Monday, April 28, 2014

The Great Tribulation--Why "Great"?

Daniel helps us to understand the main reason why this test is the greatest to come 
(just as Jesus said--Matt.24:21,22; Luke 13:23,24; 21:36; Matt.7:14) 
See Dan.7:7,15,19,21,22,23,25,28. ("different", "especially fearsome"). harmony with the other scriptures, this last effort of Satan (Rev.12:17; 13:1,7,10) is impossible for those Called Ones, to overcome on their own (Matt.24:24,25; Luke 13:23,24; Matt.19:25,26).

(Rev.13:7,10; 11:2; Luke 21:24; (Rev.13:10; Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12; John 16:2); 2Thess.2:4,9,10,11,12; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15,16,17,18)

About "how many" (not really an amount or number--Revelation is symbolic)
experience this testing....
It is not so much how many people, but the percentage of how many. In other words, it is 100% of all their number, however small or large that number is 
("No one able to number/count"--Rev.7:9,14; 19:8; 6:11; 20:4; 13:15--All those sealed (white robe), did overcome by means of a faithful "death" for truth's sake).
There are those who will not be rescued from this great deception (1Tim.4:1; 2Thess.2:9,10), and there are those who will be rescued. (Luke 17:34; Mark 13:27)
God chooses by reading the heart. 
(2Chron.16:9; Ps.33:13,14,15; Prov.15:3; Jer.16:17; Job 24:23; 2Thess.2:11,10,12). 
Not one of the called ones, escape this testing 
(1Thess.5:3; Rev.3:10; 16:14; 13:8; 12:9; 9:3,10; Eze.2:6; Luke 21:35; Matt.13:47,48) (Mark 8:35; Rev.6:11). 
Yet the remnant will be saved out of it 
(1Cor.10:13; 2Pet.2:9; Matt.24:23; Ps.94:17; Jer.31:11; Isa.48:20-21; Zech.9:16). 
But just as the deception reaches and tests all those whom God finds having suitable hearts that love truth, so will the truth will also reach them (Matt.24:14; Col.1:6,23; Rom.10:18; 2Tim.2:10; 1Tim.4:16). 
The response of all hearts, to both the truth and the lie, determines one's seal 
(Rev.20:12; 2Thess.2:10,11,12; Deut.6:6,8; Rev.13:16,8).
Such is the result of the Great Tribulation, which completes the harvest...
and separates the wheat from the chaff.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faithful Slave / Christ's Presence / "Yeast"

Addition to "Legal" Marriage / Who Judges?

Jesus once said, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but give to God what belongs to God." (Matt.22:21)
Does authority over marriage belong to
Caesar (secular government), or God?
Jesus' words make the answer clear:
"Therefore what God  has joined together, let no one separate." (Mark10:9)
Marriage belongs to God,
and His authority over it, should be recognized, 
and given to Him.

According to God, when does marriage take place?
Is it when a couple gets a marriage license from the secular government?

Jesus told us what God considers a valid marriage. 
He said,
“Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Matt.19:4,5,6)

Jesus tells us what constitutes marriage "from the beginning". In the beginning, Adam and Eve did not have a marriage certificate, but rather, they became "one flesh", and were "joined together" for life, by God (Rom.7:2). 
Can you see this clearly?

In fact, as regards certificates given by secular officials, in Matt.19:3,7,9; Jesus compares the difference between "lawful" "certificates" / to God's Laws, and declares that the laws of men (for marriage and divorce), are invalid (see also Matt.5:31,32).

Since the leadership of "J.W.'s" fails to recognize this,
(see link above)
what are the implications for all those who are in subjection to that leadership? 
(Matt.5:20; 15:14; Eze.14:10; Rev.2:20; 2Cor.13:5)

Jesus told his Chosen brothers...
"Be careful," Jesus said to them. "Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees." (Matt.16:6)
What did this "yeast" include?
Verse 12 tells us...
"Then they understood that He did not say to beware of the yeast of bread, but of the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees." (Matt.16:12)

What was wrong with these teachings?
Jesus exposed their error, when he said:
"They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules."..."Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition." (Matt.15:9,6)

Jesus told his own Chosen that they themselves had to beware of doing these very things. (Luke12:1)
Do we see professed anointed leaders today, nullifying God's Word for the sake of secular tradition?
Have they ignored Christ's warning about imitating the "hypocrisy" of the previous leaders of God's Nation? 
(Luke12:1; Mark7:6,7; 1Cor.5:7)

God's Word clearly identifies what marriage is, and who it is that officiates over and establishes it.
Has His Word been "nullified" by religious leaders,
who imitate the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees?
If you recognize this, then also grasp what this implies for God's Nation today, under the present "steward"....

Jesus also told those to be the last  remnant of his Chosen brothers...
"See to it that no one misleads you . For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am Christ,' and will mislead many." (Matt.24:4,5) (Mark13:21)

Christ is the English term for the Greek Χριστός (Khristós) meaning "the anointed". 
When the Hebrew scriptures were translated into a Greek version called the Septuagint; Khristós was used to translate the hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Mašíaḥ,) (Messiah), meaning "[one who is] anointed with holy anointing oil."
Christos is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Mashiach (now customarily rendered in English as "Messiah"), which means "one who is anointed." 
The faithful slaves of Christ's body, would be included as Christs (Zech.4:14; 2Cor.1:21; 1John2:20,27), or, Messiahs.
These can prove faithful and true "wheat", or unfaithful and false "weeds".

