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Someone on the panel of a broadcast (at "Friends of Jehovah's Witnesses") asked for scriptures to enforce Rev.21:2...that indeed the 144000 will materialize to perform their earthly rule (Rev.5:10), and that it is God's will to give them the double portion as firstborn sons (Rev.20:6; Rev.14:4; Deut.21:17; Isa.61:7); meaning both the heavens, AND the earth as their inheritance (Psalm2:8; Luke22:29; Gen.22:18; 28:14,12,13; Gal.3:29). (Psalm37:11,29; Rev.19:8; Psalm2:8)

Those scriptures are:
Heb.1:6 and Acts3:20,21

For those who wish to see more of what the scriptures say about this subject,
here are a few articles:

and if you want something light....

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It seems that the "new creation" being both flesh and spirit was a difficult concept for some to grasp. Perhaps the illustration of our own human offspring will help with this. When we have a child, is that child made of the mother, or the father? Although that child is made of both, it stands as a unique individual from both parents (new). The bible makes clear the glorious freedom that this new creation... these sons of God, (Rom.8:21) will enjoy;
and we should not cut Jehovah's hand short, in His creative abilities (Matt.22:29; Dan.4:35; Psalm115:3; Isa.55:9; 14:24) to give these ones both a spiritual and fleshly life, as Christ also
had after his resurrection (1Pet.3:18; 1Cor.15:44; John21:14; 1Cor.15:6; Acts1:11; Rev.21:2; 22:17).
This new creation will have had (like Christ did) TWO NATURAL BIRTHS. One as flesh, and one as spirit. (John3:6; Col.2:9) Like Christ, they will be both sons of men, and sons of God (Matt.12:8; Mark8:29; 9:7) Therefore, both kinds of existence will be natural  to them.

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A panel discusses the subject for about an hour and a half...and then there are comments at the end, which I participated in before getting cut off  ;)
I am working on an article on this subject which I hope to release soon.


This is a reply from a reader:

Pearl – Thanks. I looked up every scripture you quoted. Although these are all familiar to Bible Students, I am always impressed by your knowledge of the Bible and the scriptural support you present to make your case. I tried to put myself in your shoes and I can see how you can come to the conclusion that the “New Creation” is both flesh and spirit. I agree partly In the sense that “we have this treasure (Holy Spirit) in earthen vessels.” (2 Cor 4:7). We are certainly begotten to a hope reserved in heaven (1 Pet 1:3-4).
Yes , the glorified New Creation (body members of Christ) will inherit and reign over the earth. However this does not prove that these glorified Saints will have bodies of flesh. At times, angels have materialized into bodies of flesh temporarily, and certainly the glorified body of Christ will be able to do the same. However, angels are spirit beings, even if they can at times be permitted to materialize. The glorified body of Christ are Spirit beings who will have the ability to materialize, just as Jesus did in the 40 days following his resurrection.
Now, if you want to take the position that the glorified body members will spend most of their time in a materialized form, my response is that I don’ t think so, but I don’t really know. As far as I can tell, the Bible Is not clear on this. If we can make mobile calls and send text messages, certainly materializing is not the only communication option available to the glorified Church.
A list of scriptures to make the case that Jehovah, Jesus, the angels and the glorified Church are exclusively Spirit beings, not fleshly, can be found by clicking on this link:
Jesus said, “my flesh I give for the life of the world.” (John 6:51) Jesus paid the Ransom price with his perfect human life to satisfy justice “a life for a life.” (Deut 19:21) I don’t think he can take it back. Nor can we.
Just my thoughts.

You may want to meditate on John10:17,18
along with Heb.1:6, Acts3:20,21 and Rev.21:2,3
Those are just a few scriptures.
The articles contain more…
and there are more articles to come about this subject, with additional scriptural backing.
This truth is reason for great joy.

Jesus could have performed his miracles from an impersonal distance also.

But out of love…and to build the faith of those shown grace…(John11:41,42)
his touch was very loving and personal.
Jesus also properly declared his work as credited to God,
as it will also be, in the Kingdom to come (John14:12,2; Rev.22:2,17; Gen.22:18)
The sons of God (who aid in releasing creation from enslavement to corruption), will be "revealed" (Rom.8:19,21).

