Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting "killed" / Disfellowshipping

disfellowship  disfellowshipping
There are those who wonder if my expulsion is really necessary. I have posted the comment of one with such concerns for me.

His comments:

 The verse in Revelation about the beast killing the sealed true annointed (Rev.11:7),well,isnt that initiated by them..and not the annointed ? What Im saying is,they kill the annointed and instigate this,not the anointed getting themselves DFed by taking a certain far as i can tell.
I know when i decided to not go back,it was because i couldnt handle certain lies anymore. It was ripping me apart inside and couldnt bear the thought of hearing them again ! SO,i understand why you are leaving.

My Reply:

 I think it may help you to read and think about the following verses...

Rev.13:15 And there was granted it to give breath to the image of the wild beast, so that the image of the wild beast should both speak and cause to be killed all those who would not in any way worship the image of the wild beast.
16 And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, 17 and that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name."

Can you see that if you do NOT worship the idolatrous image of the wild beast (but instead "buy" spiritual food from Christ -Rev.3:18  "What do 'Buying' and 'Selling' mean?"), it will kill you?
See one is able to speak truth there (Jer.9:2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 7:28; Isa.1:21; 5:7; 59:4,14; Deut.11:18). Only teaching "marked" by the beast, is allowed.
See Rev.13:16 ...we are "under compulsion" to have our thinking and actions/will/faith, "marked" as slaves to the beast.
Any who do not give the organization this worship, are "killed" (Dan.3:1,4,5,6; Rev.13:13; Dan.3:7; Rev.13:8,15; Dan.3:15; Rev.13:4; Dan.3:17,18; Rev.20:4).
We are told in Rev.11:7, that those who are sealed, have been killed in this way (Rev.20:4; 6:9,11; Rom.6:5; Mark 8:35). We are told that they were "witnessing" to truth (Rev.12:17,11). This is why the "beast" "kills" you. Truth does not have the mark of the Beast on it (Dan.8:12). It is contraband. 
Only silence would save you (that would be accepting the "mark" of subjection to the beast on your "hand", since your deeds would be enslaved to the "beast", and not Christ.)
The "two witnesses", would have to "witness" (Rev.19:10; 11:3). Prophesying Truth is a violation of compulsory subjection to the spiritual commerce of the beast (Rev.13:15,16,17), which results in "death"/expulsion.
In Rev.6:9,10,11...can you see that the end of all the world's suffering, is waiting on the last of the anointed to get sealed, by being killed?
I have taken my stand, NOT to worship the beast and it's lies (666). This is the reason I am being "killed". I have been put in the situation BY THE BEAST (not myself), to either submit to it's lies and teach only those lies, or get thrown out. [Just as Daniel's three companions were put in the situation, to worship the "Image" or be thrown into the "furnace". (Rev.9:2; Isa.38:17; Jonah 2:6; Job 33:24,28; Psalm 30:3; 9:13; 86:13; 107:20)] 
If you doubt that the WT demands that all are under compulsion to worship the "spirit-directed" "Image" of the Organization, by not learning or teaching (buying and selling) any spiritual food not marked as it's own brand....
test this out. (Rev.13:15,16,17)
Teach Truth openly, and see what happens to you. I am witnessing the consequences of this personally.

Anointed are commanded to "speak truth" (Eph.4:25; 5:11). When we do this while in the "beast", we are spotted as different...singled out, interrogated, and expelled 
(2Tim. 4:3;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:14,13,15,16; John 16:2).
Rev. 13:15 makes clear, that ANYONE who does not "in any way" worship the image of the beast, will be killed....based upon their lack of submission.
This is the only reason for my expulsion.
(1John 4:1; John 16:2)
The elders are pressing me for submission. They want me to follow men, and be silent about the truth.
Jesus has shown me that the people bearing his name, (and yet are worshiping the "beast") are condemned to "Destruction" ( ). 
I have been shown this in order to give a warning. Should I be silent? Should I not warn my Congregation? (Eze.33:6) If you think I can be found faithful before Yhvh by being silent there, and by submitting myself to obedience to the organization, and by condoning the teachings of lies at the meetings (Ps.26:4; Eph.4:25) (if I sit there, I am setting an example and saying I agree); then I will try to find a way to continue there.....but you will have to show me scriptures for me to see that this idea is coming from Yhvh's counsel.

Believe me when I tell you that I would gladly relieve myself and my family of this terrible distress being orchestrated by the steward (Luke 12:45; Matt.24:48-49; Isa.5:22-23), by stopping what the elders are planning concerning me, if  there was a way to be found faithful before Yhvh in doing so (Mark 8:35). 
But I tell you, that even if I were willing to compromise and to placate them, this situation is not heal-able. All in the Congregation are against me now, for not worshiping the image of the Organization as they do (Rev.13:8). This is partly due to the slander (untrue) of the elders...and the slander (untrue) of my daughter (accusing me of being insane and unsubmissive to men -Acts 5:29; Gal.1:10; Rom.2:29), and the slander of other publishers because of my truthful comments at meetings (Eze.22:9), and the fact that some are listening to me ("causing divisions") Luke 12:51. Jesus caused divisions for the sake of Truth (Matt.10:34,35,36,37,38,39; Mark 8:35; John 7:43), as do his faithful slaves (Acts 4:19,20; 5:29;  1John 4:6; Mark 6:11; John 13:20; Matt.25:45,46) Such dividing is the working of the "Harvest" (Matt.13:30,38,39,40,41,42,43)

Can my relationship with the Organization/Elders/Congregation, be healed? No, not even with the declaration they demand; that of unconditional subjection to the Organization, it's current doctrines, and it's leaders.
But I am unable to make such a declaration. I belong to Christ. I am his slave. I already have an owner. I do not belong to myself, that I could give my life to men.
Those who receive the mark of the beast on their forehead (Rev.13:16), can not receive the mark of Yhvh and Christ (Deut.11:18; Rev.7:3; 14:1). We can not slave for two masters.

