Monday, August 29, 2016

144000 and Great Crowd, Compared

This post is an addition made to ("Who are the 144000?").

The Great Crowd can be included in God's priestly group who stand for truth (symbolic meaning of 144000) when that number is regarded as not so much literal and numerical, but as those who testify to truth. There can be a group of Testifiers to Truth ("144000"), later joined by more who Testify to Truth. Although the group increases, the label of that number's meaning, remains the same.

Yet a distinction is made in Rev.7, between the 144000, and those who appear "afterward" (Rev.7:9).
We are told in Rev. ch.20, that the 144000 reign with Christ during the Thousand years (Rev.20:4-6). It is after the "Thousand Years", that Satan is released, and the Great Tribulation ensues (Rev.20:2-3,7) (Satan's "short time" of release Rev.20:3; 12:12,17).

During the "Thousand Years", Satan is restrained. Those who rule with Christ during that time, are not overcome by Satan's Beasts and their slave mark (Rev.20:4). After Satan's release, he empowers the false prophet and it's Beast, with powerful deception (Rev.16:13-16; 13:4,11; 20:7-8; 17:14; 20:9; 11:3,5; Jer.5:14; 23:29; Matt.10:20) (2Thess.2:9,11,8; Rev.2:16).
Initially, the Great Crowd are overcome (Rev.13:7; Dan.11:31-33; Rev.13:10 <Col.2:8; Luke21:24; Rev.11:2; Matt.5:13) (LINK). Of these, a remnant of those who face the Great Tribulation, will be saved (Matt.24:24-25,21-22; Dan.12:1; Jer.23:3; Mark13:26-27). These survivors, are the Great Crowd.

Therefore, the experience of the Great Crowd, differs from the previous faithful priests.
The previous 144000 had never accepted the slave mark of the Beasts (Rev.20:4) who are unleashed during the Great Tribulation (Rev.13:1,11). The remnant (remaining ones of the seed -Rev.12:17,15) are overcome (Rev.13:7), and must be rescued (Jer.31:11; Isa.48:20; 51:11). These are required to repent of their soiled identity, and be given white robes (Zech.3:3-4,8; Rev.3:18; Isa.1:18; Eze.18:27; Rev.19:8; 7:9,14). Not all, repent (Rev.2:21-22; 9:20-21; 16:9-11) (1Kings8:46-50; Mal.3:6).

The previous group of 144000 were in the Lamb's book of life during Christ's "Thousand Year" reign ("first resurrection"). The "second death"--
    (being overcome by death again, after having received redemption from Adamic sin and "first" death
    -Rom.5:12; John6:63; 5:24; 1Cor.15:45; 1Pet.1:23)
--"has no hold" on those previous "144000" (Rev.20:6; Luke10:19).
Yet for a time, the "sting" of the agents of death (1Cor.15:55,26; Rev.20:5,14), gains a hold on the remnant (Rev.9:10) during Satan's release and Great Tribulation. (LINK)

When the Chosen who are living after the Thousand Years, are overcome by the released Satan and the resources of his abyss; they are overcome once again by death. having lost their slave mark of God (Deut.11:18), (being slave-marked by the laws of the Beast -Rev.13:16)
(Rev.13:7; 9:4-6,10; 7:3) (LINK) (666)
Yet there will be those who repent, are saved, and are added to those who receive life (Rev.3:3,19; 20:6,5) "after the thousand years have ended".
This is why the "144000" and the "Great Crowd" are depicted by scripture, as two different groups.
Yet in the end, the survivors of the Great Tribulation, battle for Truth (Rev.12:10-11; Luke 12:8; Rev.6:9-11; Mark 8:35; Rev.11:8), alongside Christ at Armageddon (Rev.17:14; 19:14,8), and are united with the previous "144000", in the Lamb's scroll of life (Zech.3:7-10; Rev.3:5).