I realize that these things are new.
But new things are due (Dan.12:4,9,10; Rev.22:10; 11:3; 10:7,8,11; 1:1)

Those new things will be given by means of the "anointed slaves", and "two prophets"...but I am not referring to BS's or JW's,
but rather to the anointed prophets of Rev.11:3 (whose new prophecies will neither be accepted, nor believed. In fact, their words will "torment" those already set in their own minds. Rev.11:4,5,6,7,8,9,10).
Previous to their message, the world is still in darkness and confusion.
Jesus...through them, gives the last witness of this world.
They are from the womb of the dawn...the start of Day. (Psalm110:3; Rev.12:5; 2Pet.1:19; Rev.22:16; Luke1:76,77,78,79; Matt.17:11; Dan.2:35; Prov.4:18).
  My points may not always be clearly stated. But the truth of scripture will beam into eyes that are simple. Hearts that "keep on asking", will be granted understanding. (Luke8:10; Matt.11:25)

Wasteful Steward

Updated definitions, from the article
for Luke 16:1-15 .....

The Wasteful Steward:
Over God's household, wasting the spiritual provisions entrusted to him. Those who have been given spiritual provisions by the Master are indebted to the Master. These provisions must be handed over to the Steward and put to use by him. The wasteful, wicked steward refuses and punishes those seeking to be faithful.

the account of the stewardship:
the position of administrative director over the anointed household of God. 1Cor. 12:28:
"And God has set the respective ones in the congregation, first, apostles; second, prophets; third, teachers; then powerful works; then gifts of healing; helpful services,abilities to direct,”
(This position of directorship is not the same as apostle, prophet, etc.) 1Cor. 12:4,7-8,10-11,14-15,20-21,25,27

(note: while the scriptures say that tongues will "cease", the other gifts are said to be "done away with". This is relevant, since the Greek for "done away with" means, "made without effect". This does not mean that they have ceased. It means that all prophecy will eventually lose it's effect. That will be true when all prophecy is finally fulfilled. "Knowledge" is also said to be "done away with" or made without effect. That does not mean that knowledge will cease. No, but it also will be made ineffectual when it advances (as when we compare "milk" to "meat".) Therefore, the doctrine that proposes that prophecy no longer occurs is error. Acts 2:17-18,19-20; Rev.11:3 and Num.12:6 cannot be nullified.
(see article, Has Prophecy "Ceased"? )

the house: God's anointed household (Eph.2:19)

dig: cultivate the ground to sow seed (Luke 8:11; Ec.11:6), as well as to seek for it's meaning (Matt.13:44; Luke 11:9)

ashamed to beg, ask, implore: too proud to allow others to share the work of providing spiritual food. They are also too proud to worry about the reconciliation of other anointed slaves with God, (Matt.9:37-38) (2Cor. 5:20) or their brothers being able to fulfill their God-assigned responsibilities (1Cor. 12:18; Eph.4:11) thereby discharging their debts (Luke 12:48).

the debtors: those whom the Steward is over. The Master's slaves who owe him a return on his provisions (Luke 17:10).

practical wisdom: Prov.3:21; 2:6   Thinking ability is based on God's advice, and making decisions with input from all anointed prophets and teachers (Prov.11:14; 15:22). Working in isolation will result in the selfish pursuit of more unrighteous riches (Prov.18:1). It is according to practical wisdom to protect your own interests and welfare. In this, the  "sons of light" lack "practical" wisdom (Luke 16:8; Rev.12:11), because rather than think of their standing in this world (1John 2:17; Phil.3:8; Matt.6:33) (1Cor. 7:31; Rev.12:11), they are focused on the kingdom. (Heb.13:14,13)

sons of this system of things: Anointed rulers previous to the Kingdom rule (Luke 16:8; Rev.8:10-11; 13:11; 17:1; 18:4,24; Matt.23:35,37; Rev.11:8)...whose power will end (Matt.24:3;  1Cor. 15:24).

generation: all anointed "generated" by incorruptable seed... "the word" 
(Luke 21:32;  1Pet. 1:23; Gal.3:29; James 1:21; Eph.5:26,27,25).

sons of light: those who have no interest in position or a "ruling" type of stewardship over God's household. Their only concern is in pleasing the Master and promoting his interests of truth. They wish to work under a loving spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. (1Thess. 5:5) How these are treated, will determine how others are judged (John 20:23; Matt.25:40,46).

friends for yourselves: favor with other anointed, who may later prove to judge those who had exalted themselves (Matt.23:12; John 20:23).

unrighteous riches: power and authority over the anointed household of God  (1Cor. 4:8; Mark 10:42-44).