For us to understand the prophecy at Matt.24:5, we need to understand a modern translation of this foretold claim.
To claim to be  "Christ"/"messiah", is by definition, also to
claim to be the faithful and genuinely "anointed" and truly Chosen of God. 
This is the modern equivalent of claiming to be the "faithful and discreet slave" that Jesus referred to at Matt.24:45. If someone asserts and promotes this exact claim about themselves; Jesus tells us not to believe them (Matt 24:5) (Mark 13:21).
The faithful would not  be identified by a menacing self-proclamation. (Matt.7:20; Mal.3:18)
Does this mean that such a slave does not exist?
Such a slave is  appointed by Jesus Christ, to provide spiritual provisions (Matt.24:45; 7:17,19; John15:8). 
Yet Jesus asks us to contemplate... "Who really  is?" 
It would obviously not  be the ones touting the claim...
      (and enforcing it with persecution by an army of Gentile "elders" 
      -Zech4:6,14; Jer.17:5; Luke12:45; Rev.9:3; 13:15; 16:13,14; 1Tim.4:1) 
...but rather, the ones really providing the proper food (scriptural truth) 
at the proper time (alert and awake as to the hour of need). 

  The F.&D.S. would also be those who provide the spiritual food according to the method  Jesus indicated.
What method is that?
Rather than being clearly announced, extolled, and possessing an established place (Matt.24:23; Luke21:8; Matt.24:26);
Christ's representatives 
(2Cor.5:20; 13:3; Rom.15:17,18; 1Cor.4:1; 1John4:1) (Matt.10:27,20; Luke12:2,3; Rev.11:3), 
would simply be channels of  "flashing" "light" around the globe 
(Matt.24:26,27,28; 5:14; Job.37:3,2,4; Ps.97:4; John8:12; Rev.4:5; 5:6; Zech.4:10,6; Rev.16:18). 
             (Note: Greek word for "flashes" (Matt.24:27)(φαίνεται), 
                    literally means "appears". The thought is that 
                    as soon as the lightening arises in the East**
                    it immediately appears in the West.)
"Eagles" would have to use their keen discernment to search out these lamp-like "slain ones"/"carcass" 
(Mark8:35; Rev.6:9,11; 12:11; Matt.24:28; Rev.12:14,6; 11:3,8)
They would be recognized by their truthful sayings/fine fruit/light 
        [which would appear around the globe as soon as they received it from the "East"....
         **East: the place where the "rising sun" appears...the "morning star".
            (Rev.16:12; 7:2; Isa.41:2; Rev.22:16; 2Pet.1:19; Luke1:78,79; 
             Isa.45:6; 46:11; Ps.113:3; Isa.43:21; 1Pet.2:9) 
             (Matt.10:27; 28:20; 2Cor.3:12; Rev.14:5).].

Light from Christ would flash from the spiritual "East", and immediately be channeled through his faithful slaves to appear around the globe (the "proper time"). There would be no lag or intermediary processing through a writing committee of spiritual Gentiles*
(Micah5:7; Psalm110:3; Micah4:7; 5:3; Gal.1:16,17,10; Jer.17:5; Zech.4:6)
(*Rom.2:29 -

The true "light"/"food" would be sourced in the true vine (John15:4,5; Mal.2:7; 1Pet.2:9; Rev.5:9,10), and this light of truth would be a manifestation of Jesus Christ himself, unified with his faithful cloud (John16:13,14; 14:26; Rev.11:3; Matt.10:27; Luke12:12; 21:15; Mark13:26; Heb.12:1; Matt.25:31; Heb.2:5,16; Gal.3:29).

That light of Jesus Christ through his faithful, would contain some specific elements [including the exposing of the "Man of Lawlessness" (2Thess.2:8; Rev.3:9) by these last anointed (Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; Isa.24:6); previous repentance by the faithful (Rev.3:19; 11:3; Matt.11:21; Mal.3:2; Micah7:9); condemnation of the apostate empire (Rev.8:8; Zech.4:7; Mark11:23; Rev.2:26,27; 17:14; 19:11,14,8) through a war between truth and lies (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15,16); and a symbolic "death" for truth's sake (Rev.6:9,11; 11:7)].

Jesus Christ and all the genuine and sealed Chosen "Christs" (anointed) of Jesus' "Body",
would simply be "One" with the essence of the light they shine, as the vessels of it (John14:17; 1Thess.5:5; 2Cor.4:7; Luke1:78; 2Pet.1:19; Rev.22:16; 2Cor.4:6; Rev.2:27,28,29). 

The Christ/anointed who truly possess this holy oil of God's spirit 
(Matt.25:4; Rev.3:11; 19:10,9; 1Tim.6:12; Rev.12:17), 
would be manifested by shining true light, devoid of an established religious affiliation, hierarchy, spiritual commerce, and notoriety...
They would not become manifested by claims, prominence, stature, physical holdings, worldly acclaim and accomplishments, honor by men, nor by their impressive surroundings and established location.

When we see these impressive physical things, Jesus tells us, "Do not believe it!"...
"For as lightening comes from Eastern parts, and shines over to Western parts; So the presence of the Son of Man will be". 
...And so the presence of the genuine Anointed "Sons of Oil" will also be (Zech.4:14; Rev.11:4; Matt.10:40). They are together in spirit (1Cor.6:17; Matt.28:20) with their appearing bridegroom (John17:23,24; 14:20; 15:5; 6:56,55,51; Matt.25:6,10,13; 2Cor.11:2; Eph.5:27; John14:3; 12:26; 2Thess.1:7,10)(Isa.58:10; Ps.37:6; 97:11; Isa.58:10; 1Cor.3:13) and enter the marriage feast, along with all those who wish to attend and partake of the spiritual provisions (Matt.22:2,8,9,10; Rev.19:9; 22:17; 1:1; 10:2,7,8,11; 20:12; Rev.3:20).

"Who really is the faithful 
and wise slave ("Christs"/anointed)?"? (Matt.24:45)
"By their fruits you will  recognize them."...both the fine,
 and the rotten (Matt.7:20; Mal.3:18).

Jesus identified two options before his Chosen slaves....
faithful/wise, and wicked/abusive/drunk/asleep.
Our lives depend upon identifying and distinguishing between the two, and whose provisions we will accept and heed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When does Satan "fall"?


