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"He who seeks to save his life, will lose it."

A comment which was left after (who-really-can-be-saved)
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Dear Pearl and others,
I thought about the idea that ones in who do not allow themselves to be killed by it in d/f. Surely we can compare to 1st century and Christ said his followers would be persecuted and killed but not every Christian was put to death but generally speaking none escaped some form of persecution. So these ones may not be of the number who are killed does not mean they subject to the beast? 
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My Reply:

In the first century... every "Christian" who did not flee Jerusalem (Matt.24:15,16), likely died under God's disfavor for their disobedience, when Jerusalem was destroyed.
The destruction of the Beast and false prophet, is also certain (Rev.20:10) as is the destruction of all who remain under their influence (Rev.13:8; 20:15; Eze.14:10) or do not get out 
(Rev.18:4; Luke 21:21,22; Isa.52:11; 48:20; Jer.51:6; Ps.26:4;  1Cor. 10:21;  2Cor. 6:16,17).

For what reason, would any Christian remain in first century Jerusalem, despite Christ's warning?
Would it not be because his words at Matt.23:38 and Matt.21:43 were not taken to heart?
Jesus made plain, that the Jewish system was about to end (Matt.24:2), and that God's favor and spirit was no longer with it.
That is the stark reality today, regarding the "Watchtower" (WT-crumble). 

for what reason would someone stay inside?
Those "not perceiving" the "Watchtower's" standing with God, are still in darkness (What-is-Hades?).
Why would anyone have a reason to remain inside an organization condemned by God, and about to be destroyed,
unless they were still under it's deluding influence?...not taking seriously the warnings of Christ? 
(Rev.13:8,14,15; Matt.24:4,5,24,25; Rev.14:9,10,11; 18:4; Luke 21:21,22)

The influence of the Beast upon one's heart, is made evident and manifest, by the symbolic mark of "666", on your forehead and hand.
Those who were still swayed by the physical appearance of Jerusalem in the first century (previous to it's destruction), could also have that influence made evident, by their reluctance to leave.

Jesus warned his disciples, to "Flee"... comparing that exodus to Lot fleeing "Sodom" (Luke 17:26,27,28,29,30,31,32; Rev.11:8).
Was it enough that Lot did not agree with the corruption he saw around him? (2Pet. 2:7,8)
Would that have saved his life from God's fire and sulfur that turned Sodom to ashes?
Or, did Lot need to "get out"? 
(Gen.19:12-13,15,17,24,25,26,27,28,29; Jer.51:6; Rev.18:4)
Jesus also made clear, when to flee, at Matt.24:15,16 and Mark 13:14.
If we are capable of perceiving that the abomination (man of lawlessness 2Thess. 2:4) is over the Holy Place (God's Temple 1Cor. 3:16) (Disgstg-thing);
then what are we waiting for ?... 
...if not under the spell of a deceptive aura, 
      a veneer of divinity leading the unwary to destruction (Luke 21:36), 
      a lethal facade, 
      a demonic guise and hoax, 
...convincing it's victims that they should remain inside the abomination for some reason?
  Would you remain inside a Catholic Church, a mosque, or some other temple, if you knew God commanded you to get out? 
Do you view the "Watchtower" as  somehow different from those? If so, why?
Of all places, it is most deserving of God's wrath (WTs-end) (winepress) because it is lead by those who were in, but broke, a covenant with God (Rev.21:9,10; Isa.1:21; Rev.17:6; Matt.23:37,35; Rev.18:24; 13:15; 11:7; 6:9,10,11; 19:2). 
Please examine your heart carefully, as to why, like Lot's wife, one should look back to Sodom (Rev.11:8).

Lot's wife's heart, was subject to that abhorrent city. She was not whole-souled in her willingness to leave it all behind.
Was she attached to something good?

We cannot serve two masters (1King 18:21). 
We either cherish the lifesaving truth of Christ, who mercifully extends his saving guidance;
or we diminish that truth, as secondary to false reasoning 
(Jer.51:7; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7; Luke 21:24).