when such fail: the end of this religious system, which will make way for the Kingdom administration of Eph.1:10 and Rev.21:2. (2Pet. 3:11; Matt.24:2-3).

they may receive you: that the faithful anointed may welcome the Steward into the "tent of God" (Rev.22:14) of which the faithful ones belong; rather than complaining to the Master for justice. 
[note: the "friends" that the steward stands to gain by cancelling debt, is not the Master (Jesus and the Father, for these are not indebted to the Steward); but the one's whose debt the steward cancels--the other slaves.] 
(So this is not talking about making friends with YHVH by donating money to the WT.)

everlasting dwelling places: the Kingdom inheritance that lasts forever. (Matt.25:34) 

entrust you with what is true: all Christ's belongings that he shares eternally with the sealed anointed Matt.25:23). This includes the crystal clear river of truth that will flow in the Kingdom (Rev.22:1) from the throne of God. (1Cor. 13:10)

faithful with another's: trustworthy handling of the provisions given other anointed from Christ. (John 13:13-14; Phil. 2:3;   1Cor. 4:7)

riches: rulership (1Cor. 4:8; Rev.3:18; Matt.6:19)

what is lofty among men is disgusting in God's sight: 
ruling with a sense of superiority over your brothers is against the will of Christ and YHVH (Phil.2:3,21). Those that take their worldly rule (Luke 4:5-6) and oppress their fellow slaves (by means of the "disgusting thing"...Gentile priests in the Temple/Wild Beast/"Man of lawlessness"), will be viewed as wicked/disgusting, by the returning Master. (Matt.24:15; 7:21-23,15,19; 25:11-12,28,30,41,45; 22:8,5-7)

At 1Cor. 4:8 it reads:
"YOU men already have YOUR fill, do YOU? YOU are rich already, are YOU? (unrighteous riches) YOU have begun ruling as kings without us, have YOU?"

Hopefully, when you now read Luke 16:1-15, you will glean more understanding and benefit. I hope so. If you do, it will be through the blessing of Holy Spirit toward us all.
(Luke 12:59)

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Where is the Temple / Jerusalem?


We know and can see that Satan has infiltrated the Watchtower, but how can you be sure that the actual temple which the man of lawlessness will sit in is the actual Watchtower and not a third temple which they supposedly plan to build in Jerusalem?
The reason why I say this is because it says, "he will bring an end to sacrifices" what animal sacrifices are being carried out in Watchtower?


This question raises some sub-questions....
It the "actual Watchtower" the Temple of "The God"?  2Thess.2:4
It this "Temple of  The God" a building or earthly Organization?
Does physical Jerusalem have any significance to Jehovah God today?
What are the "gift offerings" that will "cease" (end to sacrifices) in the time of the end, 
and does this refer to animal sacrifices?

1. Is the "Watchtower" the actual Temple of "The God"?  2Thess.2:4

No. It never was. Although this Organization has drawn and "housed" those in Covenant with God
(New Covenant, Chosen Ones); the Organization itself, is not that "Body of Christ", nor True Temple.
That holy priesthood/Temple, is the actual anointed (1Cor.3:16)...each one a "living stone" who together, make up that "Temple" (1Pet.2:5,9; Heb.11:10; Rev.21:23; 22:5; John2:19; Mark14:58; Acts7:48; Eph2:22; Rom.8:9). So the Representatives of Jesus and Jehovah (2Cor.5:20; Isa.43:10,21)...His "Organization" in the earth so to speak, are the anointed Temple and body of Christ (Eph.4:4)....not the Watchtower Corporation. 

It this "Temple of The God" a building or earthly Organization?

As already seen from the scriptures above, the "Temple of God" does not consist of a compound of physical buildings, nor any sort of man-made structure, organization, aspiration, or system. Yet there is an "earthly organization" in the sense that Christ is the Head of the anointed Congregation, his body of the anointed (Eph.5:23,24,25,26,27,30,32) and future bride (Rev.21:9,2). As long as members of that seed are present on earth, this is where God's "Organization" is (Matt.24:34; Rev.12:17; John13:20; Luke10:16; Matt.25:40).