The Letter:




Monday, February 27, 2012

I have not kept an up-to-date report here, of all the developing circumstances I am going through within my local Congregation. Due to pressures that are being brought to bear over my loyalty to truth; I realize that the time has arrived for me to finish my course within the Congregation. 
The Bible's view of this, and how it corresponds to prophecy, is contained in a new article. It is a copy of my farewell letter to those still "inside".
It is my hope that it will update readers as to Jehovah's view of the disfellowshipping movement that has begun. This provides each of us the opportunity to display our loyalty to Jehovah God, and at the same time, save our own souls (Matt.10:39). Please read all scriptures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In a letter from a reader who is struggling with the challenge of trying to give a "witness" to the real truth (to his JW family), I have below an excerpt from that letter, because I believe the scriptures will help all the other many readers, who write me, and are dealing with the same thing (including myself).

 As to why your family (and my daughter and the rest of "witnesses") are blind...Remember 2Thess.2:9,10,11,12; Rev.12:9; and 2Cor.4:6? The fact is that we are all blind, and no match for Satan. Unless Jehovah graces us with truth, we will not be saved. He is generous in the extreme for those who have a complete heart toward Him (Psalm18:25). But if we don't prove to have such a heart, Satan says, "He's mine". This Jehovah allows, because it is just.

So when you say that the reason why your family can not grasp the real truth, and be released from the false doctrines of men, is
..."I think it's just a mental capacity...and no amount of holy spirit is going to change that"
...the Bible indicates that it is just the opposite...Holy Spirit alone can cause truthful insight...and this it can do no matter what our mental capacity (1Cor.1:27)
But for those not pure in doesn't matter if you are a will never grasp, perceive, or believe. 
We hope for some, the blindness caused by Satan's veil can be removed as it was for us...through the witness that we try to give. Very few will be saved, according to prophecy. 
"All the earth" worship the wild beast, and they are not written in the Lambs scroll of life (Rev.13:8). 

This indicates that any left inside, after the command to "Get out of her, my people" is given (Rev.18:4; Jer.51:6), and the "disgusting thing" is clearly defined and "discerned"(Matt.24:15,16), will be judged adversely, and thrown into the wine-press (Rev.14:18,19,20; Jer.2:21; 25:29,30). Jehovah would not do this to them if they did not deserve it. He would not judge them based on mental capacity, but rather on a heart that takes pleasure in unrighteousness (2Thess.2:11,12). 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harlot and Beast

A thought from a friend:

 Just read Rev 18:4 again and i found it very investing
that John was inspired to use the words 'my people' - i think that
proves that this organisation is 'Babylon the great'. Jehovah never
uses those words except for when speaking to or about his people.
Just thought I'd share that with you.

My response:

Thank you so much for your view of Rev.18:4. It is true. "My people" are the anointed...(Heb.8:10; Jer.31:33;  1Pet.2:9,10).
"Babylon the Great" is a covenant. Remember, it is called the "mother" of the "harlots" (Rev.17:5). "Mother"s, are Covenants (see Gal.4:26,24).
Babylon the Great, is the Covenant of Death (see Isa.28:15,18)....but this covenant is represented in the flesh, by her Harlot daughters
(Isa.1:21; Eze.16:44). These ones rule through the "wild beast". That is each harlot's power. That Beast is the Gentiles who serve her, obeying her commands. She directs them (Rev.17:3). It is the "Watchtower" organization ("Wild Beast" from the "sea" - Gentile), under the Governing Body ("wild beast" from the "earth" -Rev.13:11 -"Jew" - Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:29).

I tell you these things, because the "organization" is not "Babylon the Great", but it's anointed leaders are in that covenant with death. This brings all the "waters", upon which the harlots sit, under this Covenant with Death (Rev.17:15). That "marriage" covenant, is with Satan. They entered into it, when they accepted the "key" (authority and power) over the Abyss of deception and death (Rev.9:1; 8:10,11). Satan gave it to these sell-out harlots (unfaithful slaves), in order to restrain the true faithful anointed, within that abyss of lies and death (Matt.24:24; Rev.12:15). That is where Satan wants all the "remaining ones of her seed" (Rev.12:4), which are the ones he has "waged war" with (Rev.12:7,11,17; 16:13,14,15,16; 17:14; 19:11,14; 20:8). 
"She"...(Babylon the Great/Covenant of Death)...through "her" harlot Babylon daughters, helps Satan to take them captive (Rev.13:7,10; Col.2:8) those Harlot daughters (spiritual leaders) releasing the locust/scorpions (Rev.9:1,2,3) 
(stinging with death-dealing lies Rev.9:10;  1Cor.15:55; Eze.2:6; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10).

