Friday, November 30, 2012

"Generation" / "Seed" / "signify" by means of signs


The anointed "seed" is all one "generation" (Matt.24:34). They are all spirit generated, no matter what calendar year they were born in.
The same is true of Satan's "seed" (Phil.2:15). Both seed have been present since Cain and Abel (1John3:12,10; John8:44; 2Thess.2:3; Rev.9:11).
These "seed" span throughout time. Yet each one lives only during their own lifetime. matter when they live, have a limited lifetime to prove faithful.

Most of the events which are described symbolically in Revelation,
come upon all members of that righteous "generation".
All must endure the seven times of Satan's "Gentile" rule, through which all invited ones
must be tested and prove faithful to death, in order to receive their white robe/seal.

Yet that scroll of Revelation includes, not only the commonality of experience that
all New Covenant anointed suffer at Satan's hand (Luke22:31; Gen3:15; Eph.6:12),
it also includes the culmination and decisive end of the "enmity", between
agents of Satan and agents of God (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17,10; 20:10,14, 11:18; Rev.16:16).

Most of the events in Revelation are not exclusive to any chronological age of Chosen ones....
Yet some of the events are unique to the "remaining ones". This is why those anointed who experience the Great Tribulation,
are singled out and given special mention (Rev.7:14). That remnant experience the conclusion of the age,
also during which the "Gentiles" trample those in Covenant with God (Rev.11:1,2), ("the woman's seed"). This is also the period when that Gentile power of Satan, falls for the last time (Dan.2:35; 7:18).

Rev.1:3 reads, "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near."

This means that THOSE WHO HEAR (meaning those who understand and are in the situation where they are able to identify and obey), are in the period in which the end "is near". The unfaithful, will not be able to "hear"/understand (John8:43; Dan.12:9,10; Mark4:12)

Not all ages of anointed are present when Satan is released from the abyss (Rev.20:7,8; 12:3,4,7,8,9,10,11,15,16,17; 16:13,14,15,16; 17:14). Not all ages of anointed fully understand and see around them, the full conclusion of our world, as described in Revelation. (Dan.12:9,10; Rev.1:3)
This is not speaking to the literal, physical 7 congregations existing in one lifetime. 
Remember the meaning of "7" (Rev.5:6), as well as what the "angels" of "the seven congregations" actually mean (Rev.1:12,13,16,20).

The phrases "must soon take place" and "the time is near" do not apply according to the experience of physical men (1Cor.2:14).
This is not something you can mark on a calendar, so to speak. 
This speaks to a spirit-educated frame of mind (1Cor.2:10; 1John2:20,27; John14:26), it's goals, an understanding of priorities, faith, and certainty (Col.1:3,4,5,6; Phil.3:13,14,15; 1Tim.6:19).
This is a language of spirit (please see 1Cor.2:13). (Verses6-16 are also helpful).

Those not viewing things according to the knowledge of spirit given exclusively to the faithful anointed (1John2:20,27), will not be able to discern these things (Luke8:10).
If others are overconfident enough to circumvent God's expressed feeding arrangement (John15:5; 21:17; Matt.24:45,46,47; 5:14,15,16; John4:14,24), they will mislead themselves.

The descriptive "chronology" is given us in Revelation, not so that we can calculate defined calendar years,
but so that the anointed are taught details of their situation, and what responsibilities and requirements still lie before thembefore they fully accomplish God's will for them (John4:34; 1John2:17; John15:14).
It is a message that wakens those walking by spirit (Rom.8:14) into a sharp understanding of the spirit realm, which they have already experienced a token of when anointed (2Cor.1:22).
That spirit realm is not translatable into the physical, except through symbolism. It is this chasm between physical realities and spiritual realities, which is what you seem to have difficulty grasping...
especially when it comes to "time" symbolism.

The "literal circumstance" you regard as unique to "first century disciples", represents spiritual realities which all anointed experience, who hope to become sealed (Rom.6:3; 8:17; 1Pet.5:9; Acts14:22). Remember that Revelation is written in symbols (Rev.1:1), to those who understand "spiritual words" (parables).
You will not see the reality of these circumstances today, unless you begin to view things spiritually....because it is in a spiritual sense that the present day fulfillment is taking place... not through the "literal circumstances" of the parable of Revelation. (Mark4:34; Rev.1:1; Matt.13:10,11,12,13)
When Rev.6:11 says,
"Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.".........can you see that in order to complete the full number of 144000, the last of them also need to suffer and be slaughtered?
Like the rest of Revelation, the "killing" is a symbol (Rev.6:9; 11:7; 12:11; 14:13; 20:4; John16:2; Isa.66:5; 2Chron.13:9; Luke6:22; Matt24:9; Rev.11:9,10)

When you say, "One more important fact is those brothers back then did not have to do research to figure out what the imagery meant, as we today have to do."...
it is clear that you do not understand the difference between human knowledge, 
and the superior education by holy spirit, 
with which no research is necessary (John8:26; 12:49,50; Matt.10:27,20).

Regarding having a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other....
do not forget that anything which takes place in the world, is totally under the control of, and sourced with, Satan (1John5:19).
If you see any correlation between worldly events and the Bible, it is for the purpose of deception....
a red herring distraction to mislead....
NOT a truthful fulfillment of prophecy (

May our Father in heaven bless you in your search for truth and life,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Table


I came across scripture Exo.19:6 today, and Luke13:28; Matt8:11; Col.1:13.... "The kingdom of the heavens righteous is to enter" the rest who are wicked are found outside... "Outside are dogs". Abraham ever since been an alien resident and also his descendants to our day waiting for something greater.... Does Abraham have that hope in heaven??? The scripture says he will recline at the table....

The Conversation:

"Reclining at the table" means that they will be resurrected to partake of perfect spiritual truth along with everyone else that is welcomed into the "kingdom"....which is the spiritual provisions channeled through New Jerusalem.

Does that have anything to do with when Jesus Christ promised "I will no longer drink this product of the vine" Luke 22:18 Mark 14:25 Matt. 26:29?

