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"Elijah" Turns the Hearts

The following is an addition to:
Guide-to-baptism Lesson One
as follows;

"Baptism by John was the symbol of repentance for the Jewish nation (Mark 1:3-4) who were physical Jews (John 8:33,37,39; Matt.15:24; 10:5-6; Luke 1:54-55).  
John the Baptist was " 'greater / more' than a prophet" (Matt.11:7,9-10), because he had the spirit of an Elijah Herald (Luke 1:17,16; Matt.3:3; 11:14)... whose purpose is to awaken and cleanse God's nation to receive the arriving Messiah (Mark 1:3; Matt.21:5). 
Such a Herald/Watchman, was also prophesied to arrive in the time of the end... 
(Mal.4:5-6; Matt.17:11; Isa.49:8; Matt 19:28; 25:6; Mal.3:1; Zech.4:9,14,11; 
Rev.11:4,3; 10:7; 16:17; 11:15; Isa.52:7; Rev.22:6,16; 1:1; John 16:8-14; Hab.2:2; 
Rev.4:8; 15:7) (Rev.12:14; Isa.40:3; 35:8; Matt.7:14; Rev.22:2), 
...previous to Christ's final arrival (Matt.24:30,37; 16:27; Rev.1:7; 22:7). 

At Mark 1:3 and Luke 1:17, we learn the work of the Herald, and how he prepares the heart to receive the arriving Messiah.
What does "turning hearts" between fathers and children, mean? 
Is this to be taken as a reconciliation between literal physical relatives? No. See the context of Luke 1:17, by reading Luke 1:16. Verse 17 also says, "to turn the hearts of...the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous". Who are the disobedient children, and who are the righteous and wise fathers? 
(Dan.12:4,10,3; Phil.2:15; Rev.1:20)
The Herald comes to restore spiritual relationships...
" 'A son honors his father, and a servant his master. Then if I am a father, where is My honor? And if I am a master, where is My respect?' says the LORD of hosts to you, O priests who despise My name.' " (Mal.1:6)
(Mal.4:6) (Luke 1:16) (Eze.14:5-6) (2Cor.5:20; Col.1:20; Matt.17:11)
 "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."  (Isa.9:6)
 "If you love me, obey my commands." (John 14:15) 
 (James 1:18)
 "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with a promise" (Eph.6:1-3) (Deut.4:40; Isa.59:21; Deut.11:18; Rev.14:1) 
 "Like Isaac, we are children of promise (Gal.4:28)...Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother." (Gal.4:26) 
  (Heb.8:6) (Gal.4:24 a)

"Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel." (1Cor.4:15)
(Eph.6:1,2,3;  2Tim.3:2;  3John 1:4;  1Cor.4:14;  2Cor.6:13;  1Thess.2:11;  1Tim.1:2;  2John 1:4;  1John 2:1;  1John 5:21; etc.)
"I am writing to you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. I have written to you, children, because you know the Father. I have written to you, fathers, because you know Him who has been from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one." (1John 2:13,14)

And so when we read that during the "Great Tribulation" (LINK), the relationships between spiritual fathers, mothers, and children, are ripped apart (Jer.47:2,3; Luke 21:20; 19:43,44;  Matt.24:15; Dan.11:31; Jude 1:17,18,19) and need to be restored through the Elijah Herald (Matt.17:11; Mal.4:6; Isa.61:4,1,2,3,4);
we understand better why God will  "devote the whole land to destruction/a curse" (Mal.4:6) (Satan - 1Cor.5:5) (Zech.5:3), if these bonds are not repaired."
 (Luke 1:16; Rev.22:3,18-19).
For more information on this subject:

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Who become God's People?

Hello again Pearl, 
I hope you don't mind me writing to you again so soon but I wanted to ask you your thoughts on Romans 9:25 to see if I am understanding this correctly? 
Concerning the Gentiles, God says in the prophecy of Hosea, "Those who were not my people, I will now call my people. And I will love those whom I did not love before. And, Then, at the place where they were told, 'You are not my people,' there they will be called 'children of the living God."
  Could this be saying that those who have been disfellowshipped, who have faded, stopped their association with the organization due to seeing through the lie, those who have been spiritually killed, those who have independently sought out Christ for themselves & do not submit to men, could it be that these are known as now not being God's people as far as the by organization are concerned, but in fact it is actually these ones who now being called "His people"  by God Himself?

My Reply:

God's people are defined at 1Pet. 2:9-10....

"But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,
a holy nation, a people for His possession,
so that you may proclaim the praises
of the One who called you out of darkness
into His marvelous light.
Once you were not a people,
but now you are God’s people;
you had not received mercy,
but now you have received mercy."

God's covenant with them, is His light in their heart (Jer.31:33), rather than "on tablets of stone" (Heb.8:8-10; Deut.11:18; Rev.14:1), as was the first covenant with the physical Jews (Ex.24:12;  2Cor. 3:2,3,6,7,8).  
The physical Gentiles that are taken by God, into that new covenant within their hearts (through circumcision "by the holy spirit" Rom.2:29; 7:6; Phil.3:3; Col.2:11), are then considered God's people, or, considered "Jews" in a spiritual sense (Rom.2:28-29; Gal.6:15;  2Cor. 5:17), because the spiritual "Israel of God" (Gal.6:16; Rom.9:6,8), is no longer based on one's flesh/physical lineage (Matt.3:9; Gal.3:26-29; Matt.3:11;  1Cor. 12:13). 
The new "Israel of God", is a single flock of spiritual Jews, (whether they are physical Jew or physical Gentile) (anointed-flock) (Eph.2:15; John 10:16; Rev.5:9-10). (Jew-Gentile)
After taking physical Gentiles into the new covenant, and making them spiritual Jews
spiritual Gentiles (who are not God's people), still exist. 
Those are referred to at Rev.3:9; and Rev.11:2 are not anointed. Those Gentiles  assume "they are Jews", (in that they believe they are also God's chosen people), and that they also have a right to serve God in His temple as the priests do.
No one has a right to serve in the Temple, unless they are a priest and have had the circumcision of the heart/have been consecrated by Christ (2Chron. 23:6; Eze.44:6-9; Col.2:11;  1Pet. 2:5) Then their Temple sacrifice, is "acceptable" to God.  
  When spiritual Gentiles do assume priestly duties, that is "the disgusting thing (uncircumcised/uncleansed/unconsecrated -Acts 7:51,53) standing (ruling/presiding over) in the holy place" (God's genuine temple -1Cor. 3:16-17) (Matt.24:15; Rev.11:2;  2Thess. 2:4).
For more insight on Rom.9:25, consider the context (verses 23-26)...
"And what if He did this to make known the riches of His glory on objects of mercy (1Pet. 2:10) that He prepared beforehand for glory— 24 on us, the ones He also called, not only from the Jews but also from the Gentiles? 25 As He also says in Hosea:
I will call Not My People, My People,
and she who is Unloved, Beloved.
26 And it will be in the place where they were told,
you are not My people,
there they will be called sons of the living God."

