Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Greetings Readers,
I have not posted here for a few months. This is because the bulk of my present daily work, is being done on Facebook. I will begin transferring that work to this Blog, for those of you who do not have a FaceBook account. For those of you who do, you will find links to our groups, located at the beginning of the "INTRODUCTION", located above.
Christ has directed that I attend my present focus toward the completion of three books, which I am presently working on. I am astonished at the things I am presently learning. Those insights are enabling me to complete the books, which I will release when they are ready.
They are: 1. The Unveiling  - Revelation, according to the Word of God
               2. All the Things I Have Commanded - The parables of Christ, interpreted by Scripture.
               3. The New Creation - God's new creation, in Christ

On the night I was anointed and given visions of the future, while Jesus Christ conducted my heavenly song...
       (Isa.26:19; Rev.20:13,12; Eze.37:12; Dan.12:2; Eph.5:14;
        Isa.60:1; 51:17; 52:1; Luke1:78; Rev.2:28; Mal.4:2; Rev.22:5-6,16)
... I experienced a period during my singing (1Cor.14:15; Ps.40:3; 144:9) when I sang less, and others behind me who accompanied me and repeated a refrain, carried the bulk of the song.

I am now able to appreciated the fulfillment of that prophecy. Jesus well knew that the singing he placed in my heart, during the first part of my song, would be sufficient to give the needed direction those drawn to the truth. It would be enough to expose the Beast and Babylon the Great, and the need to stand for truth... willing to be expelled, for it (Mark8:35; John16:2; 2Thess.2:4; Mark13:13-14; Rev.13:8; 18:4; Matt.24:15-16). He well knew that at that midpoint of my song, I would be exhausted and in need of rest, would be caring for my dying mother, and would need to be taught by him my greatest lessons in truth, to prepare me for the crescendo to come.

I now know, that I am in the time of that lull, but continuing to learn, night and day. I am not however, silent. If you feel that you are finished with all the spiritual food presented at this Blog (I still learn from it), please do visit my activity on FaceBook, where I reply to questions and comments, daily. I will transfer that work to this Blog, as I am able. There is also the constant work of my sister in Christ, also located on FaceBook (see links in INTRODUCTION).

Your prayers in behalf of my divine assignment, are greatly appreciated. All the loving encouragement I receive, refreshes me to endure. May we all continue to receive the grace and mercy of God, expressed in the light He shines on our hearts, by which, we live.

(John3:8; 1Cor.2:15)


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