Addition to: "What is God waiting for?"
as follows...

"Satan attained authority and power when Adam and Even sinned (Gen.3:13,16,17,18,19,23,24; Heb.2:14; Rom.5:12). He exploited the justice of God to achieve his own purposes (Gen.3:1,2,3,4,5,6; Matt.4:8,9; 1John5:19; John8:44). It was granted by God for Satan to rule this world (Rom.13:1; John19:10,11), until a just basis could be satisfied to remove Satan's authority and power (Gen.3:15; Rom.8:20; 1Cor.15:22).

Satan must be conquered in order to re-establish the Kingdom of God over all creation, and to restore creation's freedom from sin and death. This is according to the requirements of God's justice. 

If it were not necessary for Satan to lose his world dominion by means of God's justice, then God would not have subjected creation to cruel corruption, for nothing (Rom.8:19,20,21,22,23,24,25). But God is love (1John4:8), and when He temporarily abandoned creation to Satan due to Adam's choice; it was according to His justice (Gen.2:16,17). 
The establishment of God's Kingdom, and the fall of Satan, must also be by means of God's justice. 
Why was Jesus Christ required to suffer and die?
 (2Tim.1:10; Eph.1:7; John1:12; Heb.2:3,4,9,10,17; 9:26; Rom.5:17).

Satan's fall from power requires God's justice to be satisfied first...unless you believe that God is unnecessarily cruel, and wants us to suffer and die for no reason. 
It was necessary for Christ to be faithful under test, if he hoped to dethrone Satan (1John3:8; John12:31; 14:30; 16:11,33; Heb.2:14). This conquering of Satan was necessary, before Jesus Christ could be crowned king over creation (Heb.12:2; Rev.3:21) in place of Satan. 
The same requirement stands for all those called ones, who hope to join Christ and be sealed as a kingdom co-heir (Acts14:22; 1John2:13; Rev.12:11; Mark8:35; 2Tim.2:12; Rom.8:17; Rev.3:21; Luke10:18,19).

As you can see by the foregoing scriptures...Christ's faithfulness to death did cause Satan's fall from authority and power. Yet Christ does not rule alone (Rom.8:17; Gal.3:29; Rev.5:10; 20:6). Each and every heir must also conquer Satan (Luke22:31; 2Cor.2:11; 1Pet.5:8,9; 1John2:14; Rom.12:21; Rom.16:19,20; Rev.12:7; 17:14; 19:11,14,8). 
It is their individual victories to be completed, that Christ and all creation await. 
Each member of the 144000 must follow the footsteps of Christ (1Pet.2:21; Matt.16:24; 1John2:6; John14:6; Rev.14:4)...all the way to a faithful death for truth (Rom.6:5; Phil.3:10; Rev.6:9,11; 12:11). 
Each of them must overcome the temptations, tests, and persecutions by Satan, before being declared victorious by their Master, Christ. Once the last of the remnant conquer the evil one, Satan's fall will be completed. At Rev.6:9,10 those already slain ask how long they must wait. The answer given is Rev.6:11. The last of them (remnant) must also conquer for the sake of truth, at the cost of their own lives. When the last of these fulfill this requirement of Satan's rightful demand according to God's justice, Satan's fall is completed (Rev.12:10,11).
Satan opposes letting go of his dominion over the righteous.
It is for this reason that he is permitted to test and accuse them,
and oppose their divine work as well,
until they prove their righteousness and submissive loyalty to God as Father (Luke6:35; Phil.2:15).

In time, all God's children will be gathered and revealed (Matt.24:31; Rom.8:19), and the time will arrive to give God's Creation 
back to the inherit what God originally gave Adam (Gen.1:26,27,28; James3:7), and then gave to Christ (Heb.1:2; Matt.28:18; Psalm2:8; Mark12:7; Col.1:16).
Those who belong to Christ will be heirs with him (Heb.2:7,8; Gal.3:29).
Once all the co-heirs prove faithful, Satan will then lose this long standing war against God's Will.
Satan will finally lose all authority and power,
when all God's enemies are subdued, and creation is returned to God by means of Christ (Ps.110:1,2; 1Cor.15:24,25; Eph.1:10). 
God then gives it to the second Adam, Jesus Christ,
along with all those who have proven to be His children (1Cor.15:45; Gal.3:29; 1Cor.3:23).

Satan has powerful motivation to oppose God, His Will, and His messengers.
It is by means of them that he will be cast out, defeated, and removed.
Jesus Christ was the first man to completely defeat Satan, his temptations and sin, causing Satan to be judged.
Jesus provided the legal basis for Satan to be finally cast out, 
after the harvest of wheat/co-heirs is completed with their own sifting/testing by Satan, and by their victory, attain life. (Rom.2:7; 1Cor.15:54,24,26; Rom.8:11; John5:24; 1John3:14; 5:13; Rev.2:10,11; 1Cor.15:55) (--Rev.9:10,11) "
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Kingdoms

Update/Addition to this post: The Kingdom --1914?
as follows:

the Bible tells us that Jesus began his rule in the midst of his enemies in the first Century (Luke 22:69; Ps.110:1,2;  1Cor. 15:25;  1Pet. 3:22; Matt.28:18;  1Cor. 15:25,24; Eph.1:20,21,22,23; Col.1:13).
Jesus already became king for a "thousand years", back then...(John 18:33,36,37; Matt.21:1,2,3,4,5; Luke 17:21). Revelation is symbolic [Rev.1:1 (see Greek); Matt.13:34,35], and this "thousand years" is symbolic (Rev.20:6; Eph.2:6,10; 1:3). 
This "thousand year" kingdom (John 18:37;  2Cor. 5:20;  1Cor. 4:1) is not the same as God's eternal Kingdom; which arrives when all of it's administration of 144000 and Great Crowd have been completely gathered and sealed (Eph.1:10,20,21,22), and segregated from the weeds through their faithfulness. Those who faithfully testify to the commands of God and Christ (Rev.12:10-11; 6:9-11; John 16:2; Mark 8:35; Rev.7:3; Deut.11:18; Rev.14:1; 22:4). They are raised up into a heavenly position (Eph.2:6; Rev.3:21; John 18:37;  1Cor. 4:1; Matt.13:12; Luke 12:42-44).