God has called (and shown mercy -1Pet. 2:10; Rom.9:23) to people from among physical Gentiles, to become His "Jewish" sons of Abraham (Gal.3:29,26). 

Not sure how or why verse 25 leads you to conclude...
"those who have been disfellowshipped, who have faded, stopped their association with the organization due to seeing through the lie, those who have been spiritually killed, those who have independently sought out Christ for themselves & do not submit to men, could it be that these are known as now not being God's people as far as the by organization are concerned, but in fact it is actually these ones who now being called "His people"  by God Himself?"

No. I see no reason to consider all those who have left the WT, to be God's people.
God does not describe his new covenant people, as all those who have left the WT. Christ described in parable, all those who have left the WT, as "all those leaving the City" (see: Matt.22:9). These are not said to become God's sons, but are only said to receive an invitation to the marriage feast.
  Surely you have examined the comments from thousands on forums, who have left the WT for becoming disillusioned. Generally, they certainly do not have God's Laws written on their hearts by Holy Spirit. Most have lost their faith in God (James 1:6; Luke 21:25; Isa.57:20; Eze.34:18-19)... even doubting the existence of God's genuine Temple priesthood (Eze.34:19; Eze.32:13,14; Ps.23:2; Rev.4:6; 22:17). The rest are drowning in those cloudy waters... spiritual confusion and conflicting opinions, which is the hallmark of those under "Babylon" the Great ("Babylon" means "confusion" -Gen.11:7, 9). 

Although prophecy acknowledges they search for truth outside WT walls (Dan.12:4,10), their lack of humility or submission to God's Temple priests (Mal.2:7;  1Pet. 2:9), causes them to search in vain (Amos 8:11-12;  2Tim. 3:7; Mark 4:11-12).
Those who "wander from sea to sea" are not those in the WT. Those in the WT are captive to one source of food (Rev.13:17; 6:6).
Few even recognize God's genuine temple anymore, nor his priesthood of anointed, and even doubt their existence. They have allowed the gov. bdy. to jade their minds regarding such Bible concepts. 

These many have, "independently sought out Christ for themselves"... independent of the WT... but for most, their independence extends toward turning away from Gods true Temple, as well. They are therefore, just as rebellious and darkened, as the WT.
  There is no salvation nor reconciliation with God, without accepting the existence of his genuine temple (Eph.2:20-22; John 13:20; 17:18; Luke 10:16; Hab.2:3; Amos 3:7; Rev.11:3; 22:6-7), where God's spirit and truth, resides and is cultivated (1Cor. 3:16,8-9; John 4:22; Rom.2:28-29)(Zech.8:23). Remember... that is where God's laws of light have been written... within the hearts and minds of his sons/priests (1Pet. 2:9-10; Heb.8:10). 

Only these spirit-circumcised priests, are Christ's ambassadors of truth, light, and life (2Cor. 5:20). The genuine are either received, 
or rejected, along with the waters of life which they offer to all (Rev.22:17;  2Cor. 2:15-16; 3:5-6). Their authenticity can be discerned, by using the standards Christ set forth (Matt.7:20; John 7:17-18; 16:13; Rev.22:6) ("Who are the "fine trees"?)

Even though the description you have given does not constitute God's people...
God's faithful people do fulfill some of the choices and deeds which you have listed. 
Be assured that those who confess Christ though faced with the WT "death", will be acknowledged by Christ before God (Matt.10:32 and Luke 12:8) (Mark 8:35). 
This does not include those who "fade" or "disassociate", because they fail to give the essential witness to all possible, before their "death". Christ did not "fade" or write a letter of disassociation from the synagogue (1Pet. 2:21; Eph.4:25; 5:11; Matt.10:32; Mark 8:35; Heb.13:13-16). He publicly preached the truth to the greatest extent possible, and was killed for that (Rom.6:5). When we "confess Christ", we are endorsing his example, by imitating him in his being "the faithful and true witness" (Rev.3:14). If we are not endorsing Christ's example by exposing deceptive doctrine to those held captive (Luke 4:18,21), we are not a genuine Christian (Luke 6:40;  1Pet. 2:21).
Just as Zech.8:23 stated, if those leaving the WT, "grab hold" of a living stone (1Pet. 2:5)... they also will live (Matt.10:41).

Here are some past posts that may help to clarify:

Rom.9:25 is a quote from Hosea 2:23. That entire chapter of Hosea is relevant to your question, as to who become God's people. I hope to write up a verse by verse examination of that chapter; but if you read it, I'm sure you will recognize many of it's verses as applying, today. 
(Hosea chapter 2)


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"Obey Men" Addition

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ADDITION to "Should we Obey Men?"
as follows:

Jesus helped us to keep a balanced perspective when deciding to obey men.
Of all men, Jesus would be the foremost one to obey. Yet it may surprise you that Jesus did not ask for absolute obedience. If this is so, then certainly, men should not expect absolute obedience either.
If we examine the basis for obedience Christ does request of his followers,
then we can have clarity about the basis for obedience, we may rightly seek and accept, toward certain men.
Although it may not seem to be related, I am going to now post a question I received about John12:47-48. Within my reply, the kind of obedience we display toward those who are genuine under-priests of Christ, may be clarified (Mal.2:7; Rev.5:9-10; Heb.2:17; 10:21; 3:6).

 I have been reading John & a passage in it is some what perplexing me as to what Jesus was actually meaning. He is saying that He will not judge those who hear Him but do not obey, yet He also says that those who reject Him will be judged? Surely if you hear His words & do not obey them or at least try to obey them are you not disobeying/rejecting Him & His teachings?
John 12:47-48

Jesus did not say "obey". .
He said, "believing".
If you don't grasp that, perhaps you could look at the Greek (LINK).

It would also help to consider the context of John, chapter 12, to know what Jesus meant by "not judging the world".
But there are a few points to make first, so that the context is understood.

    [If you have read the recent Blog Post, you know that the "world" in John 
     chapter 12, was the Jewish "system" of religion 
     (again, check the Greek of John12:47). 
     Remember, that these are the ones God sent Jesus to (John3:17; 1:11; Matt.15:24)...  
     to save them as a nation due to their leaving God (Matt.15:24; John1:11; Acts 13:24).]

When Jesus said, "And if any man hear my words, and believe not", it helps to consult the context to know whom he is referring to (verses 36-43), and why they believe or don't believe...
36 Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.
37 Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him. 
38 This was to fulfill the word of Isaiah the prophet:
“Lord, who has believed our message
    and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?”
39 For this reason they could not believe, because, as Isaiah says elsewhere:
40 “He has blinded their eyes
    and hardened their hearts, (This is the same as 2Thess.2:11)
so they can neither see with their eyes,
    nor understand with their hearts,
    nor turn—and I would heal them.”
41 Isaiah said this because he saw Jesus’ glory and spoke about him.
42 Yet at the same time many even among the leaders believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; 43 for they loved human praise more than praise from God.