Monday, August 22, 2016

Coping with the Great Tribulation

Below is my reply to a letter I received. I have posted it for the beneficial scriptural thoughts it contains.
It gives a few constructive ways to respond to our time of "sifting", so that we can make best use of this limited time.
    For those who would like to listen to our meeting coverage of this post, I will link those recordings in each section that is covered.
    [First section recording: 

My Reply:
I am glad to hear that you are making progress in Bible truths, despite our indoctrination from the "synagogue of Satan". God has foretold and promised, that righteous people will be "taken" to an invitation to the "marriage feast", which is served outside the apostate "city" (wherein the "disgusting thing" reigns -(dsgstg-thng)
[(Jer.3:14-15; Luke 17:34,35,37; Matt.24:28; Rev.11:8; 6:9]
[(keep-awake)] (Matt.24:16; Eze.36:8) 
[(Matt.22:9-10 Greek: "diexodous")(LINK)] [(LINK)]. 
Yet once outside the "city", we are still under test in the "wilderness". Some will fall, even after their recognizing the identity of the "Beast", and their expulsion from it. So I continue to pray for these whom God has blessed with eyes and ears... those granted the ability to discern the road to life and the road leading to death.
The idolizing of the Beast's image, becomes increasingly blatant as we progress through the fulfillment of prophecy.
It is now clear to me, that the tribulating test which first broke out on the anointed (1Pet.4:17-18), has now broken out on the rest... "JW's" included (earth, trees, sea)(1Cor.3:9; Matt.7:17; Isa.57:20; Rev.13:7). Reports and experiences are increasingly heard online, on FaceBook, and at forums... about abuse by "elders", and the harm being caused by the un-scriptural doctrine, policies and procedures  of  the G.B. 
(Great Tribulation -what and why). 
We know that "few" are able by the grace of God, to break free of their deceptive philosophies, principles, and traditions which hold them captive (Col.2:8; Rev.13:10; Luke21:24; Dan.11:33). We who have broken free (John 8:32; Luke4:18-21; Heb.2:15), are still experiencing opposition. But we live in hope, knowing that in comparison to our eternal reward, the present troubles, are "momentary and light" (2Cor.4:17-18).

As the truths of the scrolls are opened and presented at the marriage feast (Rev.20:12; Dan.12:4,10,3; Phil.2:15);
Satan responds with the opening of his lying mouth (Rev.12:15; 16:13-14), and an increase of demonic deception, 
to "whitewash the wall" of WT doctrine which defends the city of  harlotry. 
That battle between truth and lies, is the essence of Armageddon (Rev.16:14; 20:7-8; 17:14). 
I hope you will continue to devote yourself to taking in the proper food at the proper time, now being made available, so as to be equipped to respond to this time of test, in accord with gaining the approval of God. I will refer you (by means of links) to further spiritual knowledge and support, in response to your comments.
-  -  -  -  -  -  -

Regarding your feelings about shunning; Jesus knew the remnant would be shunned (Matt.5:11-12; 10:22; John 16:2). All Christ's faithful brothers (and those who receive them), are persecuted (2Tim.3:12; Heb.10:32-34). That is why Jesus declared that his judgment of life or death, is based upon the treatment given the least of them. Will members of those claiming discipleship, care for such persecuted ones, or shun them? (Matt.25:45-46) We are told that such love for the members of the Body of Christ, will "cool" (Matt.24:12; 2Tim.3:1-5), even though such love, is the hallmark of Christians, and Christ's greatest command (John 13:35, 34; Heb.6:10).

Christ assured us that the "generation" (Greek:"race" 1Pet.2:10; 1:23; Ps.112:2) of faithful chosen, will "not disappear", until all things foretold about them, are fulfilled 
(Luke 21:32; Dan.12:7; Rev.13:7; Jer.31:11; 15:21; Isa.48:20; 51:11; Zech.9:16; Rev.1:20; 10:5; Eph.2:6) (Ps.40:2; 69:2; Rev.12:15,14,6; 11:3; etc.). 
So you are certainly correct in your belief, that God will not leave His sheep without caring shepherds (John 10:11; 21:17;  2Cor.5:20). Yet Jesus told us, that along with fine shepherds, there will also be wicked shepherds present... growing alongside the faithful (Matt.13:30; Mark 8:38). He admonishes us, to carefully discern between the two sorts of stewards (Luke 12:42,43,44,45,46) before we follow their voice (Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20;  1John 4:1).

