Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Look! I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone hears my voice (Matt.10:27) and opens the door, I will come into his [house] and take the evening meal with him and he with me." Rev.3:20
The scriptures do not conflict with themselves when we have the Truth. They are harmonious. This particular "evening meal", is not the Memorial at all. The context of Rev. ch.3, is all the rewards of proving faithful at the end, during the last days. This "evening meal" is the marriage feast, which Christ will reward those whose lamps are found still burning by Holy Spirit (and not men's doctrines) Luke12:35; Matt.25:3,4,10. Only those faithful, will hear him knocking to deliver the final understandings, to feed them the things held in reserve until then (Isa.48:6). Look at this verse again...Jesus is eating with them. This is the Marriage feast...the evening meal of Rev.3:20; Luke12:35,36,37.
At the Lord's Evening meal in which he used the bread and wine, Jesus did not partake of the emblems, but instead, offered them to his disciples (1Cor.11:24). He did not need the sacrifice of his own body in order to have his sins forgiven, or to receive the Kingdom. The Kingdom inheritance he agreed to share with his disciples, was an extension of the inheritance he would receive from his Father. He already had assurance from his Father (Luke22:29). The emblems were assurance, only to the disciples...not to Christ. For without Christ's blood to atone for the sins of the heirs, they could not inherit the Kingdom with Christ (1Cor.15:50). The emblems were not for Jesus himself to eat.
Concerning the marriage feast (which Jesus does partake of Rev.5:1,7,12; 1:1a), Jesus said it would only be given to those who first, fed him (Luke17:7,8,9,10; Gal.6:6). Therefore, it is at this Marriage evening meal, that Jesus himself eats (Rev.3:20)...sitting at the same table with them (Luke22:30; Mark14:25) because he too, is receiving spiritual food...both from the Father (Rev.5:7) and those who are feeding his "body", being in union with Spirit (John17:8,21,26; Matt.24:28)

If we remain stuck in our own assumptions, we will not hear him knocking with further truths, nor be ready to accept them. This is what Jesus was speaking about when he talked about "new wine" in old wineskins (Luke5:37,38,39). We also need to be prepared to supply a new wineskin to hold the new information. Old understandings can not hold new truth, even if they are comfortable and familiar, and seem "nice"/"better". 

There is joy for all those anointed who have already been "killed"/"expelled", when our brothers awaken, and join us "outside the camp" Heb.13:13,14. This is not the time to wallow in isolation (Prov.18:1; Heb.10:24,25).
1Cor.11:33 and Matt.18:20 reveal the desires of Jesus and Jehovah, regarding the Memorial. Yet, sometimes all the pain we have endured alone, can cause a desire to isolate. It is the will of God that the "Body of Christ" be in unity and harmony, working together under our glorious Head and King. I pray for all the Chosen Ones in their tribulation, and hope Jehovah's spirit helps us all to obey Jesus' desire, for us to be "one" (John17:21,23), especially on this Holy night. (1Cor.11:33)

I know that Satan is against this gathering. I can clearly see him at work. This compels me even more to believe that the anointed gathering, is a powerful situation and event...if only the others could recognize that. Why else would Satan work so hard against it? Why else would Jesus repeatedly direct it? Our unified prayer is key, in the arrival of the end. (Dan.4:17; John16:24)

Yet, I have read in scripture, about the "one prophet out of the North" (Organization), who declares the gathering, and how no one hears it at one responds (Isa.41:25,27; 42:9; 43:5,6; Rev.9:14). I myself, have been doing this call to other anointed for 20 months. It is prophesied to begin very small and gradually increase, along with the revelations of Truth (1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:20,21,22; Eze.47:1,2,3,4,5,6). Perhaps it is finally time to "rebuild the temple", and for the gathering of the faithful remnant to begin [Zech.4:9; 1:16; (Rev.21:15) Zech.6:15; 8:6,11,13,23; 9:11,12,16 (Rev.12:1) Zech.9:17]. I hope so. This is what leads up to the Kingdom really arriving. All I can do is keep trying. Jehovah will bless it in His time. Each anointed one, must have the desire in his heart, to please Christ and obey his request (John17:21; Matt.18:20; Heb.12:25).
Regarding these things, Jesus said "Let him that has ears, listen." Rev.3:22,20; Eph.4:21,23

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Despite the scriptural directive for anointed partakers to gather together for the Memorial (1Cor.11:33), the Organization makes no provision for this. For any anointed who may be interested in joining other anointed in order to partake together...I am making a final call to welcome you to gather with us. If you are interested in joining with us via the internet, please contact me at
There is limited space, but those not anointed are also invited on a first-come basis.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Below is a question from a reader:

The real question is why can satan turn the Org against the annointed and why do the non annointed swallow the lies ? As Ive tried to explain,imperfection is partly to blame. thats not an excuse. But at the same time as believing the lies,they also know basic doctrinal truths that are in the why the lies and the truth ? 

