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A House on Rock + A House on Sand / 7 eyes - Prophets

Matt.7:24: "‘Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.’"

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 A question I received. (I have added scriptural citations to the question.):
Pearl am I right in thinking that a house built on a rock mass is .... 
The rock mass is chief corner stone/Jesus (Matt.21:42-45; Eph.2:20; 1Cor.3:11; Isa.28:16) and foundation stones/apostles (Eph.2:20-21; 1Cor.3:10-11; Rev.21:14) and the house is the temple of God/anointed priests (1Pet.2:5,9; 1Cor.3:16,9-10; Heb.3:6)?
And the floods that came to wash it away or to make it topple is like in Revelation 12:15 the water from Satan's mouth trying to drown or overtake the woman? (Rev.12:15; 13:1,6-7; 9:2-3) And the house built on sand is the governing body? Sand is from the dead sea creatures from the sea just like the beast comes from the sea. So Satan is the "corner stone" and the sand is possibly the elders and the Governing body is the house or visa versa?

My Reply:
I do hope that the scriptures I cited in the first paragraph of your question, suffice to affirm the understanding you expressed. Who builds up God's household, during any particular era? As we see at 1Cor.3:10,12-14;  there are many builders. Eph.4:11-12,16 explain who they are. What they build up, is simultaneously... God's house/Temple, and the Body of Christ, because those two are one and the same (John2:21; 1Cor.12:27; 1Pet.2:5). 
Each one builds the quality of that Temple, in two ways. 
First, by the quality of themselves, which they contribute as one of the Temple's living stones (Gal.6:4)
(2Cor.7:1; 2Pet.3:14; Eph.4:22-25; 1Pet.5:10; Phil.1:6; John13:34-35; Rom.13:10; 1John4:18; Col.3:14; Eph.4:16; 1John4:8; Matt.5:46).
The second way in which each living stone contributes to the quality of the Temple, is by how well they discharge their divine assignment 
(1Cor.12:11-12,14,18,20,25,27-28; Eph.4:7,15-16,25). That includes how well they handle their ministry of preaching the gospel 
(Ps.134:1; Eph.2:10; Isa.42:21; 1Pet.2:9; 1:12; 2Tim.2:15; Mark 16:20; Rom.1:16; Luke24:47; Acts 8:4; 1:8; 10:42; Rom.10:14-15; 1Cor.9:16; 1Thess.2:9; Gal.1:11; Titus 1:3; Matt.28:18-20).

There is another factor to consider, in the structure of God's Temple and Body of Christ. It is the appointment by Christ of a household steward (Luke12:42). The Body of Christ, contains a part, that is symbolized by an eye (1Cor.12:16,21-22). They are also symbolized as lamps/torches/stars (Matt.6:22) due to their spiritual perception and acuity, as being compared to light (2Cor.4:6; Acts 26:18; Eph.1:18; 2Pet.1:19-21). That light, is sourced in Christ (Ps.36:9; John12:35-36; 8:12; 1:4-5,9,14; Matt.4:16; Rev.5:6; 4:5; 1:20; Matt.5:14-15).

This part of the Body is given spiritual perception and foreknowledge. It is the position of prophet. They are messengers (Greek:'angels') of God's spirit of prophecy, sent to each of their congregations (1Cor.14:32; Rev.1:20). Such a one is ordered to 'keep watch' and to keep their 'lamp'/eye, burning brightly (Mark 13:34; Luke 12:35-36,39,41-42,43-44) as they feed the household/congregation/lampstand, over which they have been appointed.
To bring us back to the household built upon the cornerstone, Jesus Christ;
It would be up to that appointed steward/'lamp', to feed the household/Body in their charge, according to the light of Christ (Matt.6:22; Luke 11:36; Matt.5:15; Rev.1:20), so that his household is built on a sure and firm foundation, the Cornerstone. In this, we have the example of John the Baptist (John1:6-8; 5:35). If faithful in this way, that wise Steward would foster a household that can withstand the onslaught of Satanic "winds", "downpours", "lashings" and "floods" (Matt.7:24-25; 24:45).
If you are the household Steward, appointed by Jesus to feed his disciples (Luke12:42), then yes, you must build up that household (Eph.4:12) on the right foundation (Jesus and the apostles -Eph.2:20-22; 1Cor.3:11). 