The "dogs" outside are the ones Jesus mentioned at Matt.7:6. Dogs and pigs eat any spiritistic food (1Tim.4:1). They are not picky (Heb.5:14).
"The product of the vine" is perfect Truth (Matt.26:29). Jesus is the vine (John15:5), the anointed's hearts, are the branches. The "product" of these are the grapes and wine that is made of them. The "product"/wine....are the teachings coming from the heart, through the mouths of the faithful priests (Matt.12:34,35,36,37,33; Heb.13:15). The faithful produce these sayings of truth. The apostate anointed produce from a "foreign vine" ...that is, Satan. These produce lies (see Jer.2:21; 11:17; Psalm 80:8; Isa.5:2,4; Deut.32:32,33,34)

This is why God's end time "Nation" will be thrown into the *wine press* of his anger and wrath....because they have left him for Satan and his lies, in order to worship the Idol of the Organization, and it's representatives (Rev.14:18,19,20; Rev.13:14,8; 2Thess.2:4).

Jesus knew once he left earth (at Matt.26:29; John12:35,36) that he and they, would no longer partake of perfect truth on earth, until he and his brothers were in the Kingdom (1Cor.13:10). This truthful, perfect Kingdom "wine", would begin with the "two witnesses" (Rev.11:3,4). It is "new wine" teachings and understandings (Mark 2:22; Rev.5:1,2,6,7; 10:2,8; 20:12), because it is the truth...which in the time of the end, is new (Rev.12:9,15; 13:14; 17:2; 20:3; 19:20; 16:13,14; 2Thess.2:8,9,10,11) (Rev.11:3; 9:17,16)

Yet those ruling God's people...would forbid partaking of this emerging "wine" (see Rev.6:6). They would oversee all such "buying and selling" of spiritual provisions (Rev.6:6; Rev.13:17). God decrees that this plague be allowed to go out upon his wayward people (Rev.6:1,2,6; Amos 5:17; 8:11; Jer.12:13; Hosea 8:7; Matt.21:12,13; Jer.7:11) while he feeds the repentant for free (Isa.55:1,2; 1:19; 10:27; 25:6; 62:8; Jer.31:14; Rev.22:17; 7:17; 21:6; Isa.55:1; John8:32).
("Olive oil" symbolizes Holy Spirit  --Rev.6:6; Ps.45:7. This too, the wicked leaders forbid partaking of. Rev.13:17)

Jesus "treading down" the "grapes", is when he wars against those false teachings and all who teach them. (Isa.63:2,3; Rev.19:11,14,15,16). At first, he must do this alone (Isa.50:2; 63:3; Rom.3:10; Rev.3:2), because all anointed in the time of the end have been mislead into worshiping the Wild Beast (Isa.59:4,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21; Rev.12:9; 13:7,9).
These must be released from Satan's lies (Rev.12:15; 9:14; John8:44) before they can ride forth for truth.

In order for Holy Spirit to do this liberating rescue for them (Hos.1:7; Zech.4:6; Isa.11:2; Dan.2:34; Hag.2:21,4), they must repent in sackcloth (Rev.11:3; Joel 1:13; Dan.12:11; 8:13,14). This is why they are saved...not by their works only (Rev.19:8) but also by "the blood of the lamb" (Rev.12:11) who must atone for these sins of theirs.
They need to repent, turn around, and have their sins atoned for in order to be cleansed vessels for truth (Isa.43:25; 44:22; 59:20; Acts3:19; 2Cor.6:17; Mal.3:3; Titus 2:14; Rev.1:5,6) so that they can "carry" and channel the final witness of truth (Rev.11:4; Zech.4:9,11,12,14; Rev11:3).
During Armageddon, these faithful light-bearers become as arrows in the quiver of the returned Christ (Isa.49:2; Ps.45:5,16; 127:3,4,5; Rev.6:2; Heb.2:13; Ps.128:3; Gal.4:26; Ps.110:3; Rev.2:28; 1Thess.5:5; 2Pet.1:19).

To read about the "dogs" you first mention,
please consider:


Monday, November 26, 2012


Due to new doctrines presently being released, I was sent a few comments similar to the one here:

Dear Pearl,
I am one of the regular readers of your blog. sorry i had to post this on here but i have a different topic in mind now. actually, its been over a month since i have been hearing about this ''New Light'' that the governing body announced during their annual meeting, on many forums online. Then just a week ago, i have confirmed the same information because it's now posted on the official site. So what do you think about this new light? Would you mind posting an article about this? A lot of jw bros and sisters i talk with think that the new light is not a 100% new light, because over the years it's understandable that the GB is the faithful and discreet slave (Steward) and that the "class" is not accurate. Is the FDS the entire anointed remnant, or not? Is the "steward" the whole 144000?
 i hope to read something from you about this. this is actually a hot topic all over the internet since it got leaked and now published on the site

My response:

Jesus well knew the climate and situation in which his final chosen ones would be immersed. His teacher was his heavenly Father (John8:28; 12:49; Matt.24:3). He prophesied many details concerning it. As we see these things being fulfilled in detail, it should guide our faith and behaviour.
Jesus appoints the "steward" within his "household" (Luke12:42; Eph.2:19; Matt.10:25,36; 1Tim.3:15; 5:8; 1Pet.4:17).
That steward can prove either faithful, or wicked (Matt.24:46,48,49; Luke12:37,45,47). If those possessing authority over the household, abuse their position and withhold the provisions of Holy Spirit (Matt.24:49; 1Cor.2:10; 12:7,8; 1John2:27,28; Matt.10:27; John16:25; Matt.25:14,22,23; Eze.34:1,2,10)....Jesus will not allow that famine to indefinitely starve his sheep (Eze.34:17,18,19,20,21,22,11,12,13,14,15,16; Isa.65:13). (Eze.34:19 -- Rev.8:10,11)
He calls other slaves to fill the need (Eze.34:23; Rev.11:3,4; John16:13; Luke12:37; Matt.10:27,40,20; John21:17).
Do not expect such faithful ones to be appointed (or even tolerated) by the unfaithful (Rom.2:29; 6:16; John16:2,4; Matt.10:16,26,28; 24:49; Gal.1:10) nor to be identified by a possession of power, riches, or prominence (1John2:15; 1Cor.4:8; 1Pet.5:6; Prov.29:23; Matt.23:12; Ec.10:6; Eze.21:25,26). In fact, the final stewards are despised and persecuted, just as Christ was (Rev.11:3,9,10; Isa.66:5; Matt.10:25). In fact, this is how those desiring to do God's will, will be able to identify the true prophets/stewards, in the time of the end (John7:17; Matt.7:20).
These are the ones providing the "proper food at the proper time" (John15:8; Ec.11:6; 2Cor.9:6,12; Luke8:11; Matt.4:4; Luke17:8,9). They must continue to do so till the end, in order to have a sound basis for continuing hope in their reward (Matt.10:22; 24:13; Rev.2:10).
All chosen slaves are "stewards of the word" (1Cor.4:1,2; Luke12:48) ...assigned to take care of what belongs to Christ (Matt.25:14; John14:6; 18:37; 1Tim.3:15; 6:20)...whether assigned to be over/ruler/"Steward" of God's anointed household....("abilities to direct/guidance/administrations"), or assigned to be a prophet, teacher, etc..
Whether the steward slave is faithful or not (1Cor.12:28) we must fulfill our own place in the body of Christ. All anointed are a part of the "one flesh" wifely "body of Christ" (1Cor.12:12,27; Rom.12:5; Col.1:18; Eph.5:23,26,27,30,31,32), and as such members, all are assigned to feed, build up, and nourish both one another (1Cor.10:17; 12:25,28; Eph.4:11,12; 1Cor.12:7; 1Pet.4:10), and the mother covenant which provides their spirit lives (Rev.12:6; 11:3; Isa.54:6; 49:14,21; 62:4; Hosea 2:19; Rev.12:1,2; Gal.4:26.24)

Abandoning  Life, Truth, Holy Covenant, and responsibility is not an option for the faithful. If other anointed (such as the present "steward") leave godly faithfulness for worldly reward; all other members of Christ's body are still responsible to be faithful. All have a collective responsibility to get the "body" fed.
All anointed should know that being faithful is the will of God and Christ, regardless of the Steward's integrity (Luke12:47). If they care for this responsibility despite the "stewards" neglect, ...they are found awake, fighting the darkness with their own lamp burning....ready to respond to the arrival and direction of the Master (Luke12:35,36,37,38,39,40,41).
Peter asks if this message is just for them...a single steward...or was this message of being found awake and "faithful"  for all anointed???
We receive our answer (Luke12:41; Mark13:37,34,35,36,37).
The call to be awake, faithful and discreet, working, shining a lamp, providing food for the household (as well as for the returning Master -- Luke17:7,8) is for ALL ANOINTED!!! (according to whatever gift was given them individually, by spirit 1Pet.4:10; 1Cor.12:4,11,18,29; Heb.2:4; Eph.4:7; Rom.12:6)
Jesus compared the workings of his anointed Congregation...his a household under the authority of the Master, Christ.
The steward is one of the slaves, chosen to rule/oversee/"direct" the dispensation of provisions gleaned through the efforts of all.
He is not to replace the other slaves, nor strip them of their divinely assigned job in Christ's body.
He is not supposed to replace the Master, nor judge and punish his fellow slaves (Matt.25:19; Rom.14:4). He is not entitled to rob the Master of his household, and steal the Master's authority and goods,
....sharing these with "confirmed drunkards" (Matt.24:49).
how do "confirmed drunkards" respond to free food and drink? They sponge it all up until there is no more to be had, and then they turn on their benefactor. Such will be the case for the wicked anointed steward who places "his" trust in an organization of spiritual Gentiles. (Rev.17:16; Jer.17:5; 2:20; 3:1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10; Eze.29:6,7; 16:30; Isa.30:1; 31:3; Hosea 2:5)
The current steward has filled the table of the returning bridegroom, with drunken vomit! (Matt.24:48,49; Isa.28:8; Rev.17:6) He has pillaged the sacrifices meant for the Master, as if they were his own. In his greed and desire for worthless associates, he has squandered the Master's provisions with no recognition of the hour.
It is time for the bridegroom to arrive (Matt.25:6)....but the Steward is preoccupied with his own interests.....destroying, defiling, wasting, and vomiting out the wedding feast provisions that the other slaves have toiled to produce.

If this is the "household" situation the remnant find themselves in, each anointed slave has two choices.....

1. Fear the beatings of the wicked steward, and so leave off working to provide the Master's  marriage feast. Any who do this...or join the Steward in his drunken revelries (Rev.18:3; Jer.48:26; 51:7,39; Rev.17:2; 16:13,14; 1Cor.6:15,16), will be severely beaten by the returned Christ (Matt.24:51; Rev.18:4; Matt.13:42; Rev.19:20; Matt.10:33; 25:41; 2Thess.2:9,10; Luke12:47).
2. Continue to work to provide food, despite the beatings of the wicked Steward; so that the returning Master is welcomed home with ready provisions to refresh him. Any who do this, will be rewarded (Luke12:37,43,44,37,40; 17:8).

There is good reason why the label of "faithful and discreet slave" has now been narrowed down to only the eight men at the top. This was a necessary step in the fulfillment of prophecy. The Beast's target is now brought into sharp focus. Now there is no doubt or confusion, as to whom the "steward" of the entire household, is! (Rev.17:16,17; 18:8; 14:8; Eze.16:37,39). They had to claim to be THE faithful and discreet slave, in order to accomplish this clear identification as the "steward" of the entire household, because Organizational doctrine has merged these two identities (FDS & Steward).

In reality, the "steward" of the household, and the whole body of "faithful slaves", are not the same thing! ALL FAITHFUL SLAVES, are responsible for (stewards) teaching truth, caring for Christ's body, and feeding all the sheep. This is not the same role as "steward" director over the anointed household.

Past doctrine defined the "wicked steward" as any apostates who questioned or criticized the GB. This doctrine served them well, and excused them beating/expelling their fellow slaves.
This interpretation is easily proven false however, since these steward-condemned "apostates" do not fill the description of being over the spiritual food being provided ALL in the anointed household. This was especially true while this doctrine was being promulgated....(which was before internet even became available).
The only "steward" determining what the entire household is fed, is the GB. Only they can fill the description of the household "ruling" steward/manager. (Luke12:42)

By presently calling themselves the exclusive "faithful and discreet slave"; they are in essence, declaring themselves to be the Steward of the Master's household. This is actually more accurate than past doctrines.
But being the "steward" and being a "faithful slave" is not exactly the same identity. The "steward" is only ONE of the slaves. All the anointed are called to be faithful with God's will for them. There are many capacities within the body of Christ....not just a "steward" over the anointed household. All are responsible to work to provide the "proper food at the proper time".