So we see two groups OF JEWS being portrayed... JEWs who would not believe, and JEWS who did believe, but were unwilling to profess/confess, him (John12:17,19,37).  Both groups were deficient before God, because God's spirit had empowered Christ to perform miracles/works of God.
At John 10:37-38 Jesus said;
"If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me; but if I do them, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, so that you may know and understand that the Father is in Me, and I in the Father."
("The father in me", as meaning, God's spirit in him  -1Cor.3:16; John17:21,23; 14:23)
That ties in with John 14:11 and John7:31, 
and John12:44-45 and John12:49-50...
44 Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. 45 The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me. 49 For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken. 50 I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.”

Can you see from those words, that God empowered Jesus to display works that would prove that Christ's teachings were from God?

So to get to the point....
Was it Jesus who personally judged or saved the Jewish nation? 
Or, was it the words of God?

Jesus made the answer clear, when he said; "48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day. "
it was God's message that would be the "measuring line" stretched over Jerusalem, to measure it's righteousness and it's sins. It was not the person of Jesus Christ, who even refused to take it upon himself to condemn the Devil (Jude 1:9). Also, when the wicked revile God's messengers, the angel/messengers do not accuse such blasphemers (Rev.13:6; 2Thess.2:4,9; Rev.13:4), 
but the angels limit their message to the condemnation from God, which they have been sent as messengers, to declare 
(2Pet.2:10-12; Rev.11:3,5; Jer.23:29; Hosea6:5).

This goes along with the most recent post about "loving our enemies". Within that post, the distinction between condemning others, and declaring God's condemnation, is clarified.
That is exactly what Jesus was explaining, at John12:47-48. 
The whole point, is that it is not as you ask... 
"are you not disobeying/rejecting Him & His teachings?"
....It is rejecting the word of God via spirit, which Christ and his brothers, merely convey. (Rev.3:14; Matt.10:20)
On the basis of the word of God, opposers are judged... because they reject the words of God... not because they reject the person of Jesus.

This is why Jesus DID preach obedience to his words (which were from God)...
"For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken." (John12:49)
"Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching (from God). My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them." (John14:23)
(Yet John12:47 does not say "obey", it says "believe".)
The whole point of Christ's miracles, was so that people could, believe... believe that all of his words truly were, from God 
(John 10:37-38; 14:11; 1John5:9).
When they obeyed what Jesus taught from God, they were heeding the words of God (John 12:49). Jesus wanted to make that clear, as do all his faithful brothers.

You also make this quote...
"He also says that those who reject Him will be judged"
He says;  There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept MY WORDSthe very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.
Those judged, are on the basis of Christ's message from God,
not on their rejection of Christ.
I am hoping you see that difference, which Christ spoke so often about, so that we could understand this point.

Jesus came to bring a message from God, to the Jewish nation, to save them from their sins and from death. He did this by his own obedience to God's words (Phil.2:8; Heb.10:9).
It was his message from God that had saving power... not Jesus as a person.
A little flock of Jews, accepted Christ, through their acceptance of his teachings, and so, received those blessings (Luke12:32; Rom.9:27).
Yet they received them, not because they liked and welcomed Jesus as a person,
but because they feared the word of God, coming from Christ's mouth, as God's messenger/Archangel.

It is helpful to read John12:47-48, with verse 49...
"47 If anyone hears My words and doesn’t keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. 48 The one who rejects Me (How?)>>>and doesn’t accept My sayings, has this as his judge: The word I have spoken will judge him on the last day. ****49 For I have not spoken on My own, but the Father Himself who sent Me has given Me a command as to what I should say and what I should speak."****
It also helps to remember Luke12:10...
"And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven."
Who empowered Jesus to perform the miracles which testified, that Christ was a messenger of God?
Who empowered Jesus to speak God's words?
Was it not Holy Spirit?
Once again we see, that it is not obeying or rejecting Christ that matters...
It is obeying God's spirit from his mouth (John20:22)... the word of God (Rev.1:16; Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12-13).

I am hoping you see the difference between those who believe and those who obey (see Greek),
as well as the difference between obeying and accepting Christ, 
or obeying and accepting the word of God, through Christ. 

We can apply this to any who claim to be a spokesman of God.
Do they speak the words of God, or their own words?
(John 7:16-18; 16:13; 14:26; 15:26; Acts5:32) 
God bears witness about his genuine representatives (Isa.44:1-3,23,26).
(1John 5:6-8 -- John7:37-39; Rev.22:17; 6:9-10; 18:24; Matt.10:20; 1Cor.2:4,13; Eph.6:17; 1Thess.1:5; Heb.4:12; Rev.22:6)

If you do see the difference between obeying men, and obeying God's word through men (including Christ), then you may have your answer about John12:47-48.
Please let me know.
Love in Christ,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

" Love your Enemies "

"You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matt.5:43-48)

"Be blessing those who persecute you; bless and do not profess a loathing for them." (Rom.12:14)

"But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return. Then your reward will be great, and you will be the sons of the Highest. For He is kind to the unthankful and the evil." (Luke 6:35)

Who are our enemies?

They are those who hate us (Luke1:71; 6:27) (symbolic-death)...
those who intimidate, oppose, mislead, and threaten us, into subjection to them (Luke 1:74; Rev.13:15,7; 2Thess.2:3-4; 1Cor.3:16; Eze.44:6-9; Matt.24:15-16) 

They oppress, restrain/"hold back", tear down, and seek to destroy our power, and our service to God (2Thess.2:6,8; Hab.1:4; Luke 19:43; 21:24,20; Rev.20:9; Matt.24:24-25; 1John2:26; 3:7; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-16; 13:11,15; 2:20; 19:20) (Dan.7:25; 8:11-12; 11:36; 12:7; Rev.13:7,10). They successfully bring about the greatest tribulation ever to befall God's chosen people (G.T.-why?).
Those who oppose, set their minds on the "earthly" things of this world (Col.3:2; James 3:15-16; 1John 2:15-16; James 4:4; Eph.2:2; 6:12; 2Cor.12:20; Rom.2:8; Mark 10:42-44; James 1:27; Matt.6:19; Luke 12:19-20; Rev.3:17-18; 1Cor.4:6-8,9-14; Mark 4:18-19). 
A disposition of greed overwhelms them, and they lose their spiritual senses, evidenced by their vile conduct (2Pet.2:3; Phil.3:18-19; Isa.56:11; Jer.6:13; Hosea 4:8; Micah 7:3; James 3:16; Hab.2:4; Ps.49:12-14; Eph.4:19-20).
They fight against the divine authority and power, which we fear and honor (2Cor.5:11; Luke19:27; Rev.17:14) (grieving-spirit). This is because they are backed by our greatest enemy, the Devil (1Pet.5:8; Eph.2:2; Rev.13:4; Prov.15:27; Matt.4:8-9; Rev.9:1,11; Isa.33:1) (Matt.13:25,39).