Although your daughter now claims that she will not cut you off, be advised that she will be pressured to do so under threat of expulsion, and at that point, she may succumb to the pressure. The sword of truth, divides (Heb.4:12; Matt.10:34; Luke 12:51,52,53) (Rev.13:15,16,17)("Buying and Selling").
-  -  -  -  -  -  -

I wanted to respond especially, to your words....
"So then I realized the fight to get as many people out (which is my goal) as I can with Yah and Jesus' help, is going to be a real fight. 
I' m planning to copy the scriptures  you quoted and your reasoning to use in family study with my daughter so she can wake up too. My friend wants to join us, when I expressed to her I wanted to study more to memorize scriptures. I have to be really careful, so I can help as many as possible before I too am df'd. So, I am going to need your help on how to proceed."

I tell you truly;
It is not likely that any will respond positively to your testimony. This is one of the reasons why the last prophets, prophesy in "sackcloth" (Rev.11:3; Isa.22:12; Jer.9:1; 13:17)<(Col.2:8;  2Cor.11:20) ; (Rom.10:18, 21; Luke 13:23-24; Matt.7:14). 
Yet despite their rebelliousness against truth, we are to give them warning (Eze.2:7; Rev.11:10). Their ability to hear that warning... 
       (Matt.13:16; 16:17; 13:11) (Jer.24:7) (LINK)
...or not (Rom.11:8-10; Matt.13:15; Isa.29:9-10) (Matt.15:8), 
is determined by God who reads the heart (Heb.4:13; Jer.17:10; Ps.44:21). 
"All the earth" worships the Beast, and few are saved from that end-time Idolatry (Rev.13:8; Jer.3:14; Luke 17:34,35,37) despite being warned (Ps.19:1-2,3-4; Dan.5:27; Isa.28:7,18-19,20-22)
keep-awake ) ( Sleeping )

If we are among those blessed with insight and recognition; it rests upon us to stand up and confess the truth of Christ (Luke 12:8) to our "neighbors" (Eph.4:25). We expect the "death" that results (Rev.12:10-11; Mark 8:35).
Please read these links, 
which help give scriptural instruction on how this should be done:
(warning+letterand (Give a Warning!)

-  -  -  -  -  - - -
Recording for this section below:

You also ask:
"I also wanted to talk to you about organizing disfellowshipped ones to use signs at the assemblies to direct faithful anointed out of the org to Jesus Christ and your blog."

The annual assembly is now finished for this year. But there are local circuit assemblies and other meetings, which may also be demonstrated at, as well as construction sites and the annual meeting. Be forewarned that the Beast has also prepared to deal with demonstrators. For this reason, it is best to apply the suggestions the anointed are giving. Since the "elders" and "ministerial servants" have been told to rally between us and our audience (Dan.11:45; Rev.13:17). 
These videos were filmed the following year after we demonstrated. They depict the new response to demonstrators... I believe as their reaction to our message the year before. Our message really hit a nerve.
    [see examples: (you can mute the videos)
    (skip to view 5:53 ; 17:00 ; and 32:27 - un-mute to hear singing to drown out the demonstrator)

(First minute)], 
(PLEASE NOTE: These videos are not a depiction of our demonstration (nor of our beliefs, message, or behavior), nor should we imitate the reviling of our enemies. I present the video, only to display the forces we face.)

Our sign must be held high, well over their heads, in the line of sight of those being dismissed from the assembly. Whatever construction design we create for our sign, it should keep this consideration in mind. 