Ideally, the "steward of the household" coordinates and manages this feeding program.
If he fails, the rest are still stewards of their own assignment (1Cor.12:29) and are expected to be "faithful and discreet".

The GB fails to take into account, that as Steward over the anointed household, they do not have supreme power to prevent the other slaves from picking up the slack and proving faithful.

"He" can not prevent Christ from removing "his" position from him (Luke16:3), nor from Christ assigning a new coordinating Steward, if necessary. Faithful slaves will find a way, to render the fruits when due (Matt.21:43; Rom.11:17,18,19,20,21,22; Matt.7:19; 21:19).

Even if the wicked Steward slave continues to revel in his vomit, oblivious that his master has really arrived, has taken his position from him, and has given it to others....
he has.
(Rev.3:3; 2:5; Matt.25:28)
He may still be reveling in his sense of power and riches, but he is drunk and unaware of the ax at the door. (Luke3:9; Hab.2:16)
He has failed to discharge the indebtedness of his fellow slaves to the Master, by accepting their payments and publishing them. He has instead, demanded that the other slaves put their light under a "measuring basket" (Matt.5:15) (which is used for commerce Rev.13:17).

Let the Steward step up and take the title for himself (Luke14:8,9,10; Matt.23:12; John7:18; Isa.47:8; Rev.18:7).
The clear identity of the wicked Steward is emerging.

He is about to learn that not only is he going to lose his "drinking buddy" cohorts,
but also his position over the "Beast",
...and the approval of his Master.
(Matt.7:21,22,23; 25:11,12,13; 1John3:15; Matt25:41,42,43,44,45,46)

Do Not Delay

Follow up questions from the first post of 11/21/12

Hello Sister Pearl,
Just to bring you up to date on the latest here in Thailand. The elders had a special meeting because of all the turmoil that was created by the merger. I don't believe I told you, but the three remaining elder's were against the merger. The merge will remain until the CO gets here during the last part of December. He will hear all of our grievances and I guess he will make the final decision. So I am going to make a list and draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and list the positives and the negatives.
You wanna here something funny? I want to share it with you. I brought up the things that you wrote me. And the one elder said, you really have brought up some good scriptural references. The other elder said, you can find a lot by researching the Watchtower library, can't you. I agreed. But I said, "I didn't get this info from the library." He said, "where did you get it?"
I replied," I have a guardian angel." They both laughed. If they only knew what the real deal was.
If you can think of anything else, please let me know.
Again, thanks so much and I will always pray for you Sister Pearl.


Thank you for letting me know how things are unfolding.
All the scriptures I gave you came, not from me, but from the Bible.
This is the source that all must respect...the elders included.
It is hard during this spiritual Great Tribulation, to have the courage to take our stand for Truth, on God's side (Heb.10:39; John16:33). Like Christ, it causes us to be abandoned and despised (Isa.53:3; John16:32). But Jesus made clear that if we are not willing to make such sacrifices in imitation of him, we are not worthy of him (Matt.10:38). That is the "real deal" (2Pet.3:5,6,7; Mal.4:1; Matt.10:15). I am nothing but a voice, sent by our Creator (Amos 3:7; Num.12:6; Acts 2:17; Rev.11:3,4; 9:16,17), to warn those who have dared to label themselves by His glorious name, and then have rushed ahead to defame it (Isa.48:11; Eze.36:21,22). I sincerely hope that you awaken from the inebriation of the Harlot, and run for your life (1Cor.15:34; Rev.18:3,4; Matt.24:15,16; Luke21:21,22). We are in the day of mercy, for those of loyal heart (2Cor.6:1,2; Zeph.2:1,2,3). Remember Lot, and how the mercy of our God sent two angels to rescue him from God's cleansing extermination (Gen.19:1,12,13,15,17; Luke17:28). In his ignorant apathy, Lot hesitated from doing the very response that meant his life (Gen.19:15,16,18,22). Although the angels clearly told him of the cataclysm to occur, He delayed according to his false sense of security. It was not that he did not believe the angels (Gen.19:14). He presumed upon God's protection. He had to be taken out forcefully (Gen.19:16).
The book of Revelation confides to us that our situation today is comparable (Rev.11:8; Luke17:28). I can not physically come and grab you by the hand and remove you from the Organization, but I do hope that my words here awaken your faith in God and His promise, that those who reject His warning are sure to perish (2Pet.3:7,9,10; Eze.9:10; 7:4; 23:49; Hosea 9:7; Jer.25:30; Rev.14:19), along with all those following them who are asleep and drunk (2Pet.3:11; Prov.24:33.34; Matt.24:42; Rev.16:14,15; 17:1,2,15,18; 18:3,4,5,23). This is the "real deal" that I hope you and others will perceive, while there is yet time.



Saturday, November 24, 2012

Worship Christ?

Hi Pearl,
In the third paragraph of **this article, you wrote
"...and end up worshiping them instead of the Son of God".
I suspect this was a mistype? (Matt 6:10). If not please expound.

(**This reader is referring to the following post, located at: )


I would be happy to clarify, if I could clearly discern your question.
There are many facets of truth, even to just this one phrase.
I don't know where it is you think the "type-O" may have occurred,
nor what you think is inaccurate about it. You do not say.
If by Matt.6:10, you believe that Jesus is not to receive any worship,
but only "Jehovah" is, ...then I understand your question.