After those who choose faithfulness, awaken and take their stand for truth,
That Wild Beast collective of locust-scorpions, does "kill" them (Rev.11:7; 13:7,14,15; 9:18; John 16:2). 
The "death" Satan prefers, is the judgment that would come from God to the Chosen ones (Matt.10:28), if they are tricked into accepting demonic lies and death, through the locust-scorpion/Gentiles (Rev.9:10;  1Cor.15:55,56,57) who trample them.
If that stinging threat doesn't work, then the faithful can be "killed", by being cut off and silenced from the midst of God's people (John 16:2; Rev.11:7; 20:4; 6:9,11) in order to mitigate the damage which the truth can do to deception. Through the Abyss, "Wormwood" has been given the power to do both (key)... take captive to demonic teaching and to silence those who are set free.
Like the leaders of God's first-century people, power is considered more valuable than truth (John 11:47,48,49,50)
The book of Revelation is symbolic. Whether this symbolic "killing" is actual disfellowshipping only (to silence them within the "Congregations"), or will turn out to be a literal murdering of the faithful; ...this has not yet been disclosed to me.

So to clarify, Babylon the Great is a covenant with death/Hades and it's king, the Destroyer (Rev.9:11; Isa.33:1). That covenant grants the receiver with all Satan's power to deceive, along with all manner of worldly reinforcements... both servants, riches, and influence.

Those in that covenant were formerly Christ's "virgins" (Rev.14:4,5; 20:4) (under the covenant of life -Gal.4:26), but they gave away that purity when they bought lies to shine in their lamps (Matt.25:8,9,11,12; Rev.9:1,2; 8:10,11; 13:17,18) ("666").
Once they exchange their purity (Rev.14:5; 3:18) (Matt.25:10;  2Cor.11:2,3,4; Rev.2:20) for untruth, they are no longer virgins, but defiled harlots.
Their precious intimacy with Christ, was sold over to Satan's desire and will (Eph.5:23; Col.2:19; Matt.4:9; Mark 10:42,41,44). Their heart has come to seek to do the will of their new owner... to be a dominating liar and a man-slayer (John 8:44; Isa.44:20;  1John 3:10,11,12,14,15; Isa.1:21). They unwittingly join with Satan in his desire to do away with the other anointed proving faithful (Mark 12:7; Micah 2:2), due to their desire to be in power over what does not rightly belong to them (Matt.20:25,26,27;  1Pet.5:3). They justify the compromise of Truth, to keep their power solidified and consolidated. The lesser ones in subjection to them who sell out, do so to keep harmony with corrupted "Wormwood", who is at the top (1Cor.6:15,16,17).

Due their desire and deeds... their loss of love for God's truth... all Chosen who compromise, become daughters of a new covenant. Satan becomes their father, and the covenant with death, their mother 
(John 8:44; Rev.9:11; Rev.17:5).
Just as the virgin daughters have a promise/covenant as their mother (Gal.4:26; Rev.3:12;  2Cor.11:2,3), and later will actually become that heavenly covenant when it's promise is fulfilled (Gal.4:28; 3:29; Heb.12:22,23);
The harlot daughters have the covenant of death as their mother (Babylon the Great -Rev.17:5), and become sealed representatives of that bottomless abyss of death/Covenant, when they are sealed through their sins (Rev.17:6). This is when they mature, and go from "daughters" of their mother covenant and Satan, to ambassadors/wife of Satan / becoming the mother covenant.
  That follows the same pattern as the faithful anointed and their mother covenant. They are daughters of Jerusalem above/New Covenant (Lam.2:13; Micah 4:8; Isa.52:2; 37:22; Zeph.3:14; Rev.3:12), until they are sealed. Their heavenly hope is to actually become members of that Holy City in Heaven, installed as it's living representatives. They then become, not virgin daughters of Christ's Bride (1Thess.2:7,8;  2Cor.11:2)...but Christ's Bride herself (Eph.2:6; Rev.3:21; 21:9,10,2,3).

Just as the virgins become the Covenant of Life, upon being sealed through bearing witness to the truth/Jesus, and giving their lives for it (and therefore helping to save others)...
      (John 12:24; 15:12,13; Mark 8:35; Rom.6:5; Phil.2:17;  2Cor.12:15).
...the Harlot daughters also become the Covenant of Death, upon killing the virgins and spewing forth Satan's lies (and therefore helping to kill all who drink their poisoned waters).

Each group becomes sealed for life, or death....they either are sealed in heaven as the New Jerusalem and become the New Covenant of life for the benefit of "new earth", or they are sealed in the Abyss as the Great Harlot, drunk with the blood of the faithful witnesses and brothers of Christ, and cause the death of the entire old "earth" 
(2Pet.3:7,13; Rev.14:19; Jer.25:29,30,34; 2:21; Isa.5:7; Joel 3:13; Deut.32:32,35,36,39).
(see )
These will descend into the second death, and eternal destruction (Isa.5:14; 14:9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17; Rev.20:10,14,15). Their rule will be brief.

