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Wild Beast and it's ten horns


Pearl...you said,
"The anointed inside that are not the GB, are the ten kings who rule with the wild beast."
About the above quote,
if you are anointed, then while you were a JW, you must have in some way been part of the wild beast.
Is this why you had to leave the Org.?
So in what way were you ruling, because that's what a "king" does?
In what way were you a king ?
Was this because being there you added "credibility" to the Org?

You are right. You need to go to the scripture. 
It is Rev.17:
12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. 

These kings are also described at Rev.6:15. 17:2,12; 19:19.
These kings are called "the kings of the earth".
If you go to Rev.1:5-6; 5:9-10, you will see that Jesus is King over these.
Yet, Those who JESUS rules, cannot be worldly kings, because HIS KINGDOM "is no part of the world". John18:36
Rev.5:9,10 and Rev.1:5,6 confirms that these are the anointed.

Rev.17:12,13 above, helps to see that they do not have a kingdom, and that they give their future crowns to the beast Rev.17:17 ("no kingdom as yet").
[Anointed do not receive their kingdom, until they prove faithful (Rev.3:21; 1John5:4)]
As part of the idolatrous Image of the Beast, they can only receive honor and authority, in alliance with the Beast. 
Anointed elders only get the same authority as non-anointed elders ( with the beast).

Anointed are recognized, honored to partake, and are counted.
But no anointed can have any authority above the Beast, only with it.
(except of course, the Harlot GB)

As you can see, those kings inside do not rule,
but they do accept the approval of men in exchange for the approval of Christ (Rom.1:25).
The society teaches that the kingdom began in 1914, so these ones (as long as they are faithful to the GB) and are with the Beast...they are considered king designates.

The Org. and GB also know, that as you say, there is no credibility to this religion, without the anointed.
Without them, they are the same as every other church.

Since the ten kings will be destroyed along with the Beast (Rev.20:10,14,15), anointed do have to be "plucked out" of the Org/beast (so to speak), if we are to remain standing during Jesus' inspection of his slaves (Dan.7:8,5; Matt.25:19; Luke21:36).

Thanks for asking. Please let me know if this is still unconvincing, or if you still have a question.


Pearl, you gave me Rev.17,

"12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. 
If they are already kings,but wait till the one hour to have authority..how can the beast turn on the harlot ? this means any anointed who arent part of the GB,but part of the Org/beast,turn on other anointed. is this the period Jesus spoke of as the wicked slave beating its fellow slaves ? DFing anointed by the anointed in the GB counts as that 'beating' doesnt it ?
The beast seems to only have power for one hour..compared to the rest of the time of its existance..or is the one hour refering to the time of turning on the harlot. It must include that,but Im getting at is,the beast has had power all during these many years,but "authority" must come from somewhere to kill the harlot in that "one hour".
How can the org..beast..continue without the harlot/GB. This means that the org will have no direction?


The "kings of the earth" are not already ruling kings, because they have not yet received their kingdom.
I don't really understand your first question. 
It may help to consider that they are only kings with the Beast (in YHVH's eyes) because they have already been anointed. 

(Once David was anointed as King, everyone knew who the king would be, but he didn't begin his reign, until Saul was finished.)

As Paul said at 1Cor.4:8,
You are already full! You are already rich! You have reigned as kings without us—and indeed I could wish you did reign, that we also might reign with you!

Paul did not say the anointed are NOT KINGS, He said that they began their reign prematurely, and should wait to receive their rule when God's kingdom comes and God gives their final inheritance to them (Mark10:40,42,43,44). 
Otherwise, they rule physically, during THIS world, under Satan, ahead of time (John6:15; Matt.4:8,9; 1John5:19 b).
This is exactly the case with these 10 kings, as well as the GB.

The one hour is likely the last hour...when the Beast becomes the eighth king (Rev.17:11; Dan.7:8; 2Thess.2:3,4,9). It itself rules, after it gets rid of the Harlot ruling over it (Rev.17:16,17). 
By "killing" the Harlot, the 10 kings have taken action as reigning Kings with the Beast...ruling. They are successors to the GB anointed...But not without the Beast. They are always part of the Beast...the Beast's horns (Rev.13:1; 17:12).
you are correct...the anointed kings who rule with the Beast, will, with the Beast, turn on the GB (Rev.17:16,17).
To make this plain,
the Organization of elders, overseers, and committees (anointed or not),
will all decide that the GB must go.