I'm not sure if you are asking why God allows Satan to persecute the seed of the woman (through the organization) (Rev.12:13), or if you are asking why the Organization decides to turn against the faithful (Rev.11:7). The Bible tells us clearly why the non anointed swallow the lies (Rev.12:15,16).

According to the Bible, imperfection is NOT to blame (2Thess.2:11,12). Think about this....all of us...including the faithful anointed... start out as not perfect (Rom.3:23). Yet...not all remain deceived by Satan (1Pet.2:9). The unfaithful [both anointed (Rev.13:7) and not (Rev.13:8)] who continue to believe the lies (2Thess.2:11; Rev.16:13,14), do so because they "take pleasure in unrighteousness", and they "did not accept a love of the truth" (2Thess.2:10). 
The unfaithful anointed lost the "salt" (Num.18:19) of their Priestly covenant (Matt.5:13; Isa.51:23;  2Cor.11:20; Luke 21:24; Rev.11:2)... forgetting their divine calling to be priests and kings (Rev.5:10). 

No one is a match for the deceptive powers of Satan on their own. If the Father does not give Holy Spirit to open the eyes, we are all in the dark. Yet God chooses who He gives that spirit to...and He does not give it to those who do not love truth, nor to those who prefer the glory of men to the humiliations of the Christ (John 12:43).
Remember the Israelites...when they rejected YHVH's rule and asked for a king to rule over they could see, admire, belong to, and be proud of? (1Sam.8:4,5,6,7,8,9,10,18,19,20) YHVH chose Saul for them, but such was not what God wanted. It was a concession for these faithless, un-spiritual men.

 It is the same today. God's people are not content to have the Father and Jesus as their Kings. They want an organization they can see...leaders they can serve and worship...buildings and facilities that they can take pride in. None of these things are treasures in heaven (Matt.6:19,20,21), nor is faith in such things a house built on the rock-mass of Jesus' teachings (Matt.7:24). Such things are part of the world which is due to "pass away" (1John 2:17). They are building their house of Faith on sand (Matt.7:26,27). Soon, all such things will be washed away, along with all other governing powers and authority that have been raised up against the real incoming Kingdom (1Cor.15:24,27; Matt.25:31).
So, to get back to the first question you bring up....
Satan can turn the Org. against the anointed, because as was the case with Job, Satan demands to fully test each anointed one, before he allows God to seal them (Job.1:8,12; Luke 22:31; Rev.9:10,6; Job 14:13). Satan does not want to lose his rule over the world (1John 5:19). The Chosen Ones are those who will take it from Satan (Rev.12:10,11). Satan is trying desperately to make each one be disqualified (2Cor.11:3). According to God's justice, he allows that testing, just as he did with Job (Prov.27:11). By faithfulness, Satan (and his basis for world dominance) is conquered (Rev.12:10,11).
Satan was already granted rule over the world back in the garden of Eden. Any authority or governing power that sprouts within Satan's umbrella of world rule, is subject to Satan (Luke 4:5-6). This is why Jesus warned his brothers not to imitate worldly rule among themselves (Mark 10:42-43). Jesus knew that if this dominance slipped in among them (Mark 9:33-34), Satan would gain control through those who compromised (Matt.18:1-2,3-4;  1Cor.4:8,14; Rev.9:1,11).
Satan has legal right to dominate any worldly power (despite it's claims to be "theocratic") during his reign (1John 5:19; Luke 4:5-6). This is still his world, along with every power and authority within it. God's Kingdom is one of spirit, grace, and truth. His reign is in the hearts of His faithful. The worldwide expression of God's kingdom, does not arrive as a pocket inside Satan's world. When Satan's rule ends, then God's Kingdom begins (1Cor.15:24-25,28).
While Satan still has his authority and power over the entire world...
You bet he is going to use it to destroy the Chosen Ones! The book of Revelation makes very clear just how he uses these deceptive and authoritative powers in order to mislead the Chosen (Rev.12:15; 13:7,13-14,15-16; Matt.24:24). He is desperate.....each time another anointed one is sealed...his end draws closer (Rev.12:11; 20:1,2). He is waging war with the anointed (Rev.12:7,13,17; 13:7; 11:7).
Yet we know that the anointed as a Body, are given the grace of knowledge by God (1John 2:20,27;  1Cor.12:14,21; Eph.4:11-12). Surely these are not deceived by Satan, are they? The 144000 of anointed were empowered to reject Satan's enticements and deceptions (Luke 10:19). Those kingdom heirs remained separate from Satan's world, while being within it (John 17:15). 
But what if a prominent leading anointed one/steward (Luke 12:42) becomes prideful, and desires power? Can he abuse his position over God's Congregation? Can he compromise to Satan, where Jesus did not (Luke 4:5-6)? Satan can grant power over Nations within a religious realm (Rev.13:8). One can be favored with worldly power, without becoming a politician. ALL worldly power is under Satan, including religious (Rev.9:11;  2Cor.11:13,14). This is why Jesus warned his brothers to resist any such world/"Gentile"-sourced dominance, over their brothers (Mark 10:42-44; Luke 12:45-46).

