Friday, February 7, 2014

The "Lake of Fire"

More scriptures added

Do you think that when the GB False Prophet is directly put into the lake of fire, the unfaithful invited Temple members and arrangement of Gentiles, is destroyed? Just a thought.

It helps us to remember that the book of Revelation is entirely symbolic. The "Lake of Fire" spoken of at Rev.20:10,14,15; 19:20; 21:8 is also symbolic. It represents God's pure truth (Jer.23:29), which condemns and destroys all those who disobey it in defiance (Jer.5:14 NIV ; Rev.11:5; Hosea 6:5; 1Cor.3:13; Rev.20:12; John12:48).
How does it "destroy"? Is that a physical destruction? Well, yes and no.
How so?
All those who do not receive salvation (by being written in the "Lamb's scroll of Life") are already dying through sin (Rom.5:12).
God does not need to destroy them, because they are already as dead (Rom.8:6,13; John3:18). Only those blessed with God's approval will live eternally (1John2:17).
Anyone whose name is not in the Lamb's scroll of Life, are still owned by the "destroyer" (Isa.33:1; John10:10; 8:44; Rev.9:11). Therefore, being cast into the judgment of the "Lake of Fire" does mean one belongs to "Destruction"...but it is not as if it is literal and physical, resulting in immediate physical death.
It is a condemnation, resulting in no salvation from a death which already has claimed you. Eventually, without salvation, these will die a permanent physical death. I hope you can see that being cast into the "Lake of Fire" is being "abandoned" by God's salvation. Those abandoned by God's saving Spirit, swallow Satan's flood of lies, and are deceived into committing idolatry
 (Matt.24:37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,39; Dan.9:26; Rev.12:15,16; 13:14; 2Thess.2:9,10,11,12; Rev.13:8)

To receive God's permanent condemnation, is to die eternally. This is what the "Lake of Fire" represents. It is condemnation by means of God's Word...which IS FIRE (Heb.12:29; Jer.23:29; Jer.5:14 NIV ; Rev.11:5). There is a first death, over which Satan reigns (Heb.2:14; 1Cor.5:5), which death of the flesh is physical and from which we can be saved (Matt.10:28 YLT ; Dan.12:13; Isa.25:9). Then there is the "second death", which is God's condemnation (James4:12; 5:9). From this, there is no salvation (Ps.104:29; Matt.10:28 YLT). Eternal Life resides with God (Ps.36:9; 1John2:17; Isa.43:11,12). He chooses who receives it's fruit, based upon His own righteous judgments (Isa.33:22; 11:4; 49:25; Jer.30:7) (Gen.3:24; Matt.13:11; Luke8:10; Rev.2:7; 22:17; Prov.3:18) (Rev.15:4).

The fire of God's Word has two potential effects, based upon our heart's spiritual condition.
If we are submissive to God's Word and inclined toward it's discipline, the fire will cleanse and refine us for salvation (Mal.3:2,3; Prov.17:3; Zech.13:9) Our hearts praise reveals who we really worship (Prov.27:21; Rev.13:3,4; Luke 6:26).
If we are proud, "stiff-necked", and rebellious [Acts 7:51; Isa.63:10; Jer.6:10; Isa.48:4; Jer.3:3 --(literally, "hardened forehead of a prostitute")], that same fire will burn us up. It all depends upon whether our heart and it's works are "fire resistant",  or corrupt (2Pet.3:7,10,11,12; 1Cor.3:12,13,14,15; Matt.7:24,25,26,27).

Those due God's condemnation through His final prophets (Rev.11:5,3,4) are judged by their reaction to that truth from God's Word.
They are as good as destroyed, because they are left UN-saved and UN-written in the Lamb's scroll of Life (Rev.13:8; 20:15).
Yet the "Lake of Fire" into which they are pitched, is not speaking of a literal, visible destruction. It is speaking of God's condemnation and the death that will result. These are under the mother "Covenant of Death" (Isa.28:15; Rev.17:5), and are "abandoned" by God, to Satan...the god and father the unfaithful have unwittingly chosen (John8:44; 2Cor.4:3,4).
Just as Jesus said at Matt.23:33 YLT ; the future for those who lose all favor with God, do not receive the immediate "death of Gehenna"/Lake of Fire, but rather, the "judgment of Gehenna".
"Snakes! Offspring of vipers! How will you escape from the judgment of Gehenna?" (Matt.23:33 YLT)

If Satan does decide to bring about a premature death to those condemned, that remains to be seen. Without any saving intervention, they will die anyway, at the end of their lifespan.

Another thought to remember is that the Wild Beast (as you say, the "arrangement of Gentiles") and the false prophet, are "still alive" when thrown into the "Lake of Fire", so that they are physically alive to experience their condemnation (Rev.19:20; Isa.30:33; Rev.14:10; Matt.8:12; 13:42-43; Luke16:19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,28; Matt.25:2,8,9,10,11,12,13; Luke 16:19,25; 1Cor.4:8; Rev.17:4,6; 2Thess.1:6; Col.3:25; Jer.50:29; Rev.6:10; 18:20; 19:2; Deut.32:43).
This is because they are still functioning and powerful while being condemned by God, which condemnation occurs by means of God's true prophets (Jer.5:14 NIV ; Rev.11:5; Jer.23:29; Hosea 6:5; Matt.13:43; Luke 12:46; Hosea 6:5). This has already begun fulfillment.