When the 10 king anointed turn on the Harlot, this is not the period that Jesus spoke of as the Steward beating his fellows (Matt.24:45,48,49). 
This is the point where the Harlot is punished for being  the Steward who beats his fellows (1John3:10).
The Steward beats the slaves UNDER him. 
The Harlot is not under anyone human**. She is OVER the other anointed inside the Org.. She is the Steward, previous to the Beast's attack. God promised that the Harlot would drink the same cup she dished out. (Rev.18:5,6)
When the Beast gets sick of her and her exposed sins, her hour to pay the piper, will come.(Rev.18:8)
**[While the last harlot reigns, she is "under"/serving, her mother covenant (Babylon the Great -Rev.17:5) and Satan (Rev.9:11; 13:4; 9:1)].

Rev.17:12 DOES NOT SAY that the Beast only has authority for one hour. 
It says that the KINGS  rule ONE HOUR, WITH the Beast. The KINGs do not rule, until that one hour WITH the Beast. 

It does not say that the Beast is not already ruling. 
It already is, but not over the Harlot...but within all the congregations (Rev.13:2,5,7,8; 9:3,5,7) which include the ten kings.
 The GB rules all, through the elders (rides the Beast) Rev.17:3,15,18. 
This is why the locust scorpions have "what seems like golden crowns". Even while wearing those crowns, they are under the fallen star who gives them their authority/power (Rev.9:1,2,3; Isa.23:8-9); 
just as the two horned beast gives "breath" to the "Image" of the Beast (authority as "spirit directed") Rev.13:11,15; 9:1. ("He was granted power to give breath/spirit" (to Beast image) "to him was given the key" to give "authority" (to Locust/Scorpions)---same event)
The GB/Wormwood is given power by Satan, to empower the beast/locust-scorpions/Image of Beast (Rev.9:1 "key"). The goal is for those locust/scorpions  to "sting"/persecute/paralyze/deceive, the anointed in the Org., so that they don't get sealed (Rev.9:4,5).
Another parallel is when the fallen star "Wormwood" (Rev.8:10,11;9:1), opens the abyss to release/give birth to/give breath to  the "crowned" locust-scorpions/wild beast image (Rev.9:2,3; 13:15).
This image which is given breath, is then seen as having breath/spirit.
In the Bible, "spirit" and "breath" are the same word )(Greek:pneuma/Hebrew:nephesh) Gen.2:7; Ps.146:4
The "image"/idol of the Beast, is then seen as "spirit directed".

The beast has always had horns (Rev.13:1; 17:12). This tells us that it always had the anointed kings inside it. But those anointed could only rule as the elders are permitted to do, just like the rest of the Beast/non-anointed elders ("with the beast" Rev.17:12). 
When that one hour arrives, the anointed inside the Org. will join with the Beast in turning on the GB. When the Beast rules without  the Harlot (as the eighth king), the anointed kings inside it will then "receive authority" with it also.
 This is a new reign, because it is free of the Harlot's dominion over it.
Yet the "one hour" need not only be a clue to chronology...but rather a comparison also... 
They gave up an eternal rule with Christ, for one hour to share authority with a wild animal...
animalistic men 
who have not been trained by, and who are not in subjection to, the Word of God (tamed) 2Pet.2:12; Jude 1:10.

The Beast got it's authority long before the one hour...right from Satan himself (Rev.13:2). 
The "Image" got it's authority before the one hour...right from Wormwood/FalseProphet/Harlot/GB/two-horned  herself (Rev.13:11,15).
At the time of birth, the Beast already had the 10 kings inside it / 10 horns (Rev.13:1; 17:12). (https://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/2018/05/ten-horns-seven-heads.html)
The anointed inside only have authority as part of the beast (it's horns) if they too, are elders (WITH the beast).

Non-anointed Elders and overseers have held high office in the Organization for a long time. That power is growing in comparison to all anointed. 
If you have been paying attention to the changing doctrines being taught at WT studys, you may have recognized that they are lowering the anointed more and more...and raising the non-anointed elders more and more (2Thess.2:4; Ec.10:5,6,7; Dan.8:11,24; 12:7; Rev.11:2; Matt.24:15). 
This has enabled the disfellowshiping of the anointed who buck the false teachings and false authority of the Beast/elders (Rev.13:15; 11:7). To do so is to buck the Image, that this Org. of non-anointed elders is spirit-directed.
 But in time...this disrespect of anointed and the viewing of them as inferior to the elders, will finally come around to the GB. 
The Org. will realize the hypocrisy, and come to regard the GB in the same way as they do the rest of the anointed.
They will call them into account for their sins. They will finally see "her" for what "she" is (Rev.17:16,17; Nahum 3:5).