How should we react to the unfaithful?
We should admonish the elect among us (Eph.4:25; Gal.6:1-3; Amos 5:14; Jude 1:23; Zech.3:2,8; 1Tim.5:20) who have turned aside from the way of Christ (Acts 26:18; Col.2:19; John 15:4-5; 1John5:16), and have fallen prey to Satan's temptations (Matt.4:8-9; Rev.13:4; 17:3). If they refuse to "listen" (Gal.4:16; Acts 13:10; John 3:20; Heb.6:5-6; 10:26) and turn around and rip us open Matt.7:6; 2Pet.2:21; John 13:34; 1John3:12,15; 4:20; Matt.10:21; Jer.9:4-5), 
...then we expose their falsehoods... 
               [Prov.28:4; Isa.58:1; Num.10:9; Isa.48:2,14; (Rev.17:16-17); 
                Micah 3:8-11; Jer.23:17; 7:4; 5:12; 1Thess.5:3; 
                Eze.13:10; Amos 9:10; Eph.5:6; Rev.13:10; Luke 21:24]
               [Rev.2:15-16,12; 19:15,14; Heb.4:12; Eph.6:17; 2Thess.2:8
            *Hosea 7:16; 
               ("Egypt" and "Sodom" exist today- Rev.11:3,8. 
                The ridicule the "two witnesses" endure "on the 
                broadway of the Great City", 
                        (at the hand of the harlot -Isa.66:5), 
                will come back upon her Rev.18:6; *Hosea 7:16);       
                Jer.23:14; Deut.32:32-33; Rev.13:11] 
                [Eph.5:11-13; Luke10:19]
...and try to counteract their inebriating effect (Rev.18:3; Jer.51:7; 1Pet.1:13; 4:7; 5:8; 1Thess.5:6; Titus 2:12), by declaring obedience to Christ (2Cor.10:3-5; Rev.17:14; 19:11,14,8) and the word of God (Jer.23:29; Ps.2:9; Rev.2:26-27; Jer.5:14NIV ; Rev.11:5; 20:9) ("Fire from Heaven").

God's Word also admonishes us to love our enemy. 
We are to imitate Him in this (Eph.5:1; Phil.2:15)...
  "He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." (Matt.5:45) The "sun" and "rain" are God's judgments and teachings (Hosea 6:5; Deut.32:2), which we freely offer to sinners (2Cor.2:17; Prov.3:27; Gal.6:10; 2Tim.3:16-17).
Love includes discipline, when needed (Heb.12:5-6; Rev.3:19; Jer.35:15; 25:4-5; 26:5-6,13; 18:11; 17:23; Jer.5:14NIV Rev.11:5; 20:9)(fire-from-heaven).
Although God's words of discipline may seem painful, those who choose to heed it (Job 5:17-18; Prov.27:6; 28:23; 3:11) will be blessed (Eze.18:30-31; 33:11; Isa.59:20; Acts 3:19; Heb.12:11; Ps.94:12; 141:5).

Genuine Christians today, also have enemies (2Tim.3:12; Matt.10:36; Mark 13:13; 1Cor.15:24; John 16:2). Foremost, are those who have a large amount of followers (Matt.24:4-5; 2Thess.2:9-12; Rev.20:8; Matt.7:13-14; Rev.13:11,8,14-15; 19:20; 16:13-14; 1Tim.4:1).
The core of the Wicked Steward/Harlot/"False Prophet's" sins (in God's estimation), are what I have been called by Yhwh's Spirit, to reveal (Dan.12:4,9-10; Rev.20:12; 1:19; 22:10,6-7; Hab.2:2; Rev.10:7). 
Those sins include:
 resisting Holy Spirit, by suppressing, taking captive, restraining, and oppressing, the anointed body of Christ; 
 the Harlot's fornication with Satan himself -- in order to gain dominion, power, and the sorcery of deception; and her murder of Christ's brothers.

God's own anointed priests have been overcome by this. the greatest of all, tribulations (G.T.-why?), 
as the false prophet decrees that all must worship the image of the Beast (WT Org.) under threat of "death" (Rev.13:15)(symbolic-death),  carried out by the collective Beast (Rev.11:7)... which is the power upon which the harlot/false prophet/wicked steward, sits enthroned (Rev.17:3).

 The present wicked steward is drawing dark deception up from the abyss of death, to feed her peoples with bitter wormwood waters 
    (Rev.8:10-11; 9:1,11; 17:1,15; Prov.7:26-27; 5:5,3-4; Rev.10:10-11; Eze.3:3-4; Zech.5:1,4,7-8,10-11; Rev.17:3; 2Thess.2:9
(fallen-star) (locust-scorpions-Abaddon) (who-has-key-to-abyss?),  
   and the sting of sin and death through her "locust-scorpion" minions 
(Rev.9:3,10; Eze.2:6; 1Cor.15:56; Luke 10:19). 
They have rejected God's message through His prophets, and blasphemed God's spirit, which His prophets' express (Rev.11:3; Jer.26:5-6; John 16:13; Amos 3:7; Rev.22:6; 1Cor.14:32; 2Pet.1:21; Matt.10:20; Mark 3:29; Rev.18:4). 
(prophecy-cease?) (sin-against-spirit) (grieving-holy-spirit)

Does this mean, that I hate the Harlot and her beast?

When it comes to vengeance upon the Harlot, I leave that in God's hands (Rev.6:9-11; 19:1-2). He will repay (Rom.12:19; Deut.32:35,4; 1Pet.2:23; 4:19). He is perfect justice, and the only source of it. 
Holy Spirit has directly instructed me in what I must do. My job is to declare how God sees things, and not to get involved in what the wicked are planning and what they will do to avenge themselves (Ps.1:1)... even though the imminent attack of the "ten kings" and "Beast" upon the Harlot, is according to the will of God 
(Mal.2:8-9; 1Pet.2:8; Rev.17:16-17) (Mark 9:42; Rev.18:21). 
  Though they do God's will when attacking the wicked steward/Harlot, they are still conspiring against God, His Kingdom, and His genuine heirs (Ps.83:5; 2:1-6). Like the previous harlot, the "ten kings" (kings-of-earth?) seek alliance with the Beast/"disgusting thing"/counterfeit Temple and "kingdom" of impostors (2Tim.3:1,5,7,13; 2Cor.11:15). They must reap what they have sown (2Cor.5:10). 