Love in Christ,


Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Lot's Wife" / Manifestation of Christ's Presence

Dear Pearl,
Thank you so much for your letter. It means so much to me. Your account of your thoughts & feelings when you "woke up" are so much like I felt after deciding I would never go back to the Kingdom Hall (except for Memorial Nights)  a couple of years ago. We still get a phone hook up which I qualify for because I have health issues, but I would still be going to the hall if things were as they should be.

I feel that Jehovah has forgiven me because like you, I ripped my heart apart for a long period of time & begged for forgiveness. I asked God to remember the person I was when I first learned of him & show me how to get back to having a proper relationship with him again.
In response he gave me much more insight on the scriptures (though nothing like what you have) & he directed me to ones like you, which is an even greater blessing.
I truly do feel like I'm being spiritually fed properly now. I'm still not sure if my invitation to heaven still stands but I feel a need to take in more knowledge before I ask for a clear sign.
I also need to make some more decisions after learning more, like should I even give up getting the hook-up to the hall to fulfill the command to flee Jerusalem properly. Perhaps I will get more holy spirit then & that will answer my question about my calling.

I feel only agitation when I listen to the meetings because of the outright flattery to the elders & the giving praise to the G.B. for things Jehovah wrote in the bible!
Thank you for the info. on partaking. That really clarified things for both of us, & I have 2 months till the memorial to work out where I fit in.
I would feel honored if you use any of our communications for the benefit of others.
You are so right about recent WT's being damage control.
Last Sunday's study article was particularly obvious. I think you said something in one of your posts about the revealing of the man of lawlessness by the breath of Jesus, and that this happens through the articles being published by the true anointed. It was something about the revealing of Jesus through the revealing of the sons of God (sorry if I'm getting things wrong, it's all so new, I need to reread so many articles but there's also so many I haven't read that I can't wait to get to). Could all this have something to do with the sign of Jesus coming in/with/on the clouds of Heb 12:1 the great cloud of witnesses?
I've been obsessed with those scriptures for years because I so long for that day to arrive.

One more thing, could I please ask that you pray for me & my husband. I am in need of courage. I'm a bit apprehensive about what the future might bring (not over Jehovah's judgments, only over more ostracism). I had no idea until a couple of weeks ago that you could get disfellowshiped for disagreeing with doctrine on a couple of issues, even if you still believe in Jehovah & the Bible.

During my first 2 years in the Org., I was on the most incredible high because at last I could believe in God. But depression gradually crept in as I started realizing things weren't right. Most JW's in our area are multi-generational. They are the worst idolaters & don't accept people who don't conform to the details of all the "arrangements". I always refused to do some things, like learn the names of the G.B. members. As a result, my time in the Org. has been one of extreme!!! trial.
As a result I'm still feeling quite fragile even though I've been strengthened a lot by the new things I've learned. It's so exciting to me that you say we are in the great tribulation & Armageddon (I read your article & agree with your reasoning). I wondered about and expressed this to friends a couple of years ago, because anyone who is half decent spiritually, is getting so much persecution & ostracism from those within the Org., especially from those from the old families.
Thanks again, & with much love & appreciation,

Dear Anon,
I am encouraged by your correspondence. I am grateful for your good company. Although we are willing to obey God even if we are all alone, we are comforted by those of like faith and integrity.
I hoped to share some thoughts with you about what you said;
"after deciding I would never go back to the Kingdom Hall (except for Memorial Nights)".

I do realize that you are eager to learn and make up for lost time, and that you are learning.
I hope I am gentle enough in what and when I offer you what I have been given. But what I have to share with you about this comment of yours, is so very important, that I feel it cannot wait.

First off, please do not conclude that I am feeling superior, or thinking any less of you by the scriptural thoughts I am about to share. I tell you, that I myself, as well as all other chosen ones I know, have made the very same mistake. Prophecy reveals that all the members of the remnant need this discipline. I have no sense of superiority in this matter. What sense I do have, is urgency for your spiritual welfare, especially now, as the Memorial approaches.

Due to the propaganda of the "WT", we came to believe that the Organization's arrangement of the Memorial was the only way we could partake properly. Their arrangement was contrasted to rituals like the Catholic Mass, in which "holy communion" is offered many times daily, and includes the false doctrine of the "trans-substantiation" (a supposed transmutation of the bread and wine, into the literal body and blood of Christ). Comparisons between the scriptures and such obvious falsehoods, make the arrangement of the Org. seem fully appropriate in God's estimation. Yet in reality, the "WT" arrangement of partaking, is still against the direction of the scriptures, but for other, less discernible reasons. How so?