Christ's headship and kingdom is of a limited time, during which his "body" (bride) is being assembled (Rev.1:5,6; 19:16; Col.1:18; Ps.89:27; Heb.1:9,5,6; 2:16,5; Gen.28:14,12,13; Eph.1:22).
In contrast, God's Kingdom is eternal (Dan.2:44,34,35; 7:17,27; Luke 1:33;  1Cor. 15:24; Rev.11:15; Gen.28:14; Rom.4:13; Gal.3:29; Eze.37:25).

Two basic facts derived from these scriptures, are that Christ's time-limited kingdom of a symbolic "thousand years", began in the first century. It ends when Satan is released from the Abyss (Rev.20:7-8; 16:16,13-15; 17:14), igniting the Great Tribulation and Armageddon. After all enemies of truth and life are conquered and judged (Matt.25:45,46; John 3:18,19;  1Thess. 5:5; John 12:48,36; Rev.20:12,4;  2Pet. 3:7; Rev.11:5,3; Luke 10:16; Deut.18:18; Eze.2:5; Rev.12:11; Luke 10:19;  2Cor. 10:4,5; Rev.19:11,14,8; 17:14), and Christ's bride is completely collected together, comprised of the righteous  (Eph.1:10; 3:2; Rev.7:4; 14:1; Isa.2:3; Rev.21:2; Ps.110:2; Heb.12:22-23) (2Cor. 10:3-5; Rev.17:14; 19:11,14,8; 6:11; Rom.6:11,5-8) God's Kingdom, arrives (1Cor. 15:24-26,27-28). 

In contrast to Christ's time-limited kingdom of servant kings and priests (symbolic "thousand years") (Rev.1:6,5; Rev.20:4,6; John 5:24);
(Rev.20:4 must be clicked on to read the entire long verse)
God's eternal kingdom does not begin until the entire administration of 144000 and remaining ones of the woman's seed (the great crowd), have been tested and refined, sealed, and crowned with life (Rev.3:11; James 1:12; John 6:63; 5:24;  1John 3:14; Rom.8:9). 
Neither began in 1914... obviously."


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who are God's Witnesses?

(Additions added)

Who are Yhwh's Witnesses? A familiar scripture tells us. These are the very same verses which "Jehovah's Witnesses" use to justify taking that label. Please re-examine those verses now, in the hope that as was the case with me, your misconception can be guided into accurate knowledge by means of the Bible.


10 “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord,
    “and my servant whom I have chosen,
so that you may know and believe me
and understand that I am he.
Before me no god was formed,
    nor will there be one after me.
11 I, even I, am the Lord,
    and apart from me there is no savior.
12 I have revealed and saved and proclaimed
    I, and not some foreign god among you.
You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, “that I am God.
21 the people formed for myself
that they may proclaim my praise.
22 “Yet you have not called on me, Jacob,
    you have not wearied yourselves for me, Israel.
28 So I disgraced the dignitaries of your temple;
    I consigned Jacob to destruction
    and Israel to scorn."

I have emphasized some of the points Yhwh's words make, because of their relevance to the misconception mentioned earlier.

The Witnesses referred to in this scripture, received that position, not from men, but from God.
Isa.43:10 clearly states, that Yhwh's genuine witnesses, are those "chosen" by Him (Rom.9:16,18,23-24,21;  2Chron. 16:9; Eph.1:14;  2Cor. 5:5). These can not be those chosen and designated by mere men (Rom.2:29; Col.2:11;  2Cor. 10:18; 4:7; John 15:16,19). This misconception occurred based upon the assumption that Yhwh had already judged and appointed the "faithful and discreet slave" over all his belongings (in 1919 -though this doctrine was recently abolished); and that God installed not only those 144,000 anointed slaves over Christ's total inheritance (Matt.28:18; Rev.1:18;  1Cor. 15:24; Dan.2:44; 7:27) (2Thess. 2:1,2,3,4), but also all in association with them, as His "witnesses".
This is not at all what these verses in Isa.43 say, nor what any of the end-time prophecies, indicate.
The symbolic last two prophets are called Yhwh's "witnesses" (Rev.11:3).
According to prophecy, every one of them are "killed" (Rev.20:4; 6:11; Rom.6:5).

The Bible makes clear who God's "chosen" ones are [Col.3:12; Luke 1:78 (2Pet. 1:19); Luke 18:7;  1Pet. 2:9,10; Deut.7:6).

("Who are 'God's people'?")
It also makes clear what their assignment is (Isa.43:21;  1Pet. 2:9). The assignment of the Priesthood is not to be rendered in the "Temple" by any other (Num.18:7;  2Chron. 23:6; Heb.5:4; Eze.44:16). Only those chosen to be priests may render "acceptable service" (1Pet. 2:5; Rev.5:9,10; Rom.15:16; Heb.13:15; Rev.1:6) in the Temple arrangement (1Cor. 3:16;  1Pet. 2:5; Eph.2:20,21,22).
Any other arrangement is considered an abomination by God (Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 9:4; Joel 3:17), a "disgusting thing standing in the holy place" (Matt.24:15), "standing where it ought not" to be (Mark 13:14)...."trampling" the priesthood of "holy ones" 2Chron. 13:9; Lam.1:10; Rev.11:1,2;  2Thess. 2:4; Rev.13:6,7; Dan.8:13;  1Chron. 13:9,10; Matt.5:13).

