Monday, June 23, 2014

Operation of Error

Based upon my response to a letter.

Consider that when the scriptures speak of Christ's return,
at Mal.3:1,2,3, it tells us that he must refine the priests like gold, to cleanse them.
He refers to this at Rev.3:18,19 (Heb.12:11) when he speaks of acquiring from him, gold refined by fire.
Gold represents our heart (Prov.17:3). Fire is God's Word (Jer.23:29; Zech.13:9;  1Cor. 3:13,14).
Our hearts must contain a faith and understanding, that is purified of dross, by means of God's Word of Truth.
We all need this, as we come out of Wormwood's poison 
(Rev.8:11; Jer.9:15; 23:15;  2Cor. 6:16,17,18; Isa.52:11; Rev.18:4).
If we do not get a new "wineskin" (Mark 2:22), we cannot accept the new wine at the marriage feast.
If we are open to reconsideration, God's Word provides a basis for adjustment.
Some things will not be simple to make concise,
and you may need to consider an article to grasp the point.
The things I will share with you are vital. Any lack of knowledge during this spiritual tribulation, can mean death, and falling (Mal.3:2; Rom.14:4) while being inspected by the Master (Hosea 4:6; Isa.5:13; Matt.24:42; 5:13; Rev.11:2; 3:3).

First, I would like to call your attention to all of  1Cor.,chapter 12 (Click: 1Cor.12:1-31), and Eph.2:20,21,22;
and ask you if you have yet become clear on which part of Christ's body God has assigned to you.
Accomplishing our own divine assignment depends upon discerning the body and our place within it.
Those who do not make this distinction risk judgment, due to their lack of cooperation with God's spirit,
and their placement as He has determined (1Cor. 12:4,11,18; 11:28,29,31,27).

For now, I hope to give you a few things to pray and think about.
The resurrected Christ is father to the 12 apostles and their 12 tribes (John 17:12,6; 18:9; Heb.2:13)
(Matt.19:27,28; Rev.21:14; Eph.2:20;  1John 4:9; 5:11; Isa.9:6).
The scriptures often refer to him prophetically...not as Joseph, but as Jacob (Isa.58:14; 59:20; 60:16).
Jacob's name was changed to "Israel", and he was told this reflected that he would become father to the twelve tribes of Israel (Gen.35:10;  1Kings 18:31). The resurrected Jesus Christ has become the father of the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel
(Ex.4:22; John 1:14; Gal.6:16; 3:7,29; Rom.9:6;  1Pet. 1:3,23; James 1:18; John 1:4;  2Cor. 5:17; Psalm 45:16).
Jacob had twelve sons who became the fathers of each of the 12 tribes. This corresponds to the 12 apostles (Rev.21:12,14).
Joseph was one of the 12 brothers.
Joseph receives a double portion from God (through himself and one of his sons--Manasseh) (Rev.7:6,8; Eze.47:13).
Ephriam (Joseph's other son -Gen.46:20) was left out of the inheritance of spiritual Israel (144000) because of who he prophetically stands for (Psalm 78:67,68; Isa.28:1,7; Hosea 5:3,9; Rev.17:6; Matt.24:49).
But you are right... "Joseph" does provide food during time of famine (Rev.11:3; Rev.12:6; 18:8).

Joseph was sent ahead into Egypt to provide food,
just as the "two witnesses" provide "food" for the "Woman" (Rev.11:3; 12:6) and those same "slain",
provide food for the "eagles" (Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:7,8; Job 39:27,28,29,30; Luke 17:37; Rev.12:14,6; 11:3).
The food for the woman, is provided by "Joseph", who is also the last prophet/herald/Elijah to come
(Matt.25:6; Mal.3:1; Zech.4:9,10; Isa.40:3; Matt.17:11).

Jesus told us that when we see the "disgusting thing standing in the holy place",
we are to flee to the "Judean Mountains" in the wilderness (Matt.24:16; Heb.13:13; Luke 21:21; Rev.18:4).
The identity of these "mountains" which are providing food (Zech.6:1; 4:12,14; Rev.11:3,4; Matt.17:3; Ps.72:3,16)
are members of the sealed anointed, and have also been assigned in the Body by God, as prophets
(Num.12:6; Eze.36:8; 34:14; Joel 3:18; Rev.11:3; Amos 3:7; Rev.10:7;  1Cor. 12:28,29; Eph.2:20).
They are the "seven stars"/"angels"/messengers/prophets;
shedding light for each of their "seven congregations"/"lampstands", of invited and called ones
(Rev.1:20; Eph.4:11,12; 1:23;  1Cor. 12:7; Rom.12:5).

In the time of the end, the invited called ones are conquered by a false prophet and her Gentile Wild Beast
(Matt.24:24,25; Rev.13:7,11; Dan.8:24; Rev.19:20). The false prophet is the two horned wild the descriptions in (Rev.19:20 and Rev.13:11,12,13,14,15,16) It "performs signs on behalf of the first beast...deluded or deceived those of the earth that had received the mark of the first beast and worshiped it's image". (Rev.19:20; 13:12,14)

Although many call the Wild Beast Organization "mother", is not the mother of those who hope to become sealed...
"Jerusalem above" is (Gal.4:26; Rev.12:1,2,5; 2:26,27).
The fact that Satan has erected this operation of error...the LIE that the Gentile Beast is God breathed (spirit-directed) (2Thess. 2:3,4; Rev.13:15),
is our life-giving mother,
and has blasphemously replaced the true Kingdom (and true "mother" covenant),
IS the "disgusting thing standing in the Holy Place"/operation of error.

The "Holy Place" is God's Temple priesthood (1Cor. 3:16; 6:17,19,20; Eph.2:22;  1Pet. 2:5,9,10) wherein His spirit dwells.
That is the only "organization" on earth, that is directed by and houses God's spirit,
because it has been cleansed by the blood of Christ for that specific purpose
(Rev.1:5,6; 5:9,10; Rom.2:29; Eph.5:25,26,27; Rev.14:5,4; Heb.10:10,14; 13:12; 12:23,24,22; Titus 2:14; Ex.19:6;  2Chron. 23:6).
The "operation" (functioning) of a false Gentile priesthood (replacing those chosen, cleansed, and "circumcised in heart" by God -Rom.2:28,29),
is the disgusting thing in God's sanctuary "operation of error"/causing "desolation" (Eze.8:5,6; 44:6,7,8,9;  2Chron. 13:9;  2Thess. 2:4; etc.).

That collective Gentile priesthood, (Gentile Wild Beast) has replaced the body of Christ. It has replaced Christ as head of his anointed congregation! (Dan.8:11)
It is the Anti-Christ!
Are you able to perceive this reality non-anointed elders have become the shepherds/masters, of the anointed within the Beast organization...holding them captive, restraining their obedient service to God alone, and dominating them to their injury?

The Called ones captive inside the Beast, have fallen asleep (Matt.25:5; 22:8; Mark 13:36,37; Rev.16:15)...Drunk...with the wormwood wine of the Harlot! (Rev.18:3;  1Cor. 6:15; Jer.51:7)
God's people (anointed - 1Pet. 2:9,10) are captive...and "scattered among the Nations/Gentiles"
(Lev.26:33; Rev.13:10; Dan.8:11,24; 12:7; Rev.13:7; Eze.34:12; Joel 2:1,2,4; Rev.9:7).
being "trampled" by them (Rev.11:2; Luke 21:24; Rev.13:10).
Again...this is the working of the disgusting thing (Dan.11:31; 12:11; Matt.24:15;  2Chron. 23:6),
causing desolation.

Please consider, that the Organization/"abomination causing desolation" is not giving birth to God's kingdom.
Even Christ's kingdom was not sourced in Satan's world (John 18:36); for nothing clean comes from unclean (Job 14:4).
The "labor pains" which signal the birth of God's Kingdom, are not to be found in Satan's world, but rather, in the heavenly woman
The present collective Org. is the Man of Lawlessness. Believing in it's divine authority and power, IS the LIE (2Thess. 2:9,10,11,12). All those ascribing to the Gentile Beast, divinity, are not to receive life (Rev.13:8; 14:9,10). Their faith, minds, and deeds are directed/enslaved, by the Beast Org. (Rev.13:16); rather than by God (Deut.6:6,8).