We are commanded, as partakers, to gather together (1Cor.11:33; Matt.18:20; 24:28). The reality of the Memorial at the kingdom hall, is that the partakers (spiritual "Jews") are kept isolated from one another, within a crowd of those not partaking (spiritual "Gentiles").
Satan has deceived us into the illusion of thinking we are gathering, due to the counterfeit gathering of spiritual "Gentiles", which gathering we see with our physical eyes. To think this is the arrangement approved of by God and Christ, is to be deceived. This is obviously not a gathering of the "members" of the Body of Christ. The overwhelming majority of partakers within Kingdom Halls, partake in isolation from other partakers.
Satan is well aware of the power of Holy Spirit, which Christ grants to a gathering of chosen ones, and the result this gathering will have (Matt.18:20; Eph.4:13,14,15,16; 1:9,10). Small wonder Satan has designed this arrangement, and caused it to be implemented through the wicked steward. Those who yield and submit to this false direction, have lost God's approval and must repent (2Cor.11:3,4,13,14,15,19,20; 2Thess.2:1,2,3,8; Rev.2:2,20,22; 17:2).

What do we do when we perceive that what we have practiced is not correct,
directed, nor approved of, by God?
Although the principle offered below is derived from a different subject, we can extract a truth and proper response for application to the Memorial arrangement of the Org...

When Jesus spoke to us about "catching sight" of the "disgusting thing"...
he clearly directed us to "flee" (Matt.24:15,16).
At Luke 17:31,32,33; we are given additional direction about how we should view our "fleeing"...

"31 “In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise the one who is in the field, let him not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it."

Jesus is not talking about taking along with us, literal physical goods. He is speaking of beliefs, doctrines, identification, and un-scriptural arrangements. We must leave these "old" things behind, in order to be directed by God's Word, instead. Otherwise we will be incapable of accepting the unsealing of God's sacred secrets, due to be revealed in the time of the end (Mark 2:21,22; Dan.12:4; Rev.5:2,7; 1:1; John 17:8; 15:15; Amos 3:7; Rev.11:3).
As Jesus said, new wine must be put in new wineskins...
new information within new understanding (Matt.9:17),
even though it is human nature to resist such a change (Luke 5:39).

This standard and principle also applies to the Memorial arrangement. When new understanding guides us to cleanse our actions, we must conform our decisions and deeds to the way the scriptures direct (not the Organization).

These two links contain related thoughts...

Jesus knew that apostasy would be rife in the time of the end (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13; Matt.7:15; 24:24,25). He knew we would need to cleanse ourselves of those false doctrines (Mal.3:3; Rev.3:18,19); and if we were to be (or accept) the final "two witnesses" of truth (Rev.14:5; 11:3,4) we would have to leave those demonic expressions behind (1Cor.10:21; 2Cor.6:17; 10:5,4) (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15). We can not take them along to the gathering of the eagles (Luke 17:30,31,32,37; Matt.25:10; 22:8).
The Chosen who have already left the WT have been partaking outside for a few years now.
Yet we do this in "the straits of the times" (Dan.9:24,25,26,27), meaning that the protective "wall" of Truth is being rebuilt during Armageddon....which is the final battle between truth and lies (Rev.16:13,14,15,16; 17:14; 12:10,11; 11:7; 6:9,10,11; 19:11,14; 12:7; 2Cor.10:3,4,5).
The way in which this spiritual war is discernable (Luke 17:20), is through the disagreements occurring between those genuinely invited (1Cor.11:18,19; Mal.3:18).
This is the sifting "tribulation", which separates the "wheat" from the "weeds"...those guided by scripture, and those not (John 8:47; 7:16,17,18; 12:48).

We are now in that final harvesting by means of Christ's messenger "angels", who present God's Word of Truth (Matt.13:37,38,39,40,41,42,43; John 4:36; Luke 10:2; Heb.2:16; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; 23:29; Hosea 6:5; Mal.4:2; Isa.58:8; Rev.11:11; Hosea 6:2,3; Job 29:23; Heb.12:22; Rev.5:11; Deut.33:2; Ps.50:2; Dan.7:10).
Each invited one decides within their heart, how they react to the scriptures presented by God's prophets/messengers/angels, who are heralds to the anointed congregations (Rev.1:20; 1Cor.14:33; Ps.89:5; 149:1; Rev.5:9; Acts 7:53). That sword of God's word within the mouths of His chosen prophets (Heb.4:12; Rev.13:10; 19:15; Isa.51:16; Isa.49:2; 1:9; Matt.10:20; Eph.6:17; Jer.25:29,30,31; 1Cor.14:32,33) will discern their heart, and make manifest the quality of their own work/teaching/faith (1Cor.3:13; 1Pet.1:7; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Rev.11:5; Prov.17:3) and whether or not it is in harmony with God's work (1Cor.12:18; Phil.2:13; Job 33:28,29,30; Eph.1:11,10).

Our heart is the source of what we teach and do (Matt.12:33-37). This is the basis for the final judgment at Armageddon (Dan.7:9,10,13,14,18,22; Rev.20:12; Luke 17:20).
We have been taught many lies concerning these subjects.

