Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fulfillment of Prophecy

QUESTION: "Do you have any links to your articles that prove the GB is the beast of Revelation?"

Thank you for writing to me.  Scripture is supreme within the mind of the faithful. It is there where we must seek any proof for the realities of prophecy fulfilled. SInce the proofs are written in symbolic terms, we must be the sort that are willing to unlock such symbolism with the keys of scripture. Therefore, "proof" is subjective. It is given to those who have faith in scripture. It is obscure and nonexistent to those without such faith. You do not say if you seek the proof for yourself, or for others. Often, we of faith become convinced by what God supplies. It is rare that what convinces the faithful, will also convince the person without faith. So although the links I will provide to you, may convince you; Do not be disappointed if the language of truth is incomprehensible to others, and the information provided is not regarded as proof to such ones.
Reasonably, to prove that one of Revelation's identities is a match to one that now exists... we would need to see a direct and identifiable correlation between the description of the symbolic identity (interpreted by scripture), and the traits and actions of the present identity, drawing a perfect match. Do you understand and agree with this strategy?

FIrstly, I will point out that there are three beasts, just in Revelation chapter 13 alone (there are more beasts in other chapters of Revelation). The first is the dragon/Satan.
One ten-horned Beast, ascends from the deep/"sea"/abyss (Rev.13:1; 11:7) at Satan's bidding; another two-horned Beast, is from the earth (Rev.13:11). When we learn from all the various places within Revelation (and elsewhere in scripture) that describe the alliance between the "sea" and "earth" beasts, we are able to compile a long list of traits and actions being ascribed to each of the beasts, as well as their interactions.

God has decided to give all these faceted descriptions in layers of spiritual language (1Cor.2:9-11,12-14; Matt.13:10-11,13,34-35; Rev.19:10; 1Cor.14:32-33; Rev.22:6), meant to be combined, clarified, and their significance unveiled, at the end of the age (Dan.12:4; Rev.22:10; 20:12). 
Just as Jesus described the singular "kingdom of the heavens" in so many various parables (see Matthew chapters 13 & 25).....


.....there are repeated and various, prophetic descriptions, of the final "beasts" and their interaction. What is lovely, is that when the many details are properly assembled, the resulting description is so detailed and clear, that its' fulfillment and application, becomes undeniable to any reasonable mind.

One such interaction between the beasts, is described in this link:
Here are a number of other article posts that describe the alliance:

...and here is another collection of posts, describing another facet of their alliance:
Here is yet another collection of articles describing this same alliance:

Your search for proof about the accurate application and fulfillment of prophecy, can be compared to a search for a missing person:
Just as we might start with a description...
The person has brown hair... Well, that would not help much. There is very little in that part of the description that will aid in the precise identification, no matter how deeply we go into the detail of the hair... it's texture, thickness, style, etc. 
We next need to add a different facet of the person's appearance (a whole new parable)... perhaps eye color. 
Even this is not enough. We should add height and weight, skin color, tatoos, scars, birthmarks, clothing, shoes, and last place the person was seen. The more traits we can add, the greater the clarity of that person's individuality and distinction from other persons.
It is the same with the identification of the identities of prophecy. All the descriptions/parables must be recognized for what they provide and contribute to the whole... and then those traits, combined. This is no brief, simple or easy matter. Jesus said that if we want the very knowledge of God, we need not only to keep asking and knocking... we need to keep seeking and digging 
(Matt.7:7; 21:22; Luke11:9-13; Prov.2:2-5; Col.1:10; Matt.13:44-46; Deut.4:29; Jer.29:11-13). 
That requires, work. But if that sincere effort is supplied, the man of God will receive that for which he is asking. -- and this fact reinforces my past point... that those without faith do not ask, beg, dig, or find. That loss of faith and humility, can even develop in an appointed steward (Luke12:42; 16:3).

As we might compare a description of a missing person, to the individual that stands before us... the clarity comes to us, as we apply every detail of the extensive description, to them. If they fulfill every miniscule detail of every part of the description with no deviation, we are assured that we have identified, the right person.

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