Those who become the Covenant of freedom and life (when the promise/covenant is fulfilled), will ascend into the heavens and immortality. The heavens are not a physical place, but a spiritual standing that can exist anywhere. They will rule as kings on the earth with Christ, forever (Rev.20:12; Dan.7:9,10,21,22,18). Their power and glory will be of grace and truth, reflecting the humility and servitude of Jesus (John 1:14; 18:33,34,37).

So I am hoping that you might see more clearly, that  all those under the unfaithful leaders [anointed who enter into the Covenant of death (by accepting the "key" from Satan)], are included and come under that same covenant of Death being in subjection to these unfaithful ones.
This is why God's Word tells the other anointed, "Get out of her"! (the covenant of death, Babylon the Great). They do this by removing the mark of her beast from their "heads" and "hands" longer thinking her lies, nor obeying her un-scriptural directions (Rev.13:16).

Babylon the Great is not the organization, but the covenant which the leaders of the organization have entered into (as well as all those who feed from them). By being in subjection to those harlots who did directly enter into that covenant, all her "children" also, are consigned to death (Rev.2:20,21,22,23; Hosea 4:6).
Within the book of Revelation, the "organization" is singled out and represented by, the "wild beast" who those harlot leaders ride, sit enthroned upon, and direct.
Accordingly, we know that it is prophesied that the organization will turn on the Governing Body at some point, and become the eighth king without them (Rev.17:11). This is already happening, as the wild beast/man of lawlessness, has already raised himself over the anointed who are lesser ones than the Governing Body...Yet, they have also begun to raise themselves over the Governing Body, in that the magazines and books are now largely written by non-anointed ones. 

The Governing Body has appointed the Gentile elders (Rom.2:28,29) to take over the job that Jesus assigned and expects of the anointed priests. The governing body have "appointed priests for themselves" (2Chron.13:6,9) to serve over the symbolic "sanctuary of the temple of God" (2Thess.2:4;  1Cor.3:16;  1Pet.2:5,9; Eph.2:20,21,22). 
Spiritual Gentiles (non-anointed) have taken over the job of anointed priests (Eze.44:6,7,8,9; La.1:10; Dan.11:31; Matt.24:15,16;  1Cor.6:2,3). They will pay dearly for this disrespect to YHVH. The harlot replaces the anointed priests whom God has chosen, because the Gentiles obey them better.
 Why? The interests of the Gentiles is not one of enduring an ignominious death for truth (Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13; 12:2; Phil.3:10; John 16:2), but they are enticed by power, dominion, prominence, and prestige (Dan.11:39,21,22,23). For this very reason, their subjection to the last harlot, will change (Rev.17:16,17).

The Beast has not yet violently turned on it's leadership. That is yet future. But this preliminary loss of power and position is moving toward facilitating that.
Babylon the Great = The Covenant of Death
                                 The daughter harlots of it, become the
                                 Covenant of death, once they are
                                 sealed/consummated with Satan
                                 (through the persecution of the faithful
                                  anointed by the organization/beast.)

The Organization = The "Wild Beast" who is ridden by the
                                Harlot. It does "Wormwood's" dirty work.
The many waters that the Harlot sits upon = all those in subjection to the Harlot leaders, the wild beast organization, and in subjection to the teachings that come from these (Rev.17:15) = all those under the covenant of death (Rev.17:2; 18:4).

The seven mountains/hills where the woman sits on top = This is the antithesis of the "seven congregations" (Rev.1:20; 17:9,10). This is the entire scope (7) of the power of all the harlots (and all those who exercise the power of the Covenant of Death). 
Just as each of the "seven Congregations" had over them an anointed star/angel (Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3; Matt.5:15; 24:16; Eze.36:8); so too each "mountain"/king of the Harlot Covenant is a "fallen" star (Rev.17:9,10; 8:10; 9:1) and false prophet (Rev.13:11; 19:20). 

As the Head of the seven congregations, Christ is in the midst of the seven golden lampstands (Rev.2:1); Satan is in the midst of the seven heads/kings/hills upon which the mother covenant of death, sits enthroned (Rev.17:9). Satan's spirit is in the midst of the toxic smoke of the abyss, which darkens and veils all "light" (Rev.9:2; Eph.2:2; 2Cor.4:4). 
As Jesus is King of his anointed kings (Rev.1:5), Satan is king of all those in association with his abyss of lies and death (Rev.9:11).
While each anointed star serves the congregation of sheep who they are responsible for; the Organized Beast and Harlot head, serve all who are marked by the Beast....for their domain is "all the earth" (Rev.13:8) at once.
                          [the "ten" kings "who have not yet received their kingdom with Christ,
                           are those who rule one hour
                           with the wild beast--(anointed in subjection
                           to both the organization, the Governing
                           Body, and the covenant of Death)
                           These "ten" are "horns". They are NOT the Governing Body (7 heads)
                           themselves.] (Rev.17:12,13,17)...
                           In fact, those unsealed anointed join the beast, in turning on "her"

I hope that clarifies the identities of the organization, and their relationship to "Babylon the Great".