Just as you have asked...
The "manifestation of Christ's presence" (2Thess.2:8) will bring forth the breath/spirit of Christ's mouth to destroy the man of lawlessness/anti-Christ. God's chosen vessels of spirit (1Cor.3:16; Rom.8:9; 2Cor.4:7; 5:20) have received of Christ's breath (John 20:22,21). These battle together with Christ (Rev.19:11,14; 17:14) and are the "clouds of heaven" upon which, Christ arrives (Heb.12:1; Jude 1:14; 2Thess.1:7,10; Matt.24:30,31; 25:31; Rev.3:21; Matt.24:27,28; Luke 17:24; Job 37:3,4,2,11; Heb.12:25,26,27,28,29; Ex.19:16,17; Heb.12:18,19,22,23; Rev.4:5; 5:6; 4:5,6; Eze.1:13; Zech.4:2,10; Rev.8:5; 10:3; 11:19; 16:18; 10:7,8,11).
I know that the meaning of these scriptures and their applications today are deep, and I hope to be able to explain them in more simple terms, soon.

What I am trying to say for now, is this...
how you decide to partake this year is a crucial decision.
Will your actions be directed by the scriptures, or by misleading demonic expressions?
(1Tim.4:1; 1John4:1; Rev.16:13,16)
Please consider completely leaving behind the table of demons (1Cor.10:21; 6:15,16,17).

I send out a Memorial invitation each year.
Each year there are different ones who participate, depending upon who desires to partake with me. This group changes from year to year as the separation between the two camps clarifies and widens. It is quite distressing to watch some of those invited...leave the Org. only to later leave the scriptures due to pride in their own thinking, or a continued clinging to what they left behind.
(Dan.11:33,35; Luke 17:31,32)
I want you to know that you are most warmly welcomed to partake with me this year (if prayer and your conscience leads you to do this). I do not know how many there will be as yet.
We have previously done this gathering over the internet or phone conference.
If I find that some participating this year are close geographically, I may attempt a physical gathering for the first time.
Do you mind telling me your general location (assuming you are considering partaking with those who have already been "killed" in this war, due to their loyalty to truth Rev.6:9,10,11)?
I realize I have only replied to the beginning of your last letter.
You have said so many valuable things.
I will continue to respond to them soon.

Love in Christ,


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Anointing Teaches Truth--How? / The "Refining Pot" / Who should partake, and when? / "Tribulation"


Below is a correspondence between myself and a newly awoken Chosen One. I post it with her permission, for the teaching benefit it contains, regarding present reality inside the "Beast", and the present fulfillment of God's prophetic Word.
Dear Sister Pearl,
Thank you! thank you! thank you! for all the time & effort you have put into sharing your insight & knowledge, it means so much to me.
I have been broken-hearted for so long over the unabashed worship of the G.B., bethelites & elders.
I have been aware for a long time that the G.B. is not getting any insight from Yhwh due to some things Yhwh allowed me to understand years ago (like the “man of lawlessness", & the "apostasy” as being among his true people, & Jerusalem always represents his true org., not Christendom, etc.).

 I expected that the org would come more into line with Yhwh as the end got closer; but instead its getting much worse very rapidly. Things have become so bad in our area that elders are openly defrauding & stealing from the flock. Even if you have 2 or more witnesses, the other elders close ranks & tell the innocent parties “let yourselves be wronged” (1Cor.6:7).
In saying this, they are admitting that they know the accused elders are in the wrong (1Cor.5:12,13; Eph.5:5,6,7). I know of 3 such separate instances. I was so appreciative of the Org. for teaching me about God that it took these several big shocks to finally overcome my fear of “apostates” on the internet & search for ones like yourself who do have Jehovah’s approval & spirit. I realized if Yhwh has given me more insight than the G.B.; then there must be others as well.

 I’m so excited by all things I have found (Paradise Cafe etc.) & learned in the last couple of weeks but your interpretations seem to resonate the most with me. I still haven’t finished all your articles yet because my time is limited due to working full time, so I want to ask you directly, about being anointed.

When I was young I stopped believing in God because I couldn't believe a loving God would allow the world to be like this. I decided that if I found out God was real & had a reason for temporarily allowing suffering; it would mean more to me than any riches I could ever hope for.
Yhwh reached out to me with dreams of the new system (while I was still an unbeliever) that were so real. In them there was no death or sickness & every living person was a good person. I had not even heard of the "new system" yet, so this was very puzzling to me.

Then when I was 22 I just silently prayed & asked God in all seriousness “Are you there? Are you real?”
He answered me immediately, but not in words. It was like a great light & feeling of love opening up in my heart & mind. It was like he was saying "Yes, I’m here & yes, I want you."
After a little while I started praying to ask, “How do I serve you? Do you have a people I need to join?”
Before long I was offered a bible study by a JW, & quickly recognized it was the truth. When I told the woman I studied with about my experiences; she said it didn't happen, because Yhwh doesn't work that way. Because of her reaction, I realized that it is best to keep these things to myself, because it became obvious; most witnesses don’t experience them.
I had such a strong desire to be with God in heaven & wondered if my experiences meant I was anointed. I had to just keep repeating to myself that this could not be true, because the number of heavenly ones is full. Within the dreams I was given, I was on Earth. I could feel the warm ocean on my legs & the breeze on my skin. Like other JW's; I believed once the anointed left the earth, they were never able to come back. This made me believe that I could not really be anointed.