3. Does physical Jerusalem have any significance to Jehovah God today?

This can be answered simply with Heb.8:7 and Gal.4:24,25,29,30,31,26.
Can you see from these two scriptures, that the "Israel" and "Jerusalem" of significance to God,
is no longer according to flesh, but according to spirit? (Rom.2:29; Gal.3:29; 6:16; 1Pet.3:6; Rev.21:2)
"Israel" means, "Sarah of God". This is referring to God's "woman" Covenant (Gal.4:24) though which he brings forth promised seed.
Therefore, Jehovah's "Israel", is whatever Covenant with Him is presently in force. This is no longer fleshly Israel under the Law Covenant (Rom.10:4; Luke22:20) ...but spiritual, under the New "Covenant of Peace" (meaning of "Jerusalem") Eze.37:26; Rev.21:2.

4. What are the "gift offerings" that will "cease" (end to sacrifices) in the time of the end, 
     and does this refer to animal sacrifices?

Animal sacrifices ended for God's new Nation, with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Rom.10:4; 1Cor.5:7; Heb.10:10; 9:12,13,14,15)
The New Covenant involves new sacrifices from it's members (Hosea6:6; Heb.13:15; Rev.6:9; Eph.5:2; Psalm141:2; Rev.5:8; 8:4; Rom.12:1; Phil.2:17). For those in the New Covenant, there is a new sacrifice of life, and new gift offering.
When Daniel mentions the end of the daily sacrifice (Daniel12:11; Rev.6:9; Rom.6:3; Psalm51:17), it also referred to the "gift offering" (Dan.9:27  "he shall cause the zevach [sacrifice] and the minchah [gift offering] to cease) Heb.13:15. [I believe this is the same period when there is a "half-hour" of "silence in heaven" (Rev.8:1; Job.12:19,20; Lam.2:10; Amos8:2,3; Isa.42:14; Rev.12:2)]. I believe this to be the period while Satan is successful in "trampling the Holy Place" (Dan.8:13; Rev.11:2) into a condition of sleep and inebriation (Matt.25:1,5; 5:13; Jer.51:7; Rev.18:3), through the lying signs and portents of the Wild Beast (2Thess.2:3,4,9; Rev.12:15; 16:13,14,15; 13:11,13,14; Matt.24:24; Col.2:8). This is when the "gift offering" being offered by the anointed "priests", ceases (1Pet.2:5; Rom.15:16; 1Tim.4:16; 2Pet.1:8; Col.1:10).

So as you can see according to the scriptures, the "Temple" is made up of the anointed priesthood (1Pet.2:5; Rev.5:10)....the sacrifices they offer are not animals (as was the case under the Mosaic Law), but is their own lives used to bear witness (Rev.20:4)...and the location of that spiritual "Temple" (where God resides in spirit), IS among  those "living stones" (2Cor.6:16; Zeph.3:16,17,18,19,20).
Therefore, the "Man of Lawlessness" who sits in the "Temple of The God" (1Cor3:16), is not in the middle eastern city of Jerusalem, because this is not the "gathering" place of the Chosen Ones. The Chosen gather in a symbolic "wilderness" (Matt.24:28; Rev.12:14); which has nothing to do with a physical location, a physical temple, or a physical Organization.
(John4:21,23,24; Matt.24:27; 2Cor.5:7; Heb.8:5; 12:22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29; 2Pet.3:10,11,12,13) 
The Gentile "Man of Lawlessness" however, who raises himself up "in (among) the Temple of The God", IS  the elders of the Watchtower. It is through this un-anointed segment of the Organization's power (Dan.11:31; Matt.24:15; Rev.13:1) (false priests Rev.9:3,7; 2Chron.13:9; 23:6,7; Ezek.44:6,7,8,9), that the True Temple are being subjugated, restrained, and trampled....especially while they are yet imprisoned under the power of that Organizational Beast (Rev.9:5,6,10; 13:5,7; 2Thess2:4,6,9)


After being "cast out", they are still held in reproach (Isa.66:5; John16:2; Rev.11:8,9,10; 6:10,11), until Jehovah Stands Up for them (Isa.61:7,8,9,4,6; Matt.17:11; Isa.60:3).
Above that "Man of Lawlessness"/Gentile Beast, the fallen anointed one/"star", who gave that Beast it's power and authority (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2,3; 13:11,12,15; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 2Chron.13:9; Rev.13:15; John16:2).

Here is a letter to an anointed one, that I believe will help all anointed
coming out (being disfellowshipped) from the Beast/Organization.

Hello again Xxxxx,
I really wanted to write you again, and let you know that I retain the greatest respect for you,
even though it may not seem so, after our public conversation. 
I hope you will let me share with you,
some of the things I have learned about our time here, in the "wilderness" (Rev.12:6,14).