All anointed under this power, cannot be sealed as slaves of God (Rev.14:1; 7:3).
We cannot serve two masters, anymore than Adam and Eve were permitted to eat from both "trees" (Gen.2:17; 3:22,23) (

All those escaping the Beast, due to the grace and mercy of God,
must awaken from this Lie, and realize that the only spirit-directed organization of God,
and His true dwelling place/Temple,
is the Body of Christ,
who are now (in fulfillment of prophecy) being held captive in Satan's counterfeit kingdom
(which counterfeit is covered with blasphemous claims/names -Rev.13:1,5,6;  2Thess. 2:4).

All organized religious powers in this world, have compromised to Satan, and NOT followed the example of Christ (Matt.4:8,9; Mark 10:42,43,44,45; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,11; John 10:10). Yet the one religion that matters to God, is the one which holds his Chosen Sons in darkness...prisoners of Satan's abyss (through the domination of Satan's agents of the abyss/locust scorpions/wild beast)
So you can rest assured that I am fully aware that my purpose is to fulfill my own divine assignment,
proving what MY OWN work is (Gal.6:4;  1Cor. 3:8,14; 11:28,29,31,27), to serve my brothers, feed the sheep, and never to set up any type of hierarchical structure other than that which God has already designed
(Heb.12:22,23; Eph.2:20,21,22; Rev.21:14;  1Cor. 12:18).

Our place in the body, is not determined by what time we show up, but rather,
where God has placed us within that body.
This we will discern, when the Master lets us know. This takes time and humility (Luke 14:8,9,10; Prov.25:6,7; Gal.6:3,4; Luke 14:10; Rev.11:12).
In the meantime, we "pay attention to how we listen"
(Luke 8:18; Mark 4:23,24,25; Jer.26:4,5; 25:4; Num.12:6; Rev.11:3; Matt.17:3; Mark 10:36,37,40; Zech.4:7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14;  1Cor. 3:18; 8:2).

I am here to serve you, if there is anything you need regarding spiritual food (Matt.25:35,40).
I hope you continue to read about many things I have been eyewitness to through vision.
If you require anything, there is a contact form on my main page, or you can write my email address.

I am interested in reading your articles, as soon as you can send me a link to where I can read them,
other than opening an attachment. I hope you understand. I have lost many computers due to viruses originated in attachments sent to me by WT moles.
Thank you for contacting me, and I look forward to drawing closer to you.
I suggest what the scriptures do...
not to judge anyone or anything, unless it is by means of the scriptures, and a well-developed perception that has been trained by means of them (1Cor. 4:5; Heb.4:12,13;  2Tim. 3:16; Heb.5:14).
You will be able to distinguish the true from the false prophets, by means of Christ's direction.
The true will interpret prophecy by means of God's Word alone (Gen.40:8;  2Pet. 1:20,21; John 16:13; Luke 11:28; Rev.1:3), not by means of Satan's worldly counterfeits and their own physical deductions based upon them (1John 5:19;  1Cor. 2:13,14).
Jesus told us plainly, that Revelation is written totally in symbolic language, which is the only way he taught [Matt.13:34,35,10,11,12,13; Rev.1:1 -(see Greek "esEmanen")]
Those invited who do not see Revelation's identities clearly, run the risk of fulfilling the negative ones.
Those who mistakenly see the Man of lawlessness as the Governing Body (rather than the Gentile Eldership Army), run the risk of returning to the Org. after the GB is removed...thinking that the vilified GB is the totality of the present corruption. Those who return to support the Org. and help fill the void left by the previous leaders, will join the "ten kings" that rule one hour with the Beast (Rev.17:12) (after the GB/last harlot, is removed -Rev.17:16,17).
The ten kings (ten toes) receive the same judgment as the Iron Beast, to which they will belong (Rev.19:19,20; Dan.2:41,42,44).
Those who realize that the GB is the last Harlot who rides the Beast-like Org., realize that the Org. is still the blasphemous beast, blood-guilty for slaying the faithful (Rev.11:7; 13:15; 6:9,11), and it will still be the disgusting counterfeit, which continues to defy the authentic Kingdom and genuine Temple Priesthood chosen by God. Jesus gave clear direction not to return once we are out (Luke 17:32; Gen.19:17; Isa.52:11; Luke 21:21,22)

MORE INFORMATION on this subject:
Operation of Error - II

May the spirit of our heavenly Father, continue to bless and guide you.
Love in Christ,
As always, if there are any questions that arise for any reader, please contact me by means of the form on the right.


Monday, June 16, 2014

The "Garden of Eden" / New Creation / Seven Spirits / Tree of Life / The True Vine


Good morning sister D
Thank you for your loving response and help. Whenever I read your emails I wish we could be talking face to face over a cup of rooibos (south african tea).  You always seem to have the right answers whenever I am faced with difficulties.
Last week I was having a chat with a friend at work about the trees in Eden and ever since I have been thinking about it. A while back we briefly spoke about what the trees symbolized.  If I still remember correctly you said the tree of life symbolizes Jesus and the other one Satan.
1. Why did Adam and Eve only realize that they were naked after they had eaten?
2. In what way did they hear the voice of God walking (Gen 3:8) if the voice/"Word" is Jesus?
3. "JW's" teach that it took years for Eve to persuade her husband to eat. Why is it that God did not punish Eve for eating the forbidden fruit right away?
4. If the tree of life is Jesus, why did God post angels around the tree?
5 I have heard that the trees disappeared or were destroyed by the flood, is that true?
I do realize that this a handful of questions amid all the work you have already.
Many thanks

1. Why did Adam and Eve only realize that they were naked after they had eaten?

Hello Modise,
I think I answered your first question in the "Two Trees" link.

Here is some thoughts from there:

All those who represent a teaching authority,
are represented in the Bible as trees.
(Matt.12:33,34; 7:17,20; Rev.2:7; 3:20; 22:2; Psalm1:3; Jer.17:8; Isa.65:22; Zech.4:3,14)
The anointed who receive the kingdom,
and channel God's life-giving waters through their "fruit" and "leaves",
are even called trees of life,
just as the original Tree of Life was called.
Their mouth will produce fruit according to the abundance of their own heart.
(Luke6:45; Matt.12:33-37; 7:20; Heb.13:15; John1:1,4; 8:12; 12:46; Prov.11:30; 10:11; 3:13,18; Eph.5:8-12)
    Also remember, that when Adam and Eve wanted to hide their sin from God,
what did they do?
They covered their private parts. (Gen.3:7,10,11)
Do you remember what the desire was,
of the spirits who left heaven? (Gen.6:1,2)
Can you consider the possible reason why Satan wanted to guide Eve (not Adam) into sin?
Yet to do so, he first had to offer Eve symbolic "fruit"...
  teachings that mislead, and went contrary to God's instruction through the "Word".

To a innocent child... their private parts seem to be the same as any other part (eye, nose, ear, elbow, genitals),
other than their ability to produce waste. Adam and Eve felt no reason to cover their genitals, any more than they thought it necessary to cover their elbows. Yet after sinning, they felt shame in connection with the body part that was used to sin. It was their genitals which were involved in defying God's command, not to let their actions be guided by the Tree of knowledge. We have a natural reasoning, that our crimes are discovered in connection with the tool used to sin.  Adam and Eve obviously thought that if God could not see their parts marred by sin, He would not see their sin, and their transgression involving the forbidden tree.
Let me illustrate.
If a murderer used a particular weapon to kill, which weapon he would try to hide afterward?
What reason would he have to hide a different weapon? 
    Adam and Eve had no shame previous to their sin (Gen.2:25). Hence there was no need to hide their genitals.
It was only after they acquired "the knowledge of good and bad" (by a comparison between them which they had never grasped before),
that they felt guilty about their genitals, and tried to hide them from God.
They used their genitals in a corrupt way, which was not according to God's perfect and healthful design.
(Gen.2:23,24,25; Eph.5:3,5,6,12,25,26,27,28; 2Cor.11:2,3,4)  (Rom.1:26,24; Col.3:5; 1John2:16)
I hope this explains the answer to your first question.
2. In what way did they hear the voice of God walking (Gen 3:8) if the voice/word is Jesus?