I've read your article about this false teaching, and how the scriptures show that the 144000 will be on earth as well as heaven (Gen.28:12,13,14; Rev.21:2; John 1:51; Heb.1:6)
That makes a lot more sense. I've still got a lot of research to do on this subject, but I’m hoping you could help me to understand more clearly if I have the heavenly calling.
My questions are,
Dare I hope that Yhwh may have extended the invitation to be in heaven to me all those years (29 years) ago?
If so, have I now missed the heavenly opportunity because I allowed myself to be convinced the number was full?
Should I & my husband be taking the emblems regardless of what our hope is (as some blogs & forums are saying) because Jesus said "keep doing this in remembrance of me" without any qualifier of if you’re going to heaven?
It has been said in a blog that 1Cor. 11:20,21 may indicate that the early Christians may have celebrated the Lords Evening Meal as often as they met together for a meal, but that the yearly anniversary of Jesus death being the most important one, of course. What are your thoughts on this?

Much love & appreciation,

What follows is my first reply.

Hello Anon,
Thank you for writing me and sharing your experiences.
I am saddened to hear about the abuse of the elders in your area. I know that according to God's Word, this is a common problem and it will intensify, even if there is still an elder here and there who is sincere (Eze.34:2,8,10; 22:25; Jer.10:21; 12:10; 23:1; Micah 3:11).
I have elders write to me who are sincere, but who feel it necessary to "step down" in order to keep a clear conscience.
I know the GB is aware of me, having mentioned me at an annual meeting a couple of years back.
I say this because I suspect that with all the available truth now being published by myself and other anointed writers on line;
the WT articles are responding to that good scriptural reasoning, by trying to control the damage the scriptures are doing to their interests.
While many WT articles and assembly talks are basically motivated by this damage control;
their reasoning strays more and more from what is logical, sensible, or scriptural.
This only helps our efforts at exposing them, so that, hopefully more honest-hearted ones as yourself can wake up before it is too late.
They are like a child who is caught in a lie. The more they try to reason their way out of it with more lies, the more ridiculous they sound.

There is so much that I have learned in the short 3 1/2 years since my awakening. I am continuing to learn so much...far beyond what I have been able to as yet, write. We all have so much to learn after coming out of the Org., because Satan's deceptions have greatly mislead us, in his final attempt to prevent the last chosen ones from being sealed.
Yet just as promised by our God, His Will is going to be fulfilled concerning us. With men, this salvation from Satan's grip, is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.
You and I (and many others whose numbers are growing) are proof of that.
Praise to our heavenly Father for His mercy! Just as the good news to be declared in all the earth proclaims (Matt.24:14), "God has redeemed Jacob"! 
(Isa.48:20,21; Rev.22:1; Ps.36:8; 23:2; 46:4; Prov.13:14; John 7:38; Isa.44:23; 49:5,9; Rev.13:10; 18:4;  2Cor.6:17; Isa.61:1; 43:1,2; Ps.66:12; Isa.43:10,21; 27:6; John 15:8; Rev.22:2; Jer.31:10,11; Ps.142:6; Isa.51:11).

There are many "inspired utterances" from present "prophets" (1John 4:1). The greatest care must be applied before accepting all you find, because of the time of test we are within (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:14). Even though the faithful are promised insight (Dan.12:4,10), they must be refined and "whitened" (Dan.12:10; Mal.3:2,3;  1Pet.1:7; Rev.6:11; 19:8; Rev.3:4; Zech.3:3,4,5,6,7,8,9; Rev.5:6,9) from the stains of WT false doctrine (Rev.3:17,18).
Although the truth will be available in the time of the end, many will not accept or practice it, despite their search for it (Dan.12:4; Amos 8:12;  2Tim.3:7; Hab.1:5; Luke 13:24; Matt.7:14,21,26).

I say this, because fully learning the Truth the anointing provides (1John 2:20,27) is progressive and cooperative. That learning also requires that each one accept God's overall arrangement of the collective anointing (1Cor.12:20,21; Eph.4:11,12). That arrangement gives truth through the working of spirit according to each assignment. All parts of Christ's body will only have truth the anointing provides, if they accept their place within the body (1Cor.11:29,28,31; 12:18). The unified body under Christ, supplies all that is needed to each part. There are different workings of the same spirit through each part (1Cor.12:11,7). The same spirit provides various gifts (1Cor.12:4). We share in the gifts given to each part (1Cor.10:17).
Not all prophesy (1Cor.12:28,29). If one is assigned a spiritual healer, they are not given the spirit of prophecy. The healer learns the truth of prophecy, from one chosen and anointed to be a prophet. The prophet learns the truth of healing, from one chosen and anointed to be a healer.
If one is chosen to be a comforter, that comforter learns prophecy from a prophet, and a prophet is comforted by one chosen to comfort. Each has their own gift by spirit. Yet all learn the truth through the collective anointing of the various parts, according to each of their own assignments.
(1Cor.12:24; 1:29,28,31)

Many today do not accept the scriptural direction concerning how each part can know the truth through the general anointing of the entire body of Christ. Despite the Bible's clarity about these details, most self-assumingly believe themselves to be prophets and teachers (James 3:1; 1:19) which appointment comes from God (1Tim.1:7; 2:7;  2Tim.1:11; Eph.4:11; Num.12:6; Amos 3:7; Rev.22:6). Many are practicing a rejection of God's arrangement, and do not discern the body and it's anointing, as a whole. (1Cor.11:29)
Some even feel that they do not need the other parts (1Cor.12:21) in order to know the truth.
They feel that for an anointed one to direct them to accept the anointed position of another, is to be pressured into being mislead, as 1John 2:26 reads. Yet this is not speaking of being mislead by other faithful members of the body of Christ. The identity "trying to mislead" the anointed, is found at 1John 2:18,19,22,23,26;  2John 1:7)