If we forgive others of their debts toward us, we will be forgiven (Matt.6:14; 5:7; 18:35). 
I have tasted and swallowed the power of demonic deception, as I myself was also deceived. So I know that what they do, is largely due to blindness (Luke 23:34).
I just don't feel that it's my place to condemn or conspire (Jude 1:9; 1John 1:8-10; Rom.3:23; John 8:7), other than obeying God's direction and conveying His condemnation (John 12:48; 13:20). 
What I speak is sourced with visions of God, and not from me (Num.12:6; 2Pet.1:21; Matt.10:20).
(Acts 4:19-20)

I remember how angry Jonah was when God forgave Nineveh (Jonah 4:1,3). He forgot that his message of condemnation to Nineveh, was God's, and not his own (Jonah 1:2-3; 3:2,4). The people he condemned didn't know their left hand from right (Jonah 4:11). Satan is using such ignorance today (Isa.44:20), to give support to the murderous beast (Rev.13:8). The Beast is followed with admiration, rather than being seen for the blasphemy it represents (Rev.13:3 c; Rev.13:1 e; Rev.13:5-6). If we think about what Jesus said about the goats being on his left hand and the sheep on his right hand (Matt.25:33); Do we clearly distinguish the goats on Christ's left, and the sheep on his right?
Think about how that the same ignorance is rampant today, according to these scriptures....
(Isa.5:20; Matt.7:15; 24:24; Prov.17:15) 
When "wolves" are dressed in sheep's covering, those who do not have discernment, think they are sheep. They think the genuine sheep of Christ, are wolves/goats/apostates. Yet the distinction between goats and sheep, has now begun to be revealed (Luke 8:17).
(Mal.3:18; Rom.8:19; John 16:13,8) (2Thess.2:3,8; 2Pet.3:10; 1Cor.3:13; Nahum 3:4-6; Eze.16:37; Hab.2:16; Jer.25:28-29; Isa.28:17-21; Acts 13:41).
  Like God, Jonah should have had compassion on a city full of repentant humans and their animals (Jonah 4:11), and prayed to God on their behalf, for mercy (Matt.5:7; James 2:13; Hosea 6:5-6). 

We do this, even though our enemy displays no mercy toward us  (1Pet.3:9; Prov.20:22)
Since the "harlot's" "Beast" killed us for our faithful testimony to truth, robbed us of our divine inheritance/priesthood, and even our literal and spiritual children (Rev.9:7; Jer.6:23; 2Kings8:12) (pregnant/nursing-mothers) (Eze.36:12), there continues to be no mercy. They build their city on bloodshed, the blood of the innocent and powerless 
(Hab.2:12; Nahum 3:1; Prov.6:16-17; Jer.2:34-35; Rev.18:7,24; 16:6; 17:6; Jer.51:49). 
In fear for them, I pray for them (Luke 21:26; 6:28; 1Thess.5:15; 1Pet.2:21-23).

I must reveal who the harlot is (as well as her sins), but it is not my place to scorn, conspire against, or rip her apart (1Cor.13:2) as the "hated birds", "ten kings" and "Beast" are now going to do. We know that the prophecies about the collective harlot and beast will surely come to pass, but there is still hope for the individual members within, if they get out (2Cor.6:16-18; Rev.18:4; Isa.52:11; Jer.51:6,9; Rev.18:5).
 When I confront the GB in a letter that I am sure they will receive, I will do it directly and personally, just as commanded (Luke17:3-4; Lev.19:18; 2Tim.2:24-26), even though the governing body did not obey those words, when I myself was "beaten" and expelled by their decree (Matt.18:15; 5:23-24), through their Beast.
As was done by God for Christ; those who remain the enemies of the faithful, are to be made as a stool for their feet 
(Matt.22:44; Mark 16:19; Rev.3:21; 2:26-27; 3:9).
(Ps.27:14; 38:15; 130:5; 25:3)

Excellent commentary on this post, available at the >FORUM<


Sunday, January 10, 2016

The New Creation - Four Rivers

(More scriptures added)

We know that God's original creation to which we belong, failed God's purpose for it 
(Hosea6:7; Rom.5:12; 3:23).
Yet, God's purpose that was originally expressed within physical creation, will not fail 
(Isa.55:11; 45:18; 44:26; 46:10; Ps.37:11,29; Num.23:19; Jer.23:20).
The scriptures speak of a "new creation" (Gal.6:15) that is "made new" by the forces at work in the mind (Eph.4:23-24; Col.3:10; Rom.12:2; 6:4), creating a new man in the image of Christ (2Cor.5:17; 3:18; Rom.8:29; 13:14; 1Pet.2:21; 4:1; 1John2:6; Eph.4:13; Col.2:9-10). 
  Those of the new creation, are of "heaven" and "earth", and are righteous (2Pet.3:13-14; 1:4). They are patterned after the model of Christ, rather than Adam (1Cor.15:22,48-49; Rom.8:13). 
The new spiritual creation (1Cor.15:44-49; Isa.65:17; Rev.21:1,5) comes about by the same pattern by which the physical creation came into existence 
(Gen.1:2-3; Jer.4:23; Amos 5:18,20; Matt.24:29; Gen.1:3; 2Cor.4:6; 1Pet.2:9; Gen.1:2; Isa.31:5). 

Much could be written about each of the creative days, and how they represent the emergence of the NEW, eternal Creation... 
the dawn of light, the dry land appearing, the separation of the waters above and below, 
the green grass given all, for food, 
the heavenly luminaries, 
the Garden of God, and its' trees...
But for today, I just wanted to present what we are told about the waters that gave life to God's garden.
We are told at Gen.2:10-14 that there was one source of water (John4:10,14; 7:37-39), that branched into four. Each of those four rivers, were named.

The Pishon (פישון), meaning "spring up to be shattered/torn in pieces and scattered" 
(Eze.22:15; Nahum 3:18; Lam.3:11).
The Gihon (גיחון), meaning "to burst - gush forth" (Job 40:23; 38:8).
The Haddakel (חדקל), meaning "to prick, sting, sharp" (Micah 7:4; Prov.15:19).
The *Parat (פרת), deriv. from "parah", meaning "fruitful" (Isa.32:12).
(*See footnote

I would like to offer an illustration Jesus gave about those of the Kingdom, which seems to connect to these four "rivers". By my own meditation on that connection, I gained understanding. It is my hope that you also may benefit.

It is Jesus' illustration about four kinds of hearts, and how they respond to receiving the "waters of truth" ("seed" -Luke8:11), from Christ. 

The first sort of heart, is described at Luke 8:5.
Within this first heart, the seeds of truth are crushed, and taken away by birds.
Pishon River (פישון), meaning "spring up to be crushed/shattered/torn in pieces and scattered
(Matt.13:19; Luke 8:12)

The second sort of heart, is described at Luke 8:6.
Due to landing on "rock" (Job 41:24; Rev.9:9), the unconcealed, exposed root can be seen as soon as it immediately sprouts (Matt.13:5); only to wither away due to it's hardened circumstances (Matt.13:20-21)
(Exo.7:13; Ps.17:10; Zech.7:12; Matt.13:15; Mark 6:52; 16:14; Rom.2:5; Eph.4:18; Heb.3:8).
The Gihon River (גיחון), meaning "to burst - gush forth".

The third sort of heart, is described at Luke 8:7.
The seed now falls onto a heart that is already sown with briars. Such oppressive circumstances need not lead to failure (Matt.13:24-26,30). But in the case of this third heart, the "thorns" were able to choke out the "word" from that heart, so that it became "unfruitful" (Matt.13:22) (Phil.4:6-7; Luke12:24-25,30-31).
The Haddakel River (חדקל), meaning "to prick, sting, sharp" (Micah 7:4; Prov.15:19).

