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The "Day" and "Night" of a "Thousand Years"/ Two Kingdoms

Rev.20:4,5 continues:
"And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years."

When do the faithful heirs "come to life"? (Gal.3:29)

(John 1:4,12,13; 11:26; 5:24,25,28; Matt.4:16; John 10:9,10; 4:23,36; 6:47,50,51,40; Dan.12:7; Rev.1:20; Eph.2:6; Luke 1:79; 19:10; Eph.5:8; Isa.9:2; Luke 15:24;  1Tim. 1:15,16;  2Tim. 2:11; Rom.8:9,10,11,13,14,16;  1John 3:14)
By acceptance of Christ...his teachings and his example;
those chosen come to spirit life now, and retain that life as long as they remain in union with the true vine, the reigning Christ. (Luke 22:69; Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:25) (Luke 22:69; Mark 14:61,62; Luke 22:69; Heb.3:6,14; Eph.3:12;  2Cor. 3:4; John 15:4,5; Rom.11:22; Col.1:10; 2:6)
The kingship of Christ in this world, was not of worldly glory (John 18:37,36; Matt.21:5; Luke 9:58). His spiritual glory was that of grace and truth (John 1:14,17; 2:11;  1Pet. 4:14). Those who reign with Christ in his present kingdom, reign with and share it that same kind of glory, and are given authority and power over darkness, deception and death (John 1:12; Luke 10:17,18,19,20;  2Cor. 10:4,5).
by which they are also supplied with victory over Satan's power (Gen.3:15; Rom.16:20; Rev.12:8,11; 17:14;  1John 2:13,14; Luke 10:19). 
Reigning during the thousand years as kings and priests (Mal.2:7; Col.1:13; Isa.60:2), is not observable by worldly or physical standards. Those entrusted and faithful with this "little", will be assigned "much" when God's kingdom arrives.
During Christ's thousand year kingdom, the heirs learn obedience and are cleansed, preparing them for God's kingdom to come, should they accept their discipline and refinement (1Pet. 1:2; Rom.5:3; 8:17; Heb.5:8,9,10; 6:12;  2Cor. 4:17; James 1:3,4; Mal.3:1,2,3,4; Rev.3:17,18,19). 
While these kings use the "little power" they have been entrusted with as a test; those who receive the faithful or reject them are also judged secondarily. There will also arise unfaithful chosen who fail the test of discipline. There will also be secondarily, those who receive the wicked slaves and are mislead by them. This reflects their heart condition. Judgment is passed upon all, depending upon their conformity to truth and willingness to yield to it's cleansing direction.

The Thousand Year period mentioned here is that of "Judgment Day". As all the terms in the book of Revelation, this period is symbolic, not literal. As with all Revelation symbolism, the correct interpretation is found in scripture.
Where outside Revelation, is a thousand year era mentioned? 
We can find scriptures to guide our interpretation at Psalm 90:4 and  2Pet. 3:8.

In Psalms, the thousand years is compared to both, a "day", and, "a watch in the night." In Bible times, there were four watches to a night. The first started at sunset. Each watch was for 3 hours, for a total of 12 hours of darkness.

Jesus referred to this at John 11:9,10; 9:4,5; 1:4; 3:19; 8:12; Matt.4:16. He there spoke of the light of day, as existing while he was on the earth. The bright clarity of light from Christ, was spiritual. The light from Christ is compared to the sun whose light is so bright, it brings "day" to the earth (Matt.17:2; Rev.1:16; 10:1). 
Jesus also spoke of his faithful chosen as the light of the world (John 12:46; Matt.5:14,16; Eph.5:8;  1Pet. 2:9; Luke 12:35,38). The faithful chosen do not have a glory such as Christ (1Cor. 15:41), but are compared to stars (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3). Stars do not provide light during the day, but rather during the night (Rom.13:12,11; Luke 12:38), during which time, most are spiritually asleep, or worse (1Thess. 5:2,4,5,6,7; Eph.5:14; Matt.25:5,6,7). Christ's chosen slaves are directed by him, not to sleep as others do during his absence of darkness, but to remain awake, vigilant, and ready to respond to his return. They are to use the portion of light he left them with (Matt.28:19,20; John 14:15,16,17,26; 7:39;  1John 1:1,2,3,4,5,6,7). Those who do, will receive more light when he returns (John 14:18; 16:22; Mal.3:1,3; Heb.1:6). Once Christ does return, the daylight returns with him, for those upon whom he will dawn, giving them his complete light (1Cor. 13:9,10; Luke 1:78,79; Matt.13:43; 25:29,10; Rev.3:20). To him who has some light (Matt.25:14,15,19,21; Eph.5:13;  1Pet. 2:9), more will be given (Prov.4:18; Isa.60:1; Rev.2:28; Eph.5:14; Isa.30:26).