Regarding Gen.3:8, and God "walking" in the midst of where Adam and Eve were, and that this is associated with the voice of the "Word"...
Please read Lev.26:12 and Deut.23:14.
There you will see that God, through His seven spirits (and "seven eyes"), can focus on a particular area of the earth 
(Gen.1:2; 2Chron.16:9; Job 24:23; Prov.15:3; Jer.16:17; Zech.3:9; 4:10), 
...through His messengers which He sends (consider Gen.18:2,17,20,21,22) (** Gen.18:27).
Can you see that Abraham called God's materialized angel messenger, "Yhwh"/"the Lord"?**
This was not actually God (Ex.33:20; John1:18), but His representative. 
Dealing with God's representatives, is the same as dealing with God 
(John12:45; 14:9,10) (Rev.21:3; Eph.2:22; 2Cor.6:16; Matt.10:20; 18:18). 
We will see why...
Can you see that God "examined" the situation in Sodom and Gomorrah through His representative? God's justice expects actual witnesses to testify before He executes His condemnation. Yet any who are sent, contain within them, God's spirit...
who "sees" and "speaks" through them, just as today (Matt.10:20; 1Cor.6:17,19). This was especially so through the Word...since that was his designation and assignment. In fact, we are directly told that Jesus Christ/The Word, is so unified with His father (John10:30; 17:21) that he is depicted as possessing entirely, those "seven eyes/seven spirits" of God.
Rev.5:6 reads:
"Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth."

Can you see that God's spirit is fully represented by, and dwells within the "Word", Christ (Col.2:9; John10:30; 17:21)?
When he is in the earth, so is the spirit of God; And so is God's presence with man (1John1:5; Ps.36:9; John1:1,4,9,14,18).
Think about one of Jesus' names....
"The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" (which means "God with us")." (See also Isa.7:14)
This is also the case with the "144000" (See Matt.5:14; Rev.21:2,3,22; 22:3; 1Cor.3:16).
In fact, the words "tabernacle" and "tent" occupy and be present within. 

At first, that presence (light) was only with mankind, through the Word/Lamb/Tree of life (John9:5; 8:12; 12:46). But now (and since the first century) God is present with mankind, through His temple. (John1:1,14,4; 6:63,68; Rev.5:6; 2Cor.3:6) which Christ founded with his death (John2:19,21; 1Cor.12:27; 1Pet.2:4,5; Eph.2:20,21,22). 

Jesus promised to give those who faithfully conquer, three provisions for life: (Rev.2:7,17,28). 
Did you see what they are? 
1. "hidden manna" 2. "the morning star" 3. "the right to eat from the tree of life".
He also tells us, that he himself, is the "morning star" and the "hidden manna":
(Rev.22:16; John6:48,49,50,31,51,63) ("hidden"-- Mark8:29,30; John14:21,22; 6:51,65; Matt.13:11; Col.2:2,3; Isa.29:11; Dan.12:10)
(Rev.3:20; John14:23; 11:25,26).
Can you see from the previous scriptures, that the "hidden manna", and the "morning star" (given to the faithful conquerors) IS JESUS CHRIST? (John14:21)
Regarding the promise to also be given "the right to eat from the tree of life"(John6:57; Rev.2:7; 22:14)...
Remember....the fruit of a tree is it's sayings from it's heart (Matt.12:33,37,35; 15:18) (Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20) (Luke6:45; Prov.16:23).
("Two Trees")
             Note Matt.7:15, the word "inwardly"; meaning, in their heart,
             they have "thornbushes" and "thistles" (Matt.7:16). What are thornbushes
             and thistles, if not "weeds"? These have not accepted and 
             cultivated the Word in their hearts, and are therefore, not wheat.
             They therefore, cannot offer "fine fruit" to their hearers (Matt.7:16).
             (Matt.13:30; James 1:21; Luke 8:15)

The "Word" of God is the "word of life" (Phil.2:16; John5:24; 6:51,63,68)
Jesus's sayings ("fruit"), are eternal life to those who accept and keep them (John6:57,63; Prov.4:13; Matt.7:24; John5:21). He is the source of eternal life, through the "fruit" (words/teachings/sayings/light) that he offers to those whom the Father draws to Christ (John6:65; 17:3,8; 16:15; 3:16; 1:4,14,17; 18:9; 10:27-28; 2John1:2-3; 1John1:1-3,7).
Jesus Christ is God's messenger of life...and his fruitful words mean everlasting life to those who take them in. He is, the "Word" of God...the messenger of life, light, and truth, and the Tree of Life (Heb.1:1,2,3; John6:57). I hope that you can see that the scriptures do indicate this.

Christ's spirit (in union with, possessing, and embodying God's seven spirits), is distributed, and poured into the hearts of those anointed with it (2Cor.5:5; Eph.1:14; Rom.8:16; 2Cor.1:21,22; 1John2:8,20,24,25; 1Thess.5:5; Rev.1:16), thereby making them one with God and Christ (John17:21; 1Cor.6:17). (Matt.5:14,15,16; John14:17; 15:8; 1Cor.6:19) They are then to imitate Christ, offering light/life, as God's messenger angels (Rev.2:1; 3:1; 1:20; 8:6; Josh.6:8; Mal.2:7; Rev.5:10). 
For those final sealed prophets/two witnesses/"capstone" of the "Temple"; this includes possessing the seven spirits of God, sent out into all the earth (for the final harvest/examination and judgment by God's eyes  --John12:48; Rev.20:11,12; 17:14; Dan.7:21,22).
(Rev.4:4,5,8; Matt.24:31; Zech.4:8,9,10; Matt.13:41; Rev.14:15,16,17,18,19; Deut.32:32)

Jesus is the true "vine"...those anointed in union with him, are the "branches" (John15:4,5). 
What they receive from Jesus (the "nourishing sap" -Rom.11:17; Rev.22:16), is holy spirit (Rom.5:5). 
The branches are to express that spirit (Luke6:45), as God (the "vine's cultivator -John15:1) has determined and distributed 
(1Cor.12:4,11,18,28; 7:7; Eph.4:7; Heb.2:4).
Those branches are then expected to produce fruit (John15:2,6; Matt.7:19; Gal.5:22,25; Eph.4:29,12,16; Luke6:45,44)...which include sayings of life... fruit which is filled with that living water/holy spirit sourced in Christ, the true vine (Rev.22:17). Those who eat the fruit of the true vine and it's true branches, will live!
This is why, not only is Christ the Tree of Life,
his 144000 also are (Rev.22:1,2; John13:20).

So when God's spirit is sent out into the earth (in order to examine hearts, give understanding, provide life, judge, etc.), it is channeled through the person of Jesus Christ. He is the mediator between God and man (including Adam) (1Tim.2:5,6,4), even back in Eden (John1:1,2,3,4,18) (Gen.3:8).

The seven spirits which Christ sends into the earth, he sends by means of the seven stars/angels/lamps (Rev.1:16,20; 8:6; 1:12,20; 4:5; Ex.25:37; 40:25; Num.8:2; Zech.4:2,3,4,5,10,14; Rev.11:3,4; Rev.10:7; 22:16,6....Christ's own messenger ambassadors, substituting for him (2Cor.5:20). This is because the sealed anointed are one with God's spirit, as Jesus is (John17:21,22,23; 1Cor.3:16; Rev.1:4,16,20; 2:1; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6; Isa.11:2; Col.2:3) (Eph.1:17; Luke21:15; 1Cor.1:30,24; 2:16; 1John4:13).