Despite our formidable foe (Rev.13:4), we can do our best, trusting that God will reach the few whom He may rescue.
(Ex.14:14; 2Pet.2:9; 2Chron.20:15; Isa.41:10,11,12,13,14,15,16; Dan.2:34-35,44-45; Rom.8:31; 16:20)
Then also, there is next year's Summer assemblies.
Here are some links, with suggestions...
        (The-Final-Witness) <<(please read all posts)
Although you have given me your phone numbers, 
I likely will not be calling you. I hope you are not offended or hurt by this necessary decision. I will try to explain why I must choose it.
  Jesus well knew the treachery his brothers would face in the "world" (Matt.10:16; Micah 7:5) (John 17:15). Those whom we meet online, are not fully visible to us, and insincere people can easily mis-represent themselves (Dan.11:34)(2Tim.3:13). 
Should we do what we can, to be "cautious as serpents"? Or, should we simply trust, that we have God's protection? 
Christians imitate Jesus. 
Did he simply trust that God would protect him, even if he took chances with his welfare, believing that God would protect His purpose for Christ? Notice that the devil tried to get Jesus to think that way, and take note of Jesus' response...

"Then the devil took Him into the holy city and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, 
and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written,
‘He will command His angels concerning You’;
and ‘On their hands they will bear You up,
So that You will not strike Your foot against a stone.’”
Jesus said to him, “It is also written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” (Matt.4:5,6,7)

In imitation of Jesus, we all must not presume upon God, nor test out His protection of us by carelessness or ego.
I therefore, do not take chances by exposing my work to any possible danger. I know I can rely on God's support and protection of my spirit, so long as I do all I can, to keep it. I hope you understand.
That being said,
we can have video conferences, and you can always contact me via the "contact form" on the Main Page of the BLOG.
-  -  -  -  -  -  -

And finally you said;
"I threw up my hands to Jah when I found out the anointed will be coming down to earth to instruct us!! What a loving arrangement!"
(-materialize-) (holy-city
(Gen.28:12,13,14,17; Gal.3:29; Eph.2:19; Rom.8:19,20,21; Rev.21:2,4; 22:2; 5:10) 
(John 1:51; Matt.22:30; Rev.1:20)
This is not only the arrangement of the future Kingdom of God (Heb.1:6NKJV), but also the arrangement of His Temple now present, which Temple is now found within the hearts of His faithful anointed priests. God's instruction, comes through them 
(Mal.2:7;  1Pet.2:9; Matt.10:20; Rev.5:10; 21:3;  1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:20,21,22) 
(Rom.5:5; John 4:21,23; Heb.10:16; John 4:14; 7:38-39; Rev.22:17).

Thank you for your letter, and my prayers are with all those graced by the spirit of our God, to find and remain upon the road to life.
Love in Christ,
-  -  -  -  -  -  -
Ways to cope with the Great Tribulation

1. Continue in faithfulness and learning, even after expulsion into the "wilderness".
2. Credit God for your sobriety and discernment, and thank Him.
3. Be loving to all those leaving the "City", share the truth with them, and love even our enemies in that way.
4. Be prepared to lose family members for the sake of Christ's truth, as it is now being freely revealed to anyone interested 
    (Matt.10:37; Mark 10:29-30) (Matt.22:9-10; Rev.19:9NIV).
5. Expect to be "killed" for loyalty to Truth (Mark 8:35) (symbolic-death). When giving your testimony, prepare to be effective (1Cor.14:8; 9:26).
6. Use caution and discretion while on-line. Do not presume upon divine protection. While showing kindness and love to all, exercise caution and protective restraint.
7. Avail yourself of the association and support of others of faith, realizing with great gratitude and joy, that our God has been a Faithful Shepherd (Psalm 23). He has brought to us light and life during the darkest spiritual era (Isa.60:2-3; 2:2-3), and given us the spring rain in it's season (Job 29:23; Prov.16:15; Hosea 6:3; Isa.45:8; Ps.72:6; 147:8; Zech.10:1; James 5:7,8,9,10,11,17,18).