Just as the Israelites wandered for forty years (after being set free from their bondage in Egypt --Josh.5:6), 
previous to their entry into the "Promised Land",
the slain anointed also, are to spend a period of time in the "wilderness", after being set free from the "river Euphrates" (Rev.9:14; Rev.12:14,6; Micah 2:10,12,13).
This period is also one of sifting/rocking/cleansing/heating. Only those who are not a part of rebellion against Jehovah remain over and receive the reward. 
Both groups (past and present), are cleansed and refined, previous to the entry into their inheritance.
"Rebellion" against Jehovah (during our time of testing) can occur in ways that are not obvious.
It can be committed, simply by taking initiative in our teachings, that shows a lack of submission to our Head, Christ.
This we naturally do, but must unlearn if we hope to be "finally found" fit (2Pet.3:14; Rev.14:5).
Please consider the following scriptures that talk about the anointed in this period of time:

Mal.3:1,2,3,4; Dan.11:35; 12:10;  Phil.3:12,15,16; 1Cor.3:18

My point is that,
all of us who are fortunate enough to be rescued from the Wild Beast (Jer.39:17; Hab.3:13; Rev.15:2; Psalm 68:20,21,22,23), are not done with our gauntlet.
Now it is time to be refined and whitened. Only those who lose their pride and totally rely on Jehovah as Jesus did 
(John12:50; 7:16; Heb.5:8; Rev.14:4), will be considered acceptable (1Pet.2:5).

Any teaching that the "two witnesses" now do, must be only what they are told...what they hear...directly from Christ (Matt.10:27; 1John2:27,28; Rev.11:3)
and not according to their own understanding (Prov.3:5; John7:18). Light from Jehovah is dramatic and unmistakable.
You will not get it through research or personal examination of facts. It is totally delivered by means of spirit, and a recollection
of all the scriptures which establish that light, as truth (John14:26; 7:38; Matt.12:35,36,37).

This is all a part of our refining and separating, after being "killed" by the "wild beast" (Luke 17:34,35,36,37; Matt.24:28; Rev.12:14).
We must thoroughly learn to be only  a vessel (2Cor.4:5,6,7; 1Cor.2:5),
and to not contribute our own deductions or thoughts to the "fruit"/teachings, we offer others (Matt.12:33; John7:16,17,18; Matt.7:20).
Only those who humble themselves in this way, will receive their white robes to become a part of the "Bride" (Rev.6:9,11; 7:9,10,12; 19:8).
Only those who achieve this humility, are suited for eternal service as immortal beings (Rev.22:3,4; John1:51).
We are not finished yet (Matt.24:13).

And so, I wanted to confirm my love for you. I know that you have just gone through tribulation,
being cast out from the Congregation. This is a reason to rejoice, because you took your stand for Christ (Matt.10:32).
But now you must know the next trial that comes upon us.
The Israelites were not in the Promised Land as soon as they left Egypt.

We must now learn to do God's work for us...shedding light (1Pet.2:9; Matt.5:14,16; Isa.60:1,2,3; Eph.5:8,9,11). 
And just as important, we must work to be certain,
that all  we teach, is from our Father, and not of ourselves.
Each of us have been placed in the body of Christ with our own job to do (Rom.12:3,4,5,6,7,8; 1Cor.12:29,30). We all differ (1Pet.4:10,11).

After years in captivity (Col.2:8; Rev.13:9,10; Micah 2:6), we have lost sight of our calling and responsibility (Rev.3:2,3). We all  fell asleep (Matt.25:1,5).
We never got to learn our place (within the Body)...
our calling and our personal job, while we were in chains.
Now is the time to turn back to the Father, and humbly ask him what it was he chose us for (Zech.1:3; Matt.21:28,29).
Was it to love and translate?

In prayer, it will come to us when Jehovah thinks we are really ready to accept it. 
And then we should contribute our own  work inside that body, to the benefit of all...but doing nothing of our own initiative, 
and only in accord with what our Master clearly directs. We must accept our place in the body, as selected by the Father (1Cor.12:18).
He knows what is best for us, and for the benefit we may give all the others (Eph.4:12; 1Cor.12:21).

I have been clearly chosen to be a prophet. This is not of my own will or ability.
I know this, because of Num.12:6.
It takes a little time to realize which member of the body we are, but the Father will make this very clear to us in His time.
We must then do our all, to make our personal contribution, to the Body of Christ (Gal.6:4).