Now that I have written you regarding Rev.18:4, I wanted to write you more personally.
My circumstances are not all those of support. I am losing my daughter, and it is very dramatic and painful. She is like your wife. The whole Congregation is in an uproar against me. I believe that our heavenly Father does not let us be tested beyond what we can bear. Perhaps this is why my husband has changed from being abusive to being supportive through the worst of the Organization's persecution against me.
EVERYONE who now writes me and has the real truth (and is still in the organization) is being unjustly and intensely persecuted also. This includes by close family members (Matt.10:36,37,38,39). 
I wish I could post an article made of just all these letters, but those who write about this are afraid of the "beast", and being identified (Rev.13:15,16) as not in subjection to it, so they ask me not to post it.
They do not realize how common it has become, and that it is time to "flee" (Matt.24:15,16; Rev.18:4; Zech.2:6,7). The approval of family and friends is the least of our problems. We must now run for our lives (and not look back-- Luke 17:31,32,33). Where do we run? Jesus' disciples asked the same question...Luke 17:37.
Those who have been blessed with spiritual insight, are to go to feed where those who have been killed/"slain", are providing spiritual food (Job 39:27,28,29,30; Matt.24:28 > RSV). 
(Rev.12:14,6;  1Cor.10:17; Eze.14:22; Isa.41:27; Matt.24:16)
You may notice that these are the very scriptures which first opened this website, and are found in it's heading.

Please continue to write me for our mutual encouragement.
For more info. on the harlot and Beast, and the Beast's image...


Friday, February 10, 2012

I am very happy to tell you that I have started a new article, about Matthew chapter 24.
It is a verse by verse examination, according to the scriptures.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have added additions (especially scriptures) to yesterday's post.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Yearbook

I just read "A Letter From the Governing Body" preface in the new yearbook.
I would like to highlight some quotes, and give you scriptures for comparison.

"In some lands, your rights are being trampled underfoot by those who manipulate laws in order to 'frame trouble by decree' (Psalm94:20-22)'"
That scripture reads:

20 Will the throne causing adversities be allied with you
While it is framing trouble by decree?
21 They make sharp attacks on the soul of the righteous one
And pronounce wicked even the blood of the innocent one.
22 But Jehovah will become a secure height for me,
And my God the rock of my refuge."

A "throne" is a governing authority and the Governing Body itself is. Do they not "cause adversities" to their fellow anointed brothers and others who favor the truth of the scriptures rather than unity with false doctrines? Do they not decree trouble for these ones, by going beyond the scriptures in policies that slander, persecute, attack and expel? Do they not pronounce wicked any who disagree...not with the Holy Scriptures, but with them? As this scripture relates...such ones are NOT "allied" with Jehovah. 

John15:20 was also cited. In light of it, are the members of the Governing Body, persecuted as they persecute others?

Finally, those thoughts conclude with a quote from 1Pet.3:13,14,15 and the words:

"Be assured that we mention you dear ones regularly in our prayers as you continue to 'make a defense before everyone that demands of you a reason for the hope in you.'"

If anyone actually obeys 1Pet.3:15... before the Congregation; they will promptly be thrown out...if the hope within them differs from the hope of these men's doctrinal decrees. Why then does the Governing Body hypocritically claim to sympathize with those who must defend their scriptural faith and hope?

Instead of assuring the flock that they are mentioned in the prayers of the Governing Body, would it not be more righteous to assure them, that Jehovah sees any work we do for Him, and He will not forget the love we have for Him and all Christ's brothers? (Heb.6:10; Matt.25:40)

Frankly, it never occurred to me to desire "assurance" that I am in the prayers of the Governing Body. I desire and own relationship with Jehovah, of which Jesus is the mediator. I am confident that the "hearer of prayer" is aware of my own sincere expressions (Ps.65:2).
While it is true that Jehovah heeds the prayers that the righteous ones (James5:16) may say in behalf of others, those who hope to be a fine example to the sheep should always direct them to have a personal relationship with Jehovah (James4:8; Luke11:10,13)...and to be certain that they only look to HIM personally, for salvation (Isa.43:11; Psalm146:3; 1John2:17).
This comment by the Governing Body insinuates that one would feel relieved, knowing that these men pray for them. It clouds the fact that Jehovah judges each one individually, and one can neither blame, nor seek refuge in, an other (Rev.6:12,13,14,15,16,17).
Neither does Jehovah have special esteem for the publicized prayers of certain men, just because they are prominent (Matt.6:5,823:2,6,7,23,34John16:2).
It continues...
"We were delighted to learn that in 2011, there were 19,374,737 in attendance at the Memorial of our Lord's death."
The reason why Jehovah forbid David from counting his citizens, was precisely because Jehovah did not want the anointed leader of His people to be "impressed" or "delighted" in a sense of his own power, accomplishments, and dominion. It would entice him to view the span of those, as his own accomplishment, rather than having humble confidence, that whatever Jehovah's will was, He would do it for Himself. His purposes do not fail. (2Sam.24:1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25)
Does the Governing Body feel that the growing numbers are due to their own power and accomplishment?
Do you remember such comments as these?...
"Due to the fine suggestion of the 'faithful slave', we are having good success from following their direction". credit given to Jehovah, or to the Governing Body?
Remember Moses.....when he took credit for the water Jehovah gave his people! (Numbers20:4,7,8,9,12). Yet, the unscriptural "arrangements", doctrines, and directions which come from these men, is not from Jehovah at all.
When we accept direction for our worship, are we following God's Word, or supplemental commands of men? Remember that one of the marks of the Beast, is on the hand. The "Beast" enslaves people's actions and deeds. Surely, the Governing Body has seated themselves in "the seat of Moses". But according to the Bible, the role of "Moses" and "Elijah" is not fulfilled until the faithful anointed are glorified in the "Holy Mountain", Zion (Matt.17:11; Mark9:1,2,3,4; 2Pet.1:18; Rev.14:1).