It seemed that the Steward (through the organization) offered many truths. All seemed sincere, and the leadership seemed in subjection to Christ's authority as it carried out God's will.
How did the anointed steward go from supporting the least of Christ's brothers,
to restraining, dominating, hindering, and persecuting them (through the "Gentile" organization -LINK)?
How did it derail from doing God's will, to Satan's will?

How did Satan gain control of Christ's priesthood, and "trample" them down? (LINK) As soon as men desire greatness in this world...and a rule over their fellow anointed brothers, willing to compromise truth for their own worldly interests....Satan can legally step in and take control of such a power (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,11). Remember, this is his legal right since Eden (Gen.3:13; Luke 4:5-6). He rules all those who compromise; truth, for a physical dominion. 

Satan will not lose his world rule, until all faithful anointed are sealed (including the remnant) and the kingdom of the world transfers over to the Kingdom of our Lord God, and the arrival of His Christ (Rev.12:10,11). This has NOT YET OCCURRED (1Cor.11:26). The only ones empowered by God to remain without spot from all this world and it's deceptions, are the faithful anointed and those who listen to them (Luke 10:16). These ones are NOT ruling the Watchtower Organization. Faithful ones would never accept a ruling position under Satan (Luke 4:5-6;  1Cor.4:8). Jesus taught that all such dominion is wrong (Matt.28:3; Mark 10:42,43;  1Cor.12:21).
-- Why do all God's people swallow all these lies? (Rev.12:15-16)
Matt.24:24 reminds us that NO ONE is a match for Satanic and demonic deception, without protection of holy spirit. Even most of the Chosen Ones will fall to this final machination... unprotected, because of their fall into idolatry (Rev.16:13,14; 17:12) and submission to Gentiles instead of their Lord and Head, Jesus Christ. 
  The only protection anyone has, is YHVH's spirit (1Cor.12:7-8; 2:10,12; Rom.8:14). Yet, these unfaithful ones who consider themselves already ruling, are not really asking for that spirit (Luke 11:13). They now rely on an organization, most of which are not anointed. Those under them are contented to worship and follow men (Rom.1:22-23), believing that through subjection to these, they already have peace and security with God (1Thess.5:3). They have forgotten their exclusive devotion to their Father in heaven, and have replaced Him as their God. The organization is not "Jehovah". Those who call themselves "Witnesses of Jehovah" are all idolaters. God's word explains.....
(Regarding the non anointed Organization (elders, overseers, etc.) that are trampling down YHVH's anointed Temple)....

 2Thess.2:4 "He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god.    9 But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents 10 and with every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth that they might be saved. 11 So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness." (Joel 1:6,7; Rev.9:3,8,10)
What "unrighteousness" do God's people take "pleasure" in?
That the anointed Temple and center of God-approved worship (1Cor.3:16,17; John 4:21,23; Heb.10:16) is replaced by a world-styled Organization of spiritual Gentiles that trample down and destroy YHVH's True Temple (Dan.11:31,36; 8:13; Luke 21:24; Rev.11:2). 

