind Paul's mention of third heaven.
His vision of "third heaven" was a promise from God... a vision of the reward that awaited Paul, for a faithfulness to the death (Phil.3:14; James 1:12).
As we have considered; that is to be the goal of all those Called and Chosen. Paul gave his example of progress, to those on that path
(Phil.3:7-9,10-12,13-15,16-17; 2Tim.4:6-8; James1:12; Rev.2:10; John6:63; 8:43,47; 5:25; Luke8:18).

I hope that helps.
Love in Christ,

Monday, March 23, 2020

Memorial 2020 -- April 5, after sundown

Commemoration of the Lord's Memorial, is rightly held on Nisan 13. For those of you who did not realize that Jesus held the occasion and died, on Nisan 13, you can research that proof in the scriptures, by using the search box on this Blog Main Page.
Mark 14:12; 15:42-43; John19:14,31,42
While the Passover lambs were being sacrificed for the sundown/Sabbath to come, Jesus was also dying on his torture stake (Luke 22:7; John1:29; 1Cor.5:7; Isa.53:7; John19:9). That was the afternoon following the memorial [and the same Jewish day (sundown to sundown) as the Memorial / Day of Preparation / first day of the week of Unfermented Cakes - first day of Passover Week (Luke22:1,8,13-15,19,29; Rev.5:9-10; Mark14:12; 15:42-43)]. (Mark14:12; 15:42-43; John19:14,31,42)
Jesus was buried in a tomb, before the Passover Sabbath (Nisan 14), even began (John19:31,33).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As far as calculating when Nisan 13 takes place during this year,
I will review with you, the procedure as follows...

The way in which Nisan is calculated, is to find out when the Spring Equinox occurs. 
For this year (2020), it was Thursday March 19 at 11:49 p.m..
Then go to the schedule of the new moon for each month in your area, 
(Google search)
and find the new moon that occurred BEFORE the Spring Equinox.
For 2020, that would be Feb.23 at 10:32 a.m.. The remainder of that day (10:32am - sunset) belongs to the previous month.
This means that the last month of the Jewish year, starts at sunset on Feb.23rd.
That new moon, is the start of the last month of the Jewish calendar which Jesus observed.
Then find the next new moon. 
In 2020, the next new moon starts March 24, at 5:28 a.m..
Since the Jewish day runs from sundown to sundown; 5:28 a.m. is between the sundowns. 
Sundown March 23 to 5:28 am, belongs to the previous month. The new sundown of the new moon/month, will not occur until sundown March 24.
If the new moon occurs at an hour, after the sun has already set, then that 24 hour period (sunset to sunset) is still the last day of the last month. The fresh day, would start the following sunset.

For 2020, a fresh day for the new month, does not begin until sundown on March 24.
Nisan 1, runs from sundown March 24 to sundown March 25. Nisan 2 runs from sundown March 25 to sundown March 26, and so on.
Sundown March 24 starts the first day of the first month (Nisan) of the new Jewish year. 
Next, is to count 13 days from the starting evening of Nisan 1.
For my location, that brings the start of Nisan 13, to after sunset, on Sunday April 5, 2020.
This is when I intend to partake. It is up to each individual, to decide what they will choose to do.

If you have received miraculous proof of God's choosing you (Rom.8:16; Eph.4:4) to belong to the Bride of Christ, and wish to partake with us, 
please contact me using the contact form in the right side column of this Main Page.
If you desire to gain more scriptural information about who should partake, there are many posts which address that questions, from many angles. Please use the search box.

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