So can you see, that when Adam and Eve heard the voice of God in the midst of the Garden,
as His "eyes/spirit" sought to examine Adam and Eve,
that this would be embodied in the "Word" (as God's representative)???
I hope so, because although the spirit realities are sometimes hard to perceive by physical persons;
they are, none the less, the realities.
3. JW teach that it tooks years for Eve to persuade her husband to eat, why is it that God did not immediately punish Eve for eating the forbidden fruit?

Regarding your third question, I am not familiar with that doctrine. But I can show you why I believe it to be false.
The only indication of timing the Bible gives, is that the next time Eve was with Adam,
she offered him the same knowledge that she accepted from Satan (Gen.3:6)
    (Here is a link to the interlinear, which shows that at the time Adam was with Eve, she gave it to him.
This gives the impression that she offered what she had learned, as soon as she saw Adam, following her own sin.)
4. If the tree of life is Jesus, why did God post angels around the tree?

Regarding your fourth question...
The description that follows in Genesis, regarding the consequences to Adam and Eve, have a symbolic meaning.
I am not saying that these things did not happen physically, but the meaning for us is symbolic.
For example, when God said that the ground would be cursed, and only produce "thorns and thistles", this is also symbolic (Gen.3:17,18).
(see Isa.34:13; 32:13; Luke8:7,14; Matt.7:16; 2Cor.12:7; Eze.28:24; Micah7:4,6). The "curse" of the ground, is lifted for the sealed anointed (Rev.22:3; Isa.55:13; 51:3; 52:1,2) (Luke8:8,15; James1:21; 1Pet.1:23). Can you see that this is symbolic?

So let us look at Gen.3:24 from this perspective.
This is very deep, and quite a lot could be written just about the symbolism of this one verse. I will cover it briefly, and please let me know if more of a certain point is required.
"After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life." (Gen.3:24)
This is very hard to put into a nutshell, but here goes...
The "Garden of Eden" filled with "trees of every kind...good for food" is one symbol for the "mountain of God"/Zion (Gen.2:9; Eze.47:12; Isa.41:19; 27:6; Rev.22:1,2; Isa.61:3,4) (Matt.15:13; Isa.44:23; Jer.17:8; Eze.47:7,12; Prov.3:13,18). Unfaithful "Wormwood" is also referred to in this way (Eze.28:13,14,16; Rev.18:11; Eze.31:8,9,10,11; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2,11; 17:4). 
Like Eve, she also became defiled by Satan, and was also cast out.
She will be brought low, and those whom she abased, will rise (Matt.23:12; Dan.4:17; Eze.36:35)
The entrance to Eden which was closed (Gen.3:24; Rev.15:8) (Heb.4:12; Gen.3:24; Gal.3:22), re-opens to the righteous (Isa.26:2; Ps.118:19; Isa.60:11,18,21; Rev.21:12,21,25,27; 22:14,15; Eze.44:9) (1John1:1,2; 5:13,20; 4:9; John3:16; 14:21,22). So too, access opens to the tree of life (John6:57; Rev.22:14; 1John1:1,2; 5:20).

The tree of life represents God's gift of life through Christ (1John4:9; John6:57; John3:16; 5:26; 1:4; Acts3:15). That gift is also represented by the arc of the covenant, guarded by "two cherubim" (1Kings8:6; 6:27; 2Kings19:15; Ps.80:1; 99:1; Eze.10:1)
When the symbolic garden of Eden is restored, and the trees of life are accessible again,
the sanctuary is "opened", and living waters/manna/the law tablets (Heb.9:4; 2Cor.3:3), once again "flow" from the throne of God, and from the sanctuary in heaven.
(Ps.18:6,10; 80:1; Isa.37:16; Eze.10:1; Rev.11:19; 15:5; Eze.47:1; Rev.22:1,17; Heb.8:5; Jer.3:15,16,17).

So when we read that the "tree of life" was guarded by cherubim, we can hopefully perceive that this reality is prophetic and spiritual, and is still very much with us. 
It is the "two cherubim" (Rev.11:3), that determine who it is that are permitted to receive of life's provisions 
(Matt.16:19; Mark10:37,40; Zech.4:3; Matt.17:2,3,11; Isa.61:4,3; Jer.1:10; 2Cor.10:4; Rev.2:26,27; Zech.4:3,14; Rev.11:4,3), 
thereby guardians of the "arc of the covenant" AND the "tree of life" (Rev.22:14; Ps.118:20; John10:9,7; Rev.21:12; 22:14; 1Cor.4:1; Luke12:42).
Not all are permitted access to the "tree of life" 
(Matt.13:11,12; 10:13,14,15; 7:6; Mark6:11; Luke10:11; Isa.29:11; Luke8:10; John6:65; 1Cor.2:10; 2Cor.4:3,4,5,6; 
Rev.22:15; 21:27; Isa.52:1 b; Joel3:17; Nahum1:15).

You see Modise...There is a "new creation", which follows exactly the original physical creation, in each of it's stages of "seven days".
These correspond to the "seven times" of purification of God's Holy Nation of 144000....
"Let there be light...a parting of the waters above and below...the sun for the light of day and the moon for night...the trees for food...the forming of the second Adam, and the forming of the second Eve from Adam's rib, through which Christ's heart was pierced.
    All of it takes on spiritual significance for the "new creation", which will inherit the original creation, which has now begun restoration through the spiritual justification.

The "angels" posted around the tree of life (empowered by a flaming sword -Rev.19:12,13,15; Heb.4:12; Jer.23:29)
are God's messengers of life and judgment (1Cor.6:2). They have many scriptural representations and appearances. Once there now existed two sets of seed... that of the woman and of Satan (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17); God set guard so that the tree of life could not be accessed and perceived, by Satan's sinning seed (Matt.11:25; 13:13-14,34-35,10-11; Gal.3:22; Rev.2:17). The tree of life in the form of Jesus Christ, was only brought into the reach of those who were deemed worthy of forgiveness by his blood (Matt.13:16; Rev.5:9-10; 1Pet.2:9).

These things are the deep things of God. At times, I am given insight into them, without knowing how I can ever explain them simply and clearly. I do not want to make it too involved, but it is hard to keep simple (Hebrews 5:9,11). I hope you can understand the reply to what you ask.
5. I have heard that the trees disappeared or were destroyed by the flood, is that true?

Your last question reflects the thinking of physical men, which is the basis for so many WT doctrines (1Cor.2:14,13).
Although all things written about the garden of Eden have a spiritual meaning for the New Creation 
(Gal.6:15,16; Rom.6:4; John1:13; 2Cor.5:16,17,18,19,20);
any original physical elements involved are long gone, and are now insignificant.
I hope my reply was satisfactory. Please follow up if you feel the need.


Friday, June 13, 2014

The Good News -- What is it? Who is it for? / 1914 ("Earth")

At Matthew 24:14, it reads:
"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

I am sure most of my readers are familiar with how this is scripture has been interpreted, due to their indoctrination by the Organization of "Jehovah's Witnesses". That doctrine, as many Watchtower doctrines, changed over time.
When I was taught about this interpretation years ago, That doctrine defined this "good news of the kingdom" as
Jesus Christ returned in kingdom power in 1914, and the "Thousand Years" of Christ's kingdom, as begun. 
("BACK in 1914, Jesus was installed as King of God’s Kingdom, and the Lord’s day began.” - w88 10/15 pp. 15-20")
(see footnote)
It was said that the reason why we still see Satan reigning over the world, is explained by his "ruling in the midst of his enemies" (Ps.110:2); but that "Jehovah's Witnesses" experience the first benefits of that reign, through their "spiritual paradise". Since then, 1914 is touted as the year Jesus began his presence with his faithful slave (Matt.24:3) which contradicts the latter part of Matt.28:20. I suppose then, that the recent preaching of "the good news of the kingdom" has shifted toward highlighting the future benefits which the Bible promises, under divine reign.
Is this really what Jesus had in mind, when he spoke of the "Good News of the Kingdom"? (Matt.24:14)