This is the "disgusting thing standing in a Holy place" (Mark 13:14). These non-anointed do not belong serving as priests (Num.3:10). YHVH has expressed His feelings about this abomination when God's people were guilty of this in the past. (Eze.44:6,7,8,9;  2Chron.13:9; Lam.1:10; Joel 1:9,13) Only those whose hearts have been circumcised by Holy Spirit (anointed), may serve in the Temple as priests (Rom.2:29; Eze.44:7). The "fallen" unfaithful anointed ruling at the top, have brought these "uncircumcised" ones into power (Rev.13:15; 9:1,3; Dan.12:11; 11:31; 8:24; Rev.13:12NIV; Rev.13:14NIV; Rev.19:20NIV) to dominate the chosen sons of God. Can you imagine how Satan can use this???
Although there is a scriptural record of how God feels about this very abomination; God's present day people take pleasure in this same disgusting thing, and all the idolatry that goes along with it (1Cor.10:11; Rev.13:8;  2Thess.2:12).

Will they escape unpunished? Not a chance (Jer.25:27,28,29; Rev.14:9,10,19; Zeph.3:1). This is why God tells us to "get out" (Rev.18:4; Matt.24:16; Jer.51:6)! His vengeance is hurrying (Zeph.1:14,15,16,17,18; 3:8), and if we are caught inside (Marked on our foreheads as slaves to the Wild Beast-like Organization -LINK), we will share in the anger of His wrath (Rev.13:16,8). (see

God's end-time people are so busy taking pleasure, pride, false peace and security in a man-made priestly organization of spiritual Gentiles....that they take no note of God's standards. They replace God's Word with lying doctrines of men. The unfaithful steward institutes the persecution and trampling of Christ's brothers, by spiritual Gentiles who have replaced God's chosen, anointed priesthood. "Jehovah's Witnesses" unwittingly worship the Idol of a worldly organization, which is under the dominion of Satan!

"Jehovah's Witnesses" don't realize, that without the faithful anointed drawing God's blessing of spirit, and dispensing the proper food (Acts 3:25; Isa.63:18), this Organization is just another church of Christendom. What will they do after they have thrown out all those inclined toward integrity, and God totally removes all blessing 
(Isa.63:10; Acts 5:38-39; John 16:2; Mark 13:13)? [G4864 <"synagogue=congregation]
-- As soon as the faithful are all expelled/"killed", YHVH's wrath will fall upon this poisonous vine (Deut.32:32,36-37,43; Joel 3:13; Rev.14:19). It will be the same judgment as that which befell the Jewish Nation who rejected and killed Christ...only to perish by Rome in 70 C.E. after the faithful fled that City (Rev.18:4; Matt.22:8-10). We now, must also flee before the wrath of God descends (Zech.2:6-7).

"Why the lies and the truth?"

This simple answer is found at Rev.8:10,11.
"10 And the third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning as a lamp fell from heaven, and it fell upon a third of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters. 11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And a third of the waters turned into wormwood, and many of the men died from the waters, because these had been made bitter."
Can you see that an anointed star (Rev.1:20; 2:1; 3:1) "fell from heaven" (Rev.2:5) and caused one third of the "waters" to become deadly?
A symbolic "one third", is not all. But it is enough to cause death.
Just as with literal water that has been a short time the poison that is in one section spreads out to contaminate all the water in the container. In time, no water from that source is safe (James 3:11). (Matt.24:15,16)

So, Where is the True Temple of God?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Below again, are segments of letters I wrote a friend who is a support to me through this hour.
I post it because it contains truth which I feel can benefit all...especially those enduring the same test, as I know some are. It is regarding both my experience while being expelled, but also some of what I was shown in one of the visions.

"Jesus and Jehovah are so wise and powerful. I can't wait until they rule the earth. We live in such a dark merciless world. 
Thank you for your confidence in Jesus' love for me. I hope he is pleased, and that I will endure all the way to the end. We are never done, until we find ourselves in heaven. And yet, in spirit I was shown part of where the faithful are going. I know that is quite a statement to make, but I believe in the source of what I was shown.
I am not yet done being tested in this process of being expelled. I had hoped that this last meeting they would make the announcement. I am weary of the accusations and insulting venom. I also tire of the exasperation and disappointment, when every scriptural pearl of golden truth is trampled down. I marvel at how accurate the Bible's descriptions are, of the beast and it's members. I would not have believed it possible for men who are called "elders" to be so spiritually senseless and hypocritical.