Regarding those we should worship......
Rev.5:12,13,14; Heb.1:6; Matt.28:9,17; John 9:38; 5:23
The Greek word for worship that is used in all the above verses is "proskuneo". Obviously, the NKJV chose to translate this word as worship. The New World Translation (NWT), however, chose to translate this word as "obeisance" (honor, respect, obedience) in all the above verses. What becomes interesting about the NWT, is that whenever the same Greek word, "proskuneo", is used in relation to the Father, the NWT translators, translated it as "worship", even though they rendered this same word differently in relation to Jesus. (This can be verified by looking in the Watchtower’s own Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures.) Is this a double standard? Is the NWT justified in translating this word 2 different ways... (as "obeisance" to Jesus, but as "worship" to the Father)? Does the "Watchtower" have divine authority to alter the Word of God (Jer.23:36;  2Pet. 3:16), in order to suit their own doctrines?
(1Tim. 6:20,21;  2Tim. 2:16; 3:13; Col.2:8;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:14,13,15,16; 20:8;  2Thess. 2:9; Matt.24:24,25; Rev.19:20; 13:11,15,8,7; 11:2)
When they do this, should people continue to follow them?
(Mark 7:7,13;  1John 4:1; Rom.6:16; 1:25; Matt.15:14;  2Tim. 3:5; Eze.14:10)

Yet, while we give worship to God's installed King, we are given balance in understanding that Jesus is not equal to his Father.
This does not mean that he is not due any worship.
Our balance is clarified, at
1Cor. 15:27,28:
"For “God has put all things in subjection under his feet.” But when it says, “all things are put in subjection,” it is plain that he is excepted who put all things in subjection under him. When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that God may be all in all."

This does not infer that Jesus does not receive worship....but it does make clear that it is a relative worship in comparison to what is due our Heavenly Father.

This might be illustrated with a family.
Suppose a mother sees to it (and enforces), that all in the household obey the Father.
This does NOT mean that the mother is obeyed INSTEAD of the Father, but rather,
that the mother is obeyed, because of the Father.
If the mother is disobeyed, the Father is also.
If the Father is obeyed, the mother is also.
This is how "worship" is given, both the Father and the Son, because of the Father,
and the position and authority He Himself, has given to His Son 
(Psalm 2:8; Phil.2:9,10;
John 14:6; 5:22,23

Jesus is our Heavenly Father's representative (John 14:7,9; 12:45; Col.1:15;  1John 5:20).
Yet Christ, like God, is now physically invisible (John 16:16; John 4:24;  2Cor. 5:16). He is perceived only in spirit, by those whose spirit is in union with him. (1Cor. 6:17; 12:13; John 15:4,5; 17:21,23)

Since the anointed know these things, and God's spirit of truth has been poured out upon them (1John 2:20,27),
how can the prophecy be fulfilled which states that a "man of lawlessness" takes over the anointed "Temple" and suspends their sacred service? (2Thess. 2:4;  1Cor. 3:16; Dan.11:31; 8:10-11)

Men's natural inclination is to follow and obey what they can see (1Cor. 2:14;  1Sam. 8:19,21,6,7; Rev.13:8).
This improper worship of impressive "visible" power, was prophesied for our time (Rev.13:14;  2Thess. 2:9).
The leadership and authority given to...and taken by, the "man of lawlessness" [who rules over the Chosen ones (2Thess. 2:4;  1Cor. 3:16; Eph.2:22; Rev.13:7)],
replaces the worship and subjection which is due Christ,
as the Head of his wife/body/Congregation. [(Phil.2:10; Eph.1:22; Romans14:8,9,11 (John 5:22)]

How could this happen?
How could God's Temple of anointed (1Cor. 3:16) lose their subjection to Jesus (Col.1:18; Rev.14:4;  2Cor. 11:3; Eph.5:23;  1Cor. 6:17) (Col.2:19; John 15:4-6), and transfer that subjection over to a "disgusting thing" (man of lawlessness/wild beast) "standing"/ruling, where is does not belong" (Mark 13:14; Dan.11:31;  2Chron. 23:6; Num.3:10;  2Thess. 2:4; Mark 13:14) ?

The first step, would be to teach doctrines to the Chosen Ones ("Temple"), which diminish the headship/authority/obeisance, due Christ.
How could God's chosen priests possibly accept such an idea?
Reasonably, diminishing Jesus Christ could only be done
by his lesser comparison to His heavenly Father.
Once he is diminished by this comparison (God deserves worship, Jesus doesn't), that wicked goal begins it's accomplishment.
Can you discern the advantage such a strategy would afford someone seeking to usurp Christ?

If someone then proceeded to declare themselves "Jehovah's representative", the subconscious conclusion, is that these representatives would be equal to Christ, if not above him. (John 14:6; 10:7,1,10,9)

Now what if that usurping false representative of the heavenly Father (Rev.2:2;  2Thess. 2:2,3;  1John 4:1; Matt.24:24;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:13), empowered their own representative army? (John 10:12,13; Dan.8:24; 11:31; Rev.9:1,2,3; 13:15; 19:20) (Joel 2:2; Matt.24:21-22) Then that army (of non-anointed "Gentiles") would not only have the power and false authority to replace Christ (Dan.8:11; Rev.9:7; 13:14,12,15), but it would certainly have in subjection Christ's mere ambassadors (Dan.11:15; 8:11,12,13,17; Rev.11:2).
This is exactly what has happened, hidden under cover of spiritual darkness. This is Satan's final and great machination, designed to draw away the subjection of Christ's anointed slaves, priests, and kings, to himself (2Cor. 11:3; Rev.20:10; 13:7; 16:13-16;  1Tim. 4:1; Matt.24:24,25).
The opening of the seven seals of the scroll of "Revelation", UNcovers this operation of error (2Thess. 2:8; Rev.17:14; Dan.12:4; John 16:8,12-14; Rev.10:7,11). The deception spawned by the "false prophet" (Rev.13:11; 19:20; Matt.7:15), causes the Great Tribulation/Gentile army, that sifts the final remnant (Luke 22:31; Rev.14:15-16) and concludes the harvest of wheat.