Notice that in all their tallies, the Governing Body makes no mention whatsoever of the central reason the Memorial is held...for the anointed members of Christ's Body, to partake together.
Although there is also an annual census made of these, they are always held as of no account in all the Governing Body's comments.
How does the Governing Body overlook that the end of Satan's world (and all the suffering it contains) depends upon the sealing of the final members of this anointed generation? (Rev.7:3; 6:10,11; 12:11) How do they overlook the need for the anointed themselves to gather for this occasion? (1Cor.11:33)
This, is the real temple of God (1Cor.3:16)... which is in neglectful disrepair, while the Governing Body makes elaborate plans for physical expansion projects (Haggai1:2,4,5,8).

The only group of significance to the Governing Body, seems to be it's base of growing numbers of the "Nations", and the power and riches these represent. They want the security of a record, that will enable them to say, "Did we not perform many powerful works in your name?" (Matt.7:22,23) to the returned Master.
           (He has not yet returned to identify who the "faithful and discreet slaves"
            have proven to be... 1Cor.11:26. That designation is up to the Master...not
            up to the slaves themselves Luke17:10. He will identify these, when he comes Matt.24:46).
 All the while the Governing Body is engaged in directing these works, they overlook creating an arrangement that provides for their own fellow anointed brothers to obey our head, the Christ. (1Cor.11:33; 1John4:20)
Spiritual "Israel" is scattered around the globe, with no one to collect them together, even for the memorial. They partake in singular isolation...within a sea of spiritual "Gentiles" who are not partaking. This is not the arrangement approved by God, nor according to God's Will and Jesus' desire. (Matt.18:20; John17:21; 1Cor.11:33)

It continues...
"That impressive number of attendees is due in part to your tremendous response to the call for auxiliary pioneers last April."
How does an "impressive number" fit with Jesus' words about those who are approved? (Matt.7:14)
Who sent out that "call" for "auxiliary Pioneers"? Was it the scriptures? Jehovah? Jesus?
2Tim.3:16,17 tells us, that "all scripture" completely equips us for every good work.
There is no "call" to have "auxiliary pioneers" invite millions of spiritual Gentiles, to the Lord's Evening Meal in the Bible.

Are these men saying that God's Word is lacking? (Rev.22:18)

If they believe that we need arrangements, titles, programs, decrees, and doctrines in excess of God's Word, and it is those things which we should "respond to", ...whose orders are we really obeying? Whose direction is receiving our devotion?
Does not Jehovah God exact "exclusive devotion" (Deut.5:7,9)?
Does Jehovah approve of those who divert that devotion and "service", to themselves?
Where is the scripture that speaks of an hourly requirement for "auxiliary pioneers"? I have never seen it. (Matt.6:1,2,3; Gal.6:4) Jehovah does not look at amount! (Mark12:42,43,44; Isa.28:10,14)

It continues...
"Whether you were one of the 2,657,377 who served as auxiliary pioneers that month or you endeavored to increase your activity in some way, all of you made us beam with pleasure because of your willing spirit and zeal for the work Col.3:23."
Again, a count of those who obeyed the details of the command of men (Mark7:6,7).
Since when is the giving of men pleasure related to the purpose of our dedication... our sacrifices for Jehovah? Are we "paying" our deeds to "buy" the approval of these Leaders? (Luke19:45,46; Matt.23:10,12) Are these the gods we seek to please? Where are our sacrifices really going? Is it really men's faces that we desire to make beam with pride? If our sacrifices are done to fulfill unscriptural requirements outlined by men, (Gal.1:10; Eph.6:6) then our worship no longer belongs to Jehovah. (Ex.20:3,5)!

We should not even expect Jehovah God to feel proud and pleased with our works...
For Jesus said,
"So YOU, also, when YOU have done all the things assigned to YOU, say, ‘We are good-for-nothing slaves. What we have done is what we ought to have done.’” Luke 17:10

Yet, if we are seeking the approval and pleasure of anyone, let it be our Heavenly Father, and no one else. (Heb.11:6; Prov.27:11; Matt.22:37)

And lastly, Col.3:23 is cited...
"Whatever YOUare doing, work at it whole-souled as to Jehovah, and not to men".
Does that strike anyone else as hypocritical?
In speaking of end time survivors, Jehovah deemed it appropriate to specifically highlight the fact, that "no man" was able to "number" them. (Rev.7:9)

Perhaps the reason for the Governing Body's defiance of this, is the following words of Jesus...

Matt.12:33,34 “Either YOU people make the tree fine and its fruit fine or make the tree rotten and its fruit rotten; for by its fruit the tree is known. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."
John7:17,18 "If anyone desires to do His will, he will know concerning the teaching whether it is from God or I speak of my own originality. 18 He that speaks of his own originality is seeking his own glory; but he that seeks the glory of him that sent him, this one is true, and there is no unrighteousness in him."

