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Disfellowshipping and Shunning - Is it Biblical?

Hi, I searched on your blog for an article regarding disfellowshipping but it didn't come up. Would you be able to direct me here?
I'm specifically seeking information on how the verses J.W.s use should actually be applied/enforced. The one where it's said we shouldn't stop and speak to or even share a meal with those people, how do you believe these scriptures should be applied?
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1Cor.5:11 reads; 
"11 But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person."

    JWs call all those baptized into their organization, brothers and sisters. That gives the intentional  impression that all JWs are brothers and sisters. It allows for the scripture to be applied to all JWs, and for the shunning to be applied to any members who become dissonant with Watchtower doctrine, by their refusal to submit to it any longer. 

But when 1Cor.5:11 was spoken and penned, there were no JWs. There was no Watchtower, or any application of how the Watchtower defines "brothers", or, an agreement with how the Watchtower interprets this verse.
    Clearly in the verse, we are referring to those "called brothers", correct?
Who, in the first century, were called "brothers"?

I am going to cite the scriptures which shed the most direct light on the answer to that question.
Please examine them carefully...
(Rom.12:10;  1Cor.12:23,25-28; Rom.14:15;  1Cor.8:11; Eph.5:25-27; Rev.21:2,9-10) 
(John 1:51; Rev.22:3NIV ,Rev.22:4; Col.4:7;  1Thess.4:9;  1Pet.5:8 >  1Pet.5:9 NET ; Luke 22:31)
(Luke12:45; 22:31; Matt.13:25,38; 25:40; 23:8; 28:8-10,16;  1John3:10,12; Heb.2:10-12; Rev.1:9)

The brothers of Christ naturally would have the same Father (Gal.3:26-29; Ps.82:6; Rom.8:14-18). 
As such, they share the same inheritance of the kingdom with Jesus, from the Father 
(Dan.7:13-14,18,21-22,27; Jude 1:1;  1Thess.3:13;  1Pet.1:15; Dan.7:27)

Do you understand now, who the "brothers" are who fall into gross sin...
      (2Pet.2:1-3; Acts 20:29-30; Heb.10:26-27 <(1John2:20); Matt.7:15,22-23; 24:5,11,24; Gal.2:4; Luke 21:8;  2Thess.2:1-3; 
              Mark 13:22; Jude 1:3-4,8,10-13,17-19,11; Rev.2:14,16; Matt.15:13-14), 
...who should be put away from the company of the faithful anointed saints? 
(2Cor.6:17-18; 11:12-15,13; Rev.2:2;  1Cor.5:11-13)

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Now let's take an even closer look at 1Cor.5:11, specifically the last words, "not even to eat with such a person"**.
Is this literally referring to having a meal with a sinner? No. ...see Matt.9:10-13.
We understand those words better, if we read Rev.3:20 **.

1Cor.5:11 and Rev.3:20 are not referring to eating literal food at all (John6:27,35; Amos 8:11). They are referring to spiritual provisions that are sourced in either demonic spirits of deception (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-14;  1Cor.10:21; Rev.2:20,24; Eph.6:12; 5:11;  2Cor.10:3-5; Rev.17:14) 
or sourced in the holy spirit of truth (John14:17,26; 6:57,63; 20:21-22;  1John2:20,27; John15:4-5,16).

The false teachers and unfaithful anointed that were highlighted in previously cited scriptures above, are those providing such misleading doctrine. We are not to consume their rotten fruit, served on the table of demons (Luke 6:43-45; Matt.7:15-20) 
..."not even eating with such a person" (1Cor.5:11).

Not only has 1Cor.5:11 been misapplied to those not anointed;
---It has also been misapplied to facilitate the holy ones being wrongly condemned to death 
(Isa.57:1; John16:2; Matt.10:22) (Rev.13:11,15; 11:3,7)

       ( Sign-of-Son-of-Man )

Here is additional information on this very topic, written by an anointed associate:

Friday, November 3, 2023

How is the Kingdom like Treasure hidden in a Field?

Matt.13: 44 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field."

