Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Abomination Causing Desolation"

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ADDITION to "Who is your God?"
as follows:

"Today within the Congregations of "Jehovah's Witnesses", non-anointed (Gentile) "elders" have taken over the priestly duties of God's chosen and consecrated priests. They preside over judicial matters of sin, which is only for anointed to do  (Num.16:47; Rev.8:4; James 5:15; Job 42:7-8; Lev.6:7; Rev.5:10; Matt.16:19; John 20:22-23; 1Cor.6:1-3; Gal.6:1; Rom.8:14,9,16; 1Cor.2:15; 1Cor.3:16) because as God's Chosen priests, they have been given the "keys" (authority to open or close understanding/life) to the Kingdom (Matt.16:19; John 20:23,22; 7:38; 15:16; Luke 6:44,45; Matt.13:52; John 7:38; Rev.22:1,2). The Kingdom is accessed, through knowledge of truth, which those who have the "keys", possess (Matt.13:11; Luke8:10). They can open or shut the knowledge they have, among those they forgive or do not forgive (Luke24:32,45; Rev.11:6; 4:1; 20:12) (Matt.10:13,14,15; Mark6:11; Luke10:11; John13:20; Luke10:16; Matt.18:18) (Matt.7:6; Prov.23:9; 9:8).
"Gentile" "elders" have not been given this authority ("keys") to forgive sins (nor to grant forgiveness from death and give the waters of life/truth), nor to condemn God's Chosen ones (Rom.8:33,34; 2:29; Isa.54:17) (Luke21:15; Ex.4:12; Luke12:11,12; Matt.10:20), nor anyone else. 
The policies of the governing body brazenly direct the condemnation of any not subservient to them, and they conduct this condemnation through the "Gentile" "elders" (1Cor.6:1,2,3,4,5,8; Jer.6:15; 5:24; 3:3; Eze.16:30,2; 1John3:12; John13:34). Those leaders do not obey the scriptures, but rather, dispense their henchmen (Matt.18:15; Isa.50:8; Rev.13:11,15; 11:7; 17:6; 18:24; Matt.23:35,36,37,38; Isa.1:21) (Mark8:35; Rev.6:9,11).
Even Gal.6:1 has also been twisted within the WT Bible. It reads, "those with spiritual qualifications", which, when erroneously coupled with Titus 1:5-9; grants the Gentiles power to "readjust" a sinner. This is an "abomination" in God's eyes. When that abomination of Gentile priests (2Chron.13:9; 1Kings12:31; Eze.44:6,8; 1Cor.10:6,11), slays God's genuine priests, that abomination "causes desolation" (Matt.24:15,16; Dan.8:24,25; 11:31,32; Mark13:14).
Literally, Gal.6:1 accurately reads, "those who walk/live by spirit".
Rom.8:14 define these ones, as God's Sons/genuine priests.
(1Cor.2:12; Rom.8:15; 1John2:27)"
["mountains/hills of Judea"(Matt.24:16)=(Eze.36:8; Matt.5:14) 
Luke 17:31,32 ; Luke17:37 KJV ; Rev.12:14 KJV ; Rev.12:6 KJV ; Rev.11:3,7; Luke17:37 KJV
The mountains/hills, are the same as the slain body upon which the eagles who flee, feed.

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