Though you say that not all Christians lost their lives in the first century...
every single one of them did lose their lives (symbolically) within the corrupt Jewish system. They were condemned by the religious leaders as heretics, apostates, and blasphemers who were deserving of death. Those condemned and cast off, were then treated as dead, by all followers. Their previous life was over.
(John 9:22; 12:42; 16:2; Luke 12:8,9; Mark 8:35; 13:13; Heb.13:13).
The requirement for faithfulness before Christ, is the same today 
(2Cor. 11:2,3,4; Rev.2:20; 6:9,10,11; 12:10,11;  1John 2:14; Rev.2:7; 3:12,21) (1Pet. 4:12,13,14;  2Cor. 1:5; Phil.3:10,11).

Please meditate on Christ and God's words, about the reality and necessity of our sacrifice:
[John 12:24,25; Rev.6:9,11; (Eze.33:6; Rev.19:15); Phil.3:10; Rom.6:5; 8:17; (Matt.16:24; Gal.3:13; Heb.13:13); Mark 8:35].
Of course we know that thus far, this death today, is not literal.
If we shrink back 
       (Heb.10:38) from declaring truth and the 
       "death" which naturally must follow (Rev.13:15); 
what are we gaining? (Matt.16:25,26,27; Mark 8:36,37,38).
If we belong to Christ, we will confess his saving truths before men, and die for it (Luke 22:28; Rev.14:4,5;  1Pet. 2:21). If we remain silent, then we are still in subjection to the law of the Beast... which decrees and enforces, that no doctrine but the Beast's, may be exchanged (Rev.13:16,17)(buying-and-selling). If we cower before that law, we disobey Christ's counsel (Rev.3:18; Matt.25:14; 13:52; 25:25,28,30;  2Tim. 1:7,8;  2Cor. 4:1,2; 10:5; Eph.4:25; Matt.5:14) ("Lukewarm"), and are still marked by the laws of the Beast.

So when you ask;
"These ones may not be of the number who are killed does not mean they subject to the beast?"...
How can anyone obey Christ by sharing the truth, and not be "killed" within the organization?
How can any avoid organizational "death", unless they are, "subject to the Beast"? (John 9:22; 12:42; 16:2; Luke 12:8,9; Mark 8:35).
I hope you can perceive that in our time, escaping death for truth is not possible for those faithful, 
just as Jesus foretold (Mark 8:35).
(keep-awake) (hide-or-herald/stay-or-flee) (fear-of-men-lays-snare)

What was Lot's wife willing to give up, "in exchange for her soul"?
(Mark 8:36,37,38)
Not enough, and so, she lost it.
Are we willing to give up an abomination causing desolation to God's children,
   and fully obey Christ's warning to flee,
or not?
Regardless of our own reasoning (Prov.3:5,6;  1Tim. 6:20;  1Cor. 3:18; James 1:22,23,24,25; Prov.28:26; Matt.4:4);
...If we remain inside the "city" (Rev.17:18; 11:8) (kings-of-earth); 
our mark of citizenship to it, is made manifest before God and men (Mal.3:18; Joel 3:14; James 1:12; Rev.3:11). 
If you have been chosen as a priest, to serve in God's Holy place, you have an obligation...


  1. Mat 24:24-25 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you ahead of time."

    The false messiahs would come from within Anointed. These UNfaithful Anointed would be given BY SATAN the means to deceive. The FALSE signs supplied within his world. In accepting these false signs that "deceive" other Anointed(which makes them adulterous),the GB is guilty of spiritual SORCERY!

    Staying within jws,when we know this,means we are also guilty of spiritual SORCERY!Rev 18:4. How can we say thats acceptable?

    Mark 8:38 "If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation,"

    Christ has revealed that the GB are taking the lead in being adulterous.We have to share what we know FROM CHRIST about the "generation" of Born again,who are adulterous towards Christ,because they are NOT listening to Him,which is manifested by their sorcery with satan.