The message that Christ began his reign in 1914 does not seem to be "good news" at all, because "the whole world" is still lying "in the power of the wicked one" (1John 5:19). Christ's "kingdom power" would seem impotent, other than it's supposed advocation, favor toward, and endorsement of the Watchtower Corporation, and their assertion that all it's powerful works are manifestations of Christ's Kingdom power, through them exclusively (Matt.7:22,23,21; 24:4,5,24,25;  2Thess. 2:1,2).
When Ps.110:2 and Isa.2:3 tell us that Christ's kingdom scepter will be channeled through "Zion" (Rev.14:1) and Jerusalem (Rev.21:2), is Zion the Watchtower Corporation? Is "Zion" only the governing body of today?
Since we read that Christ's reign on Zion is with the 144000 (Rev14:1), why is it that the remnant of that group today is subjugated, censored, and dominated by non-anointed "elders"? (1Cor. 6:2-3; Rom.2:28-29; Luke 21:24; Rev.13:10; Col.2:8). Why does the WT describe Zion's members as "They do not have anymore spirit than the members of the great crowd have"? 
(1Cor. 3:16; 6:19;  1Pet. 2:5; Eph.2:20-22;  1John 2:20,27)
(The Watchtower 5/1/07 p. 31)
If the anointed do not have a special portion of holy spirit, how then does the governing bdy extend the power of Christ's kingdom scepter, distinguishing them as "Zion", and as distinct in comparison to the "great crowd"?
     [Note: The WT "great crowd" doctrine asserts that the members of this group
                  do not belong to the anointed priesthood.
                 Please know that this is not what the scriptures teach,
                 nor what I believe to be true (greatcrowd).]

  The "labor pains" (Greek of Matt.24:8; Mark 13:8); which supposedly heralded Christ's "arrival in kingdom power" (or presence/parousia) present two problems to the reasonable mind. *Would the kingdom be "born" at the start of labor pains, or at the end of them? *Would the "labor pains" take place in Satan's world (as it's mother in labor); or, is the Kingdom born from a different source in heaven? (Rev.12:1,2). This cuts to the very heart of the matter... Does the Great Tribulation take place in Satan's world, or, among the body members of Christ (Rev.12:17; 20:7-9; Luke 21:20; Rev.16:13-16; 17:14; 19:11,14; Eph.2:6;  2Cor. 10:3-5)

Also necessary to be discerned, is which kingdom Christ arrives to establish. Is it God's eternal kingdom, or his time-limited "Thousand Year" kingdom?
When did Jesus begin to be a king?...(Matt.21:5; John 1:49; 18:36,37; Luke 17:20,21; 11:20) (Eph.1:19-21; Luke 22:69; Ps.110:1-2;  1Cor. 15:25,24; Dan.2:44) (Rev.19:16; 3:21; 20:6).
(Eph.1:10; Rev.14:1)
When does Christ's limited-time kingdom begin and end?
When are the "Thousand Years", and
when does God's eternal Kingdom begin?
When we are told that Christ's last enemy, death, is "brought to nothing"
when and how does this occur?
(1Cor. 15:26; John 5:24;  1John 3:14;  1Pet. 1:23)

God's Word teaches us that a foremost purpose of Christ's "Thousand Year" kingdom, is to bring to nothing Satan's world (Ps.110:1,2; Heb.2:14; John 5:24). Another purpose, is to "gather into his storehouse, the wheat sons of the kingdom (Matt.3:12; 13:37-38,43). Each faithful one during the "thousand years", will be appointed over the belongings of Christ in the eternal Kingdom of God to come (Matt.25:23; Luke 16:11; 19:17; Dan.7:13-14,18,25,21-22,27)

As king, Christ is collecting together the kingdom administration as they are called, tested, and judged (Eph.1:9,10,11,12,13,14;  1Cor. 3:13,14;  1Pet. 1:7;  2Cor. 5:10) as to fitness to inherit God's eternal Kingdom. (Matt.25:23; Luke 16:11,12)
Both purposes began in the first century.

    Each heir of God's Kingdom must go through testing by Satan, previous to being sealed
(Luke 22:31; Mark 13:13; John 16:2; Rev.2:9,10,13,17,7,24,26,28; 6:9,11; 3:5,9,12,21,22).
Christ set the pattern in giving one's life for truth and love for God and neighbor, despite the ravages, adversity, opposition, and resistance of Satan's and his agents.
When Jesus and his faithful brothers finally, collectively, and individually cause Satan's fall (Luke 10:19; Rev.12:10,11; 17:14; 19:14,8,15; 2:26,27) (2Cor. 10:3,4,5), Christ then hands his temporary kingdom, along with it's realized purposes, over to God (1Cor. 15:25,24,28).
God then reigns forever (Dan.2:44)...through Christ, and his proven "brothers"/priest-princes (Dan.7:13,14,18,27; Heb.12:28; Rev.1:6; 11:15; Isa.14:2; 60:12; John 3:35; Matt.25:23; 24:45,46,47; Luke 16:10; Dan.4:17).

Many on-line writers have expounded upon the factual reasoning, that neither God's nor Christ's kingdom started in 1914.
The scriptures agree.
A kingdom is not finally "born" when labor begins.
The mother of the kingdom has labor pains (Rev.12:1,2), not Satan's world.
God's kingdom is not born from that demonic source (John 18:36; 17:16; Job 14:4)
The signs/"labor pains" (Mark 13:8) of Christ's presence, are seen with the "woman".
(, not with Satan's world.

Although the WT asserts that 1914 was a year the Society looked forward to with anticipation;
which expectations were affirmed with the outbreak of W.W.I;
we find positive proof that the WT re-wrote it's own history regarding these "prophetic insights",
if one actually reads their original publications.

Some have commented on this.
(see following quote from as follows:
invisible return of Christ; Original position of the Watchtower. Then Charles Taze Russell predicted the Rapture in 1910, followed by End of the World in 1914--later interpreted as invisible return of Christ.
was one of the more important estimates of the start of the war of Armageddon by the Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). They computed 1914 from prophecy in the book of Daniel, Chapter 4. The writings referred to "seven times". The WTS interpreted each "time" as equal to 360 days, giving a total of 2520 days. This was further interpreted as representing 2520 years, measured from the starting date of 607 BCE. This gave 1914 as the target date.
Charles Russell, after being exposed to the teachings of William Miller, founded his own organization - the Jehovah's Witnesses. In 1914 Russell predicted the return of Jesus Christ.
1914, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975
JW’s: Here are other dates that the Watchtower Society predicted. 1975 looked likely as it was computed as the 6000th anniversary of the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden in 4026 BCE. They interpreted Psalms 90:10 as defining the length of a generation to be 80 years. Since 1914 plus 80 equals 1994, they predicted Armageddon would occur around that year. The latest estimate was 6000 years after the creation of Eve, for which no date can be determined with any accuracy.
End of World; Charles T. Russel, Jehovah's Witnesses; later explained that Michael (ie Jesus) had defeated Satan in heaven
Jesus invisible and quiet return to the Earth. (Jehovah's Witnesses, Book: This Means Everlasting Life, page 221) "So A.D. 1914 marks the time of Christ's invisible return in spirit." Explained after they said he would return visibly in 1914

Since this "1914" interpretation is not scriptural and is not correct;

.......What then, is the "Good News of the Kingdom"?
and...When did the preaching of it begin?

This "good news" is not new (Matt.4:23; 3:2; 11:5; Mark 1:14; Acts 20:25; 28:23,31; Luke 2:10,14)
Take note how far (according to scriptural thinking) that message was declared....
Rom.10:18; 1:8; Acts 17:6; Col.1:6,23;  1Thess. 1:8.
Yet ask yourself...
was that message literally proclaimed to every nation of the whole world at that time?
It was declared amid the entirety of God's nationmade up of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues
(Rev.5:9,10; Acts 10:34,35; 15:14; 13:47; Isa.49:6; Matt.10:6,7,23).

