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The Ark Door today

Sister Doxsey 
How do you understand the concept of the door of the ark being closed? Let me elaborate more on this: Will the figurative door be closed to those outside the organisation (of which i doubt) or to the understanding and realisation of the real truth? Not sure if this will make sense to you but if you do not understand please let me know. Thank you

   The final revelations of real truth, are served at the "marriage feast"  (Luke12:36,37; Rev.3:20) This comes through those virgins who were invited and were "ready" Matt.25:10. Those virgins who are not ready to receive light from Christ, are locked out from that precious life-giving spiritual feast Matt.25:11,12 just as the Ark door was shut by Jehovah (Gen.7:16; 2Thess.1:8,9). They are shut out because their lamp/eye, is not simple (Matt.6:22) as it would be if it were only guided by Holy Spirit (Rev.3:18), rather than spiritual provisions attained by those who "sell" (Matt.25:9,10; Rev.13:17).
  We know that the Bible tells us that the saving "Ark" is baptism (1Pet.3:20,21). This is not literal physical water, but rather a good conscience, which comes from being cleansed by the word of truth (Eph.5:26). So the door to the marriage feast, is the door to the final provisions of truth.
...Yet all admitted to that feast, benefit. This includes those not initially invited (Matt.22:10).
Only those who are cleansed by this information, can remain (Matt.22:11,12,13; Col.3:12,13).

Any idea what kind of woe the earth will experience when Satan is finally cast down here?
Right now...the river of lies coming from his mouth. He knows the 144000 is almost completely sealed (his time is short), so he is trying to drown those invited with lies (Rev.12:15) so he can slow down them getting sealed and completed. This river of lies also hinders the sealed faithful from reaching the rest with light.
the earth is God's people
Satan is "misleading the entire inhabited earth" Rev.12:9.
Woe for them, when they swallow Satan's lies which lead to death! (Rev.12:16)
His angels which are "hurled down with him" are his unfaithful anointed messengers ("Wormwood" included. See Rev.8:10,11; 9:1)
(The Fallen Star) (Lamps and Stars)

That is the deception he uses to buy himself time (right?) but what will happen when the number is complete and Rev 12 is fulfilled? Verse 12 says that 'woe for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time'

AFTER the last of the 144000 are sealed, Satan is not done. Notice at Rev.12:13, Satan continues to wage war with the woman and seed, AFTER she gives birth to the completed administration. He does not want these sealed ones who are present in his world, to expose his lies to anyone.
Also remember that the book of Revelation is not written in order of how it happens.
Satan's wrath is not yet complete. He is the "destroyer"...and when Jehovah completely removes his spirit from the Org....when all the faithful have been thrown out...Satan will be free to destroy.
He, not Jehovah, will bring the end of our world. Yet those who exercise faith, will not be "destroyed", but have everlasting life. Only those who are "righteous", will be protected by Jehovah, from Satan's wrath at the end. They will live through, and see the execution of all the wicked, which Jehovah will allow Satan to do to all those whom he owns.

I had forgotten the fact that heaven represents position of authority that is why the ten kings are also hurled down. 
The ten kings, AND the GB's (seven kings Rev.17:10) (Rev.9:1; 12:9) are all "hurled down" to the earth.
 ...any who are Satan's seed/angels/messengers of deception (John8:44).

In the first few chapters of the book of Job we are told that Satan was able to go before Jehovah, do you think he still has that access?
He has access to accuse the anointed before Jehovah (as he did with Job), until the last one is sealed (Rev.12:10,11). Until then, he still has his "heavenly" authority over the world, as is obvious today (1John5:19). The doctrine which teaches that the kingdom began in 1914 is false (2Thess.2:1,2; Luke17:22; Matt.25:5). The Kingdom is not born before the "labor pains", but after them (Matt.24:8,6; Mark13:8). Previous to that birth, "the end is not yet" of Satan's world.
"Being cast down to the earth" is not a death, but is a divine judgment as being worthy of death.

Really does make sense. And Job's account is testimony to that at Proverbs 27:11
Yes..."my son", which includes the Chosen (Gal.3:26,29; Rom.8:16,17)
The book of Job was written and purposed as a touchstone to the anointed...their experiences, and as a model.

Thank you for your questions.

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