Jesus said that when we are giving this "final" testimony, it will serve as a witness to us!
I understand now why. It will convince us and seal our faith in what he said, and who they really are. It also serves as evidence to us, that we are proving ourselves loyal.
We here, have a dinner party planned. This is what I am doing for my Bible Studies and that even without the meetings, we can encourage and love one another until the end. This will be the first time that all Bible Studies will be together  :)
I hope you are doing alright. Spring is just beginning here. The weather is unusually fair.
I hope Satan is leaving you alone enough. We all need to stay close to our Father.
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"No matter what we ask, He hears us."

Yeah, this dragging it out makes even the "peaceful" hours stressful, and it adds up. But I am not complaining about the honor of the tiniest taste of what Jesus went through. Many anointed proving faithful have suffered so much more. 
Jesus...a man of the highest goodness and grace, suffered unspeakable abominations. His integrity came from the deepest root of the human soul, galvanizing his glory, which Jehovah later bestowed upon him. The great spiritual light exuding from his person, even while he hung upon the torture stake, was totally imperceptible by the spiritually blind...But not to his heavenly Father. Jesus is now Mighty in love and power. We will be carried high above anything we can imagine, when he lifts us up to join him. He will make us the new creation of our destiny, so that we are made capable of drawing close to the highest throne...the source of all life and love.

In my human state, it was not possible for me to be shown the fullness of these realities. I imagine that if I had been taken to them, I would have expired like piece of straw in a furnace. a distance...I was partially shown what lies ahead. You may have noticed that at the blog, I introduced the visions I was shown the night I was anointed. I have an article for each one (which are not yet finished). In them will be described all I was shown, to the best of my ability to relate. Yes, I was taken in vision into heaven, for the prelude to the adoption/consummation of the wedding. There is where all anointed gathered outside Jehovah's Temple/Covenant, before being taken inside to become IT. We formed a huge expansive bow-shape arch...all facing the Lamb. 

Right now...I immediately begin to tear up, as soon as I remember the beauty of the song we sang there...the ecstatic ring of harmony...pouring from our hearts out of love for our heavenly Kings. 
What was that "song"? It was the truth that Holy Spirit graced us with. Our witnessing to it is our sacrifice to God, which we offer Him as His priests. For this, Jesus loves us. For...we prove our hearts united with our undying, undeterred love of Truth.

 There the midst of the expansive heavenly chorus...soloists. Of all the singers (I'm sure there were as many as 144,000) there were only a small number who sang alone in their own time and place within the song. A great angel moved along the front of the bow shaped chorus. He would pause when he chose a soloist, and he would be alongside them while they sang. Each time there was such a solo, the entire chorus would "answer"...following with their own refrain, which was based upon the same notes and words of the soloist. When I heard each soloist, I marveled at the pinnacle beauty of their voices, and the beauty of the harmonious refrain, which followed by all.

My secret is this...
I was near the very end of the "bow" (among the last to enter). Finally, the angel approached near to us, and to my great fear, chose me to sing alone as the other soloists. 
There was a long silent pause in the song, because I panicked, and told the angel that I was unprepared...that I didn't know the "part"...and that my voice was unfit.

He kept encouraging me, which seemed unreasonable...
because he simply told me... "Just sing!"...and that the "part" was already inside of me. 
I lacked faith ...and did not see how I could possibly sing a song which I did not know.
I grieved at the thought of ruining this sublime composition. My lack of Faith kept me silent...everyone waiting. 
Then, the angel reached out his hand to my heart and raised it to my throat. 
My mouth opened, and my ears were shocked to hear the most beautiful song rise up from me, and to ring out clear to the stars.
Oh was beautiful! And what gave me the greatest gratitude, was that I really was singing out all the love in my heart...the voice I heard was really me! While singing, I realized that none of the other soloists knew
their parts...for we were all given them by the great conductor/angel!

What I feel is of the greatest significance, is that I was the last soloist. Not only did I see that for myself...but the great angel himself looked into my eyes and told me, "You are the last one to sing". 
What seemed frightening, was that the refrain that followed my solo, was abruptly cut short, and a great commotion erupted.

