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Michael / "Clouds" of Heaven

(Part 2)
Thx for replying...that was a mouthful...I am going to reply to your other statements but this scripture was the one that really stood out to me re: Michael....

Luke 2:21 Now when eight days came to the full for circumcising him, his name was also called Jesus,

 the name called by the angel before he was conceived in the womb. Many woman name their child while the child is in the womb or even before she is pregnant...so we see he was named Jesus even before he was conceived in the womb.
I think even in Revelation it is written that Jesus came with his angels..or even in Hebrews where it states to which angel did he (Jah) ever say you are my son.
& One I do remember is that the bible also states the Michael is ONE OF THE CHIEF PRINCES..one of..are there other chief princes.

Many witnesses say there is no proof in the bible of the Trinity, well neither is there any proof that Michael is Jesus. Jesus is the son of God. You can piece together all the proof but just like the trinity one can piece together proof as well. & really at the end of the day, does it really matter ?

 I am very clear about the witnesses. I knew they were regular folks before they came there & did not walk on water but at the same time when I say that I think they are a little offended because they do feel they are different ( & just a little imperfect,not alot) but imperfection is imperfection...like murder (sorry to give such a bad example) at the end of it..the person is dead, but with murder it still is murder, just a matter of degree.
I like them just the way they are even with imperfections, because I have imperfections as well. I think what puzzles me is that witnesses are on this site & always told how we shouldn't be on the internet only the Witness official website.
I'm not baptized as of yet & I found this web-site where I could ask questions because I started to see the org. interpretation didn't line up with the bible. So I thought maybe Satan is trying to mess with my head, but when I started to talk to a few experts I started seeing that I was not crazy. I find they run ahead of the scriptures & fill in the gaps with their own doctrine. They have alot of the truth but not all.

Why do they talk about other places of worship, it's not good to be like that, as the kids say today.."Stay in your Lane"..even if others do talk about them, do not follow their lead. The Faithful Discreet slave...a parable...which is the foundation of the org. to me it means...Just be ready when Jesus comes back. Get your house & faith in order. I hope you are doing well and not sure how you feel about Disfellowshipped...you can leave the org, but don't leave Jah, he is not only in the hall, he is with you anytime..just open your bible & there he is to give us comfort. Hope to hear from you.

Hello again Dany.

Jesus name was known before his birth, but this name was assigned him as the "Son of Man". It was his name in the flesh. It means, "Jehovah is salvation". This is because his role as human man, was salvation. This assigned name was given to Joseph, just when Mary conceived (Matt.1:20,21). In this way, Jesus' name was known before his birth. This does not mean that the spirit being Christ was before coming to earth as a man, was also Jesus.

Before he was born as a man, his name was not Jesus...it was the Logos/Word (John1:1,14).

His name after resurrection, only he himself knows. (Rev.19:12). This is because no name of the human tongue can encompass all the authority, power, and glory Jesus has been given as slave of God in a new capacity (Phil.2:9; Rev.3:12). Jesus is given, a "new name" for Armageddon.
This is also true of the sealed 144000 (Rev.2:17). These also no longer have the name that identified them in the flesh, but reflects their accomplishments (Rev.3:4; 12:11; 20:4; 14:5; 19:8), servitude (Rev.22:3,4; 5:10), and approval before God (1Cor.11:19; 2Tim.2:15; 1Thess.2:4). The new name also reflects their new assignment.
Yet there is one fact we can be sure of. Jesus Christ received a "new name" (Rev.3:12). What is that "new name"?
All of Christ's names, had to do with his divine assignment.
His new name is no different.
His new assignment is shared by his faithful (Rev.3:12; 19:11,14).
This new name and assignment is understood, when we see what Jesus tells us about the events in Revelation. In summary; glory, honor, and worship is being given to an idolatrous image. Even the Holy Ones have been conquered by it (Rev.13:7; 17:12,13; Dan.8:11,12,13) so that their service to God has haulted.
So then...
What divine assignment is needed to be performed by the glorified Christ, to transfer the glory, honor, and worship, back to the God who deserves it? (Rev.14:7; 4:11) What new name would reflect that new assignment?
Obviously, any chosen one who is worshiping the image of the Beast, has forgotten that there is no idol in existence that can compare to the True God. How can Christ remind God's called ones, that no one is like God?
The name Michael, means, "Who is like God?"
The faithful messengers of truth who battle with Michael against this deceptive machination of Satan (worship of the image of the Beast as possessing divinity from God), have the same assignment (Christ's new name, also written on them.). These also work to restore worship to God, by the heralding messages and warnings they declare. These messengers ("angels") who have Christs NEW name also written on them, battle alongside "Michael" (Rev.17:14; 19:11,14; 12:7) and conquer Satan as a result (Rev.12:7,8,10,11)
Armageddon is a battle between agents/messengers/angels, of Satanic deception and agents/messengers/angels, of the Faithful and True Witness, Christ.
The truth, is that the Beast's image does not deserve God's priests to give over their praise and worship to it (Rev.2:12,14,16). The false prophet and Beast, battle against that truth. They kill any who do not worship it (Rev.13:15,8)

Yes...Michael is "one of the chief princes" (Heb.1:8,9; Psalm45:7).
There are a symbolic seven others (Micah5:4,5,6,13,15; Ps.110:5,2,3; Rev.8:6)
This actually helps to establish Michael as Jesus.
Jesus is the "Prince of Peace" Isa.9:6, but he is not alone in this role. "Jerusalem" means, "foundation of Peace". The entire Holy City of "New Jerusalem" are made up of 144000 princes of peace (Psalm45:16).
He is the foremost one...just as he is the King "of kings" and Lord "of lords".
He is "foremost" among his brothers/partner heirs (Ps.45:7; 2Tim.2:12).
Yet all these sealed and glorified brothers of Christ, are "foremost" in comparison to Satan's worldly rulers. These co-heirs of God's Kingdom, will have no end to their kingdom (Dan.2:44; Rev.3:21; 2:26; 17:14).

The angels in the spirit realm, born as spirit sons of God, are not princes at all.

Satan and his minions have taken worldly power (1John5:19). This is unrighteous...and they will soon lose it to God's Kingdom.
God has reserved princely dominion of the earth for Abraham's seed....for these foremost princes, kings, and lords...even among which, Jesus is foremost.

While there are a number of scriptures which can be used to construct the Trinity doctrine, there are very many scriptures against it.
The Truth is identified as that which the Bible teaches, and which no scriptures contradict.

If you have a scripture that contradicts Michael as being a role of Jesus in the spirit realm, please send it to me.

The Holy Angels that accompany Jesus at his return, are the sealed glorified anointed witnesses ("He is coming on the clouds of heaven" Heb.12:1; Jude1:14; 2Thess.1:7,10). These angels are the ones who battle with Satan and are at enmity with Satan's seed (Rev.12:7; Gen.3:15; Gal.4:24,26). Genesis reveals that those who battle Satan and his seed/angels, are the seed of the "woman". The angels born in heaven are not in the New Covenant/Woman, nor do they battle for supremacy of our planet. The heavenly born angels, are not the angels/messengers, being talked about in Hebrews (Heb.1:7,9,14; 2:5,16). Hebrews is speaking of Jesus' angels/messengers...Abraham's seed.

Yes, Jesus is unique in Jehovah declaring Jesus as God's only-begotten son. This is especially so, since he is the firstborn...both in all creation as well as from the dead. All things have been made subject to Jesus alone, with the exception of the Father (1Cor.15:27). Of all the anointed "angels"/messengers, Jesus alone is the high priest.

Thanks again and take care,

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