Saturday, August 6, 2016

The "Night"

Below is my response to a comment which was left after: (where-is-hades)
Here is that comment, quoted:

"Hi Pearl,
Jesus did not preach to anyone while in Hades, because neither He nor 
anyone else would be alive while in there.
Peter says that Jesus was MADE ALIVE in the Spirit BEFORE He went to 
preach to the fallen angels in prison, and He could not have been thus 
made alive BEFORE His resurrection on the third day, according to 
Jesus preached not to spiritually unresponsive humans but to the 
fallen angels who sinned in Noah’s day who were kept in Tartarus, 
a restrictive condition, but only AFTER He was made alive in the 
Spirit; and Tartarus has got nothing to do with Hades, which is 
a place or condition of lifelessness for human beings, just as 
Ec 9:5,10 also points out that the dead in Sheol, or Hades, are 
conscious of NOTHING AT ALL, and are therefore not consciously 
existing in spiritual darkness, as you wrongly claim.
Like I said before: yes, spiritual blindness exists among the 
living of the human race, but that condition is NEVER referred 
to as Sheol or Hades in scripture.
The best you can say is that ‘spiritual darkness’ and ‘spiritual 
death’ will lead to Hades or even Gehenna if not repented of 
before the coming of Christ.
You need to be precise where the word of God is precise, otherwise 
you only obscure truth and confuse people unnecessarily."
I will quote you and then respond:
"Jesus did not preach to anyone while in Hades, because neither He nor 
anyone else would be alive while in there."
I assume you believe that Jesus was in Hades/Sheole (Ps.16:10) while you say he was dead (meaning, unconscious).
Please note, that Hades/Sheole (where Jesus was), is also called, the Abyss (Rom.10:7).
Can you see from Rev.20:1,3;  2Pet.2:4 and Luke 8:31, that not only did Satan need to be "chained" (in darkness) while in the abyss (to prevent his misleading the nations), but that the demons who were put there [Matt.8:29; Jude 1:6 (Rev.20:1)] by Christ's authority over darkness (Luke 10:17,18,19), were not dead, in the sense that you mean? 
Can you see that the demons were consigned to the abyss? (Luke 8:31; Rev.20:1; Jude 1:6;  2Pet.2:4)... the same place where God brought Jesus up from (Rom.10:7), 
because it was impossible for the realm of "death" to hold him? (Acts 2:24,25,27)
The same is true, of those Chosen to be released from that place 
(Col.1:13; Ps.40:2; Matt.16:18;  1Pet.2:9;  2Cor.4:6).
It is clear that both Jesus and the demons were in the abyss. While with them, he preached to them....
whether you call that place the Abyss, Hades, or "Tartarus" --meaning, "pit of darkness".
Are you stumbled, because one thing can have many names? (Isa.9:6; Luke 1:31; Matt.1:23; Rev.3:12)

One cannot preach, or be preached to, unless they are conscious. 
You said;
"Ec 9:5,10 also points out that the dead in Sheol, or Hades, are 
conscious of NOTHING AT ALL, and are therefore not consciously 
existing in spiritual darkness, as you wrongly claim."
I must correct you.  Ec.9:5 makes no mention of Hades/Sheole.
Verse 10 does.
In what way are those in Hades, "neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom"?
It reads;
"For the living know that they will die (Phil.2:12),
    but the dead *know nothing...
(Jer.4:22; 5:21; 10:14; Deut.28:28; Ps.92:6; Eph.4:18; Luke 8:18; Eph.2:1; *Mark 4:12);
   they have no further reward,
(Heb.11:6; James 1:12; Rev.3:11; Matt.6:1;  2John 1:8; Matt.10:41; Luke 10:16)
   and even their name is forgotten (Rev.13:8)...
   Whatever your hand finds to do (Ps.45:4; 110:2;  2Cor.6:7), 
   do it with all your might
   for in the realm of the dead (Sheole/Hades), where you are going, 
   (Jer.13:16; Luke 21:22,35-36; Ps.40:2; 49:15; Eph.2:6; Col.1:13)
   there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."