The next point made at Isa.43:10, is that these ones whom God chooses, are given by God Himself....divine knowledge, understanding, and faith in and of the True God (1John 2:20,27,28;  2Cor. 5:5;  1Thess. 4:8). These ones are then said to realize, that besides this True God, there is NO other identity to be served or worshiped (Matt.4:10).

Isa.43:11 adds the trait, that these chosen ones understand, that besides Yhwh and His expressed arrangement, there is no other means nor path of salvation (Eph.1:8,9,10,11,12; Isa.2:3; Rev.7:10).
Isa.43:12, Yhwh emphasized once again, that he himself is the only source of revelation, light, and divine proclamation among these chosen ones (Matt.23:10; Gal.1:11,12;  2Cor. 11:3;  1Tim. 4:1). God's spirit is the source of knowledge to those chosen by Him (James 1:5; Prov.2:5,6; Ec.2:26;  2Cor. 1:21,22)....not an organization which falsely claims spirit direction (Ps.118:8; Jer.17:5; 23:21; (1Thess. 5:2,3)-- Jer.14:13,14,15; Eze.14:21; Rev.6:8). 
God spirit directs and dwells within His Temple priesthood (1Cor. 3:16; Eph.2:22;  1Pet. 2:5,9); Not with spiritual Gentiles who hijack this position, due to the lying spirit from a false prophet (Rev.13:15,7,8; 11:2; 16:13,15;  2Thess. 2:4; Matt.24:4,5,11,24,25).

Yhwh also finds it necessary to clarify and repeat, that there is no other object of worship and service among God's witnesses (Matt.4:10; Gal.2:4;  2Cor. 11:20,3; Rev.13:10,7; Dan.8:13,12; Isa.63:18; Jer.12:10; Dan.12:6,7; Rev.6:10,11). 

At Isa.43:12, God concludes by saying that these personal students of His, must teach what they know (1Pet. 2:9; Mal.2:7; Matt.5:14,16; 10:20) ....specifically, that only Yhwh is the God deserving service, fear, and worship (Rev.4:11; 1:6; 14:7; 19:1; Matt.22:37; Deut.13:4; Eze.2:3,4,5,6,7; Luke 4:8; Matt.4:10), not an organizational "mountain" offering salvation (Rev.6:16; Zech.4:7; Mark 11:23; Rev.8:8; Rom.1:25; Rev.13:8).
This exclusive devotion indicates that only God is to be personally worshiped, served and glorified. This teaching would characterize God's genuine "witnesses"....but not the climate of God's people in the time of the end (Rev.13:8,7,10,14,15,16,17,18,4; Isa.44:20; Rom.1:25; Rev.13:16; Isa.44:20) (Deut.6:6,8; 11:18;  Rom.1:25; Rev.13:16,8)

Isa.43:21 adds more detail about these genuine witnesses. It highlights the facts that this new creation is being "formed" by God over time, into a group with a purpose (1Cor. 3:9; Heb.9:11; Eph.2:21,22,19,20; Rev.21:14,17,22; 14:1). That singular purpose is to "declare" God's "praise" (Isa.43:21;  1Pet. 2:9). This would exclude working to accrue praise for any other identity (Rom.2:29; Gal.1:10; Rev.13:8), nor pointing to it's worldly power for salvation or divine knowledge. This singular purpose would certainly NOT include procuring praise for oneself (John 7:18,16,17; Luke 17:10). For God does not share His glory and praise with any other identity. Yhwh's genuine and chosen witnesses, already know this (Isa.42:8).

Do we have any scriptural teachings in the Greek scriptures to indicate who these chosen witnesses are (since Isaiah is written to those in the Covenant that has already ended)? Yes...those chosen to be witnesses of Yhwh...those who continue to fulfill Isa.43:10-28 are identified under the New Covenant Nation (1Pet. 2:9,10). The people God forms for himself to declare his praise, based upon the knowledge they have received directly from His spirit; are clearly identified for any who wish to be followers of Christ (John 7:17; Matt.7:20).

According to Yhwh..."Yhwh's Witnesses" are the anointed "chosen" ones, as long as they are:
worshiping God alone,
are taught by means of God's spirit and Word exclusively (John 4:24; 17:17),
and like Jesus, they must preach and teach others to have an exclusive devotion and worship to God alone
(Matt.4:10; 22:36,37,38; Exo.34:14; Rev.13:8,4,7,15; Matt.23:37,34,35; Rev.18:24; 19:2; Isa.1:21)

(Num.35:30; Deut.17:6; 19:15,18,19; Prov.6:16,17,18,19; 12:17; 14:5; 25:18; James 4:11;  1Pet. 2:1; Rev.13:11; 16:13; 13:18)


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Keep Awake

You know that as "witnesses", we had learned that we have a message of truth...truth that leads to life (John 17:3).
We are told at Eze.3:18;
"When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand."

So we know that being a witness of the truth, is an obligation before God, to be performed by those who know about the day of judgment to come.
But we also read in the scriptures, that in the time of the end there will be two identities, that will punish those who bear witness to the truth (Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:7; 13:15; 20:4). The alliance of these two beasts (Rev.13:1,11,12) will insist, that instead of people being directed by God's Laws (Deut.11:18); they must be directed by the laws of this false prophet and it's wild beast (Rev.13:16). 
We are told that "all the 'earth'"... 
                (Lit. Greek "occupied home"--Revelation's symbol for God's people...
                 -John 14:23;  2Pet. 3:13,7,17; Matt.10:34,35,36; Rev.14:3; 7:4; 11:18;
                 Jer.51:25,24; Rev.8:8; Jer.4:27,28; 5:18,19,11; Luke 18:8;
                 Mal.3:2,3,7,9,13,14; Isa.28:14,22; 10:21,22,23; Rom.9:27,28)
                (Please note that when the earth is referenced in the forgoing scriptures,
                 it only pertained to God's Nation...not the whole world at that time.
                 The earth/land/Jew, does not include the nations/sea/Gentiles/world
                 belonging to Satan - Ps.98:7; Isa.60:5; 17:12; 57:20; Rev.13:1,11)
                 The land/earth is not the sea/deep.
  [The earth is unsealed. Those sealed, then belong to "heaven" (Eph.2:6; Phil.3:20; Heb.12:22,23)]
...will worship this arrangement, (Rev.13:8) 
including the unsealed anointed! 
(Jer.13:17; Rev.13:10,7; 9:3,4,10; Matt.24:24,25; Dan.8:11,24,25; 11:31,37;  2Thess. 2:4; Isa.14:13; Dan.8:10; Rev.12:4; Lam.2:7; 1:10; Rev.11:2).