I have found that most anointed today, do not grasp the following...
The anointing teaches all, through the anointing of ALL parts.
The anointing does not teach each one everything, by each one's own anointing.
If you have been chosen as a healer, you will not have the truth of prophecy by your own anointing. Each part must discern and respect God's arrangement of the Body of Christ (1Cor.12:18,14), as well as their own place within that Body (Rom.12:3,4,5,6,7,8). They must respect the anointing of the other parts for what they provide, and for what they require from the others.
(1Cor.12:4-31 <(click on to read); Eph.4:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13; 1:22,23; 2:19,20,21,22; 3:4,5,17,18,20; 5:15,16,17,21,23,26,27,30,32)
Most anointed today seem to be blind to the arrangement so clearly described within scripture.
Those who remain rebellious, will continue to walk in darkness (John 12:35; Jer.13:16; 23:12; Isa.59:10), and fulfill the comment and cited scriptures written above...
["Although the truth will be available in the time of the end, many will not accept or practice it, despite their search for it (Dan.12:4; Amos 8:12;  2Tim.3:7; Hab.1:5; Luke 13:24; Matt.7:14,21,26)."]

Those dissatisfied with God's placement of them within the body, proudly reject their own assignment to covet another's place (Luke 14:8,9,10,11;  1Cor.12:24). It is foolish to compare ourselves to another (Gal.6:4;  2Cor.13:5). God has shown wisdom and mercy in assigning each one's unique contribution to the Body.
Each part must respect His placement...for, God is the Master, not us (1Cor.12:18; Rom.9:20,21; Isa.29:16; 45:9).

The "body of Christ", made up of Christ's chosen brothers,
is to care for each of it's members in love and unity.
(1Cor.12:4,5,11,12,25,27,7; Eph.4:12;  2Cor.5:10;
Rom.12:5,6,7,8,10,13; Col.1:24; Eph.1:22,23)
Each "part" provides something that is needed by the other parts
(Rom.12:5,4; Eph.4:11,12,13; Col.1:28).
Note that the prophets and teachers are for the body of Christ to be built up.
When this arrangement of God is followed,
the body grows toward unity, peace, spiritual maturity, and full knowledge.

If members of Christ's body continue in their assumption,
(that the anointing of each part is sufficient to receive all that is needed by that part),
they will not receive what they need from the other parts. (1Cor.11:29; Rom.13:2;  1Cor.12:18,28)
The anointing of 1John 2:20,27 is collective in filling all the needs of all parts.
The body does not need those from outside the body to teach it
(Non-anointed elders/false priests/false prophets/wicked slaves - 1John 2:26,19,22).
But the body does depend upon it's own genuine apostles, prophets, and teachers,
to be enabled to learn the whole truth. -Eph.4:11,12;  1Cor.12:21,25
and for all parts to be supplied all that is needed
(Eph.4:16; Rom.12:4; Col.2:2,3;  1Pet.4:10,11).


When you read my writings, please be mindful of the gradual spiritual growth (and refinement) of prophetic Truth, as the "eye salve" of Christ does it's work to remove ingrained "wormwood" (Rev.3:18;  2Pet.3:18; Col.1:10;  2Cor.10:5; 7:1; Eph.5:25,26,27). The more recent the work, the more clear and cleansed the truth contained. The WT has made a mockery of "new light", even though the concept is real (Prov.4:18)...
 especially in the time of the end (Isa.60:1; Rev.2:28; Mal.4:2; 3:2,3; Rev.3:17,18;  2Pet.1:19).

When you say you haven't finished all my articles yet,
I just want to be sure that you know where all the blogs are located.
They are listed in my profile, located at
One of the blogs is the Main Page, where an additional ~700 posts are. These can be found in the "Blog Archive", which is found near the bottom of the right side of that Main Page. The Search Box can be used (right side column) for a particular subject.

If while reading, a question arises, or you find an inconsistency in what I say (that later was cleansed), I would appreciate you letting me know so that I can update it. This will help better prepare the "meal" for those who are yet to come. "Dross" must continue to be skimmed off as our hearts and lips are refined by the fire of God's Word (Prov.17:3; Dan.11:35; Jer.23:29)

Regarding your own experiences with what seems to be Holy Spirit...
I tend to believe that you have been chosen, but who am I?
Your own spirit will know this best, as well as specific prayer to God for clarification.
(Rom.8:16; James 1:5)

Your experiences seem similar to mine regarding the time you took to "wake up" and the question as to whether or not this deviation from your calling while in the WT, disqualifies you. If you would like to read about how I handled that question of mine, here is a post about it...

More info. on being anointed, can be found in these links:

Information about the symbolic "Great Crowd" (Matt.5:19 B) is also helpful, because the things written in the Bible about this symbolic identity, is about us... the last of the chosen priests who faithfully come through the "Great Tribulation" of the end (Rev.7:9,10,13,14,15,16,17).