The fourth sort of heart, is described at Luke 8:8.
This heart is blessed with discernment. (Matt.13:23,43; Dan.12:3-4,10; Matt.13:11). These are willing to die for truth (John 12:24), so that they can be fruitful, according to their own assigned ability (Matt.25:14-15; 1Cor.12:18,28) (Matt.13:23; Luke8:15; John 12:24; Rev.6:9,11; Rom.6:5).
The Parat River (פרת), meaning "fruitful" (John 15:8,4-5; Rev.22:2).

Each of us has Christ's warning parable before us. Each of us has free will, to decide what kind of heart we will work to have. 
If we truly desire to be healed by God, our heart can be made pure 
(Ps.51:9-13; 24:4; James 4:8; 1Kings 18:21; Eze.18:31; 36:26; Matt.13:11-15; Rev.22:2 c)
(Rev.13:8; 2:20,22; 17:2; 3:19,17-18; Zech.13:9; Mal.3:1-3).
[Rev.17:2; 1:5; 5:10 (]
If we choose to have a heart of fine soil toward God's Word; we will enter the "Garden of God" (1Cor.3:9; Eze.31:9; Ps.1:1-3; Rev.21:6-7; 22:1-4,14,16-17) and remain there, forever.
[Rev.22:4 - (]
[Rev.22:2 - (]

*FOOTNOTE: Although the fourth river is often translated as the "Euphrates", that is not the original name of the fourth river, as recorded with only one occurrence within the Hebrew scriptures. (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Link 4)
From LINK:

Parat meaning
The name Parat means Fruitful. Neither NOBSE Study Bible Name List nor Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names treats Parat, but for Euphrates (=eu-parat; the good parat), NOBSE reads That Which Makes Fruitful, and Jones reads Fruitfulness.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Symbolic Death by means of the "world"

"Dear Pearl,
You teach that the deaths which the faithful suffer in the Book of Revelation, are symbolic. You teach that being disfellowshipped from the Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, fulfills that symbolic death. What scriptural proof do you have, to assert such an interpretation? I do know that those inside the Congregations do view those disfellowshipped as spiritually dead. But do you have a scripture to prove that being killed in Revelation, can be interpreted as being disfellowshipped by the Watchtower?"
- - - - - - -

Thank you for pointing out this missing piece of the puzzle, when it comes to the interpretations which I teach, and the opportunity to fill it in by means of scripture.
Fearing the congregational "death" of expulsion, is not new to Christians.
Those who confessed the truth of Christ in the first century, faced the same threat (John 9:22; 7:13; 12:42-43; 9:17,24-25,28-33,34-35).
Jesus made plain, that his genuine and faithful followers, would face a future time when this threat would be common practice......

"They will put you out of the "synagogues(Greek for "congregation"/"to lead together"); yes, *the time is coming* that anyone who kills you will think that he offers God divine service." (John 16:2)

Luke 21:12,17 put it this way...
"But before all this, they will seize you and persecute you. They will hand you over to synagogues and put you in prison (Luke 21:24; Rev.13:10,7; Col.2:8), and you will be brought before kings (Rev.9:7) and governors ("Governing Body" Mark 10:42-45), and all on account of my name...Everyone will hate you because of me." (1John 4:20; 2:11) (John 13:34-35; Matt.25:37-40,41-46) (Matt.24:11-13)

Mark also mentions the "hatred" that prompts the expulsions, and how prevalent it would become against Christ's faithful brothers...
"You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved." (Mark 13:13)
Would this hatred be coming from strangers?

"When they arrest you and hand you over, do not worry beforehand about what you are to say, but say whatever is given you in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but it is the Holy Spirit. 12 Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and have them put to death. 13 You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved." (Mark 13:11-13)
Whoever hates, is counted by God as a murderer (1John3:15,12).
The faithful anointed brothers of Christ, are expected to experience a death for truth in imitation of Jesus 
(Mark 8:35; Rom.6:5; Rev.6:9-11; 12:10-11; Matt.16:24-25; Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13; John16:2).

 1Pet.2:21,24; Rom.6:8; 7:6; 2Tim.2:11; Gal.2:19; Col.2:20; 3:3

When we are thrown out of the Congregation
(meaning of Greek "synagogue"), we are being cast out and hated by a "world"... (lit. Greek: "cosmos" = harmonious, self-inclusive system of thought/present age-system-arrangement-embellishment LINK) which we once belonged.
Jesus helps to clarify who it is that persecutes us.....

"Remember what I told you: 'A servant is not greater than his master.' If THEY persecuted me, THEY will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also." (John 15:20)

Who are "THEY" who persecuted Jesus?
Ps.119:161 clarifies that it was "rulers".... leaders 
(John 8:37; 15:24; 7:7; Matt.23:13,33-35,36-38; Rev.18:20,24).
  Weren't the secular rulers (Romans), the ones who persecuted Jesus?
Although the secular authorities were used to execute Jesus, they were not the source of his persecution.
The scriptures sort out the blame for us...

"6 As soon as the chief priests and their officials saw him, they shouted, "Crucify! Crucify!" But Pilate answered, "You take him and crucify him. As for me, I find no basis for a charge against him."
11 Jesus answered, "You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above; for this reason he who delivered Me to you has the greater sin." 12 As a result of this Pilate made efforts to release Him, but the Jews cried out saying, "If you release this Man, you are no friend of Caesar; everyone who makes himself out to be a king opposes Caesar.
15 But they shouted, "Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!" "Shall I crucify your king?" Pilate asked. "We have no king but Caesar," the chief priests answered." (John 19:6,11-12,15)
(See Acts 3:14-15)
Clearly, the "leaders" that were responsible for the persecution and death of Jesus, were the religious leaders of God's people.
Ps.119:161; Isa.66:5 ... Jesus' brethren.
Jesus told us, that if they persecuted him, they will persecute us also.
  It is the same today. 
Just as the first-century leaders of God's people resorted to using the Gentiles, to kill for them; so does the false prophet do today 
(Rev.19:20; 13:11,14-15; 11:7; John16:2).

Jesus explained this in an additional way....
(see John 15:18-20) >>>
<<< He said that he was no part of the "world"...
(Greek: "cosmos" = harmonious, self-inclusive system of thought/present age-system-arrangement-embellishment)
...that persecuted him (John 17:14,16). Jesus overcame that "world" (John 16:33), as we also must (1John 5:4-5; 5:19; 2:13-14).
Because we are no part of that world, the world will "hate" us as it did Christ.
Who is the "world"
(Greek: "cosmos" = harmonious, self-inclusive system of thought/present age-system-arrangement-embellishment)
that Jesus was referring to?
In speaking to the religious leaders (who later killed him),
Jesus said...
"But he continued, "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world." (John 8:23)

The apostle John makes this "world" even clearer, at 1John 4:1,4-6.
Can you see there, that the "world" is where false prophets speak falsehood? Those who belong to their world, "listen to them".
The "world" that persecuted Christ (and will also persecute us) is where Jesus was sent to, by God (1John 4:9). Where was that "world" to which God sent Jesus?
Scripture tells us, at John 1:9,11 and Matt.15:24.
The "world" into which Jesus was sent, was the realm of God's nation at that time.

