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The Sting of Death -- First Death, or Second Death?

Questions I received:
When the world was destroyed in the day of Noah; Did that symbolize the removal or cleansing, of the first death? I have a problem understanding the timetable of the end of the two deaths. I know these are the last days, and the final and total judgment of life or death. Does the meaning behind Noah's day (as it pertains to the final judgment and salvation for Noah and his family), count as both the deadly power (of the flood), and then the removal, of both the first and second deaths, at once? I hope you can understand what I am asking   ?
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My Reply:
I also hope that I understand what it is you are asking. Please let me know.
I wanted to tell you that there is a post about what the meaning of the flood is for us today.
Here it is:
If you did not read that one, please do, as a primer to this response of mine. 

You asked if the "death" that is brought by the "elder"army/symbolic flood/Great Tribulation (Greatest-Trib-Why?)(tails-stingers-scorpions), 
is the first or second death.
I did not know. 
I said a prayer, and some scriptures came to mind. Here is the result of what the scriptures caused me to perceive.....

The second death, is the "Lake of Fire", and is a symbol for God's condemnation and judgment (Rev.20:15; Matt.10:28) (search-lake-fire). Those thrown there, are then destroyed by Satan... because they have been abandoned by God and He does not rescue or protect them if they did not repent (1Cor.10:10-11; Rev.9:11).  
       (To read more about the Destroyer:   
It is a spiritual death (meaning, you do not get eternal life).

The first death, is physical. All die this death. Adam lost spiritual life for us all. Christ offers life for our spirit (Rom.3:23; 5:12; John14:6; 5:24; 6:63; 5:40; 3:36). If we are like all those who do not know God (2Thess.1:8; 2Cor.4:4; Eph.4:18), we die the first physical death. We have no other life, because we are not alive in our spirit (Sheol/hell/Hades). Spirit life only comes to those who are sons of God, or to the children of those sons of God (who are not anointed, but who are baptized in water, by them) (Matt.28:19-20; 1Pet.3:20-21) (meaning-of-baptism). Spirit life is sustained by God's spirit.

The anointed can lose their spirit life/being born again as spirit... returning to their dead condition (Jude 1:12; Eze.18:24), as do their spiritual children who continue to follow them (Matt.15:14; Job 33:22). That puts them back under the first death of Adam, because their spirit has now died (because the anointed leave the spirit of their Father, God -Gal.4:6) (or those not anointed, leave their father Christ - Isa.9:6; Ps.45:16). 

I would like to illustrate this by analogy, in the hope of making it clearer.
We are physically alive. That life can be symbolized as being like a battery that is charged. Without re-charging, that battery eventually weakens and dies. When Adam lost the Tree of Life, he lost the ability to re-charge his spiritual and physical life.
Spirit life is from Christ. He offers a spiritual birth. In order to sustain our spiritual life, we need to remain connected to Christ. If we lose connection to holy spirit sourced in Christ, our spirit dies.

  If those who had previously received the gift of spirit life, lose spirit, and do not repent before the end, they are thrown into the lake of fire (second death).

If the "elders" and false prophet can mislead the anointed, they can cause both... a return to the first and consignment to second death.
The first condemnation and death is standard (John 3:18; 1Cor.15:45; Rom.5:12) The second death happens as soon as someone is no longer saved by Jesus Christ, and they have left the teachings of Jesus, by following the Beast (Rev.13:8). 
  The second death happens, when God's final judgment and condemnation, arrives (fire-from-heaven). All those who have not repented of their idolatry to the Beast and false prophet, are thrown there (Rev.13:8; 20:15) 
This primarily refers to the anointed.
Those who are not anointed (but are baptized and think they are worshiping Yhwh),
are judged according to the leader/spiritual parent, they are following... whether true, or false. That leader is like a parent, and their children are those who follow and obey them (Hosea 2:2; 4:5; Eze.14:10; Rev.2:20,23; Jer.5:30-31). That relationship between false prophet and their followers, is sometimes illustrated within scripture, as the fruit produced by the branches of a vine. That branch is the parent. It's fruit are it's teachings, and the "children" that consume them. Spiritual children cling to the branch, feeding from it. What they become, is a result of what they have received from the branch. The vine/root, is either the teachings and spirit of Christ (John15:4-5,8; Luke 10:16), or of Satan (Deut.32:32-33; Rev.13:11; 14:19; 16:13; 13:16,18; Ps.58:3-4; Zech.7:11) 

If we are obeying a faithful slave and steward of Christ (Luke 12:42; John21:17; Matt.7:20; Luke 7:35; John7:38-39; Rev.22:17; Gal.4:26), we receive spiritual life through them, as a spiritual mother (pregnant/nursing)
(Matt.5:14-15; Rev.1:20; 2Cor.4:6; 3:18; Mal.2:7; Rev.1:5-6; 5:9-10) (Matt.18:10).
But if we are obeying an unfaithful slave and wicked steward, we receive death from them (Rev.2:20,23) 
(Jezebel) (2-mothers). 

The harlot (unfaithful, false prophet), uses the Beast under her (organization/"elder" Gentile army) to spread her poison waters of death to all her children. Those messengers, bring the sting of death to those who listen, learn, and obey. 
If we are taken captive by those teachings (Col.2:8; Rev.13:10; Luke 21:24), and we do not repent then we will end in the lake of fire/second death.

So, the answer to you is,
that the army of "elders"/spiritual flood (Dan.11:10)
            --(see the first Link above, "symbolic Earth")&(Satans-forces)
can bring both deaths, if we have accepted the mark of the Beast and do not repent before the end. 
If we do repent, then our previously being marked by the Beast, had only caused a return to the first death, from which we can get rescued (by repentance). 
Through the final watchman/last Elijah/messenger of the covenant; God's Temple will be restored, and salvation offered through God's flood covenant, to those who repent (Luke 17:26-27; Ps.18:16-17; 66:12; Isa.54:7-9; Gen.9:11-13; Rev.10:1; Mal.3:1; Zech.4:10,9; Rev.22:6). 
Leaving our slavery to the Organizational Beast behind us, compares to "leaving the City" (Matt.22:9; Rev.18:4). Is that enough? (See this link: leaving-enough?)
Is it enough to leave behind the Beast as the master over our hearts and minds? No. We must also turn to God and Christ as our masters, and be marked as their obedient slaves... 
...thereby avoiding the second death (Eze.18:21).

I hope that addresses your questions.
Please let me know,


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