I hope this orientation to the "wilderness" will help you and other anointed just coming out of the Beast and away from Satan's "face" (Rev.12:14).
This knowledge will help to lead us into the unity, soon to come.

Love in Christ,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parting Letter

I have decided to post below, "Obadiah's" parting letter to his Congregation.
As you will see from his expressions, he has come to appreciate many truths...
including the need to "separate" himself from the idolatry now rife within the
Organization of  "Jehovah's Witnesses" (2Cor.6:17; 2Tim.3:5; Rev.13:8).

There is another fellow anointed brother with insight, who has already been
"killed" by the "Beast", and who has proclaimed that the only way to prove faithful,
and remove the mark of the "Wild Beast", is to be "killed" (disfellowshipped) by it.
(Rev.13:15; Matt.10:17,32,39; 24:9; John16:2; Isa.66:5)
I agree with this anointed brother, on how to remove this mark. (Although I differ
somewhat on how one receives the mark, I believe both our views are correct.).
His video, is located here:

It is Obadiah's, as well as my hope, that our parting letters to our Congregations ) will afford others some support and guidance,
in writing their own resignation letters. It is our hope, that despite the power which
the "Beast" has over the minds and will of it's worshipers (Rev.13:16,8)...that some
may be saved by means of the written witness that we may give.
(Eze.2:7; 3:4,18; 1Tim4:16; 1Cor.9:22)
Jehovah bless all of you, who are enduring in faithfulness, during this great test (Matt.24:21)
...while you await in faithfulness, the arrival of our Lord and King!
Matt.24:13; James1:12; Heb.13:13; 11:6; 2Tim.4:8; Matt.19:29; Rev.11:18; James5:11