We have learned that the "world" (Greek: "cosmos" = harmonious, self-inclusive system of thought/present age-system-arrangement-embellishment) into which Jesus was sent, was God's own wayward Nation, dominated by false prophets and their teachings.
Those who accept such teachings, belong to that world, and are loved by their own (John 15:19). Yet Jesus made clear to the faithful, that they were to be no part of that world of falsehood and rebellion against God's will (Deut.32:5-6; Heb.10:39).
As a result of Christ's disciples lack of conformity, the world would HATE them, and persecute them as they did Christ (John 15:19).
In "a time to come", such hatred would become prolific (Matt.24:11-12;  2Tim. 3:1,3,5;  1Tim. 4:1), even displayed by beloved family members. The expulsion of the faithful from the congregation would be motivated by a misguided service to God (John 16:2), and a resulting hatred by everyone. This would occur in the time of the end, because that is how long such victims would need to endure (Mark 13:13; Matt.16:27).

Now, to get back to the symbolic death.
Can you see that those thrown out of the Congregation, are "hated" by those expelling them? (Isa.66:5; John 15:18,24)
Although you agree that from the perspective of "Jehovah's Witnesses" those expelled, are considered spiritually dead...
what of God's perspective...
and as you ask... where in God's Word, is being the target of such hatred qualified as a death?

"Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him." (1John 3:15)
Can you see that God himself views hatred among his people, as equal to murder? The "world" lead by false prophets and their hateful doctrine, is displayed by a cutting off, even by beloved family members. For this reason, such condoning family members are seen as surrendering the faithful over, to be killed (Mark 13:12-13;  2Tim. 3:1,3,5). Despite that "death", they would still have to "endure until the end", after their "death" (Col.3:1-3; 2:20 a).
For this reason, those "killed" can still speak, and ask how long the end will take to arrive (Rev.6:9-11).

God considers hatred, the same as murder (1John 3:15).
Those who hate are guilty of murder in His estimation... and those hated, as murdered.

"No murderer has eternal life", but those who endure in love (Matt.5:21-22,44; 25:40; John 13:34-35; 8:51; 14:21; Rom.13:10; Gal.5:14; Matt.7:12), do live eternally...
 "We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love abides in death" (1John 3:14).
these previous scriptures speak, NOT of a physical life or death, but a spiritual one.
After all, that is the only life that should matter to us (John 12:24-25) and the only life that matters to God (Matt.22:32; Luke 20:38; John 6:63) (Mark 8:35 -LINK).
If God's beloved faithful are slandered and publicly charged and sentenced as losing their spiritual life (by those who hate them); then God considers that hateful condemnation as a murder (1John 3:15,12; John 16:2).
(Rom.1:25,28-32; Eze.22:6-9,25; 11:6; Ex.20:16; Lev.19:16)
(Hab.2:12; Nahum 3:1; Matt.23:28-36; Rev.17:6; 18:4,20,24)
(Hosea 5:2; 2:10; 6:9; Jer.11:9; 7:9-10; Eze.7:23; 11:6; Rev.11:8; 6:9-10)

(Luke 12:1;  1John 4:20; Matt.5:20-26,20; 7:21-23; Luke 16:11-12,1-2) (LINK)

We are told by the (original Greek -link) of Rev.1:1 (LINK), that the scroll to follow is written entirely in allegory and symbolism.
The symbolic "death" it depicts, is interpreted by 1John 3:15. (Luke 6:22-23; John 16:2)

I hope these scriptures address your question. If not, please follow up.
In Christ,

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Is "leaving the city", enough?

Many who were associated with the "Watchtower" organization, have lost cherished things, due to being cast off as wicked by their local congregation. The spiritual path each one has chosen afterward, has varied. Which of those post-"Watchtower" paths, leads to eternal life?
What follows, are excerpts from my reply to someone who asked such questions, after his rejection of the wicked steward's wormwood waters, and his exodus from the "City" of apostate Jerusalem. He wants to know how God views these decisions, and what reward he can expect for his discernment and decisive action to cease his association with God's rebellious and idolatrous nation.
- - - - - - -
(2Cor.6:16-18; Eph.4:24-25; 5:11; Ps.26:4; Rev.18:4; Jer.51:6,9,45; Isa.48:20; Matt.24:14-16)
- - - - - - -
My reply:
You rightly feel that your resistance to the false doctrines of the WT, was accurate and proper 
(1Tim. 6:20; Gal.1:7-8; Eph.5:11; 4:25; Col.2:8;  1John 4:1; Matt.24:4-5); 
and your refusal to submit and conform to their demands, was the right action to take (Rom.8:15; Gal.1:10) (obey-men?).
According to Christ's illustration of the marriage feast (Matt.22:1-14) (marriage-feast), many such perceptive ones are seen, "leaving the city" (marriage-feast) (invited-chosen-marriage.feast).
They are leaving, because they no longer desire to be in it, due to what they perceive about it. Many are leaving in obedience to Rev.18:4 (Luke 17:26-37) (Flee-where?).
Is that enough to receive life?
Our situation today is patterned after the situation in first-century Jerusalem. They too had to flee the City in order to survive God's wrath upon Jerusalem after it had rejected His son 
(John 3:36; 8:37; Acts 4:10-12; Matt.23:31-34; John 16:2; Rev.11:7,9; Mark 13:13; 8:35; Rev.17:6; 18:24; Matt.23:35-38; 21:43). God's wrath against His unfaithful city was expressed through a removal of protection, so that their enemies (Romans) could overtake and destroy them.

There were Christians who kept close in mind, Christ's warning to flee when they saw the Romans surround the City (Luke 21:20-21). Did others, who were not Christians, also flee? Those who wished to avoid the mounting tensions and conflict, likely did. Was it just a fleeing the city, that ensured the salvation of eternal life, and divine approval? No. Life comes from acceptance of Christ's teachings (John 5:24; 8:51), and a doing of God's will (1John 2:17).  
Fleeing Jerusalem afforded a physical salvation, and was done by some to obey Christ, and done by others due to prudence. Neither physical protection, ensured eternal life. Those who fled, still needed to learn about Christ and obey him, in order to attain eternal life. It is the same today. Our reason for fleeing, matters. Many flee only to avoid submission to others. Some flee, due to submission to Christ. Do both motives please God?