When Jesus foretold the last sign to occur before the end, (Matt.24:14)
what audience did he have in mind when he said this message would be "declared "in all the inhabited earth"?
Please examine the following scriptural thoughts to form a scriptural basis for your conclusion.

At Rev.3:10, Jesus told us...
"Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from
         (to be kept from failure -1Pet. 5:10)
 the hour of trial that is going to come on 
the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth."
The words in bold literally read,
"the whole filled home/land, to test those dwelling in the whole filled home/land". 
Both words used to translate this term (world, earth) are the same word in the Greek words originally written. Yet translations give two different translations of this same word (world, earth). In actuality, the original word simply means, "occupied home/filled homeland".
Here are other examples, which fulfillment occurred only to God's own Nation/Land....
(Jer.1:18; 25:29,30,31,32,33,34; Micah 4:11,13; 3:8)
    Neither the Greek word for "world" nor "planet earth" were originally written in Matt.24:14 or Rev.3:10.
Therefore, that "hour of trial" which is equated with the Great Tribulation, is not promoted by scripture, to include the whole world and all it's inhabitants. Neither is the final proclamation of the "Good News".
Please consider...
Why would Satan test those whom he already owns, who are already under his power of sin and death? (1John 5:19).
Scripture tells us that the sifting tribulation is for the "wheat"...those who are slated to take Satan's dominion from him, by replacing him as heirs of God's creation.
(Luke 22:31;  2Tim. 3:12; John 16:20,21,22; Rev.9:6; 12:17; 2:10)

If you have not already done so,
you may want to consider (
The scriptures contained explain how the "signs" of the Great Tribulation will come in upon the "invited" and "called" candidates to inherit God's Kingdom, primarily (Rev.9:4; 7:3).
That scriptural explanation also makes clear, that the "signs" of the end,
which signal the presence of Christ (and his inspection of his final remnant of slaves), are to be understood spiritually, as occurring among the wheat...
...Spiritual "labor pains" amidst the "woman" (Gal.4:19; Eph.4:13; Rev.12:5)....
not physically, within Satan's world!

The implications of this information, is that the physical and historical signs to which the WT point as validation for their divine favor;
are a blasphemous counterfeit fulfillment of the genuine sign of Christ's return.
This would mean that WWI, and the "Spanish Influenza" are not a part of the "signs"/"labor pains", to which Jesus pointed.
Deducing then, that 1914 was the invisible return of Christ and the birth of his kingdom,
is a baseless conclusion.
Those counterfeit signs do not indicate the appointment of the tested, proven, chosen, and approved "faithful slave" over all Christ's Kingdom belongings upon Mount Zion.
The counterfeit tribulations of Satan's world, do not sanction the hoards of non-anointed belonging to the WT, to be the chosen vessels of God's final proclamation of "good news" 
(Mal.2:4; 3:1; Zech.4:9,11,14; Rev.14:6,7;  1Pet. 2:9; Isa.43:21,10; Rev.11:3,4).

One of the signs Jesus mentioned as indicating the nearness of God's Kingdom, is found in our original cited scripture. (Matt.24:14)
What does the original Greek read? does NOT say "world" (Greek--"Cosmos"), despite current translations.
Rather, we find the same word as Rev.3:10...
(Interlinear Link)
"filled home/inhabited homeland".
(John 14:23;  2Cor. 6:16; Eph.3:17; Rev.21:3; Phil.3:20;  1Cor. 3:9; Luke 8:8,15)
Yet we do see the fact that this message will be preached within the filled "all the Nations".
Does this mean that in a literal way....every person in every nation will hear this "good news of the Kingdom"?
Consider other Bible references to "all the Nations", to see who God may be referring to...

"And people of all nations will call you blessed, for you will be a land/earth, of delight". (Mal.3:12)

"Their descendants will be known among the nations and their offspring among the peoples.
  All who see them will acknowledge that they are a people the LORD has blessed." (Isa.61:9)

"And they sang a new song, saying:
'You are worthy to take the scroll
    and to open its seals,
because you were slain,
    and with your blood you purchased for God
    persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.
You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God,
    and they will reign on the earth.” (Rev.5:9,10)

"No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations." (Gen.17:5; also Rom.4:18)
As Rev.5:10 showed us, the "kingdom and priests" are from many nations (Rev.5:9; Acts 10:34-35) and yet are all considered children of Abraham (Gal.3:29; Rom.2:28,29)
About them we read;
"In your seed all nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice." (Gen.22:18)

Let's look closer at that last scripture.
There is says that "all the nations" will be blessed by Abraham's seed 
(Gen.22:18; 17:4-5).
Does this mean that all people from all nations will be blessed (and healed -Rev.22:2)?
Is this the whole world?
(See Matt.13:15; Isa.6:10; 27:11; John 12:40; Isa.29:10; 44:18;  2Thess. 2:11,12,10)
This healing is only for those who repent and return to God 
(Jer.3:22; Eze.33:11; Acts 28:27; Luke 2:10,14; Matt.13:15).
[Review scriptures: Gen.22:18; Rev.22:2; Matt.24:14; Isa.49:5-6; Matt.22:9-10]

"All the nations" being blessed is conditional (Acts 10:34,35; John 3:18), 
and that blessing will not be for all the world,
nor not even for all those who consider themselves God's people.
(Matt.7:23;  1John 2:17;  1Thess. 1:8,9;  1Chron. 28:9; Isa.1:28; Jer.10:25; 25:29; Rev.11:18).
"All the nations" who are blessed, are only those from among all the nations, whom God chooses to redeem (Rev.5:9,10;  1Pet. 2:10,2) along with those who "receive" them (Matt.10:40,41,42;  1Cor. 6:2; John 20:23). This translation agrees with the Greek words originally written, which translate as a group comprised of  "people FROM/OF all nations".

In the time of the end, "all the earth"/"filled home"/"occupied land" (consisting of a people from all nations), are worshiping an Image (Rev.13:8,15,14; 19:20;  1Kings 9:6,7,8,9) 
Only those who "return to God" will be blessed, and healed of their backsliding idolatry 
(Jer.4:1,2 --"then the nations will invoke blessing");
Isa.44:22; Jer.3:22; 30:17; Hosea 6:1; 14:1,2,3,4,5; Ps.92:12; 133:3; Isa.26:19; 27:6; Micah 5:7
(OR, if they do not repent-- Eze.33:11; Jer.18:15,16; Rev.9:20; 2:5,16,21,22; 18:19,20).
    Gen.22:18 clearly applies to the repentant who accept Abraham's sealed seed....not to all people of all nations. (Gen.12:3; Gal.3:8; Luke 10:16; Gal.3:29)
Then we should reconsider how the scriptures themselves, use the term "occupied homeland", which is often mis-translated "world"/"earth". There are Greek and Hebrew words for "world" and "earth", but the Bible's writers did not use them when they originally wrote these verses in Hebrew and Greek. They used instead, the word that means basically, "homeland inhabitants" (LINK).

We are told that the good news of the kingdom, is declared "earth-wide". Jesus compared that span of his genuine arrival, to the light flashed forth by lightening (Matt.24:27-28). Such spiritual light originates with God (Ps.36:9; James 1:17) and Christ (John 8:12). Those who are messengers of that light (Matt.5:14; 6:22; 10:40) have the tongue of the taught ones (Isa.50:4). Their voice (trumpet -Isa.58:1) "goes out into all the earth" (Ps.19:3-4; Rev.14:6). The light they emit, means life (John 17:3; John 1:4; 8:12).... good news to those who accept it!