Jesus said; "As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me
Night is coming, when no one can work.  While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.’ " (John 9:4-5)
What was the "night" that Christ prophesied was to come upon his disciples? (1Thess.5:5,6,7) [Jer.13:16; Rev.9:2-3; Joel 2:2 -LINK]
 Do you assume it is physical death?
(Jer.13:16;  2Cor.4:4; Isa.59:10; Deut.28:29; Mark 13:24; Rev.6:12,13; 9:2; 13:7; Prov.4:19; Isa.60:2; Mal.4:2; Rev.22:16; Eph.5:11)
When you learn the authentic meaning of this "night" (Rom.13:12;  1Thess.5:7), then you will perceive the current, Great Tribulation. (G.T.-what-why)

You say;
"Peter says that Jesus was MADE ALIVE in the Spirit BEFORE He went to 
preach to the fallen angels in prison, and He could not have been thus 
made alive BEFORE His resurrection on the third day, according to 

Really? Do you mean 1Pet.3:18,19? 
It reads;
"For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. After being made alive, he went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits ".
I see no mention of the word "BEFORE", regarding when he went into Hades/abyss, to preach to the imprisoned spirits, other than "after being made alive". Well he could not preach to them if he were spiritually dead, could he?
Obviously, if they are "imprisoned", he must be where they are to preach to them... Not so?
Also note... that Jesus was "put to death in the flesh"... not in the spirit. 
In the spirit he was made alive first, because the punishing "agony of death" (such as what the demons suffer -Matt.8:29) cannot hold a spirit without sin (Acts 2:24; 13:34; 3:26; John 1:5). On the third day, he rose, spiritually (1Pet.3:18)...and thereafter had the ability to materialize physically. 

    Did God raise Jesus from the abyss, twice? Did he raise him to earth on the third day, and then send him back to the abyss to preach, and then raise him from the abyss again? Do you have a scripture which indicates this, contradicting that he preached to them, while he was already there? (Rom.10:7; Luke 8:31; Rev.20:1,3; Jude 1:6;  1Pet.3:19 -- "Made alive in the spirit" 1Pet.3:18,19)
So, after Jesus was "made alive in the spirit" (not in the flesh), 
he preached to the spirits. (1Pet.3:18-19)
On the third earth day, he rose physically.

You admit that spiritual darkness, leads to Hades.
Do you have a scripture that makes a distinction between the two? 
If the result of spiritual darkness, is consignment to Hades...
can you not consider that those in Hades, are spiritually blind and spiritually dead?
All those born on this planet, are born subject to sin and death (Rom.5:12). Yet Jesus came to us without sin. His presence here did not subject him, to sin and death (John 1:14,9,4,5; Heb.4:15)

Heb.5:11 reads;
"We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand.".
It seems to me that you are not trying to understand, but rather, are trying to defend what you have already chosen to believe...
Or are trying to correct me, and restrain my present testimony.
I don't know the source of your confidence, but I do know the source of mine.
There is much to say about the scrolls now being opened and which have begun to be served at the marriage feast.
The "appetizers" are already available, and are appreciable for those who respect the source of the provisions.
    Many will turn down their invitation. Or, they may be dissatisfied with what is offered, or by who does the offering.
I am here to offer all, what I have been given to serve. Nothing more.
If it does not suit you, you will not invest the work needed to digest it. In that case, my continuing efforts are futile. 
If your motive in engaging me, is to correct and restrain my work,
Please know that a comparison between your directions and those of Christ, cannot be appreciated within my mind.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Where is Hades?

This is a comment which was left after: (what-is-sheole-hades.html)
First, I will quote the comment, and afterward, is my reply.
"If Hades means the ‘darkened condition’ of living in ‘spiritual darkness’ while being
physically ‘conscious,’ as you claim, then Jesus by going to Hades lost ‘the light of
the knowledge of God’ and His ‘spiritual sight’ for three days without being actually
dead - do you realize what you are proposing here?

People can be spiritually dead while being physically alive, but that mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture.

According to Acts 2, Jesus’ soul was not left in Hades, but if Hades was just a synonym
for spiritual blindness of those physically alive, it follows that the soul does not
actually die when people stop breathing, which contradicts scripture."