    Are we "ashamed of me and my words"? If we are not speaking out,we are ashamed of Christ AND what he is revealing at this time. If we were willing to go door to door preaching SORCERY as a JW,then why arent we willing to support the Witnesses of Christ? Acts 1:8. If we dont,then in some way this shows we ARE ashamed of Christ and the truth coming through Him from Jah at this time.

    1Co 10:21 NIV - 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons.

    We wake up to this truth,whilst still a jw. We know from Christ,we are at the "table of demons" if we stay there. So who are we going to choose? Christ or the demons through the GB?

    Rev 9:21
    and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their immorality nor of their thefts."

    Do we see this as true of the GB..that they are "murderers ","sorcerers","immoral" and "thieves" against Jah and Christ?

  2. hi pearl
    i sent a comment on your reply yesterday, are you going to podt it?

    1. I will. Unlike you, I must reply from the scriptures (John 7:16-18; 8:28,38). From my circumstances, that takes time. Though I have already given you the scriptures which respond directly to your assertions, you did not hear them. Did you even read them? (John 8:47,43). Those not from God cannot hear what scripture tells us.
      Regarding your concern that others should stay on the road to death, because they might experience further tribulation should they act faithfully, the scriptures reply... (John 8:32; James 1:1-4; Acts 5:40-42; Rev.2:10) (Luke17:31-32; Matt.6:25,31,33). Please read them, and hear them. We can either "tolerate" a false leader (Rev.2:20; 2Cor.11:3-4,20,12-13; Eph.5:11; 2Cor.10:4-5; Rev.3:16,2), or not (Rev.2:2). Wake Up! (Luke 6:39; Matt.23:13)
      Of what use is a reply, to one without ears?
      Regarding your citing of Rev.2:13, did you note the words, "You did not renounce your faith in me", even under the threat of death?
      Every time a meeting of "JW's" is attended, and we sit there silent, we renounce our faith and disown, the one for whom we should live (2Cor.5:15; John 14:15; Matt.28:20; 2Tim.4:2; Luke 12:8-9; Acts 4:12). If we have genuine love for our "brothers and sisters", we are willing to face a death before men, in order to warn them from death before God (Matt.10:28).

    2. Since when does gods prophet answer to you..or "hurry up" because you THINK your lies are so important to be read by others! You are as arrogant and conceited as the GB,who you say are "gods people".

    3. the GB are of God's apostate people. the beast of revelation is about them is it not. GB have never been FDS but have been his people, the wicked slave Christ spoke of. Regarding telling Pearl to "hurry up" as you say, i did not do this.

    4. You did pressure me, even accusing me of censorship, simply because I did not post your comment right away
      (which I also explained why I am not obliged to do so. This place is my
      personal offering to God, in order to obey Christ. Your preaching,
      is your responsibility before him, not mine.).
      Even though I explained the pressure I was under and my need to have a response prepared previous to posting your comment, you still unmercifully expected a reply within a day. (I refer to your other comments, which I did not post).
      If your comment is SHORT, you can expect it to be posted and responded to, in a timely way.
      If it is LONG and contains many false assertions, you rightly expect it to be posted and responded to, in a LONGer time.
      I take my responsibility before Christ, very seriously.
      Now judging by my schedule for the next week and a half, I will not have the time needed to respond to everything in your long comment, for about two weeks. I will make a post on the Main Page out of it. If you are interested in the publication of your comment, as well as my response, look for it at that time.
      I have decided to remove it for the time being, because I am the one responsible for what it promotes to my readers, IF I post it without also publishing God's Word on the matter, in response.
      I have done all I can to consider your feelings in this matter. If you still do not understand, it is your own failing.

      Now about this most recent comment of yours,
      When you say, " 'the beast of revelation is about them (GB), is it not'?",
      That depends which beast you are referring to.
      We have been talking about the beast the GB rides (from the "sea"/"abyss"), which obviously, is not them.