We have all been taught to look for the Great Tribulation in Satan's world, and in "Christendom".
Yet all the prophecies are directed to God's own people 
(Eze.3:4,7;  2Thess. 2:4;  1Cor. 3:16; Matt.24:15; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:13; 12:7; Matt.5:13).

This "great tribulation" is aimed toward the unsealed remnant (God's own people) 
at the hands of Satan 
(Luke 22:31;  2Thess. 2:9,10,11,12; Rev.12:15) (1Pet. 2:9,10; Rev.18:4).
They are being tested as to whether they will serve God with exclusive devotion 
and be directed by the spirit of Christ (John 15:4,5; 20:22),
or be directed by the counterfeit "spirit-inspired" "image" of an organization 
(Rev.13:15,14; 16:13;  1Tim. 4:1) and subject themselves to these powerful men of deception, instead (Gal.1:10; Rom.2:29; Matt.4:10).
 Luke 21:36

Those anointed who "swallow"/"buy"/are taken captive by, this lawless delusion...
(Dan.8:12; Matt.24:4; Rev.13:7,10;  2Thess. 2:9,10,11,12;  2Cor. 11:3,4; Matt.25:1,2,8,9,10 Rev.13:17,7) 
...will remain unsealed (Rev.9:1,2,3,4) 
       ("locust"/"scorpions" (Rev.9:3,11) are of the enemy 
         Luke 10:19; Eze.2:6,7; Nahum 3:15,16,17) (Nahum 3:15; Rev.17:16; 18:8).

Only those who "conquer" this demonic deception (Rev.7:3; 9:14; 2:7,10,11,14,16,20; 3:1,2,3,11,18,19) and proclaim truth despite the consequences (Matt.10:22; Luke 21:16,17), will cause Satan to finally fall (Rev.12:10,11; Rev.11:3,5; 20:9,10; Jer.5:14). 
This is the main reason why this war of lies 
is being waged by Satan's agents...
 in order to restrain the final remnant from gaining their victory, which results in Satan's plunge from power.
(Rev.16:13,14; 1:5; 17:14; 19:11,14; 12:7; Ps.2:2,3; Jer.5:5; Gen.3:15;  2Cor. 10:4,5,6)  (Rev.6:11; Mark 8:35).

I do realize how drastically different these ideas are from what we were previously taught.
Yet this powerful apostate "mountain" is exactly what was prophesied as a deceptive threat to the called and Chosen Ones (Matt.24:4,5,24,25; Zech.4:7; Rev.8:8). 
The Great Tribulation is a spiritual tribulation, which "few" will overcome (Matt.24:22; Luke 13:23,24; Matt.7:14), 
or even recognize (Luke 19:41,42,43,44; 12:39; Matt.24:44).

The wicked steward is now over God's household.
He has empowered an organization of counterfeit "Gentile" priests, to hijack God's Temple from His chosen ones.
"The wicked steward" is not providing the "proper food at the proper time", but rather,
he shares in being drunk with the blood of the holy ones (Matt.24:49; Rev.17:6,3; 11:7).
There are a number of anointed and non-anointed, 
who are heeding the call to "get out" from this apostasy, 
(Matt.24:15,16,28;  2Cor. 6:17; Rev.18:4; 2:20,22;  2Thess. 2:2,3,4; Mal.3:2,3)
which was foretold in numerous end-time prophecies. 

We were formerly given false assurances that we have "peace and security" with God 
(Eze.13:10; Jer.6:14; Micah 3:5;  1Thess. 5:3; Rev.13:4)
while we are in essence, obeying, worshiping, and serving, an Organizational *Idol.... the *Image of the sea Beast, as if it were spirit-directed. It is the false prophet, who imbues it with that facade (Rev.13:11,14,15; 19:20). [meaning of breath: John 20:22]

The Organization of "Jehovah's Witnesses" is not God's genuine mountain...
nor His Temple. 
Zion is ! 
(Isa.2:3; Rev.14:1;  1Pet. 2:5,9; Eph.2:19,20,21,22; John 2:21;  1Cor. 12:27,28)! 
The counterfeit, is not the genuine.

The counterfeit was designed to ensnare the remnant, 
as the final tactic of Satan (Rev.12:17; 13:1), who controls all the power, authority, and riches of this world (1John 5:19; Matt.4:8,9).
The faithful slaves are now being "killed" (Mark 8:35; John 16:2), just as was prophesied in Revelation's symbolism (Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:3,7; 12:10,11; 20:4) for their refusal to subject themselves to this counterfeit "Image"/Idol (Dan.3:6; Rev.13:13,15; 15:2; 14:3).

The faithful anointed are gathering outside that apostate City 
(Heb.13:13; Matt.24:16; Rev.18:4; 12:6,14; Matt.24:28)
and the spirit of prophecy is providing food to all those who will accept the invitation to the marriage feast (Matt.22:8,9,10; Rev.19:9),
which is the opening of the "seven seals" of Revelation's prophecy 
(Rev.5:1,2,9,10; 1:1; 3:19,20; 20:12; Matt.25:10; John 15:15).