That "man of lawlessness" (Gentile army belonging to the "fallen star"/steward) did not achieve this position over those of God's anointed Temple priesthood on his own. Those who comprise this "man" were empowered by a fallen anointed identity (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2,3,7; 13:11,12,15; 19:20; Dan.8:11,24).
The composite "man of lawlessness" (Rom.2:13;  2Thess. 2:3) are the Gentile "armed forces" of that unfaithful steward slave (Dan.11:31; 8:11,24; Rev.13:7; 11:2) who empowered them.
That wicked slave takes the worship clearly commanded in scripture that is due Christ,
by making Christ, (...his model of dying to uphold truth (John 18:37;  1Pet. 2:21;  1John 2:6), ...and his commands)  recede and fade,
as they draw their own glory and false doctrines to the forefront (John 7:18; Luke 14:11),
empowering their own Gentile army to take over God's Temple priesthood.
(Eze.44:6,7,8,9;  2Chron. 13:9

The psychological effect of this photograph, depicts this point:

 Look at Christ's face in this WT illustration. Where does this blurring of his identity cause your eye to turn? This is an intentional and clever psychological manipulation.

That "fallen star"/Harlot group of unfaithful (Rev.1:20; 8:10,11; 9:1; Hosea 5:3,4; Jer.3:20,3), leads (and aims) the collective "man of lawlessness" against God's chosen Temple priesthood (1Pet. 2:5,9;  2Thess. 2:4; Dan.8:24,25; Rev.13:7; 11:2), so that these Gentiles trample the Temple into subjection for the Harlot/unfaithful steward. This collective Wild Beast is the "muscle" of the Harlot (Rev.17:6; Matt.24:49).
The results?
The priestly service of the Chosen remnant...their worship, service for truth, and obedience due Christ and his teachings, ...has faded into silence (Rev.8:1; Dan.12:11; Rom.1:25).
This "operation of error" will continue, until that Organizational army of Gentiles/Wild Beast/"man of lawlessness"/"Anti-Christ", finally turns against that unfaithful "harlot" above it.

But this "man of lawlessness" will also be "done away with".
Not by "human hand" (Dan.8:25; Zech.4:6,7)
but by the spirit/"breath" of Christ's mouth (2Thess. 2:8; John 20:22; Isa.11:4; Ps.2:9; Jer.23:29; Rev.19:15) through his sealed ones (Rev.2:26,27; Zech.12:3; Dan.2:34; Rev.19:14; 17:14;  2Cor. 10:4; Jer.29:19; 5:14; Rev.11:5; Matt.10:20) (Rev.1:6,7; Heb.12:1). Jesus is "pierced", when his "body" is (1Cor. 12:27; Rev.1:7; 6:9; Matt.25:40; Luke 10:16;  1Thess. 4:8).
These deserve their judgment (Rev.16:5,6,7) for usurping the worship due Christ, and God's Will for His Temple of Chosen Priests (1Cor. 12:18,27; Rev.17:6).
(Acts 10:42; 17:31; Luke 22:22; John 5:22,27; Phil.2:9,10; Dan.7:14; Matt.28:18; Acts 2:33)

Is this what your question was? If not, please clarify.


Subliminal Messages in Art

Question received:

hello again pearl...

something came to my attention within the last few days and I was curious as to whether or not you had any knowledge of it.
There are hidden images embedded in some of the artwork in the society's publications. for example, on pages 52 of the revelation book (mine was printed in 2006), there's a clawed hand in addition to a human hand grasping one of the iron rods (notice that the other figures have their left hands resting at their sides); and on page 159, the hand held out by the angel has an odd looking face within it. I have also seen artwork that depicts Jesus with an erection and another where a naked homosexual man is featured in a scene of Jesus' crucifixion (that one is in a very old publication).

what do you make of this?? I was pretty freaked out to see these images for the first time in my very own Revelation book!

I should have asked you this before--how are you and your family doing now that hurricane sandy has come and gone? all the necessary home repairs taken care of?



The subliminal messages within the WT illustrations seem "small potatoes" to me, compared to the main "operation of error" (2Thess.2:11,12), and the raging spiritual warfare (Rev.12:7,11; Gen.3:15; 2Cor.10:3,4,5,6; Eph.6:12,13; Rev.6:9; 9:16; 11:3,5).
That functioning lie, will mean the death of millions (2Thess.2:10,12; Rev.13:8,14). Any subliminal innuendos contained within the publications is just a small factor, within the 
main deception of demon inspired expressions (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14).
If you believe that these hidden images exist within some of the society's illustrations, this is just more evidence, that their indoctrinating propaganda is a subversive, manipulative tactic.....and certainly not an honest and Truthful provision, free of malicious agenda.

The aftereffects of the hurricane are a daunting project to correct.
Likely my mother's home will be unlivable for about a year. There is so much work to do.
I have not written letters, nor posted at the website for two days, because of a bad migraine.
I went to the hospital last night because I was getting so dehydrated. I couldn't even keep down a teaspoon of water.
I was treated and given IV, so I am back in the saddle this morning, though not at full speed. I don't think I will fully catch up for a while.
Thanks for writing :)  and I hope you are doing alright.
Keep up the good work for truth and salvation.
Love in Christ,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

House to House? [] Door to Door? [] Meeting Places - Kingdom Halls? [] Language Barrier

Someone wrote me, concerned about how the elders are arranging and merging their Congregations, all of which speak different languages. The writer asked for advice.

My Reply:

The best guidance comes from the Bible. Unfortunately, the elders and C.O. will determine how your congregations are managed...not you, me, or the scriptures. I don't know what benefit it will be to you, to know my scriptural thoughts, but I will pass them on to you.

You are likely aware, that the apostles and other anointed never forced different languages to form a Congregation. These formed themselves, based upon location and language. These groups met in the homes of their fellow local members (Rom.16:3,5; 1Cor.1:11; 16:19; Col.4:15; Philemon 1:2).
Instead of imposing an uncomfortable mix of languages, Paul would travel and teach each group separately (Acts 20:20).
You may notice that in the original Greek of Acts 20:20 it literally reads, "according to private houses". although the Organization uses this verse to command present "service arrangements", you will note that this verse does not say "door to door".

 Although the Organization interprets this as meaning a public door-to-door witnessing to strangers, the context of Acts20:20 (as well as the scriptures I already gave you) proves otherwise. Those whom Paul is speaking to (about teaching them "house to house"), are the same ones he is speaking to in Acts20:18,19,20,28,34,36,37,38 and are those whom Paul knew well.
The "houses" where Paul went to teach, were Christian meeting places...Congregations...not the doorsteps of the public. They did not have church buildings or "Kingdom Halls" in the first Century. Congregations met in private homes.