I believe that the "soloists" are prophets. These ones are chosen to be vessels of Jesus' truth which he wants declared in the earth. All those other anointed who "hear" it and are proving faithful, will accept that truth, and be directed by it, and declare it themselves.

I am the last one to sing, Xxxx. The end draws to the door.
This is only a small piece of one vision. I was shown many things, in only one night.

I will write about all the things I was shown, as soon as I can. Please pray for me to get it done, despite the battle that is always hindering me.
Thank you for being my friend,
Pearl "

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My struggle with the counterfeit "congregation"/"church" continues. (Heb.12:22,23)
I have shared this experience with another faithful anointed one. I thought that by sharing that letter below, others may understand why I have not been writing and posting here recently. I hope to be back to work as soon as I am able. Please continue to pray for your prayers have proven to have power!

Hello Abe,
I just wanted to share with you what's going on. I am on a very interesting and stressful journey. The "battle" continues to rage with the judicial committee. I have refuted hours of charges, with scripture, and they seem torn between doctrine and "arrangement"; and their conscience. 
I am sure their conscience will eventually lose, but in the meantime, each time I deal with them, they are the ones being "stung" by the truth. Last night was a long conversation. My poor sick body was weak, to where my lips and tongue stuck together and I was dizzy...but Jehovah kept giving me the scriptures to refute everything, until the elder lost it. 
I do regret calling him a coward, but I tell you that it suited his behavior. He kept trying to say..."I'm sorry this upsets you."...This must be some psychological trick they've learned. Finally I laughed and said for the third time, "I'm not upset. :) " (very cheerfully--and I meant it). 
He then finally said he had to go, because he was very upset. He refused to look at the scriptures any longer. Then I regrettably added insult to injury, by repeating, that he was a coward.

I don't think they know what to do with me. They have never had such difficulty executing protocol. I don't think they are used to anyone who does not fear them and their authority, nor is able to see through their lies. Jehovah is to be praised, Abe! He makes a sick, exhausted old lady a mighty to stamp down rulers with His own sword.
I am certain this will not end well for me. But in the meantime, please pray that I will continue to endure in wisdom and spirit. This gauntlet is being drawn out...the judicial committee keeps turning back to the "society" for further instructions. I believe that this past week they found my blog articles (which includes my letter to the congregation) and that the Society now knows who I am...though I don't think they have told the elders.
They now want me to come to headquarters to "talk".
Please just pray that my body my spirit is being renewed by Christ. I still have so much writing to accomplish about what Jehovah has already given, and each week there is more. I need to physically survive.

Jehovah is great! He is Faithful! Just as he helped David with Goliath, he is helping me.
...Although I know the end of this is to enter the death of Jesus, in whatever way they finally accomplish it. At least they will know that they do what they do, because of directions from wicked men, and not to "cleanse the congregation" or "protect Jehovah's sheep".

I feel badly that the Memorial arrangements are being neglected while Satan has me occupied with this part of my journey. I hope that it will be over by then. I want to partake completely and formally, free of the beast. I think soon, they may throw me out and announce me at the meeting, despite not doing things "legally". They grow more weak and defenseless with each session. Perhaps, if it is alright with Jehovah, I will just tell them to "get it done more quickly".

My heart can't help but hope that you will partake with me this year. I feel it in my spirit, that it is time for us to gather...and pray together for the end. The "incense bowl with the prayers of the holy ones" is the signal for the last things to unfold. Jesus tells us to ask for the "fig trees" (with their unripe fruit) and the "mountain" to be "thrown into the sea". He said that "if" we "had faith", we could do it.
Let's do it Abe. Let's pray for this powerful counterfeit mountain of Satan's, to be thrown into Satan's own sea/abyss of death. Let's have faith, that "whatever we ask, he will do it". Let's have faith that our prayer of faith, the "prayer/request of the holy ones", can help to bring the end...just as the scriptures in Daniel and Revelation say.

I hope that if you still desire to partake alone, that you will pray with me once again...and that we might ask the very things that prophecy indicates we will ask. This is according to God's will and purpose. Imagine Abe. He will bring it in His own time...but we can express our desire for His Kingdom to be "on earth, as it is in Heaven".

Thank you so much just for being here. This would be near impossible to go through totally alone. I don't know how you did it.

For those who are interested in reading the letter which I sent my congregation, a copy of it is located at:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I would ask my friends to please mention me
in your prayers at this time,
that I might bring glory to our heavenly Father.