Prophecy sadly tells us, that "few" will accept the final revealed truths 
(Dan.12:3,4; Amos 8:12;  2Tim. 3:7; Matt.13:10,11,12,13,14,15,16).
Yet those of us who know them, must still proclaim them.
This is motivated by love for God and neighbor,
which love, we certainly feel, even for our enemies (Matt.5:44,45).

"True food" is available, thanks to the living and merciful God,
through His true vine and it's faithful branches (John 15:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).
These (like Christ - Matt.8:20; Zech.9:9; Isa.53:2,3) do not have the glory or power of the world, 
but they do share in the glory of Christ (Rom.8:17; John 17:16;  2Cor. 3:18), 
having been blessed with God's grace, truth, and spirit (John 1:14; Zech.4:6,14; Rev.11:4),
which are the genuine standards of acceptable worship (John 4:24,23).

It is time to grab hold of their priestly skirt, containing the blue thread of truth and faithfulness
(Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28,29; Ex.39:21,22; 24:10; Isa.54:11; Eze.1:26; 10:1; Ps.89:14; Isa.16:5; Mal.2:7; Rev.5:10),
despite the fact, 
that their power among God's people has been "brought to nothing" by the wicked steward 
(Dan.8:11-13; 11:31-35; 12:1,3,4,7-12;  2Thess. 2:4; Rev.13:5-10; Luke 21:24).
       [Matt.24:49;  2Cor. 4:9; Num.22:28-32; Rev.2:14 (LINK)]
I and another anointed one, have prayed that all those possible will wake up to this idolatry, "come out" of it, 
and by following in the steps of Christ, die for truth 
(John 8:37,40,43,45,47; 11:49,50; Matt.12:14;  1Pet. 2:21; Rev.14:4; Luke 9:23,24; John 15:20,13; Matt.20:22; Rom.6:3,5; Dan.8:13; 
Rev.6:9,11; Mark 8:35,38)
       (John 16:2 --see Lit.Greek "un-churched"/"dis-fellowshipped")--
       (translated: "put you out of the synagogue").
We requested this, at the direction of spirit and truth (John 16:20,21,22,24; 15:11; Rev.12:5; Dan.4:17; Matt.18:19,20) during this week's Memorial.
It is time for reaping the final harvest.
(Luke 17:26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37; 21:21,22,24; Rev.11:2,3,4,5; Jer.23:29; Luke 17:29,30; 
 2Pet. 3:7,10,13,17,18; Matt.13:40,49; Rev.14:15).

The true God is not the organization, to which we unwittingly dedicated ourselves.

Are you awake?
(Luke 21:36; Eph.6:18,19,20)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Song for Tonight's Memorial

O Come O Come Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel,
(Matt.1:23; Isa.61:1; Rev.9:14; 13:10)
That mourns in lonely exile here, until the sons of God appear (Rom.8:19).
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, O Israel! (Acts 3:20,21; 2Thess.1:7)

O come, the branch of Jesse's tree. Free us from Satan's tyranny.
(Isa.11:1,2; Heb.2:14,15,16; Rom.16:20; Luke 10:19)
From depths Abyss your people save, and give them victory over the grave.
(Hosea 13:14; Ps.49:15)
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, O Israel! (Heb.1:6)

O come, our dayspring, come and cheer our spirits by your drawing near.
(Rev.22:16; 2:28; Isa.60:1)
And drive away the shades of night. And pierce the smoke and bring us light.
(Rom.13:12; 1John2:8; Rev.9:2,3; Eze.2:6; 1Pet.2:9)
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, O Israel!

O come the key of David come, and open wide our heavenly home.
(Rev.3:8; 1:18; 1Sam.2:6; Phil.3:20; Col.3:1,2; Eph.2:6,19)
Make safe the way that leads to thee.
(Isa.35:8; 30:21; 40:3; 49:11; 51:10; 62:10; Matt.7:14; Ps.118:20)
And close the path to misery
(Isa.51:17; 63:6; Jer.4:9; Hab.1:5; Eze.14:21; 5:12,17; (Zech.13:9; Mal.3:3);
Rev.6:8,9,10,11; 13:1,7; 11:2; Luke 21:22,24).
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, O Israel!
(Ps.119:123-149; 106:46,47; Eze.28:25; Mark 13:27)

O come, O come, our Lord of might. Please heal us and restore our sight.
Isa.40:10; Rev.22:12; 3:18; Luke 4:18)
O bid our sad division cease. And be yourself our King of Peace.
(Nahum 2:13; Jer.51:56; Micah 4:3; 1Cor.11:18,19; 2Cor.10:3,4,5;
Rev.19:11,14; 16:13,14; 17:14; Ps.46:9; Haggai 2:22; Dan.2:40,44,45,35)
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!

Teach us our eyes to simplify. Our hearts and lamps to purify.
(Matt.6:22; 5:14,15,16; 25:1,4,10)
And grant that we may please your face. By spirit may we win our race.
(Luke 21:36; Rev.6:17; 11:4; Ps.147:11; 2Cor.6:7; 1Pet.4:11; 1Cor.9:24)
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!

Oh Lord and Master come for me. Come lift us up from Satan's sea.
Make safe the way that leads on high. And break the chains that bind us to the lie.
Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel. He comes to you, oh Israel!
He comes to you, oh Israel!
(Gal.6:16,15; Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:28,29,26; 4:26)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Last Memorial

Here is a link to last years program, for any benefit it may afford any of you...

For those of you who would be interested in some Memorial considerations;
here are some links to previously written material:

My prayers are with the body of Christ around the world,
and their partaking worthily. 
May we all pray for the captive ones to be set free,
and to step out of the darkness, into light.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wheat and Weed seeds grow up and mature


Addition to: "Pregnant woman" and "Nursing Mothers"
as follows:

"The reproductive "seed" of spirit life, is the Word of God (1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11; James1:18).
If one's heart is "fertile", that seed will grow and mature (Luke8:15,8; Mark4:26,27,28,29; Col.1:9,10), and Satan (who tries to snatch that truth away --Luke8:12,5; Matt.13:19) will not be able to, because the seed of truth remains in them (1John3:9; John3:8; Ec.11:5,6; Eph.5:11) because it is treasured and cared for (2Pet.1:8; Matt.13:12,11). 