      But there is another Beast (From the "Earth" Rev.13:11). That IS the same identity as the "Harlot" (Isa.1:21), and as the "false prophet" of Rev.19:20. Each of Revelation's depictions of the End Time, is a different parable (Mark 4:34; Matt.13:10,13; Rev.1:1 -Greek of Rev.1:1 literally reads, "presented in signs/symbols/parables).
      Please keep in mind that when we read "City" (Isa.1:21), we are not talking about "JW's" or the "Watchtower", but rather the city of God, Jerusalem (Matt.5:35; 2Pet.3:13; Rev.21:1-2) comprised of Chosen ones ["Jews" (from "earth"), not "Gentiles" (from the "sea") Rom.2:28-29 -- (I hope you already read the link about this)].

      So if you are meaning the Beast of Rev.13:1... No, that is not the GB.
      The "Sea-Beast's" body, is the Organization itself comprised of spiritual Gentiles (not anointed).
      It's seven heads, represent the Beast's succession of Beast-like unfaithful anointed leaders/stewards (Rev.17:9-10)
      [Note: the "woman" of Rev.17:9, is not the harlot, but is the covenant mother OF the harlotS -(Gal.4:24; Rev.17:5)].
      The horns on the heads, are "kings of the earth" (Rev.1:5-6), also, anointed inside the Organization, which defend the Beast/organization. They have not yet received a kingdom, but after the GB is ousted, they will receive power to rule "one hour" with the Beast (Rev.17:11-13). Those anointed inside, who persist in believing that lie-- that the Org. belongs to God, will believe that all is rectified when the GB is gone, not realizing that they are being sealed for death. This is the outcome I fear concerning you, and your belief that Satan's blasphemous counterfeit, is "God's spirit directed organization". Those deceived, will rally behind efforts to reform and salvage the "abomination of desolation".

    5. ----continued---
      If you are referring to the Wild Beast of Rev.13:11, then yes, that is the GB.
      ("Wild" means untamed by the Laws of God)
      There have been many such "harlots" since Christ... genuine chosen ones who cultivated weeds (lies) within the heart, and became sons of the wicked one, and daughters and servants of their mother covenant of death (Rev.17:5; Isa.28:15; Gal.4:24).
      There have also been many virgins, who cultivated "wheat seeds" (Luke 8:11,15) and became sealed as sons of the kingdom. Both have grown together until now -- the Time of the Harvest.
      There was always a wicked steward present, just as Christ sees to it that his household is also offered a faithful one to be present (Rev.11:3-4).
      I hope you continue to learn. You can find each of these subjects made simple within a related post.
      Use the search box, and use the contact form if you can't find what you need.
      Pray for holy spirit, as I will also pray for you.
      P.S. -- Have you yet discerned which part of Christ's Body, you are?

  3. Yes, i do see watchtower as different from others of babylon. WT is where i was anointed by spirit and saw ample evidence of as well as supernatural manifestation of it. Are we not all ex jw's? JW's are God's people, albeit in an apostate state. HE did not quicly abandon ancient apostate Israel, quite the contrary. So today many, by way of HIS awake anointed have been sent to them. I protest outside KH, what would be the point outside a catholic church? There is hope for some, many within

    1. The point I made was regarding remaining inside of a false religion... not about the "Watchtower" Beast, as having the same significance as other religious organizations. God's people have been netted into this testing sieve. Not a pebble will be overlooked, but must go through the present testing tribulation (Amos 9:9). To whom will each one under test, ascribe salvation? Will it be to a counterfeit mountain (Rev.8:8; Zech.4:7; Rev.6:16), such as where you point your hearers to? Or will it be to the genuine Mt. Zion, functioning under the oversight and Lordship of Christ (Rev.14:1)?
      When you state, "JW's are God's people", you reveal gross ignorance. The scripture is plain...
      1Pet.2:9 "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people to be his very own and to proclaim the wonderful deeds of the one who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
      10 Once you were not a people,
      but now you are the people of God."
      God's people are His chosen priesthood. THEY, are the ones under test
      (Rev.12:17; 17:14; 20:7-9; Luke 21:20-22,24; Rev.13:10,7).
      Do you know the difference between a spiritual Gentile and a spiritual Jew (God's people)?
      I tell you... WAKE UP! The open door to heaven will soon close!