My brothers and sisters,
            All the prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel were told to warn their own nation.  This is what I am doing now.  Naturally we have been well trained to dismiss anything that has not been approved by the Organization. The Catholic Church warned their members not to read our literature also.  We used to criticize the Catholic Church because it did not want their members to have thinking, independent of the doctrines of the church.  Now our organization has become intolerant of any reasoning from the scriptures, unless it is guided by them alone.   We must keep testing that our faith is based on God’s word of truth, and not the doctrines of men. (1 John 4:1) (Matt 15: 9) (2 Cor 10: 5)
   I hope you at least give fair time to consider what I am writing.
This is what we hope for from the householders that we preach to
           Please look up all the scriptures, and be like those in ancient Beroea (Acts17:10, 11).  Do not ignore this warningIt means your life.  I have not left Jehovah.  For good reason, I have stopped putting my total trust in men. (Psalm 146:3 Proverbs 3:5-6)  (See page 183 in the Bible Teach book. We dedicated ourselves to Jehovah alone, not to men, nor an Organization.)  
            Where to start is difficult, I have learned so many things from the scriptures.  The most important thing I have learned in Revelation 13 is that the Wild Beast is a religious one, not a political one.  In the past it was the religious leaders that persecuted the holy ones within their own religions.   (See 2012 Jan WT first study article about those who championed Bible Truth).   During the “Inquisitions” it was the Catholic Church and other main religions that proved to be the Beast that “was” (Rev.17:8).  Then there was a period of time (freedom of religion) where it seemed that the Beast “is not”.  Then the Beast “is present”, or as the Greek says “it will  be alongside”. (Greek Interlinear Bible Rev 17:8)   Our very own religion has taken the place of those ones who persecute the “Holy Ones” within our own organization.  They tolerate no rivalry to any of their doctrines.  Any anointed ones (There are about 12 thousand worldwide) who dare to hold the doctrines of men up to the light of the Bible, and find those doctrines in error, are “thrown out” of the congregations (John 16:2) when they speak about it (Eph.4:25).  Jesus is separating the sheep from the goats (Matt 25: 33).  The least of Jesus brothers are being mistreated by their own fellow slaves.  (Matt 25: 45, 46)  Many of the anointed around the world are being “thrown out” for sticking to what the Bible really teaches as opposed to what the WT Organization teaches.  So how is it that the Governing body “represents” them?  Is it simply because the G. B. says that they do?  Could this fulfill the “wicked steward” of Luke 12: 45 ?    If it does, we are now in the Great Tribulation.   It will test our loyalty and determine if our devotion is exclusively for Jehovah or for men.
 In the past we were taught many basic bible truths, however there has been a straying from Bible truth for a long time.  The “Steward” has stopped looking for truth. They have left the love they had at first. (Rev 2:4)  They have expounded upon their own doctrines rather than rely on Jehovah’s Word and spirit (John7:18; 4:24).  Jehovah uses all the genuine anointed ones to reveal his truth (1Pet.2:9; Matt.5:16).  The channel (Faithful and Discreet Slave…as they refer to) is not a few (7 or 8) professed anointed men “the Steward” who say that they represent almost 12 thousand professed anointed ones (Mark10:43).  Jesus said “Who really is the faithful and discreet Steward ? ” (Luke 12: 42, 45, 46)
     Our Organization has become the Wild Beast of Revelation 13.  Our religion has been hijacked.
            The “man of lawlessness” has seated himself in “The Temple” of “The God”.  (2 Thess chapter 2)  The Temple of God is the anointed   “Holy Ones”. (1 Cor 3:16)   Christendom is not sitting in that Temple.  Jehovah is allowing this operation of error to separate those who are devoted to Him exclusively (Exo.20:5; Nahum1:2), and love his truth… from those who prefer the glory of men. 
            1 Corinthians 10:11 says that these things were written as warning examples “to us, upon whom the ends of this system has arrived”.  (See also Revelation’s letters to the seven congregations).  Only Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to be “his people”.  It was Jehovah’s own nation that persecuted and killed all those sent forth to her.  (Matt 23: 30, 31, 34, 37; Acts 7:51-59)  Jesus said in Matthew verse 37, “But you people did not want it.”  At verse 38 Jesus said “Look !  Your house is abandoned to you.”    Jesus was speaking about his own disciples when he said   “But if ever that slave should say in his heart, ‘my master delays coming,’and should start to beat the menservants and the maidservants (the least of his brothers)…the master of that slave will come on a day that he is not expecting and in an hour that he does not know and he will punish him with the greatest severity and assign him a part with the unfaithful ones” (Luke 12:45, 46).  Who of us knows that day and hour? (Matt 24: 36-44) These are Jesus’ slaves. 
 Logically it would be Jesus, the master, who would discipline his slaves.   Discipline would not be up to the “Steward”.  (Romans 14:4; Matt.24:49)  Jesus said that…all of you are brothers, and should not be called leaders or lord it over others. (Matt 23: 8, 10, 12; Mark 10: 42-45…see also Matt 20:25-28)  Each one will be judged individually, (Romans 14:12)…there was no “collective” judging of a slave “class”.  It is not a Bible teaching.
 Jesus own “Apostles” often argued over who was the greatest. Should we think that the anointed today would be immune to this prideful attitude?  (Matt 20: 21, 24; Mark 9:34 and Mark 10: 35, 37, 40, 41)
Can you read the handwriting on the wall?
ME’NE, ME’NE, TE’KEL and PAR’SIN (Daniel 5: 25)   (Matt 23:37, 38)
Please see the article “Revelation 13 the Wild Beast exposed” @   by Obadiah.  Obadiah Blogs Welcome @ 


Blood / "foundation" of God's Temple

A Question:

Pearl, What do you say about blood transfusion policy adopted by WT ?


This Questioner went on to say that they believe that God's

 Law on blood is outdated, as the Law of the Sabbath is no longer binding upon Christians.

(If anyone wants to read why Jesus "violation" of the Sabbath,

 as well as David's "violation" of the showbread; is not

 related to violating the sanctity of blood; may I suggest this article... )

I replied as follows.....

Dear Xxxxx, 

I look to the Bible, not to the WT, nor to myself, for my guidance about blood.

We know that Jesus fulfilled the law, as your writing about the Sabbath showed.

But did Jesus change what Jehovah said at Gen.9:4; Lev.17:11,14 ?

Jehovah has declared that the soul is in the blood. This has not changed (Heb.9:22).

All souls (and their blood), belong only to Jehovah. That also has not changed (Eze.18:4; 3:18)

I believe that this is the reason why, the commands for Christians, are as follows.....

"Therefore my judgment is that we should not trouble those of the Gentiles who turn to God, but should write to them to abstain from the things polluted by idols, and from sexual immorality, and from what has been strangled, and from blood.....For it has seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay on you no greater burden than these requirements: that you abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols, and from blood, and from what has been strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will have health. Farewell.”  (Acts15:19,20,28,29)

You may notice there, that "the Holy Spirit" no longer "required" Christians to observe the Sabbath,

nor other parts of the Law which Christ satisfied.