The thousand year reign of Christ will be during the night that began after he departed from the earth. His chosen ones will stand watch during their lives (Matt.24:34; 25:21) in Satan's dark world (Eph.6:12; John 17:15), during which they will remain sons of day (1Thess. 5:5), shining their light from Christ (Matt.5:14).
This brings us to the second reference to the meaning of the "Thousand Years".
In 2Pet. 3:8, a thousand years is referred to as a "day" to God. This day will exist for those who walk in the light of Christ. While they possess that light, they shine it in the dark world (John 1:5; Acts 20:20,21,27,31;  1Tim. 4:2,15,16;  1Cor. 4:1; Matt.10:27,26,28; 5:14,16;  2Cor. 5:18,19,20; Eph.3:1,2,3,4,5). That light is offered to all. That light is the light of life (John 1:4; 8:12). Life is offered, through light (John 1:9). The light of understanding, is also the cleansing "water" of life (Eph.5:26; John 17:17; John 1:4,9,12,13,14; 4:10,14; Rev.22:17,16,14).
What "day" offers life and light?
2Cor. 6:2 reads
"For God says, "At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you." (Indeed, the "right time" is now. Today is the day of salvation."
Now is the opportunity for life, as well as the judgement for eternal destruction (2Cor. 6:1; 5:20; Rom.5:10; 2:8; John 3:18;  2Thess. 1:8,9; Matt.25:32,46;  1Pet. 4:17; Jer.10:25)
Christ's "thousand year" kingdom began in the first century (Luke 22:69; Matt.28:18; Psalm 110:1;  1Cor. 15:25; Acts 2:33;7:55,56). It ends when all enemies of Truth are judicially subjugated (Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:24,28). Christ's kingdom is symbolized by a "thousand years", because this era has a beginning and an end (as does "a watch in the night" --Ps.90:4). The number one thousand, = 10 X 10 X 10; and the purpose of this period, will establish a full testimony as to the deficiency of "earth" and "world" rulership, under Satanic deception (Eph.6:12;  2Cor. 10:3-5; Rev.12:10-11; John 16:11; Heb.2:14).
Since Christ will remain in his kingdom position until all his enemies are subdued, it is the same position Christ occupies during the Thousand Years (Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:26; Rev.20:14,5a). 

(Christ's initial action as King is as head over the body of anointed ones...God's house, the anointed Congregation. Eph.1:22; 5:23 Col.1:18; Acts 4:11; Rev.19:16; 1:5) 

He subdues his enemies of truth through those he is choosing and sealing to become members of heavenly Mt. Zion (Psalm 110:2; Rev.14:1; Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17). This war between agents of Truth and Lies, will climax in the battle of Armageddon (Rev.12:7,11; 16:13,14; 11:3,7). That battle will finish the subjection of Christ's enemies, and conclude Christ's initial regal assignment. Christ fights the spiritual war, along with his sealed brothers (Rev.6:9-11; 19:14,8,11; 17:14; Rom.13:12;  2Cor. 6:7; Eph.5:11; 6:11;  1Cor. 15:57-58; Rom.16:20).

[Although he had received his authority over heaven, earth, and even death and Hades upon his ascending (Col.2:10; Matt.28:18; Rev.1:18) (Matt.28:20;  1Pet. 5:10; Eph.1:13; Acts 2:33;  2Pet. 1:10; Phil.1:19).]