Matt.7:15,17,20; 24:24,25


Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Part of the World

Dear Anon,
Sorry it took a while to finish your question. Perhaps I can complete that today.
You said your question is in regard to John17:14, and who Jesus was speaking of. You also ask if Jesus was speaking to the anointed, and if so, in what way would Jesus' words impact un-anointed?

John17:14 reads:
 "I have given your word to them, but the world has hated them, because they are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world."

First we should use the rest of what Jesus said, in order to understand what these things mean.
"I have given your word to them"
If you go back up to verses 6-8:

6 “I have made your name manifest to the men you gave me out of the world. They were yours, and you gave them to me, and they have observed your word. 7 They have now come to know that all the things you gave me are from you; 8 because **the sayings that you gave me I have given to them**".

Notice that Jesus is explaining, that it was **Jehovah's "sayings"** of Truth that Jesus gave his anointed ones. He describes these ones as already belonging to Jehovah. Because Jesus viewed them as belonging to his Father, he gave his Father's words to them. In this way, they came to know Jehovah fully.

These sayings were not merely the scriptures, as recorded in Hebrew and Aramaic. Those sayings were what Jesus learned directly by means of God's Holy Spirit. Until Jesus paid the ransom, these ones could not receive the teachings of Holy Spirit directly themselves (John14:2b)...
 "Nevertheless, I am telling YOU the truth, It is for YOUR benefit I am going away. For if I do not go away, the helper will by no means come to YOU; but if I do go my way, I will send him to YOU.
In time, these ones would also receive education by Holy Spirit."

As we see in John17:9,10... Jehovah would give these ones to Jesus, that he might finish their education and training by means of that spirit (1Pet.5:10), and become their life giving father (John17:3; Isa.9:6; John3:16,17). By means of the progressive Truth that Jesus would give, these ones would become "sanctified" (John17:17). This was the goal of their education.
Titus 3:4-6
 "However, when the kindness and the love for man on the part of our Savior, God, was manifested, 5 owing to no works in righteousness that we had performed, but according to his mercy he saved us through the bath that brought us to life and through the making of us new by holy spirit. 6 This [spirit] he poured out richly upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior"
"sanctify", "bath", "making of us new" means of that spirit and truth (John4:24)

Why did Jesus CONTRAST those who knew Jehovah's "sayings", with the "world"?

Because the "sayings" and teachings of the "world" are from the Devil (Rev.12:9; 1John4:1,4,5,6; 1John2:15,16; 1John3:1). Those things are full of deception. Instead of sanctification, cleansing, and healthful for everlasting life...
they are demonic, corrupt, filthy, and deadly (James3:15). Those things think in fleshly terms, focused on the gaining of power and things that can be seen with the eyes. Of these things, the anointed are to be no part of.
Although that might seem obvious, the Greek scriptures are full of examples of yes, even anointed ones in the Congregation, who were overcome with corrupting pride (1Cor.4:8,9,10,11,12,13,14). They went out from the body of Christ (1John2:19). They were blinded when they made themselves a part of the world (2Cor.4:4). Confident in their own righteousness, they forgot the course of Christ (1Pet.2:21). They did not even recognize their fall (Rev.2:5; 8:10).

Those who truly remain in the word of Christ, and continue to be taught by spirit, will remain chaste and separate from the teachings of the "world" (1Cor.11:2; Rev.14:4,5). Jesus enjoyed a far greater glory than this world can offer, and he wished that sanctification for his brothers as well. That glory is not one that can be measured or recognized by this world's standards (John15:19).

"but the world has hated them, because they are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world"

Yes, the unseen ruler of this world hates the anointed vessels of Truth (Rev.12:10,13,15,17). These ones can not be bought with any of this world's enticements (Matt.4:8,9,10). Satan will see to it, that just as Christ was treated, so too will these ones be treated inhospitably, or worse (John16:2,33).
There is no blending of truth and lies (2Cor.6:14,15,16,17,18)...the spiritual glory of humility and worldly glory (1Peter5:6)...walking by spirit and walking by sight (2Cor.5:7) your life for others (John15:13) and dominating others for your own interests (1Cor.10:24; Jer.23:1).

 "Also, I have given them the glory that you have given me, in order that they may be one just as we are one."

The love and knowledge of truth shared between Jehovah, His Son, and those who belong to them, is a bond that unifies them. It is no part of Satan's world.

19 By this we shall know that we originate with the truth, and we shall assure our hearts before him 23 Indeed, this is his commandment, that we have faith in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and be loving one another, just as he gave us commandment. 24 Moreover, he who observes his commandments remains in union with him, and he in union with such one; and by this we gain the knowledge that he is remaining **in union with us, owing to the spirit which he gave us** (the spirit of the truth John16:13).

Regarding others who are not anointed...see verses 18 and 21
 18 Just as you sent me forth into the world, **I also sent them forth into the world**.
 21 in order that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in union with me and I am in union with you, that they also may be in union with us, in order that **the world may believe that you sent me forth**.

From this we see that those who are in the world, can receive these ones who are sent forth (Matt.10:40; John13:20). By observing the fine teachings (fine fruit from fine trees Matt.12:33,35; John7:17) from God, these can come to believe that Jesus was sent forth from God. ( )

With that faith, they also can receive the sayings of God, learn truth, and come to love and trust in Jehovah's care.

