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Hi, What is marked? Is it ignoring someone ?How did it start? Is it in the Bible?, etc.  I am not familiar with the term

God Is Love!
Jesus said forgive them they know not what they do.
Love your enemies


Hi Xxxxx,
Marked is to be known as a "bad association". It comes from 2Thess.3:14.
If you read that context...the whole chapter of 2Thess. chapter 3; you can easily see two crucial differences between what the Bible is saying, and what "Witnesses" do.

First, it says that this should be done with a man who does not work to provide himself with bread. In actuality, this is speaking of working for spiritual bread  by means of prayer (Matt.6:11), the teachings of the apostles (Greek scripture) (Gal.1:8; 2Thess.3:6; 1Tim.4:13,15,16), and holy spirit (Luke11:9,10,13). The "daily bread" (Deut.8:3; Matt.4:4) which Jesus said we should pray for, was spiritual Truth, which was first symbolized by the daily manna that the Jews received in the Wilderness.
Jesus said that HE was that daily manna...that bread from heaven (Exo.16:4; John6:51). (Sorry to go so deep, but I want your answer to have all the Truth.)

So to get back to our subject of "marking";
Any anointed one who did not do his own asking/begging, digging, searching, and knocking for Spirit and Truth (Matt.7:7,8,11; Luke16:3; Ezek.44:8; Matt.25:3); were not deserving of spiritual provisions from what other anointed ones received (1Cor.12:8; Matt.25:8,9).
According to Paul, such a spiritually idle man lacking faith, was to be marked.
But if you notice 2Thess.3:6; it tells us there that the way to make such an estimation, was to compare that man's behavior to the tradition of Truth which was received from the apostles.  The proper example in this regard, came from them (2Thess.3:9).
We have those teachings and traditions recorded for us, in the Greek scriptures.

Second, when today's Congregation "marks" someone...they look down on them and treat them like dirt, refusing to associate, support, or encourage.
But according to that proper example of the apostles, 2Thess.3:15 shows that others should try to "admonish" that one. That would require understanding him and using the Greek scriptures to try and readjust him accordingly.
This can not be done today, because often, one who has been marked, is not actually in violation of any scriptures.

As we have always been taught...LOVE is the mark of True Christians (John13:35). "Witnesses" have become hypocrites in this; and it has not gone unnoticed by our God Jehovah. (Matt.23:3; Heb.4:13)

When we all stand before the Glorified returned Christ for judgment;
Christ's Law of LOVE, will be the standard by which he renders life, or death (James2:8; John13:34; Matt.7:23; 1John3:15).
This will especially be applied to how they treated the lesser anointed (Matt.25:40,46).

I can tell you that each one of those anointed who refuse to worship the "Image" of the Organization (Rev.13:8,15),
have been treated just as Jesus said at Matt.25:42,43. Why?
Because every one of them gets disfellowshipped.
Not for offending God, Jesus, or the Scriptures,
but for offending men of Pride, who demand allegiance and obeisance. 
The faithful anointed are striving to give Jehovah the "exclusive devotion" he commands, and deserves (Deut.5:9).

I think you should know Xxxx, that this was all prophesied to happen in the time of the end.

Thanks for asking and giving me the opportunity to give you the Bible's answer. I hope you will benefit by looking up all the scriptures.

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