I see that you have concluded that Jesus going into Hades, meant that he had to take on the condition of those who are consigned to that place. When Jesus came into the world (which is ruled, controlled, and dominated by Satan -1John 5:19) did that also mean that he had to come under Satanic control? (John 14:30) 
Jesus indeed, came into dark places--- both the world, and those under it's spiritual control (Hades) (Eph.6:12; John 1:9,5). He came to those who were spiritually blind (John 9:39; 8:12) and dead (Eph.2:1,2; John 10:9,10; 3:17; Luke 19:10;  1Tim.1:15). 
See-- why Jesus went into Hades (1Pet.3:18-19) (Jude 1:6). 
Are you saying that the powers of darkness, are stronger than the Lord of light? (John 1:5,4) 
Do you realize, what you are saying?

  There is no hope of spiritual enlightenment or life for anyone, if Christ cannot enter those places and subject them, to himself (1Cor.15:24,25,26,57; John 14:30; 16:33; Matt.28:18;  1Pet.3:22) 
(1Pet.3:18; Rev.1:18; 3:7-8; Luke 24:45;  2Cor.4:6; John 17:3). 
He comes to guide those being rescued, from captivity to Hades (Matt.16:18;  1Pet.2:9; Isa.42:7; 51:14; John 6:35,51,55; 14:6).

Not only has Christ entered and conquered the dark realm where Satan is king,
those whom Christ has sent forth, also enter (Matt.10:16,20; Luke 21:15; 12:12; John 17:18) and conquer those powers (Eph.6:12-13; 5:11;  2Cor.10:5; Luke 10:17,18,19) in order to release those captive there (Luke 4:18; Matt.5:14,15,16).
Your assumption, that spiritual light, which enters spiritual darkness, is over come by it,  condemns the God of Light as impotent and overcome by His adversary.
On the contrary, the spirit of our God empowers  all His sons,
to gain the victory over the forces of darkness and death, and to offer that light and life, to all exposed to it (1Pet.2:9;  1Cor.2:10,12-13; Ps.119:105; 13:3;  1Thess.5:7,4,5,6; Rev.22:5) even while they are doing so within the realm of darkness 
(Acts 26:18; Rom.2:19; Eph.6:12; 5:8;  2Cor.10:3,4,5; 4:6; Matt.4:16; Luke 1:79; John 8:12; 12:46)
("Light of the Daystar")

When you say;
"People can be spiritually dead while being physically alive, but that mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture."... is plainly clear that you do not perceive the spirit realm, which co-exists alongside the physical,
nor how those who are overcome by this world, are depicted in the spirit realm.
If you can consider the spirit realm, and it's accurate depiction of everyone's spiritual condition...
Can you not conceive of the spiritual place, where those who are blind and lost, reside in captivity to darkness without the light of Christ?
I have seen it. I was shown it. The scriptures cited above are reliable when referring to that realm.
The truth about blindness and captivity is now due to be revealed, and I must uncover what I was shown,
whether men have eyes to see, or not.
Please consider Job 33:15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,28,29,30 
(contrasting the mental grasp of the "light of life" to the "bottomless pit"/Hades).
Verse 4 reads; "who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,".
That crown, is life (James 1:12). It is gained through an enlightened mental and spiritual condition which "redeems"/ rescues, "from the pit".
(John 8:12; 1:4; 12:46;  1John 1:1; 5:11;  2Cor.4:6; Prov.4:18; Matt.16:18; Eph.2:20).

What if we have the opposite mental condition?
2Cor.4:4,3; (Isa.25:7-8; Rev.20:14); 
John 3:19,20,21; Prov.2:13;  1John 1:6; Deut.28:28-29;  2Thess.2:9-10;  2Pet.2:4; Rom.1:21
Eph.4:18 reads;
"They are darkened in their understanding, being alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their hearts.".
Can you see from the foregoing scriptures, that "light" means salvation and life?
Can  you see that "darkness" means captivity and death?
Is the bottomless pit/abyss of Hades... light or darkness... life or death... freedom or captivity?
I don't know upon what you base your conclusion... that a darkened "mental condition
is never equated with being in Sheol or Hades in scripture."; but I see such correlations, profusely throughout the scriptures.