Now, let's get to what this has to do with Matt.24:14.
Note in Isa.44:22 that God's blessing is only possible, partly because the repentant of God's nation, have been redeemed. (Rev.14:3)
Such a message of redemption and liberation for the responsive and repentant, would certainly be, "good news".
In fact, the scriptures themselves point to this,
as being the everlasting "good news" of the kingdom (Rev.14:6), which Jesus foretold as being declared in "all the earth/land/filled home" as a witness to them.
(Isa.41:27; 44:21,22,23; Matt.24:14; Jer.31:10,11; Mal.3:6; Jer.50:34; Matt.24:31; Zech.9:16; Isa.62:3,2; 43:1,5,10; 48:20; 49:24,25; 51:11; 52:9,10,11; 44:23; Rev.12:11,12; 18:20; Mal.3:17; Eph.1:3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) (Matt.24:14; 10:23; Isa.48:20; Rev.18:4; (*Matt.10:23 --*note: "towns of Israel") (Rev.1:11)
At 2Cor.5:17-20 (John1:11-12; Rom.9:2-3) Paul spoke of the gospel as an appeal to become reconciled to God (Jer.4:1; Zech.1:3; Neh.1:9; Mal.3:7). "Reconciliation" is a returning to God. That is to return to a God that you previously were close to. That is the good news of restoring the relationship between God and His people. That offering of regaining peace with God through repentance, has always been the good news (2Cor.5:19NIV ).
    During the Great Tribulation; All God's people are taken captive to demonic deception through the false prophet and its Gentile Beast (Col.2:8; Luke21:24; Rev.13:10; 16:13-14; 1Tim.4:1; Matt.24:24-25). The image of the Beast is then idolized (Rev.13:7-8). During that time, even the anointed are thrown down, along with divine truth which they are responsible to declare (Phil.2:15; Rev.12:4; Luke21:24; Dan.8:10-13; 11:16,31; 12:7; Mark13:14; 2Thess.2:4).

From the forgoing scriptures, you may have noticed two things,
in which, based upon the scriptures....
1. The "Good News of the Kingdom",
    is not some announcement about 1914 and the invisible return or presence of Christ,
    based upon demonic counterfeit signs in Satan's own world over which he controls.
    (Mark 13:22; Rev.13:14; 19:20; 2:20; 16:14,15;  2Thess. 2:9,1,2,3; Isa.32:6,7;
     Ps.2:1,2,3; Jer.5:5; Ps.2:2; Rev.17:14; 16:16; 20:8,9; 11:5).
    That counterfeit arrival of 1914 is actually in opposition to the genuine kingdom,
    by refusing to yield to the authentic arrival of the Master and his messengers (Rev.3:3).
2. Being declared to "all nations", is not literal, nor
    everyone in the entire world. (Luke 4:18; Rev13:10; Jer.31:11; Isa.48:20)
    It is, as the original language states, declared in all the "inhabited/filled,
    earth/occupied homeland" / "towns of Israel".
        Jesus has told us about who this "homeland" is...
(1Cor. 3:9; John 14:23; Rom.8:9;  2Cor. 6:16; Eph.3:17;  1John 2:24; Rev.21:3; 3:20; 
John 14:2,3; Eph.2:10; Heb.11:10; 12:22,23; Isa.24:3-4; Ps.105:10).
He also told us who receives that final witness...
(Matt.10:23; Rev.1:11; Gal.6:15,16; Heb.4:12)
2Cor. 4:3 reads;
"If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing."
(also  2Tim. 3:7,5; Isa.6:9; 29:10; Rom.11:8;  2Thess. 2:4,10; (1Cor. 3:16);  2Thess 2:13; Rev.14:4; Eph.1:12,11)
The Good News of the Kingdom, is for those few repentant among God's nation, who are being saved by means of redemption.
(1Cor. 1:18;  2Cor. 2:15,16; John 9:39; Luke 18:26; 13:23,24; Matt.7:14; 24:37,21,22;  1Pet. 3:20).
The Good News, is that of the many invited to the marriage feast, there is an opportunity for the "few chosen" to comprehend it 
(Matt.22:14; 13:10-11; Rev.19:9; 22:17; Matt.22:8-10) 
(Rom.9:27; Isa.10:22; Jer.44:14; Joel 2:32; Mal.3:1,2,3; Zech.13:9; Isa.48:10; Dan.11:35; 12:10; Hosea 2:23; Eze.17:22,24; Zech.4:10,8,9; 1:16; Rev.11:1,2; 21:15;  1Cor. 3:13) (due to their repentance and refinement) find redemption....and be reconciled to God.
2Cor. 5:11-21 reads;
"11 Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade others. What we are is plain to God, and I hope it is also plain to your conscience. 12 We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us, so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than in what is in the heart.
13 If we are “out of our mind,” as some say, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. 14 For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 15 And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.
16 So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
18 All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19 that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. 20 We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. 21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."


Part Two will describe why this message (Good news of kingdom/redemption) must be trumpeted just before the end (Matt.24:14; Isa.49:24,25),
The Good News--Why?
and Part Three will explain why the time for this declaration, is NOW,
and how you can share in giving it.
The Good News--When?
For now, please pray about giving all you can to this task, no matter where in the world you may live.

FOOTNOTE: Quotes from other sources are made under the Fair Use Provision for educational purposes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

" Jezebel "

Theocratic Warfare is well underway.
The (Wild Beast -W.T.B.T.S.)  is launching a Global Campaign to direct people to it's own website. This may not have the desired effect they wish.
This Wild Beast (along with the "Ten Kings"- the anointed who side with the Organization) are about to turn on the Governing Body "Harlot" that is "riding" it.
        (Want to see who these "Kings" are? "The Kings of the Earth")

This Harlot (the GB) has painted "herself" into a corner with their inconsistent and conflicting doctrines printed in the literature throughout the years and especially recently.  They say "the light gets brighter", as a way to mask over their faults (2Kings9:30).
Eze.13:12, 11, 10; Isa.28:17; Jer.25:28-29

However, the truth never changes. If it has to be changed, then it was never "truth"...and thus it was never Light. Truth does not change. God is truth and light...with Him there is no darkness at all, and He has no need to make corrections/changes, to His Truth. (1 John 1:5) (James 1:17) (Romans 3:4)
 The only way out for this harlot "Jezebel",
    is down... through the window.

810bd648-2729-4932-bbe2-336a95865a97.jpg (270×202)

This Organization with it's overseer GB, have written their own epitaph at one of their own websites,
as follows:                      
      "Do you also believe that Bible prophecies point to our time as “the last days” of .... Jezebel continued her campaign of persecuting Jehovah's servants. ... The officials let Jezebel drop to the street below, where she was trampled by Jehu's horses".

Only Satan knows what she has up her sleeve now, by her referring to Jezebel and applying it to today.
JW doctrine promotes those who have apostatized from them, as those having the spirit of Jezebel.
Is this today's truthful interpretation?
The Bible's account of 2 Kings reads:
 (2 Kings 9:30, 32, 33, 35, 36)  
    "When Jehu arrived in Jezreel, Jezebel heard about it. She put on eye shadow, fixed her hair, and looked out of a second-story window...Looking up at the window, he asked, 'Is anyone on my side? Anyone?' Then two or three eunuchs looked out at him...He said, 'Throw her down.' They threw her down, and some of her blood splattered on the wall and the horses. The horses trampled her...They went to bury her, but they found nothing more of her than the skull and the feet and the palms of her hands....So they went back and told him, and he said, 'This fulfills the LORD's word that He spoke through His servant Elijah the Tishbite: "In the plot of land at Jezreel, the dogs will eat Jezebel's flesh." ' ".
Jesus points our attention today, to this account for good reason.
"Notwithstanding I have a few things against you, because you tolerate that woman Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols."

Let's get a sharper image of Jezebel today, according to Christ's description.

The first thing Jesus tells us about "her" is that Christ's slaves tolerate her (2Cor.11:19, 20, 4).
The "ruling" Governing Body of the JW organizaton has never "tolerated" so-called apostates...just ask anyone who has been beaten by this "Wicked Steward"...losing mates, parents, and children through disfellowshipping.
The GB may deny being a "prophet", but the realities of their actions are read and conveyed accurately by God's word.
88f.gif (640×959)   
    2j3id00.jpg (320×255)

(Micah3:5; Eze.13:10,11,12,15,16; 1Thess.5:3)

Remember Deut. 18:22?
 "If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him."
If someone makes a false prophecy, and they have claimed to be a prophet of God, then they are false prophets and are not to be listened to (Matt.24:4,5,24,25).
Do the Witnesses claim to be the prophet of God? Yes, they do.