When I think of any difference between those anointed and those not, I think of the differing baptisms. Maybe considering them will help to answer your question.

Those who are anointed are baptized directly by Christ, by emersion in Holy Spirit (Mark1:8)... Having it  "Poured out" upon them (Acts2:33). This includes being baptized by "fire" (Matt.3:11) and involves also a future baptism into Jesus' death (Rom.6:3).

This baptism of holy spirit, is contrasted with the spirit of the world...

16 and I will request the Father and he will give YOU another helper to be with YOU forever, 17 the spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive, because it neither beholds it nor knows it. YOU know it, because it remains with YOU and is in YOU.  20 In that day YOU will know that I am in union with my Father and YOU are in union with me and I am in union with YOU. 21 He that has my commandments and observes them, that one is he who loves me. In turn he that loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and will plainly show myself to him. 23 In answer Jesus said to him: “If anyone loves me, he will observe my word, and my Father will love him, and we shall come to him and make our abode with him. 24 He that does not love me does not observe my words; and the word that YOU are hearing is not mine, but belongs to the Father who sent me. 26 But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name, that one will teach YOU all things and bring back to YOUR minds all the things I told YOU. 27 I leave YOU peace, I give YOU my peace. I do not give it to YOU the way that the world gives it. Do not let YOUR hearts be troubled nor let them shrink for fear.”

What of those not anointed? We see they receive a different in literal water. This is a physical baptism. It has a different significance...
1Pet.3:21 :
 "That which corresponds to this (Noah's Ark- verse 20) is also now saving YOU, namely, baptism, (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the request made to God for a good conscience,) through the resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Notice that water baptism affords an un-anointed person protection at the end of our system of things.
Note that this baptism in literal water does not "wash away" "the filth of the flesh" (uncircumcised). Those baptized in water, do not receive the "circumcision of the heart" Rom.2:29. But water baptism does enable them to have a relationship with God, in that He will guide them to make choices according to His commands and His will, by means of "water" [living water of truth (John4:10) conveyed by God's faithful priests (Mal.2:7; John7:38-39; Rev.22:17)]. The anointed have slightly different expectations put upon them....

 "For God called us, not with allowance for uncleanness, but in connection with sanctification. 8 So, then, the man that shows disregard is disregarding, not man, but God, who puts his holy spirit in YOU."
"Turn away, turn away, get out of there, touch nothing unclean; get out from the midst of her, keep yourselves clean, YOU who are carrying the utensils of Jehovah."
 "Now in a large house there are vessels not only of gold and silver but also of wood and earthenware, and some for an honorable purpose but others for a purpose lacking honor."

This is not to say that un-anointed lack honor or are the vessels of wood or earthenware (2Cor.4:7)...but that there are gold, silver, wood and clay...each designated by Jehovah for various purposes. This is up to Jehovah, and not up to the vessels themselves (Isa.45:9; Romans9:21).

So to answer your question, all those who seek godly devotion, should strive to be taught by means of the sayings of truth, and to live by them to the best of our ability of conscience.
This would mean a progressive leaving behind the deceptions of the "world" and the deceptive desires of it's father, Satan (Eph.4:22).
But for us of the anointed, we must "become perfect" as our "heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt.5:48), "perfecting holiness in God's fear" (2Cor.7:1). This does not mean the commonly held definition of "perfection", but means a bringing to full maturity according to the person of Christ. (Eph.4:13; 1John2:5,6)

The Bible is true. It is God's Word. But we cannot obey it, unless we understand it. Understanding is the only way to truly obey God's Word. Our being "no part of the world" must be the way that Jesus himself was no part of the world (John17:16). That meant, that he was no part of the corruption of the religious leaders of God's people. HE WAS SPEAKING TO THEM, when he said; "You are of this world, I am not of this world" (John8:23). Were those Jews a part of the secular world? No. They kept separate from that world. They were a part of the oppressive religious system polluted by man-made doctrines and traditions. John1:9-11 reads; "9 The true light that gives light to everyone was COMING INTO THE WORLD. 10 He was IN THE WORLD, and though the world was made through him, THE WORLD DID NOT RECOGNIZE HIM. 11 HE CAME TO THAT WHICH WAS HIS OWN BUT HIS OWN DID NOT RECEIVE HIM."
Can you see that the "world" into which Jesus came, was his own people???
He was not recognized as the Logos, by the Jews.
How could the rest of the world (China, Africa, America) "not recognize" who Jesus was, when they never saw him, and he never went to them?
Jesus confirms the identity of the "world" into which he was sent (John17:18; Matt.10:16-17)...
"Jesus answered, 'I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.' " (Matt.15:24).
When Jesus tells the faithful, that like him, they are no part of the world;
if we wish to imitate him,
we must properly understand, what that "world" really is.
It is the "lost"... the wayward among God's own people!

I am soon to release an article, about what the scriptures mean when they speak of the anointed becoming "perfect" (Heb.12:23).

For more information on this subject:

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I am also sending out another call for the Memorial, if there are any anointed who would like to join us in partaking with others whose eyes are open to current truth.

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