Regarding who should partake,
perhaps the thoughts and scriptures contained within these three links will help clarify for you:
It may help to remember that those to whom Jesus said, "keep doing this in remembrance of me",
were not all his many disciples (John 11:45,47,48; Luke 10:1,2)... but only the apostles whom he "chose" (John 6:70; 13:18; 15:16,19; 17:11,12). He said, Luke 22:19,20. Compare Eph.5:25,26,27 and Rev.21:9,10. Those verses should clarify who the emblems are for.

Regarding how often,
Note Luke 22:8,11,13,15,20. There Jesus speaks of a "New Covenant". The apostles were Jews, who knew that the Passover was a symbol of the Law Covenant. They would have understood that this Passover would now represent something new. The symbols of Christ's sacrificial death, were still associated with the Passover (1Cor.5:7;  2Chron.35:11; John 1:29).
Paul said, "As often as you come together to eat this bread and drink this cup" (1Cor.11:23,24,25,26).
How often did the Jews come together to eat this unleavened bread? That particular ceremonial bread and cup were known to be, for the week-long Passover only, which began on the Day of Preparation, the first Day of Unfermented Bread (Mark 14:12), which was the day before the Passover Sabbath.

Christ fulfilled the promises prophesied by the Passover symbols. By that fulfillment, he replaced it with a new meaning....He became the Passover Lamb for the forgiveness of sins (for the first resurrection of firstfruits...those chosen and faithful -Rev.20:6), and the unleavened bread.
I hope this explanation is clear by means of the scriptures it contains.
If any need remains, please write back about it.

I have learned from my own experience with Holy Spirit, that Satan has demanded to test all those elected by God (Luke 22:31;  1Pet.4:12,13). As was the case with Job, God allows this (Job 1:8,9,12,22), that we might prove worthy of the calling (Luke 16:10; Matt.25:14,19,23,29,30; 8:12) in the face of Satan's accusations (Job 1:11; 2:5; Zech.3:1; Rev.12:10).
I was clearly shown in vision, that our time in the WT is a test....
a great tribulation. The Greek word there, refers to the beating, threshing, crushing, and sifting of wheat by constraint, restraint, and opposition. This time is also referred to as a period of "labor pains", or "pangs of distress".

2347 thlípsis – properly, pressure (what constricts or rubs together), used of a narrow place that "hems someone in"; tribulation, especially internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined (restricted, "without options") and carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of a tribulation, especially when feeling there is "no way of escape" ("hemmed in"). (Rev.13:10; Eze.22:29,28; Isa.5:7; Rev.14:19)

[By contrast, 4730 (stenoxōría) focuses on the external pressure exerted by external circumstances.]

Therefore, we are not without explanation as to why we were drawn into the WT. Satan has baited our test with the only thing that draws the chosen.....Bible Truth (Ps.119:103,72; 19:9,10).
The best way to get someone to swallow 1/3 poison, is to put it inside something attractive (Rev.8:10,11; Jer.23:15).
The decades we spent inside the abyss of the WT was not without purpose (Isa.59:10,19,20,21; Eze.14:21,22,23; Rev.6:8; Prov.17:3). When our loyalty (exclusive devotion) to the God of Truth is finally fully tested;
like yourself, we "wake up" and realize something is wrong, and we must act.
Despite the anticipated losses, those of faithful heart loyally cling to the God of Truth. Like Christ their exemplar, truth is more precious than our own lives (Mark 8:35). Like Christ, truth is more precious than conformity to those who rule over God's Chosen Nation under test (Matt.23:13).
(Luke 19:41,42,43,44,45,46; Rev.13:17,7)

Only those who make it all the way through the gauntlet/refining pot/crucible, are sealed as sons/heirs of God's Kingdom (Acts 14:22; Luke 13:23,24; Matt.7:14; 24:13).
Your awakening is precious to me, and I welcome you to the realm of the sober ones in the wilderness. This is also a place of test, but that progressive testing takes on a new stage. We must now ride with Christ for truth, making his way straight (Mal.3:1; Rev.17:14; 19:11,14).
Christ's inspection is now. The Great Tribulation is now. Armageddon is now.
I hope you soon come to these clear realizations by means of the scriptures contained within posts which cover these subjects.
Please continue to read and learn by means of those scriptures.

The 1935 doctrine of the 144000 already being full, was a wormwood lie aimed at suppressing the true remnant. There are many such suppressing false doctrines. You will recognize many as you progress. If any questions or needs arise, please don't hesitate to let me serve you, as our Father sees fit to enable me to do.

Lastly I will say that I rejoice in you, and pray that more will awaken and join us at the marriage feast.
Love in Christ,


Monday, February 3, 2014

Calling on the Name of God

Update/Addition to:

Pharaoh knew what God was called, and the pronunciation of His name.
At Exodus5:2, Pharaoh's words are recorded...

"But Pharaoh responded, "Who is Yahweh that I should obey Him by letting Israel go? I do not know anything about Yhvh, and besides, I will not let Israel go."