What if we are not the Steward, but we are a disciple? 2Cor.5:4 speaks of another house. It is the physical life we have now. In this present life, we are building our faith in Christ. We can still apply Jesus' words, when we are building our "house" of Faith. We must anchor our beliefs on the cornerstone... and not the ever-changing and shifting sands of human doctrine. We can be helped to do this, if we attach ourselves to the True vine and it's branches 

(Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28-29; Dan.12:3; Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15)
(John15:5,8; Col.1:6; Ps.107:37; John4:35,39-42).

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Building an Eternal Home - Church of Christ Articles

There is a deeper image to the description Jesus gave us, as to a house built on a foundation of sand. Sand is the boundary between the sea and the earth. The reason why the sand is always shifting, is because it is ever lashed by the crashing waves of the restless sea. The powerless sand surrenders, ever molding itself to the powerful currents of the waters.

This symbolism can open our perception, by means of the scriptures. 


The Bible compares the sea, to those under the direct influence of Satan (Isa.57:20; 27:1; Eph.2:2; 2Cor.4:4; 1John5:19; Luke4:5-6). Those who are of God's "earth", but are immature and weak, are like the sand (Eph.4:14; 2Cor.11:3). They themselves are not on the set course laid out by Christ, but like sand picked up and tossed by the sea, they become one with the waters (Jude 1:4,8,10-13,15-16,17-19; James 1:6-8). If we put our trust such religious men of falsehood and subscribe to their teaching, we rest our house of faith on the shifting sand.

How can we distinguish the false teachers/prophets from the true ones?
The scriptures in this link, can guide us: (
Those who take care to build on rock, even though that rock is near to the sea... that house will not be vulnerable to the changing tides and storms.

The flood that comes 

(and the "winds of teachings"/"breath/spirits of demons" that blow>> Rev.16:13-16; 1Tim.4:1; Eph.4:14)... are from Satan (Rev.12:15; Matt.24:38-39; Luke 17:26). 
But it can also be perceived, that the flood from Satan's mouth, is what we see again depicted in another pictorial parable, at Rev.9:1-3. The abyss of Hades/Sheol ("not perceiving"/spiritual blindness/2Cor.4:4) is like Satan's mouth. It swallows "all those going down into the pit" (Ps.88:4; Job 33:28,22; Eze.28:8; Prov.30:16), just as Satan devours those who are consumed by his deceptions (John8:44; 1Pet.5:8). (

When the locust-scorpions, "flood" out of that abyss... Satan's lies are disgorged through that army. Each one of them carries with them, Satan's spirit/breath/deceptive waters. The outpouring of that army from the abyss, is a parallel to Satan's flood from his mouth.
Satan's lies, overflow from his heart. Satan's heart can be a parallel to the abyss of dark deception. From the heart's abundance, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45).

The Book of Revelation Chapter 12 Illustrated; War in heaven ...     Come As You Are รข€” New Hope     Reclaiming Our Christian Heritage: September 2015

This symbolism is not new. 

