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Meat Sacrificed to Idols

What is eating meat sacrificed to idols, as found at Rev.2:20?


Ps.145:15 KJV mentions God providing "meat in due season". 
That meat is the solid food suitable for those who are spiritually mature (Heb.5:12-14 KJV 1Cor.3:1-2 KJV). 
The spiritual food that requires greater mental chewing, is referred to as "the deep things of God" (1Cor.2:10). 

That spiritual "meat" is provided through the faithful steward. A more literal translation of Matt.24:45 KJV reads; “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?" 

When we are cleverly diverted away from the true bread from heaven (Christ -John6:33), to learn from Satan through the false prophet and beast organization (Rev.16:13-14; 1Tim.4:1; 2Cor.11:3-4)
...If we progress and mature whole-souled in that deception, 
we come to know the deep things of Satan (Rev.2:24)... Satan's solid food... Satan's "meat". 
The further down we go into such deceptions, the further down we sink into Hades / the abyss of darkness. Satan gets a strong hold on us, as if we are in chains. 

Now as far as Satan's meat being sacrificed to Idols... 
Our preaching is a "sacrifice of the bulls of our lips" (Hosea 14:2; Heb.13:15). 
Note that according to Hosea; our testimony is compared to a meat sacrifice (bull). 
We properly grow and mature, to learn deep doctrine that instructs us about God, and then... according to what we have learned... We are devoting our lips to speak of God's praise, glory, and salvation... as if it were a meat sacrifice. 
Well, "meat sacrificed to idols" would replace our proselytizing for God, to that of for an Idol. We would be inculcated with doctrine that praises, glorifies, and credits with salvation... that Idol. 
We then take what we have learned, and teach it with our lips (Luke 6:43-45). 
Our devotion, service, worship, and "meat" sacrifice, would then be, 
to that Idol (Rev.13:11-12,15,8,4; 14:11). 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Why Must Satan be Released from the Abyss?

 Rev.20:1-2,7 read; "And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. 2 He seized the dragon, that ancient snake, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations any more until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time."

Why is it that Satan's release, is when the "thousand year" kingdom of Jesus Christ, ends?

The "thousand year" kingdom of Jesus, is while he reigns over his anointed congregation 
(Eph.1:22; Col.1:18) as he gathers together those proving faithful, to gather an administration for God's eternal Kingdom 
(Luke 16:10; Matt.25:19,21; 3:12; Eph.1:10-12; Dan.7:13-14,18,23-24,25-26,27; 2:44).

Upon Satan's release, he goes off to wage war with the remnant of the woman's seed (Rev.20:7-8; 12:17). 
Satan's agents (Rev.16:13-14; 13:11; 2Thess.2:9-12; 1Tim.4:1) are successful against the saints 
[Rev.13:7; Dan.7:25; 11:36 (2Thess.2:4); Dan.8:12-13; Rev.11:2; Matt.5:13; 24:24-25]. 
Through an alliance with a fallen star/false prophet (Rev.8:10-11; 9:1-3; 13:11; 19:20); 
Satan is released, and brings with himself a flood of his agents of deception, both spirit and human 
(Eph.2:2; 2Tim.3:13; 2Cor.4:4; 2Cor.11:13-15; Matt.24:24-25; 1Tim.4:1)... who successfully alienate the saints, from Christ... 
resulting in the remnant of the saints, being taken captive to deception and death 
(Hosea 4:6a; John17:3; 6:63; Eph.2:12; 4:18; Col.2:19; John15:6).
(Rev.12:15; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10; Dan.11:33; Luke 21:24,20; Rev.20:9a).

Satan employs the dark powers of his abyss/Hades, and through his alliance with "Wormwood", releases the agents of the Abyss, upon the remnant... resulting in the captivity and spiritual death of the remnant.