Do you have any scripture which directs an alternate conclusion?...
    ...that a mental state of spiritual darkness, is exclusive from belonging to Hades?
       What do you believe Hades, to be? If it is death;
       Do you not see a connection between spiritual darkness and death?
       Do you not see that those without the light, are, spiritually dead (Eph.2:1,2)?
Satan, is king of the symbolic abyss [Rev.9:11; ("Abaddon/Apollyon" = "Destroyer" Isa.33:1].
To be under the powers of Satan's realm, is to be under deception, "darkness", destruction, and death (John 8:44; 10:10; Heb.2:14;  2Cor.4:4). (Who is the Destroyer?)

Then you say;
"According to Acts 2, Jesus’ soul was not left in Hades, but if Hades was just a synonym
for spiritual blindness of those physically alive, it follows that the soul does not
actually die when people stop breathing, which contradicts scripture."

Again you make false presumptions, based upon limited sight and overconfidence.
I did not say that Hades only contained those physically alive. I said it contained those consigned to spiritual darkness and death... which is all mankind since Adam. Some are physically dead, and some are still physically alive (John 8:24; 3:18; Eph.2:1,2,12).
You also seem to miss the point, that all souls under Satan, are dead.
They have lost the "breath of life", which is the spirit from God (John 20:22; 6:63; Gen.2:7,17).
If one gains that spirit, they do not die...
(John 6:50,63; 11:26;  1John 3:14; Rom.8:9,10,11; Col.2:13; John 3:6), 
...but they are still surrounded by the realm of the dead (in Hades) (John 17:15). 
As long as we are in the world under Satan, we are surrounded by his realm (Hades), whether we are walking about among those still dead, or walking over those unconscious, and buried under the ground.
    Those who have not come to life in spirit and have died physically, cannot be in a darkened mental state, because their consciousness, is gone. They are however, also in Sheole/Hades... the place of those spiritually dead (Ec.9:5-6,10). 
Spiritual death does not regard our physical status, and our physical status does not impact, our spiritual consignment.
I do not "contradict scripture" when saying that there are souls that do not die. I am professing the teaching of Christ 
(John 5:24,25; 6:47,51,58,63; 11:25,26; 12:48;  1Cor.15:51; Rev.20:12) 
(1John 3:14; Rom.8:9; Titus 3:5; John 3:6; Eph.2:5-6; Col.1:13; 2:13; Heb.12:22-23; Luke 10:20-21; Rev.5:9-10)... and I am contradicting the dark wormwood doctrines of the "Watchtower", whose captives, ARE in Hades (Rev.2:9; 3:9).

The victory of light and life, occur in the mind and heart, by the grace of God (2Cor.4:6).
Those not granted, remain in darkness (Mark 4:11-12). They are collectively abandoned to the overlord whom they have chosen, in imitation of our original parents. Like them, they remain in the depths of Hades... whether physically dead, or awaiting physical death.
I pray that you also, will be given eyes and ears (Luke 7:21,22,23; John 14:12; Rev.22:17).

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Love in action

I have received word from our Brother Sas in Romania. He reported that he would greatly appreciate financial support to buy wood for heating this Winter, as well as money for materials to repair his leaking roof. At this time, there are other anointed ones who regularly send him support for he and his family, to be able to stay in his house. Due to economic conditions in Romania, as well as family troubles, he is unable to be self-sufficient in meeting his basic needs. Yet those who already send him funds to meet his mortgage, are unable to absorb the total amount which he now requires. That is my reason for this post. We pray that there will be others who will do what they resolve in their own heart, if they are able to assist Brother Sas, at this time.
Here is a link to Brother Sas's website, which contains his contact information.
If more information is needed, please contact me, using the form on this page (right side column).

Please consider 1John3:17-18; Prov.19:17; Heb.6:10; Gal.5:14; Matt.25:44-46; 2Cor.8:12-15,24; 2Cor.9:7.

P.S. I apologize for my recent absence. I am contending with a heavy load. Prayers are appreciated. I will return to posting soon.

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