    2. "JW's are God's people". They were NEVER Gods people. An organisation based on 1914 and the signs within satans world,WHICH HE CREATED,was to make Russell and following Anointed within the GB,look as though they were "Gods people". But they cannot be. RIGHT FROM THE START,jws were based on spiritual SORCERY through UNfaithful Anointed,to trample other Anointed and makes Harlots out of them! You have fallen for that deception!

    3. "...through unfaithful anointed to trample other anointed..." Where has this occurred? Inside are God's apostate people. Just as atrocities occurred in apostate Israel so too today in

    4. Correct. The worst atrocity to occur in God's chosen nation, was the murder of His son. Today, His sons are also being "killed" (Rev.11:7,8; 6:11). What happened to the people who killed Christ? (Luke 9:22; 13:33-35; Matt.27:24-25).
      THEY WERE DESTROYED. And any who disobeyed Christ by remaining in that bloodguilty City, went down with it. There is also a bloodguilty City, today (Rev.17:6; 19:2; 18:24; Matt.23:35-38). Jesus is again telling us to get out, if we do not want to share in the punishment of the adulterous, idolatrous "City" (Rev.18:4; Jer.18:11,8; Rev.9:20; 13:8,7; 2:20). Can you hear him? (Rev.3:20; 2:17; Luke 19:26). God's people are His Chosen ones (1Pet.2:9-10). The wicked steward leading all "Jehovah's witnesses" (including God's people scattered in among them), is also of the chosen (Luke 12:42). They have "fallen" and are the apostate leaders of the Chosen, still inside the Beast. Those leaders and the other Chosen who tolerate their riding the Gentile Beast (Org. consisting of "elders"/"overseers") subjecting themselves to that Image, are apostate for worshiping that counterfeit mountain of God, as if it were Zion. God is now trumpeting the call to get out before His wrath is unleashed on the apostate leaders, and all Chosen who remain within their "city" (Eze.14:10; Matt.24:15-16; Rev.18:4; Luke 21:21). Can you hear it? Those spiritually deaf, will not (Rom.11:8; Mark 4:12). ( It takes divine courage to speak truth as Jonah did--- amid a ruthless and powerful city. But if we have a spirit of cowardice (John12:42-43), we are not fit to rule in God's kingdom (Rev.21:8,27).

  4. Hello Pearl

    You have commented on what i sent yesterday before posting my comment? i fully appreciate that a response takes time however i dont understand your delay in posting what i said. i try to stick to use of 2-3 scriptures which is what i have done in the comment you havn't posted.

    1. I delayed in posting it, because it misleads those who read it.
      I must be RESPONSible, which means to RESPOND when it is needed,
      and that need is immediately when your misleading comment is read.
      However, if you really want a direct scriptural answer to your points,
      it is already contained within the cited scriptures of the foregoing Blog article, above.
      My place of service for Christ, where I make my sacrifice of lips,
      may not be given over to you unchecked, to disseminate your own opinion.
      Your preaching is your own responsibility before Christ.
      This Blog is to fulfill my responsibility to Christ-- not to you.

  5. anointed25 said"...through unfaithful anointed to trample other anointed..." Where has this occurred? Inside are God's apostate people. Just as atrocities occurred in apostate Israel so too today in"

    To show how far you are from Christ. You say you are concerned with His message. Yet you admit there is apostasy within JWs. What did Christ say about the covenant nation,when there was a manifestation of that apostasy through gentiles being allowed by into the Temple by Jah?

    CHRIST SAID FLEE! YOU say stay. WHO is telling the truth,Christ or you? For all your "supernatural events" supposedly from God,you contradict His Son Christ when it comes to fleeing from where there is apostasy. Why are you LYING against the recorded words of Christ? You preach "stay" because YOU YOURSELF will not take a stand against the apostasy you admit is there! You know you will be DFed and you are not willing to suffer that for Truth from Christ!


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