    The kingdom of heaven, is an inheritance for those Chosen, who are loving, humble and faithful to their divine responsibilities, given to them by Christ (Rom.8:17; Gal.3:29; Matt.19:14; 23:12; Ps.37:34; Luke 19:17; Matt.25:34).
    How is that inheritance and kingdom, like treasure? The scriptures symbolize the living truth of God and its flawless wisdom and guidance, as treasures (Ps.119:101-105,162; 119:72; Prov.2:3-5; Matt.6:19-21; 13:52; Luke 6:43-44; Luke 6:45 NKJV ; 2Cor.4:7) because they result in eternal life (Prov.3:1-2; John17:3,17; 6:63,68-69). Obedience to God's precious statutes brings the richness of His blessing (Prov.10:22). We cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, without the spirit and truth found in God's word (John 6:63; Eph.6:17). We must be born again, of God's word (1Cor.15:50; John3:5-7; 1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11,15). Entering the kingdom of heaven, depends upon finding the treasure of divine truth.

    Jesus is the chief agent of Life because all the truth he taught, came from God (John12:48-50; 8:51) He is the path that only a few find (John14:6; Matt.7:13-14; John10:7). He is the source of the hidden spiritual treasures of divine truth (Col.2:2-3; Rev.2:17; John6:58). No one can come to Jesus to gain eternal life, unless the Father draws them to find Christ (John6:37,44-65). No one can understand the teachings of Christ without God granting it (Matt.13:10-11,16,34-35; Isa.45:3; Col.2:2-3). 
Those granted, must first ask (Matt.7:7; Prov.2:3-4,5-6,7; Jer.29:13; John14:21; Luke11:9-10,11-12,13). 
    In the book of Revelation, we learn that the treasure of divine truth and wisdom leading to eternal life, is granted to those victors who conquer the world (Rev.2:7,11,17,28; 22:16; 1John 5:4).

    How is it that these treasures are hidden in a field? A plot of ground is used in the Bible as a symbol for the heart (Luke 8:10-11,15). When a heart is full of the Word of God; it cultivates the Word of God and in time, produces fruit, which contains more seed according to its kind (Matt.13:23; Luke 6:43-44; Luke 6:45 NKJV ; John 15:16,4-5).
    If you took note of Luke 6:43-44; Luke 6:45 NKJV , the meaning of the symbolic fruit, is sayings, teaching, and what that one preaches. If what you teach is from Christ, it will contain the same seed as was received from him, which is the Word of God (Luke 8:11). A fine tree will produce fine fruit... teaching that lasts/remains (John 15:16) because it is sourced in the teaching of Christ (Matt.24:35). 
A rotten tree produces rotten fruit. Fruit that rots, passes away. These are teachings that are exposed as false, and so they expire and must be replaced, updated, changed (Matt.7:15-20). Their teachings do not last.
    The branches that are attached to Jesus (John15:5), source their teaching in the spirit he gives them. Rather than speak their own thoughts, they speak only what they hear (Matt.10:27). 
What they hear and speak, is the word of God (John16:12-14; 8:47 a), ...like Jesus (John7:16-18; 8:26). 
    Jesus contains the hidden truths and sacred secrets of God, because the illuminating spirit of truth was upon Jesus without limit 
(John3:34-35; 5:19-20; Col.2:2-3; 1Cor.2:7-9,10-11,12-13).
The life-giving truths of God, are of God's spirit in the heart of Christ, from which Jesus spoke. The field within which divine treasure is hidden, is the heart of Christ (Col.2:2-3; 1Pet.3:4; Prov.20:5; Luke 11:9 NLT ; Matt.13:44).

    Continuing in Matt.13:44 we learn that after the man finds the treasure, he hides it.
Why would finding divine truth, cause you to hide it as you go off to purchase that field?
Our new-found relationship with God and Christ, must be planted deep in our heart, out of reach to any other influence (Matt.6:6). We bury the truth deep in our own heart as we go forward to own the heart of Christ, through learning to imitate him.

"And for joy over it
(John8:32; 1Cor.15:55-57; 1Pet.1:6-9; Acts 20:24; Rom.5:2,11; Luke 10:21).

"he goes and sells all that he has
(Matt.19:21; 6:19-21; Phil.3:8; Mark 8:35; Rom.14:8; 2Cor.5:15; 1Cor.6:19-20)

"and buys that field
If we desire to have the mind and heart of Christ, we must follow the example of his steps, closely 
(John14:5,14,6; 1Pet.2:21; Phil.3:10; Rom.6:5; 1Cor.2:16). 
As we do, we are being transformed, refined and purified... and will progress to a maturity found in Christ 
(Rom.12:2; 8:4,13; Eph.4:13; John17:24,22; Eph.1:18; 2Pet.1:4; 1Pet.1:4).
We find and secure that precious, priceless treasure in Christ himself, when we serve him 
(Eph.3:14-16,17-19,20-21; Rev.3:18; Zech.13:9; Job 23:10-11; Rev.21:3-5; 22:3-4).

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