Monday, March 5, 2012


 Below is an excerpt from a letter. The question was about the role of the "Organization" in the spiritual lives of anointed. What the Bible indicates about this is important for everyone to be aware of...

I wrote:

"I was thinking about how you said Robert King states that the Organization has been used to gather the anointed. Yet if we think about the scriptures..they don't indicate that as being the arrangement set up by God. The anointed are spoken of as being drawn into Jesus body...into the new temple of living stones. That is not an earthly organization headed by men, but a heavenly hope to become part of New Jerusalem. Christ is supposed to be Head of the anointed congregation.  Jer.10:23 states that "It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step". Certainly then, it does not belong to man to direct the steps of other Chosen ones. Such an arrangement is injurious (Ec.8:9)...and against the teaching of Christ (Matt.23:8,10,12; Mark10:42,43).
This set up causes chosen who are baited in (by the seeming promotion of Truth), to unwittingly subject themselves to men instead of Christ...most of those men being spiritual Gentiles, unanointed... hearts that have not been circumcised by Holy Spirit (Rom.2:29). This results in the invited ones leaving the body of Christ (the True Tent), in favor of union with a Harlot and her own priests (Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Matt.24:15; 1Cor.6:15). They then disown the one who bought them with his blood, in favor of a different Master; and they are therefore brought into the "Covenant of Death". This is the clear message of the "ten kings", the "wild beast", the "locust scorpions", and the "Harlot" of the Book of Revelation. The Organization is the counterfeit Mt. Zion (Isa.2:2,3; Matt.21:21; Rev.8:8). Those who cling to it commit spiritual fornication.
 Were the Chosen always overcome by demonic deception? No...See Isa.63:18. There you will see that "for a little while" God's Temple was in the possession of anointed proving faithful. No more...(see Rev.11:2). Through "Wormwood", Satan has highjacked Jehovah's temple (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,11)...for the purpose of "waging war" with the "remaining ones of" the woman's "seed" (Rev.12:17). Once the anointed become subject to mere men, Satan can dominate them throught those men. He is the "god of this system of things", and until the Kingdom truly arrives; he holds all power over the earth and all the powers within it (1John5:19; Matt.4:8,9; 1Cor.15:24). This is why we are to be "no part of the world", ESPECIALLY when it comes to wielding worldly power over our anointed brothers (see Mark10:42,43).
 But as regards those like your parents and my daughter....what about those not anointed? If you read Rev.12:15,16; you will see that the "earth" swallows Satan's lies that were meant to drown the "woman". They are totally mislead by them. Some anointed (a symbolic one-third) are also mislead (Matt.24:24) by this river of lies. That torrent, is the Great Tribulation, which is also compared to a tempest, which will cause "one third" of the "stars of heaven" (chosen ones Rev.3:1) to be thrown down, because their fruitage is unripe (Rev.6:13; 12:4a,9; 3:2; Matt.21:18,19,20,21)
It is unripe, because the drunken steward over them (and his locust scorpion minions, have hindered and restrained them from obeying their real Master. Christ commands them to produce their own fruits (John15:8). Those fruits are teachings that result from knowledge, given them by the Holy Spirit; so that the sheep may have the proper food at the proper time (1John2:20,27; Matt.12:33-37; John7:16). Those in subjection to the steward and his organization, are told that they must not teach anything but what they are handed, by them and their organization of unanointed (Rev.13:17).
 Does this clarify an answer to your question about this organization, and those in it? This organization was not around to gather in any other anointed for the past 2,000 years. This is not the means by which Jehovah selects, trains, or unites the anointed. The Bible makes clear that Jehovah draws us to Christ (John6:44). No matter how the GB claims that they are the same as Christ, they never will be him. Those that follow them, are lost (Matt.24:23-25). Jehovah allows Satan to test those He called to inherit the Kingdom, according to His justice (Luke22:31; Job.1:12; 2:4; 2Tim.3:12; John16:33; Rom.8:17; 2Tim.2:12) (Deut.13:1-4). Soon, all those called by the spirit of God, will have completed their testing (Rev.12:10,11) by a symbolic death for truth (Rev.6:9-11).

To benefit from this letter of mine, you MUST read the scriptures. Please. Please do, whenever you read what I work to publish. Otherwise, it is worthless.

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