For those who were not yet associated with one of these groups, they could choose to listen when Paul and others taught "publicly" in market places, synagogues, etc.
others would be directed to the "Living Stones" of the Holy Priesthood/God's Temple (Eph2:20,21,22; 1Pet.2:5,9) directly by Holy Spirit (Acts10:47,48) or the anointed would be sent by spirit to those of complete heart (2Chron.16:9; Acts8:26,29; Acts9:6,10,11).

We get insight into *God's feelings* on your situation, when we turn to Acts2:1-6, which reads:

 "When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
5 And there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven. 6 And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language."

It was God's will that all hear the message of Truth in their own language, even providing a miracle of Holy Spirit in order to accomplish this. From this we learn that our heavenly Father is a gracious and merciful God, who does not make the gaining of Truth and Life more difficult than necessary (Matt.11:29,30), giving each and every individual what they personally need (Matt.18:12; 10:29-31).

The only scriptures which come to mind, in which many differing languages were thrown the account of Babylon (Gen.11:1-9). God intentionally gave them differing tongues, in order to cause *confusion and to sabotage their work (*which is what "Babylon" means).
So, if the elders decide to put three or more languages into one congregation in order to ease their is scripturally reasonable to deduce, that confusion and frustration will be the result to the flock.
[NOTE: Our meetings of former "Jehovah's Witnesses" with anointed, include people from around the globe who speak various languages. We use translators and our meetings are smooth and everyone has access to the information that is discussed.]

Now that I have forwarded to you the relevant scriptures that come to my mind,
I must tell you that no matter how your congregation becomes arranged,
all Congregations of "Jehovah's Witnesses" belong to the same Organization.

That organization, and all who are associated with it, are the target of God's wrath in the end soon to come.
Prophecy is clear, that God's named people in the time of the end, are headed into the winepress of his wrath (Rev.14:18,19). The Organization, is the "Wild Beast" of Revelation chapter 13. All inside it are marked as slaves on their forehead or hand by that Beast (Rev.13:16).
This means that all inside the Organization, allow their thinking and power to be directed by this Organization, rather than God. The Organization has become an idol, replacing God and Christ (Rev.13:8,5). The elders have replaced God's chosen priests (2Chron.13:9; Gal.4:8); and as such, are the "disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place". (Eze.44:6,7,8,9)
Jesus said that when we discern this "Gentile" presence dominating and "trampling" the anointed "Temple" (1Cor.3:16,17; Rev.11:1,2; Rom.2:29), we are to flee (Matt.24:15,16; Mark13:14).

I am among many anointed who are being expelled by non-anointed elders for our loyalty to God and Christ, rather than men (Acts5:29; Gal.1:10)....and loyalty to scriptural Truth rather than the doctrine of a wicked steward (Matt.15:9; 24:48-49; John15:20).
  Prophecy also reveals that most will not discern the reality of what is happening to Christ's final faithful brothers, due to the "powerful lying signs and portents" which are backed by Satan (2Thess.2:3,4,9,10). As in the days of Noah, only a few will be saved (Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:14; 24:37; 1Pet.3:20). I hope you yourself will be spared. For all the scriptures which prove these things, here are the related articles:
Mark of Beast

Thank you for considering me for your question.
I truly hope my reply will help you.
Love in Christ,

How Does Satan Fall? [] Getting Sealed


Regarding your explanation of "heaven"....I saw that meaning also, thank you – this is truly food at the right time. I think I speak for all when I say thanks for the solid food you passing over to us that holy spirit has blessed you with.
To be honest with you, it all makes sense but as we keep reading and searching for the precious truths more question arise.

1.  How does the scripture Rus brought up fit in with what you said? -( Luke 10:18 ) He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”

2.  And looking back at Rev 12 where exactly is she before she gives birth? To me it seems like she is in the presence of God together with the Dragon as he waits in anticipation for the male child to be delivered.

May Jehovah and his reigning King prove to be with you in these difficult times.


1.  I am happy to reply to these questions, because that which Jesus was expressing at Luke10:18 was a reason for joy to both Christ, and to us today!
To appreciate why Jesus declared that Satan was "already falling" at Luke10:18, we need to consider the context of that verse. I will insert scriptural verses to help define the meaning of it's phrases.
16 He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.”
     (Matt.10:40,20; 2Cor.5:20; Rev.6:9; 20:4)
17 Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.”
                This tells us that when these "70" were in union with Christ ("in your name"), while they bore testimony/preached/bore witness...Satan and his demons were made impotent. 
It was through their testimony in union with Christ, that Satan began to lose his power, and "fall" from "heaven". With each anointed one who joins the ranks of faithfulness, by means of unity with Christ and witnessing to truth even in the face of being condemned to death, Satan loses ground. (see Rev.12:11,10; 6:9-11; Mark 8:35)
                Eventually, this spiritual war/enmity (Gen.3:15; 2Cor.10:3-5; Eph.6:12-13), will end in victory for Christ and his brothers (the "woman's seed"), when all 144,000 are completed (Rev.12:7,8,9; 6:9-11; 17:14; 21:7).
It is important to note at Rev.12:11, that the means by which Satan "falls", is the bearing
witness in union with Christ, even in the face of death. This takes us back to Luke10:17. 
Do you see that the demons lost power in the face of those who were preaching in Jesus' name?

The exact same spiritual weapon, makes Satan fall, at Rev.12:11.
Luke10:18 "And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." 
Can you see that Jesus says the above in response to the news of the 70 who were sent out to preach? Here Jesus is telling us, that Satan and his demons "fall", by means of bearing witness in his name. This is confirmed at Rev.12:11,10.

In the spirit realm, God's will is accomplished by righteous deeds that satisfy His divine justice. Time as we know it becomes irrelevant in the spirit realm. The fact that the first 70 began their effective war against the world dominion of Satan, (and the fact that Jesus knew the eventual outcome), was enough for Jesus to declare the joyous results of this successful work of the woman's seed. When the remnant follow the same pattern of victory and the last of these are sealed.....Satan's fall from heaven is completed, as is all tests upon the integrity of the Chosen. The ground Satan stood upon within the heart of those not yet sealed, is gone. He can no longer accuse any of those called and chosen. For, the complete number of faithful are now tested, and victoriously sealed.
Luke10:19 "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Jesus gives an unmistakable clue to the to the end-time enemy they have been given power over. These "serpents" and "scorpions" are precisely the ones holding them captive during the great tribulation, while they are spiritually asleep....overcome by the "wine" of the Harlot's "adulteries".