When the Chosen elect then alive, become enslaved to Satan... Is Jesus still their ruling king? Is Jesus still the Head over his Body and Temple? No. At the time that God's Temple is overcome and trampled by the Gentile "man of lawlessness" (2Thess.2:3-4; Dan.11:36-37,38-39)... the "abomination of desolation"... the "disgusting thing, standing where it does not belong" (Mark13:14) (1Cor.3:16-17), Satan becomes ruler over the remnant. The "thousand year" kingdom of Jesus Christ over his living saints, ends. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

During this period of Great Tribulation/testing/sifting; Satan's sayings of deception will battle with the truths of Christ, within the hearts of men 
(Rev.12:7; 16:13-16; 17:14; 19:19; 2Cor.10:3-5; 6:7; Eph.5:11) 
(Luke 8:8-10,11-13,14-15; James 1:21). 
Each will be sorted according to which teachings they prefer 
(1Tim.4:1; 2Tim.4:3; 1John4:1; 1Thess.5:21; 2Thess.2:9-12; Joel 3:14; John13:20; Matt.10:40-41,14-15,24-25; 24:31,28; Rev.19:9; Matt.22:10), 
and the resulting harvest of the earth and its vineyard, will conclude (Rev.14:14-16,17-19; 22:11).

Why must, the spiritual confusion that results from Satan's release, run amok?
(Matt.18:7; 24:24-25,6; 1Cor.11:19; Mal.3:18; Rom.8:18-19; Matt.13:43)
That period is said to be, "short" (Rev.20:3; 12:12; Matt.24:22).

Why must Satan be released?
Before God's kingdom commences; all His enemies must be subdued through Jesus and Zion (Ps.110:1-2; Rev.2:26-27; 3:21; 1Cor.15:24-26). 

Establishing those condemned to that consignment as conquered, entails a judgment. As men are judged through the opened understanding of the teachings of Christ (John12:48-49; Acts 17:31; Rev.22:10; 20:12); the harvest of the faithful, is concluded.

This short period of time during which the Great Tribulation and Armageddon take place, is called Judgment Day. During it, the un-sealed saints, undergo affliction (Isa.48:10; Zech.13:9; Rev.8:7-9,10-12; 9:2-3; Eze.2:6; Rev.9:15,18; 12:4) by means of Satan's released agents. 

The works of those tested will either be refined, or burned up (1Cor.3:13-14; 2Pet.3:7,14; Luke 21:34-36). 

During that great test, those willing to follow the full course of Christ, will surrender their souls for the sake of the Truth 
(Rev.13:15; 11:7; Mark 8:35; Rev.12:10-11; Rom.6:5) and then receive their "white robe" (Rev.6:9-11; 19:8).

But Satan and his agents also, face this time of Judgment.
See where, in a spiritual sense, the Bible tells us, that takes place...

2Pet.2: "4 For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; 9 then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment".
Jude ch1: "6 And the angels who did not keep their own proper domain, but left their own abode, He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day".

Does this judgment of Satan and his cohorts, take place while they are still in the abyss? No. Those who occupy the realm of spiritual blindness and death, must come forth from there, to appear before the Judgment seat of God (Jude 1:6; 2Pet.2:4)
(Rev.20:13,10,14) (Rom.14:12; 2Cor.5:10; Dan.7:9-10,11,13-14,18,22).
A description of this "Day" is given, 
as is the method through which each one is examined 
(2Cor.5:10; Rom.2:6; Acts 17:31; John12:48-49; Rev.20:12).

Satan too, must appear before the judgment seat of God. God's throne does not enter the realm of darkness and death to sentence the Devil and his demons. 
As reads; 
"12 Are You not from everlasting, O LORD, my God, my Holy One? We will not die. O LORD, You have appointed them to execute judgment; O Rock, You have established them for correction. 13 You are of purer eyes than to behold evil, And cannot look on wickedness."

The Devil, his demons, and the rest of those consigned to death... must "come out" of the demonic realm of deception and death, to appear before God and Christ (Rev.20:7; John5:28-29).
Satan must be let loose for a short period of time, because it is Judgment Day.

In addition,
Satan's release brings with it his final and greatest Magnum Opus... the Greatest Tribulation (Matt.24:21; Rev.7:14; Dan.12:1-2,8-9)... his last attempt to continue his reign over creation.
This will result in him finally being condemned as the father of deception, destruction, corruption, and death 

Yet it is not God or Christ who release Satan from the Abyss. The purpose of this post is to present, why God allows Satan's release. 
To learn how Satan is released from his prison, please consider: 

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