Satan sows misleading lies in our heart, as "weeds" (Eph.4:22; 2Thess.2:10; James1:15; Matt.13:25; 1Pet.2:11). As those deceptive desires and illusions/"weeds" grow and mature, they choke out the word from our heart (Matt.13:7; Luke8:7,14; Gal.6:8).
When these hearts come to maturity, the appearance of the heart is full of weeds/thorns. The identity of that heart then, is a weed (Matt.13:38; Ps.37:1,2; Eze.2:6; 28:24; 2Sam.23:6; Isa.51:12; Micah7:4).

These two types of hearts grow to maturity, side by side, until the harvest [Jer.31:27; Matt.13:26,30,38,39,40,41; 24:40,41,42; Matt.13:41,42; (Isa.24:6; Jer.5:14; Ps.35:15,16; 37:12) Matt.13:43; (Hosea6:5; Ps.37:6) Matt.13:40; (Jer.23:29,28; 5:14; Rev.11:5; Isa.62:1)]

Mature hearts/plants/trees will bear fruit, which contain more seed just like them (Gen.1:11; Matt.12:33,34,35,36,37).
Other hearts are offered that seed, contained within that fruit (Matt.7:20; John15:8,16; Ec.11:6,5; 2Cor.9:13,14,15; Col.1:23; 2Tim.4:2; Heb.13:15; Prov.18:20,21; Luke6:45; 1Thess.2:13).
  Once seeds in the heart have been cultivated, grown and matured; 
the dominant heart of a son of the kingdom, is filled with wheat seed (Prov.2:1; Matt.13:12,23; Luke8:8). This is proven by what he speaks and teaches, and where/who that teaching comes from (John8:31; 7:18; 4:24; 1Cor.3:13; (Jer.23:29); Matt.7:24; 10:20; 2Cor.5:19,20) (John8:42,43,44,45,47,37,38; 2Cor.11:14,15,13; Hosea8:7; 10:13). 

A heart filled with cultivated wheat/truth/scripture that is bearing/sharing/teaching, (fine fruit) filled with the truth of God... can therefore be viewed and identified as wheat, or, as a son of the kingdom (Matt.13:37,38).

Here is the connection between "wheat" bearing seed, and "mothers"...
(Ps.126:6,5; John16:22,21; Gal.6:9; Rev.12:2,5; Gal.4:19; 6:9,10; Eph.2:19,21; 1Cor.6:19; John2:21; 1Cor.12:27,28).
Hopefully from a close examination of the foregoing scriptures,
you can perceive that all the wheat are called ones, and that the "mothers" are sealed chosen ones (mature sons of the kingdom), who are giving birth to (producing a crop from their own seed) other called ones who are not yet sealed/matured, as a wheat harvest (Rom.1:13; Rev.14:14,15,16; Matt.3:12).
This occurs due to sowing seeds of truth and cultivating them, in yet others who cultivate and are sanctified by, the word of life (James1:21; 1Cor.3:6; 1Cor.9:9,10,11,12,13,14; 1Pet.5:2,3,4; Col.1:24; Eph.1:18) (John17:17; Eph.5:26). By this work, the workers themselves are fed (1Tim.5:18; 1Cor.9:14; John4:36).

But this gathering of called ones is only the first harvest of firstfruits.
(James1:18; Rev.14:4; Heb.12:23; Jer.2:3; Rom.8:23; Rev.20:6).
All these "firstborn" belong to God (Ex.13:2; Num.3:12,13; Neh.10:36), and must be brought into His service for the sake of all the priests (Prov.3:9; Deut.26:2,4; Num.18:7,13,15,17,18,21; Eph.4:11,12,13,14,15,16)
The spiritual prosperity of all harvests (first, and thereafter), depends upon this priestly sacrifice (Mal.3:10; Eze.44:30; Rom.12:1; 6:13; 15:16; 1Pet.2:5; Phil.2:17; 2Cor.12:15; 2Tim.4:6; 1John3:16).
The entire harvest includes more than just the firstfruits (1Tim.2:3,4; 4:10; John5:24; 4:36; Matt.10:40,41; 22:8,9,10; 1John2:2; John3:16; Acts26:18; 20:32; Col.1:6,10; Rom.8:17)..

We all must protect and cultivate our hearts (Prov.4:23,24,25,26,27,20,21,22,23,10,13; Rom.12:2; Eph.5:9,10; Gal.6:7,8,9; Job4:8). We receive support for this cultivation from mature ones (1Cor.3:6,8,9; John4:37,36; 2Cor.9:6; Gal.6:9). God makes the seed grow (1Cor.3:6,7; Ec.11:5; John3:8; Ps.1:3; 92:12,13; Matt.15:13; Isa.61:3,11; 4:2; 60:21; John15:1,2,6,8). Once fully mature, Christ harvests us into his storehouse...or not... (Matt.3:12; Amos9:9; Isa.30:28; 2Thess.2:11,10,12). 
We firstfruits must "die" to produce both seed and bread to the eater (John12:24,25; Romans6:5,3,4; 1Cor.15:36,37,38; 2Cor.9:10; Hosea10:12).

Just as a natural growth process of seed into mature plant ensues,
so too does the spiritual growth of truth within a heart, if the soil is good. (Luke13:8,9; 8:15)
Those who do not have a receptive heart, will only have weeds, and at the time of harvest will then be identified as a weed, or, "son of the wicked one".
James1:21; 1Thess.2:13; Matt.28:19,20"


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