In 1972 the Jehovah's Witness Watchtower claimed (quote below)
to be the prophet of God, as follows:

"IDENTIFYING THE "PROPHET" -- "So does Jehovah have a prophet to help them, to warn them of dangers and to declare things to come? These questions can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet?...This "prophet" was not one man, but was a body of men and women. It was the small group of footstep followers of Jesus Christ, known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah's Christian Witnesses...Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a 'prophet' of God. It is another thing to prove it," (Watchtower, Apr. 1, 1972, p. 197).

 (Rev.13:5,6,7; 2Thess.2:4)

Next, we are told that this "Jezebel" misleads God's chosen slaves (Rev.2:20) (Rev.7:3; 14:1) "to commit (spiritual) fornication" (2Cor.11:2,3,4; 1Cor.6:15,16).
The "harlot" entices the Gentiles and also God's slaves
          (by means of her "wine" -Jer.2:21; Deut.32:32; Rev.14:8; Jer.51:7,8)
to commit spiritual fornication with her (Rev.17:2; Isa.1:21; Jer.2:21,20; 13:27),
as does that same "false prophet" encourage that same idolatry (Rev.13:12,7; 19:20).
  No one is permitted to "buy and sell" spiritual provisions, without the sanction of the beasts
          (Two Beasts -Rev.13:1,11)
(Rev.13:17; 3:18; 21:6; 22:17; Isa.55:2,1).
Spiritual fornication is demanded by the lamb-like false prophet (Rev.13:11,15,17).
Under penalty of "death", the doctrines of the Wild Beast must be law (Rev.13:16) rather than the Word of God (Deut.6:6,8).
The remnant submits (Rev.13:7; 11:2; 9:10)...
"tolerating that woman Jezebel".

Next Jesus tells us, that this ruling Jezebel causes God's chosen slaves to "eat things sacrificed to idols". Revelation's idol is evident (Rev.13:14,15).
The compromise of the remnant (Rev.13:7,8) causes them to accept the intimidating directives of the false prophet, including partaking of it's lying spiritual provisions
(Rev.16:13,14,15; 2Pet.2:1; Matt.7:15,20; 24:26,27,28; 2Tim.3:13; 1Tim.4:1; 1John4:1).
It's teachings are sacrifices to the Wild Beast feed it's image with power, authority, and strength. For a time, those invited yet unsealed, "eat" and swallow these false doctrines/deep things of Satan (Rev.2:24). Yet the faithful of heart, are not drowned by them (Rev.12:15,14; Isa.43:1,2,3; Rev.12:16).
Link:("Earth Swallows Satan's River")

Judge for yourself whether "apostates" are causing all God's chosen to do these things,
whether they truly have control over a world-wide "beast" Organization to enforce their decrees...
(Dan.11:31; Jer.7:30; 19:4; Dan.11:38-39,10,22; 8:11; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.13:15; 19:20; 17:6,3; 11:7)
    LINKS:(Great-Trib.-Why?) Matt.24:15 >(Abomination-of-Desolation)
and if they possess the span of power the scriptures convey, regarding "Jezebel" (Rev.13:8; 19:20).

What happened to the ancient "Jezebel"?
(2Kings9:35,36; Isa.56:11; Jer.4:30; 15:3; Prov.6:25-26; Eze.23:35,37-41,45,29-30; Rev.17:1-2,6,12,16-17)              
("Who are the Dogs?")
What is it that (Revelation 17:12-13, 16) says?
Oh yes...the Beast organization and it's ten kings, will hate this ruling "Harlot" Queen... and will eat up her "flesh".
(Gal.5:17; Rom.8:7; Hosea 4:8)
The only remaining testimony of her, will be her skull, hands, and feet (2Kings9:35)....
...the scheming of her mind, her filthy deeds, and her crooked path.
(Rev.19:3; Micah 2:1; Eze.11:2,3,4; Isa.1:15; Rev.17:6; Rom.3:15; Prov.6:18; 5:3,4,5,6,7,8,9,21; Isa.59:7; Deut.32:35)

         Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Parsin.
 (Daniel 5:25,26,27,28; Isa.28:19,20,21; Num.16:29,30; Rev.19:20; 20:14)


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Discerning the "Body"

I thought this comment would be beneficial to post.

Hello Pearl,

This article gives immense information for me; just at the right time. But there are two conflicting thoughts I hope that you can help me understand.
In this article you said: All are given Holy Spirit, but the capacity and assignment of each differs, so the gift of spirit differs. Even those of the body do not discern this divine arrangement presently.

And in the article link on Prophets Within Christ’s Body – in a comment at the bottom - you said: Symbolically, he was asking them to take their own "piece", and "eat it" (accept your place in the body).
This would include not coveting the piece Christ handed someone else. I believe this is why "discerning the body" and one's place within it, is necessary to partake worthily, and avoid entering into judgment.

Accepting the arrangement of the body is not the difficult thing; it is the fear of partaking unworthily for the first time this year without discerning clearly my own place within it.

My prayers and love as always are with you today.

My reply:

Discerning the body is the realization that each has it's place, including one's self.
One's place is discerned over time.
The important discernment is not immediate clarity concerning ones own place;
but an immediate clarity that we should not work against the place of another,
due to assuming that each part is the same, and that all the pieces belong to us as well.
We CAN accept our place, even before we discern it.

Let me illustrate.
Imagine that there is a children's party, in which each child is to receive a party gift, a favor.
All the little gifts are wrapped and piled upon a table. Some gifts are larger and some smaller.
There is the unassuming child that waits to be handed whatever will belong to him,
and there is the child that assumes that he deserves all the gifts, especially the larger ones,
simply because he wants them.
Such a child may even steal a few before they are officially handed out,
and rip them open in secret.
When discovered, certainly that child will not be chosen to receive the better gifts.
He may even be sent home.
Although the mild and humble child may not yet know what is inside the wrapping,
he has already accepted that the other gifts are not for himself, because he discerns that they will be
distributed as the owner of them wishes,
and the time will come for him to possess what is meant for him.
With this, he is not only satisfied, but grateful.
Upon being observed by the host,
this child is likely to receive a greater gift.

Jesus also illustrated this point...
"7 When he noticed how the guests picked the places of honor at the table, he told them this parable: 8 “When someone invites you to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor, for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited. 9 If so, the host who invited both of you will come and say to you, ‘Give this person your seat.’ Then, humiliated, you will have to take the least important place. 10 But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, ‘Friend, move up to a better place.’ Then you will be honored in the presence of all the other guests. 11 For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Luke 14:7-11)

It is not that the man knew which seat would be his.
In time, he would.
It was due to the nature of his humble heart, that he played it safe
by taking the "lowest place" (Rom.12:10; John 13:13,14,15,16,17)
This showed respect for the places of others, as well as respect for the choosing of his host (Rom.9:20,21).

Once he was assigned his designated seat, he saw it clearly, and accepted it
(Gal.6:4,5;  1Cor. 3:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15; 4:5; Luke 14:10; Prov.25:6,7; Rev.11:12; 4:1)
Those shown honor by being given more insight and understanding (Rev.4:1; Amos 3:7; Eph.2:20; James 4:6),
will have a heavier load to carry
(Matt.13:12; Luke 12:47,48,42; John 21:17; Isa.58:10; Ps.37:6; Isa.60:1,2; Zech.14:7; Rev.22:5)
After seated in one's place, a humble service to others would continue,
within whatever place he was assigned
(Gal.5:13;  1Pet. 4:10; Eph.4:11,12; 1:22,23;  1Cor. 4:1,2,7; 12:6,7; Rom.12:5; 14:19; 15:2;  2Cor. 13:11)

If we do not display this kind of humbled love for fellow members of the Body,
we risk being thrown out completely (Matt.22:11,12,13,14; Col.3:14,15,16,17)

I hope this clarifies the realities for you.
If not, please just follow up.
With great affection,


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