The symbolic waters of life, are also depicted as a river (Rev.22:1). Jesus carried that water within his heart (John4:10) and it can be imparted to others who accept the waters of truth (John7:38; Luke 6:45). In the same way; Those who accept into themselves, Satan's Wormwood waters from the agents of his abyss, will be poisoned. 
Just as Jesus breathes on his anointed (who are one spirit with him -1Cor.6:17) and sends them forth with the truth (John20:21-22)... Satan's spirit operates in the sons of disobedience/man of lawlessness (Eph.2:2; Rev.16:13; 13:11,15), and they are launched forth with demonic deception, out from the abyss.
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What is the primary purpose to this great Satanic maneuver?
"15 Then from his mouth the snake spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and carry her away with the torrent. 17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring – those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus."
Clearly, Satan's destructive deceptions are trying to drown the mother of life, Jerusalem above (Gal.4:26). 
She is a covenant of life (Gal.4:24 part A). (
Satan also goes forth to wage war against the remaining ones the woman's seed (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17). (
These are the last remnant of her offspring, who obey God and preach the truth (Rev.20:7-9; 16:13-16; 17:14; 2Cor.6:7; 10:3-5; Rev.12:7,10-11). How do her remaining children, conquer the Devil and his lies? They hold to their testimony to the Truths of Jesus, even in the face of death 
(Rev.12:17; 2:25; Mark 8:35; Rev.6:9-11)

We have briefly discussed the steward appointed by Christ, to feed their congregation (Luke12:42). What we have not yet mentioned, is that such appointees, may not necessarily prove faithful (Luke 12:45-46; Matt.24:48-49,50-51). Such a foolish steward/false prophet, would build up his household on the temporary sand 
(Jer.22:13; Hab.2:12; Rev.17:18,6; 18:24; Matt.23:33-35,36-38).
The Steward is not the house itself, but is the steward over the house. The wicked steward would be dispensing unsuitable provisions as spiritual food and water to those in his charge 
(Rev.8:10-11; 9:1; Isa.5:20-21,22-23; Matt.24:49; Luke 12:45; Micah 2:11; Isa.28:7; Jer.5:31) 
(Matt.7:15-17,18-20). As a result, it's members will not be enabled to keeps standing, in the Day of the Lord (Rev.6:16-17). 

When we are told that the beast arises from the sea (Rev.12:17; 13:1); it simply means that they emerge from the pool of the wicked (Isa.57:20) and are those who are under the dominion of the Destroyer/Satan (Rev.9:11; Isa.33:1) (

Just as God has a Temple, and His laws are written within the hearts of His living stones (1Cor.3:16; Deut.11:18); Satan has a synagogue (Rev.2:9; 3:9) and his demonic deceptions are written within the hearts of those deceived (Rev.12:9; 13:16-17).
Satan would be the cornerstone of his synagogue. His foundation stones, would be his false prophets/seven heads of the Gentile powers (Rev.17:9-10), and seven harlot daughters, who serve the mother covenant of death (Rev.17:5; Isa.28:15). The stones would be the locust-scorpion Gentiles (stones) that comprise the Wild Sea Beast (house). That collective Beast is directed by it's 7 successive heads/false prophets/wicked stewards. 
The sand which this house is built upon (Rev.13:1 NASB), are those who are inclined to be Christians, but are weak and ignorant, and do not really love the truth. They are weak-willed and easily swayed, tempted, dominated, exploited, influenced, and deceived. Their devotion is transient and conditional, and their support does not last, whether they be the leaders or their followers. This is why such a foundation, will cause that house, to collapse.

Just as Jesus also uses a vine to depict himself and those who receive his spirit, belong to, and serve him (John15:4-5) within his household; God depicts Satan's dissemination of his deceiving spirit as well (Deut.32:31-33; Rev.14:17-18,19-20). 
Those who consume the fruit from the vine of Christ, gain eternal life. Those who consume the fruit from the vine of Satan and his Impostor branches (false prophets), will reap destruction (Matt.24:4-5,24-25; Gal.6:7; Hosea 10:13) if they do not awaken and repent 
(Eze.33:11; 18:30-32; Rev.2:5,16,21,22; 3:3,19; 16:9,11; Rev.18:4; 2Cor.6:17-18; Matt.24:15-16).
"Unless the Lord builds the house,
    the builders labour in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
    the guards stand watch in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

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