Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will the Wicked Suffer?

I was asked today,

Hello Pearl,

In your view, when the finally unrepentant sinners are consigned to the lake of fire, to the second death, and annihilated, do they suffer in any way before being annihilated , and if so, is that suffering a proportionate penalty or punishment for their sins? That is, do you believe that there will be some punishing, some infliction of suffering or affliction or pain or what-have-you, on the wicked as they are thrown into the lake of fire just before they are snuffed out of existence forever? Or will they be judged and quietly dispatched into nonexistence with no other retribution?

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bible Teach Book

I have made a separate Blog just for the consideration of changes to the publication, "What does the Bible Really Teach?"
I will comb through this publication, paragraph by paragraph, in order to enhance it's content to be in harmony with spirit and truth. In this blog, I will list corrections and enhancements that are being offered you, the reader, for consideration. It is hoped that this will make this Bible Study tool, more useful for all sheep, whether they are students, or teachers.

This blog is located at:  pearl-bibleteach.blogspot.com

which can also be located in my profile, under the list of blog articles.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mouse-over// Bible Teach book

If you find that the mouse-over is not working within the article you are reading, go to the feature in the upper right, choose a Bible translation, and click "save". It should then work.

For the revisions to the "Bible Teach" book, please go to this link: (revisions).
The review of this text will be covered progressively at that page.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The "Bible Teach" book...new and improved!

As you may have noticed in the update of the "Sighing and Groaning over False teachers" article; I am about to begin a series of articles that will cover scriptural improvements to the "Bible Teach" book, used in the ministry. This will enable Christians to engage in having Bible studies with interested ones, with "the proper food at the proper time".
Many have expressed distress over their ministry, and the fear that they do not want to be responsible before Jehovah, for teaching others according to the present apostasy.
I myself have many Bible studies. I have reviewed the material and inserted sticky notes where adjustments are needed. I will publish those scriptural adjustments here. Whatever changes you agree with, you can supplement your own copy.
As always, I invite other anointed for their scriptural contributions.
Jehovah bless and keep you all,

See http://pearl-bibleteach.blogspot.com/

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