If you consider Rev.9:3,5,10 , Matt.23:33 and John8:44 then you will see the application. These "scorpions" who were given "crowns" of authority (Rev.9:3,7)(Eze.2:6) are the means by which Satan takes captive and controls the Chosen remnant, while they are yet UNsealed. At Luke10:19 Jesus tells the remnant that they are released from the power of Satan's agents. This is confirmed at Rev.9:13,14.
Luke10:20 "Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”
And now Jesus assures all anointed...whenever they may have lived...that when they are set free
from enslaved subjection to men, and ride forth to bear witness in union with Christ; they will share in Christ's condemnation, shame, and faithful symbolic death (Matt.22:6; Heb.13:13; Rom.6:5; Rev.2:10; John16:2). They are then sealed!
(Their name is "written in heaven" Luke10:20; Heb.12:23,22; Eph.2:6; Rev.12:5)
                  (also Rev.6:9,10,11; 19:8; 12:11.10; 20:4,6)

So... can you see why Jesus made that declaration at Luke10:18, right after the first disciples bore truthful witness in the warfare against Satan's agents of deception? (2Cor.10:3,4; 1Tim.6:12; Eph.6:12)
That war/enmity, is finally won with the last of the remnant, and is described in the book of Revelation.

---------------------------------------Now for your second question.............................................

2. And looking back at Rev 12 where exactly is she before she gives birth? To me it seems like she is in the presence of Jah together with the Dragon as he waits in anticipation for the male child to be delivered.

We are directly told where the woman is previous to the birth of her firstborn son,
Rev.12:1,2 read:
"Now a great  sign  appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. 2 Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth."

The woman is "in heaven". But remember, this woman is not yet made of people. She is a "sign"...a promise...a hope....a covenant ( She is rightly seen in heaven, because this promise has authority and power. Why? Because this promise was decreed by Almighty God, at Gen.3:15 and Gal.4:26. 
This "woman"/Covenant is not consciously in "agony to give birth"...but those becoming her on earth, are (John16:20,21,22,23). Because of belonging to this mother covenant, they can feel the pain of bringing forth the kingdom, through the spiritual war they have with Satan (Rev.12:17; John16:33).
They also love their mother that they work under pain and persecution, to care for her needs (Rev.12:6; 11:3).

It is only after this promise is fulfilled (the woman gave birth to the full number/all sealed), that she is then seen on earth, in the same vicinity as Satan. This is because after the full 144000 of all anointed have been sealed (both the physically living and those physically dead)...the only living part of the fulfilled covenant/materialized woman/Jerusalem the sealed remnant then alive ON EARTH...waging the war with Satan's demonic lies/earth (James3:15). 
I hope this is not too confusing. I am trying hard to be clear. Please let me know if you understand.

Thank you for your excellent follow-up questions,


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aliases of the Harlot

Now you have your third identity....the representative Harlots of their mother Covenant of Death....the Harlot who has her covenant's/mother's name, written on her forehead (Rev.17:5). This Harlot, is the representation of the last unfaithful anointed/false prophet, who rules. It's true identity today, is the Governing Bdy.
The other names of this very same identity, are "Wormwood" (Rev.8:10-11; 9:1), "false prophet" (Matt.7:15,23; 24:4-5,11,24-25; Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10; 13:14,13), "two horned wild beast" (Rev.13:11,13), "fallen star" (Rev.2:1,5; 8:10; 9:1; Jude 1:13), "harlots" (Psalm 73:27; 106:39; Isa.1:21; 23:15-16,17; 57:3; Jer.2:20; 3:1,6,8; 5:7; 13:27; Eze.6:9; 16:15-16,17,25-26,28,30-31,34-35,41; 20:30; 23:3,5,19,30,43-44; Hosea 2:2,4-5; 4:12-13,14-15,18; 5:3; 9:1; Nahum 3:4; Rev.17:1,15,16; 19:2; Prov.6:26;  1Cor.6:15,16; Rev.18:4). 
They have Babylon the Great's name on their forehead, because they are slaves of that Covenant in all they believe and desire (https://mark-of-beast.html). 
The anointed leaders have turned against the God of their covenant, to be adulterous harlots. They "lie down" for the Gentiles, giving them gifts of authority and power (Isa.23:8; Rev.9:7) in exchange for alliance with their powerful army (Eze.16:33-34,36; 17:15,17; 23:7-8; 23:18-19,29,35; 29:16; Psalm 104:18; 118:8-9; Micah 1:7; Jer.11:3; 17:5; Isa.17:10; 30:1-2,3; 31:1,3; 36:6; 57:13). These harlots worship that power of the Gentile Nations/Wild Beast, lusting after it...worshiping their Organizational power, like a god. They have forgotten to rely upon their husbandly owner, for the help and protection of His mighty arm! (2Chron.32:7-8; Psalm 2:12; 5:11; 7:1; 9:9; 17:7; 18:2,30; 25:20; 28:8; 31:2,4,19; 34:8,22; 36:7; 37:39-40; 46:7; 59:16; 61:3-4; 62:7-8; 64:10; 71:1,3,7; 73:28; 91:2,4,9; 108:12; 40:4; 143:9; 118:8; 146:3; Prov.14:26,32; Isa.2:22; 57:13; 59:1; Dan.6:23)

There are so many more scriptures about all of this prophesied distinction....between those anointed who seek shelter under the wings of the Most High...and those who leave fornicate with the powers of UN-anointed Gentiles, who provide power sourced in Satan's world, and NOT in God's spirit (Isa.31:3).
That worldly power, is precisely what the scriptures warn the anointed, against (1John2:15; Matt.4:8). It is what the "Harlots" greedily pursue....and in the end...attain...through the bloodthirsty Wild Beast they "ride" (Rev.17:1-2,3,6,15,18; 18:4), who consists of spiritual Gentiles..."sons of pride/destruction" (Job 41:34; Rev.9:11; 2Thess.2:3-4).


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