But clearly...the laws on idolatry, fornication, and

blood...WERE still binding  upon the followers of Christ.

Jehovah has never changed His requirement of exclusive

devotion (Rev.14:7). He never changed his law on marriage,

adultery, and fornication (Matt.19:4,5,6,7,8,9).

Certainly, becoming a true Christian does not give us license

 to commit idolatry (1Cor.10:14; 1John5:21), or permit us to 

commit unclean sexual sins (Gal.5:16,17,18,19,24; Eph.5:5).

According to the apostles...neither does it give us the right to

 use blood (which still contains the soul, and still belongs only to Jehovah), for our own use.

The Command at Acts15:29, makes that very clear.

In the body/Temple of Christ (1Cor.3:16), there are different 

ranks (1Cor.15:23; 12:28)

The Cornerstone/Head, is Christ.

The foundation stones are the 12 apostles, and the Prophets (Eph.2:20; 1Cor.3:10; Phil.3:17).

In order to be a part of that true temple,

we must respect within it, the rank God have given us as individuals. 

If we are truly a part of that spiritual Temple of priests;

we must be built upon the teachings of Christ and the

 apostles (Acts2:42; 1John4:6) and no others (2Thess.2:2,14,15).

The apostle's teaching about blood is given plainly, at 

Acts15:29. To violate it is to leave the spiritual health it

 provides (Acts15:29 c; 1Tim.6:3,4,5), as well as leaving unity

 with the Temple/body of lay a new foundation outside God's Temple (Col.2:19; 1Cor.3:11; Matt.16:18). Spiritual maturity involves accepting the foundation already laid. (Heb.6:1)

Those who are given authority.... as apostles, prophets, or teachers, etc. (Eph.4:11; 1Cor.3:10; Phil.3:17; Heb.13:7,17); 

are given it by the choice of Jehovah God (1Cor.12:18)

and not of their own wish (Rom.9:16; John15:16).

This means that if we have not been chosen to be a part of

 the Holy Temple's foundation (as an apostle or prophet -Eph.2:20),

then we have no right to teach as if we have been chosen as such an authority (1Cor.11:29,31; Gal.6:4; James3:1; Matt.12:36)....

in violation of the foundation we have already been given by the choosing of God.

Let us teach, not from ourselves (John7:18), but from those of higher rank (Christ and his Temple foundation

Heb.5:12,11) whose epistles are found in God's Word. John8:47
As Paul stated; The standard to determine what is Truth and what is falsehood, depends upon whether or not a doctrine is in harmony with apostolic and prophetic testimony (1John4:6)

That "foundation" (teachings of apostles) has made crystal clear, whether or not we are free to take license with the use of what belongs to God alone... the souls of others. Can you determine by means of your power of reason, what the Bible's guidance is, as regards the use of blood in transfusion? (Lev.17:11; Eze.18:4; Isa.42:5; Eze.33:8; Acts15:29)
Love in Christ,

PS. If you are of the mind that transfusions save lives in emergency situations, you should do more research. Both me and my husband have a background in the medical field. My husband specializes in this very area. 
The medical facts are these:

Someone who is suffering from severe loss of blood (hypovolemia), needs their blood volume replaced. This can be done by means of normal saline (isotonic salt water). 
The increased need for oxygen (which is normally performed by the red blood cells) can be supplied by supplemental oxygen (delivered in gaseous form through a mask, or hyperbaric chamber).

This is a fact:
  When blood is delivered intravenously (as is the case of transfusion) IT TAKES THREE DAYS before the administered blood starts carrying and delivering oxygen throughout the patient's body. 
THE TRANSFUSED BLOOD DOES NOT address the immediate need and emergency for increased oxygen.
 In fact, it has been proven that the introduction of foreign blood, INCREASES the load placed upon the patient's own blood supply. Blood that has been in storage does not function normally, and will not return to that normal capacity, for at least 30 hours.
 The patient's own blood must now care for the needs of the foreign blood, in addition to the critical emergency aready at hand. 
The introduction of the foreign blood further stresses the oxygen capacity of native red blood cells, further burdening them. 
In addition, the foreign proteins introduced by the foreign blood, stress all organs and immunity systems, while they are already trying to cope with the existing cardiovascular emergency and hypoxia.

The reason why the medical community is striving to continue it's advances in bloodless management, is because it recognizes these facts, and realizes that true care, which is based upon science, accepts these facts, despite ingrained medical tradition and public ignorance.


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