That verse clarifies, that it is not simply a matter of knowledge of God's name and saying it, (as Pharaoh did) that fulfills truly knowing God, His name, and calling upon that name.
Knowing how to say God's name did not save Pharaoh.
He came to know the meaning of God's name, through experience...
As Exo.14:4 reads;
"I will harden Pharaoh's heart so that he will pursue my people. Then I will receive glory by means of Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am Yhvh."

One of God's replies to Pharaoh is found at Exo.7:17...
"This is what Yhvh says: Here is how you will know that I am Yhvh. Watch. I will strike the water in the Nile with the staff in my hand, and it will turn to blood."

God is saying that His name becomes known, not by knowing the correct sound of how to say it,
but by knowing the meaning and power of the name,
including knowledge of God's ability to become whatever He wishes, in order to fulfill His Will.
Those truly familiar with that Name, develop trust in Him and that Name's meaning. (Ex.3:13,14; Prov.3:5,6).

When Jesus said,
"I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.” (John17:26).....
Jesus was speaking to Jewish men who already knew the simple fact of God's name and how to say it.
Obviously, this was not what Jesus had in mind in speaking of teaching others God's name.
    How long does it take to hear a name, and know how to say it? Only a moment.
Yet Jesus said that after making God's name known to his followers,
he continues to make that name known.
(John14:8,9,10,7; Col.2:9; 1:19; John1:14; Matt.11:27)
His stated objective?
That through a deeper knowledge of the meaning of God's name, they will come to love God (John17:26).
Pharaoh did not have such knowledge (Ex.5:2), despite speaking God's name.

Knowing God's name and calling upon it then (in the biblical sense), is defined as appreciating and loving God as a person, and putting our trust in Him...
not as pronouncing a name, or repeating and using that pronunciation.

When we are told that "calling on the name of Yhvh" means our salvation (Rom.10:13; Joel2:32);
It speaks of those survivors, as those putting their trust in the meaning of that name, by relying on Him (Isa.10:20; 17:7,6; 10:22; Hosea3:5)....
not in men (Ps.118:8; 146:3; Jer.17:5), and not in an Organization (Luke23:30; Rev.13:8; 6:16; 16:20).

If we are wondering how to address God in prayer, Jesus left us a perfect model. (Matt.6:9; 12:50)(Rom.8:15)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Grain" / Tribulation / False Peace / "keep on knocking"


I have considered John 13:35 and how this applies to what's happening within Invited at the moment ---not to JWs within context of other religions. The point I am making is about the FDS and their role in giving food. If you use the Kingdom interlinear and look up Luke 12:42 and look at the Greek at the end; It says "appointed time the measure of grain"

Notice it doesn't say food, but "grain". This is because grain is the raw ingredient for a meal. The genuine FDS will not spell everything out in every detail. Like you, you give lots of raw materials, a few comments, and then let God's spirit help that person to get the fully prepared meal. So the role of the FDS is not to give a fully finished meal (like the Pharisees Matt.23:24; Isa.28:13) but "measure of GRAIN" Grain is not a finished meal. This is the basics of a meal, which the person has to do something with it. Those who don't want to make the effort, miss out on the meal.
(Prov.2:1,4,5; Jer.29:13; Luke11:8,9)



Beautiful observation about the grain, of Luke12:42.
I have meditated myself on this statement.
Perhaps you would like to add my considerations to yours.
One scripture sums it up, as long as each phrase of the meaning of these verses, is understood;
which they can be, by means of other scriptures...

Amos 9:8-10...
8"Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are on the sinful kingdom, And I will destroy it from the face of the earth; Nevertheless, I will not totally destroy the house of Jacob,"
(remnant -Jer.30:11; Isa.10:20)
Declares the LORD. 
9"For behold, I am commanding, And I will sift the house of Israel among all nations 
(by allowing Satan to test -Luke22:31)

As grain is shaken in a sieve, But not a kernel will fall to the ground. (John18:9)
[sons of kingdom will be saved if they are genuine kernels of wheat (Matt.13:37) who have accepted the planting of the word in their hearts (James 1:21; Matt.13:23; 1Cor.3:6) and brought it to maturity (Mark 4:26,27,28,29; John 4:36; Luke 3:17), so that they too have seed to scatter (through their deaths for truth -John 12:24; Mark 8:35; Rev.6:9; Rom.6:5; 8:36; 12:1). Those who have died to provide food, come together to create "bread" from heaven, free of the "leaven" of sin or hypocrisy  (1Cor.5:4,6,7,8; 2Cor.7:1; Matt.5:48,20; 16:12; Luke 12:1) which is the "body" of Christ 
(Heb.4:15; 1Cor.10:17; 12:12,27; 6:20; Rom.12:5; Eph.1:22,23; 4:12; John1:14,16).
for the purpose of a witness to the world before it's end 
(Eph.3:10; 1Cor.4:9; Isa43:10,21; 1Pet.2:9; Dan.12:7; Rev.10:5,6)
10 All the sinners of My people will die by the sword, (Heb.4:12; Rev.19:15; 13:10; Jer.25:29,30,31; Rev.14:19; 19:15)
Those who say, 'The calamity will not overtake or confront us.' (Eze.13:10,16; Jer.14:13,14; 5:12; 6:14; 23:17; 1Thess.5:3).


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