Christ himself appoints the steward over his household, to feed them spiritual food/teachings/doctrine (Luke 12:42-46). If we are obedient to Christ, we accept his appointment of the steward he has selected, and we submit ourselves to the steward Christ has put in charge over us, even if we are anointed heirs (Gal.4:1-8; Heb.13:17). 
The appointment of the steward, does not guarantee that this steward will be faithful (Luke 12:45-46). Prophecy reveals that the final steward over all the anointed household 
(Heb.3:6;  1Tim. 3:15; Eph.2:20-22;  1Pet. 2:5,9-10;  1Cor. 3:16,9), is wicked (Luke 16:1-3) 
(2Thess. 2:1-3; Matt.24:24-25; Rev.2:20; 13:11, 14; 19:20;  1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:13-16; 1:5) (kings-of-earth). 
Are faithful anointed exempt from ever being submissive to the one Christ appointed? If they were, how then would that steward be able to hate and "beat his fellow slaves" through a condemnation to death? (1John 3:15; Mark 13:13; John 16:2).
The remnant (remaining/last) are required to accomplish the victory of that death, in order to become sealed. (Rev.6:9-11; Mark 8:35; Rev.12:10-11; 11:7). Although you have been shunned by those in the Org., the official spiritual death is not possible for you, because you never attained to a life in the Beast/baptism into it. This lack of submission helps to clarify you, as excluded from the anointed flock. This is not to say that your lack of submission is wrong... only that it clarifies that you are not a member of the anointed household, under the steward appointed by Christ ("great star" Rev.1:20), who also became unfaithful (Rev.8:10-11; Jer.51:7; Rev.17:5; Isa.1:21).
Is it not true, that your exclusion and shunning by the Congregation, was a result of your refusal to submit and conform to all "suggestions"/requirements, so that you were unable to be baptized into "Jehovah's Witnesses"? If those requirements were not a violation of scripture, submission is warranted. Our becoming sealed as a slave of God, is through a death for Christ... a standing up against violations to scripture, not violations of our personal preferences.

It is best now, to return to Christ's illustration about those "leaving the City" in the time of the end.
The prophecies that depict our own exodus from apostate Jerusalem, extend far beyond the exodus from first century Jerusalem [as is proven at Rev.18:4 (Rev.17:2; 16:14; 5:10; 1:5), which was recorded by John after the fall of Jerusalem].
According to the rest of Christ's illustration of the marriage feast...
    ("the true words of God"/"hidden manna" IS the "marriage feast")
    (Matt.22:1-2; 4:4; Rev.19:9; 22:6; 1:1; 2:17; 5:1,5,7; 20:12; John 12:48; Dan.12:4,10)
..."Leaving the city" is only an opportunity.
The invitation to the "marriage feast", must also be accepted (Matt.22:8-10).
Not only must one "flee" the "city". One must "flee to the mountains" (Matt.24:15-16; Eze.36:1,8)
Just as eternal life did not result from leaving Jerusalem in the first century;
eternal life today does not result only from rejecting apostate Jerusalem today (as you did).
Just as eternal life in the first century resulted from learning from and obeying the teachings of Christ, through his appointed priests
(2Cor. 5:20; Rev.5:10; Mal.2:7; Zech.8:23; John 13:20; Matt.10:40-42), the same is true today. 
However, a prophet's "fruit" must be tested by the Word of God 
(1John 4:1;  2Cor. 13:5;  1Thess. 5:20-21; Matt.7:15-20), before being accepted as from God
(2Pet. 1:20-21; John 16:13; Matt.10:27; Isa.50:4; Amos 3:7; Num.12:6; Rev.10:7; 22:6) (fine-trees?).

Today, those teachings of life are found inside the marriage feast, where Christ is feeding his completed Bride, among which, are the faithful and wise "5 virgins" from the time of the end (Matt.25:1-2, 10-13) whose lamps burn with the light of Holy Spirit.
[If you need proof that Matt.22:9 literally reads, 'leaving the city', and that these are the ones invited to the marriage feast, this link should help:

Regarding your question about your "position"...after having left the "city"...
it is just as Jesus depicted within his illustration of the marriage feast, which feast is the source of truth and life in the time of the end
(Rev.19:7,9; 22:6-7,17; 10:7; 5:1-2,5,7; 20:12; John 15:15; Rev.22:6; Dan.7:13; 12:1,4,3,9-10).

You have rejected the City. You have left it. Now what?
God assures us through Christ's illustration, that you will receive an invitation to the marriage feast, due to your prudence (shown by your rejection of it's "wormwood" doctrines) (Matt.22:9-10).
Do you not see many on the various forums, also rejecting the false teachings of the WT, criticizing the GB and elders, and leaving the Org.? This does not result in divine approval, nor eternal life. In fact, they are the "hated birds" (Isa.34:11; Jer.51:37; Rev.18:2), that tear at the flesh (Gal.5:17; Rom.8:5) of the prominent (Rev.19:17-18). Those who eat the sins of others as sustenance, are "hated" and "unclean" before God (Prov.24:17-18; Ob.1:12). To recognize, criticize, and reject the faults of the WT leaders/Harlot, and their minion organizational Beast, does not guarantee God's approval, or eternal life.
As stated before, taking in truth, results in life (John 6:63; 12:48). Today's truth of Christ (the opened scroll of Revelation -Rev.22:7, 10), is found within the marriage feast.

So, regarding your "position"...
You are "on the broad-way leading out of the city" (Matt.22:9-10). You have received your invitation to the marriage feast. It would appear from your letters to me, that you are sampling some of it's prophetic provisions.
It is now up to you, whether or not you will accept them (John 13:20) with appreciation (Matt.22:11-13;  1Pet. 5:5; Col.3:14)
or not (Prov.23:9; 9:8; Matt.7:6; Rev.22:14-15).
That will depend upon your heart, and the value you place upon what is offered
(Matt.7:20; John 7:17-18; 3:34; 16:13-14,8; Matt.13:44; Ps.119:11,162,14,111).
Those who accept, take in, and heed what the spirit says to the Congregation (Rev.2:29; 1:3; 22:6-7, 10) will be blessed. How? They will receive the same reward as God's prophet -- life  
(Matt.10:41; James 1:12).
The Sea Beast is Satan's current means, to sift and test those "called"
(Luke 22:31; 6:22-23; Amos 9:9; Jer.46:28; Eze.5:12; Zech.13:9; Luke 21:22)
(Rom.8:17; Heb.13:13; Rev.11:9-10;  2Tim. 3:12; Matt.5:10; Rev.13:7; 11:7;  2Thess. 2:4; Matt.24:15; Dan.11:36; 7:25; 12:7; Luke 21:24).

Here is where you fit in....
You have rejected the wicked steward.
You have rejected (not accepted the baptismal requirements of) citizenship in the apostate City.
You have left that "city" behind.
As a result, you have been invited to the marriage feast, just as promised by God to those who reject the apostasy (Matt.22:9).
Those who do not accept the invitation, are deemed unworthy of it's provisions (Matt.22:3, 8).
They do not receive life. 
  It is not enough to "leave the city".
You are sampling the provisions of the marriage feast (sourced from the opened scrolls of Revelation), which provisions, afford life to those who accept and heed them (Rev.22:7,10).
That is where you stand... your "position".
It is up to you if you deem the provisions of the marriage feast, as valuable enough to accept and follow
(Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28-29).
If you accept the provisions that Christ's Father is providing in the time of the end (Matt.22:2; Rev.5:1,7; John 16:15; Rev.1:1; 22:6-7),
you may get life, just as the prophet who provides them, does (Matt.10:41).

Love in Christ,

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