The Beast has always had authority. But it was given that authority from Satan, through the ruling  apostate anointed....the GB/Harlot/false prophet (Rev.13:11,12,15; Dan.8:24; Matt.24:49; Jer.51:7; Rev.17:2), who was given the key to Satan's Abyss (Rev.9:1), from where the Beast comes (Rev.11:7; 9:2,3; 13:1)   (Abyss=sea=deep=realm of the spiritually dead=pit).
The Beast rules without the HARLOT anointed, for one hour, as the eighth king (Rev.17:11). The ten kings (horns) inside the Beast, rule with it. 
They never rule without the authority of the Beast...but rather..."GIVE their kingdom to the Beast" Rev.17:17
[...the opposite of Jesus and the anointed, who never rule without the Father's authority (Rev.4:10,11), and give Him  all credit for their crowns].

The Org. is already almost fully independent from the GB. 
Over the years, the Org. has taken on more and more responsibility that the GB used to do. The writing committees now determine what material is put in the publications.
All Corporation decisions have been taken from the GB already. They are already reduced to figureheads. This occurred gradually over the years. The stage is set for the ridding of the Harlot.



You also said,

"and many are so afraid of the Beast that they walk away from truth."
This is what i dont get..if you are anointed,then you must be sure of that..true ? Then how could anyone be afraid the Org. Im still getting my head around the fact that the Org might be the beast...but if you are annointed,why be afraid ? Isnt Jesus going to back you. Are they afraid of being DFed ?


The anointed are capable of unfaithfulness, despite the insight spirit has granted them. There were 5 foolish virgins (Matt.25:2).
You would be surprised how powerful the idea of being disfellowshipped is, especially for those who have families who have been "witnesses" for many generations.
This gives them a sense of pride. They don't want to face that the Organization is really the "abomination"...abhorrent and disgusting in God's eyes.
They don't want to lose their stature with men, given them by a glorious "mountain-like" Organization (Rev.8:8).
They know they will absolutely be disfellowshipped by non-anointed elders if they stick to truth (Rev.11:2).
And remember...
Jesus said that if the anointed don't keep holy spirit (because they are putting the Org. before God, Jesus, scripture, and truth)
then even what little spirit and insight they have, will be taken from them (Matt.13:12 b).
Without spirit, they can not "be sure of what is true".
Their lamps grow dark (Matt. 25:8; Luke 11:34).
Only those who love Jesus more than approval with men, are willing to be spiritually "killed" by disfellowshipping 
(Rev.12:11; 15:2; 13:15; 11:7; Matt.10:39; John16:2; Mark 8:35).

You are as surprised as me, that the anointed are intimidated into subjection to the Beast, but it was foretold that they would be (Rev.9:4,5,10; 13:4).
They know they must submit or be disfellowhipped. They have no other choice...for "who can do battle" with the Organization, and win (Rev.13:4)???
Trust me...I myself and many other anointed can attest to this reality. It does not matter how many scriptures you bring up to reason with a judicial committee of non-anointed elders. If you don't accept the cerebral mark of slavery to the Organizational Beast....you're out! (Rev.13:15,16)
For many anointed with relatives inside the Org....they are older and have even been living at Bethel.
To accept the true identity of the Organizational Beast, means to lose everything of this life. 
Only if they are willing to join the group of "ten kings" and sacrifice their future kingdom with Christ by handing it over to the Beast (Rev.17:17),
can they avoid "death" (Rev.11:7).



  1. Paul did not say the anointed are NOT KINGS, He said that they began their reign prematurely, and should wait to receive their rule when God's kingdom comes and Jehovah gives it to them (Mark10:40,42,43,44).
    Otherwise, they rule during THIS world, under Satan, ahead of time (John6:15; Matt.4:8,9; 1John5:19 b).
    This is exactly the case with these 10 kings, as well as the GB.
    Dear Pearl I am so grateful for the light you spread. But here I did not understand a passage. You quote this scripture above ,about the anointed being future kings in the kingdom of God but in apocalypse 20:4 it is written of those who did not worship the wild beast nor his image who came back to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. I would like more help in understanding this passage of scripture.

    1. Dear Adassa,
      I believe that your confusion is a result of not seeing the difference between Christ's "thousand year" kingdom, and the everlasting Kingdom of God. Is it not true that although the thousand years is a symbolic time span; it does infer that it is a kingdom that has a limited time period to exist. That is made plain by Rev.20:7 which tells us that the thousand years, end.
      Not so God's eternal Kingdom (Dan.7:26-27,18,22).
      As you can see from those scriptures in Daniel, the eternal kingdom of God is given to the faithful priests and kings (Matt.25:1-2,34; 7:21-23; 24:45,46; Luke 19:17).
      Those who proved unfaithful during the thousand years, will not inherit the eternal Kingdom with Christ (Matt.24:48,49,50,51).
      I think this post will help you:

    2. Adassa, Here is another important post for you to consider:


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