...these spirit educated "witnesses" of his, would be in the front line of Christ's ongoing battle (Gen.3:15; Isa.43:10;  1Pet. 2:9;  1John 2:27; Rev.12:11;11:3,5; Ps.110:2; Rev.2:26-27). Christ and these angel messengers of his, battle against Satanic deception in the ongoing war that will finally end in the Victory of Truth, and the subjection of Christ's enemy, Untruth, it's father, and all it's agents. (Psalm 45:4; Rev.1:20;  1Cor. 15:25)


While Christ's kingdom has a start and finish...
not so, God's Kingdom ( 1Tim. 1:17; 6:15,16; Ps.10:16; 90:2; 145:13; Jer.10:10).
God will rule through Christ and the completed, tested, refined, and ransomed 144,000 (Dan.7:18,22,27; Heb.1:2 ...after Creation has been cleaned by the kingdom of Christ and his brothers under test (Hab.1:13,12; Phil.2:15). Christ is at God's right hand, being used by his Father to restore His creation back to it's original condition, to cleanse and prepare a people/priesthood/kings, to eternally slave for God under His kingdom to come, and establish the condemnation and judicial judgment of the lying wicked.

The "Thousand Years" contains a concurrent day and night. The night is Satan's time to rule the world (1John 5:19; Rom.13:12) while he holds the hearts and minds of mankind in spiritual darkness. Those chosen are called out of that darkness (1Pet. 2:9;  2Cor. 4:6;  2Pet. 1:19).

The sons of "light" and "day", must stand watch during the night which surrounds them (Hab.2:1; Eze.33:7; Isa.62:6; 21:6,8,9,10,12; Jer.26:2; Mark 13:35,36,37; Luke 12:35; John 5:35), shining their lamplight sourced in the "sun" contained within their hearts (2Cor. 4:6;  2Pet. 1:19). They war against the darkness, along with Christ, as he gradually gains dominion over enemies of light (Eph.6:12; John 1:5; Ps.110:1,2,3;  1Cor. 15:24,25; Rev.12:10,11; 19:11,14). The faithful chosen must do that work, until Christ returns (John 14:18,3,28; Acts 3:20,21; 5:20; Heb.1:6; Mal.3:1,3; Matt.24:13; Rom.2:7;  1Cor. 1:8; Heb.10:39; Rev.2:10,25; 3:11; 12:17), bringing with him the eternal end of night, and the return of day, eternally (Rev.22:5,6,7).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Memorial Comment

(For those wondering about the subject, of who should partake of the emblems, this post is good: "Who Should Partake?")

Below is a comment which a reader left, at the end of the "Memorial Invitation", posted on 1/6/2014
My reply follows.

"The Last supper is a symbolic meal that has significance, it's not the actual eating of the meal that truly matters but what the meal represents is what truly matters. So if a person eats the physical meal literal by themselves that does not matter, if a person eats the means literally among other anointed and does not carry out what the meal actually means, than that does matters. What matters is carrying out what that meal symbolizes, which is the gathering together of the body of Christ to eat of the bread of Christ. In other words we are together together so we can be taught by Christ.

So we should not be isolating ourselves from the body of Christ but we should be gathering to partake of the bread of Christ whenever we can. We should not isolate ourselves from our brothers, spending too much of our own time on our own blogs and personal pages and interest, too busy to gather with out brothers who we can find on other forums and sites, eating the bread of Christ together, not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together. This is what the memorial symbolizes and this is what matters most, not the literal gathering together, but gathering together to be feed by Christ spiritually."



Thank you for your reference to the symbolic significance of the Memorial event and emblems. I have written talks about that very subject, which were given at this occasion in the years after leaving the WT. You will find them in my blog directory. If you would like to consider some scriptural thoughts about this deep subject, here is an example:

The day I started this Blog site, I posted the header you see at the top of the Main Page today. There it is cited,  1Cor.10:17, which reads;

"For we, though many, are one bread and one body; for we all partake of that one bread."
Gathering together in unity and harmony with Christ as Head, has been my keen interest since the inception of this site, due to it's being foretold in prophecy.

I must also state though, that even though the foregoing scriptural commands have such a spiritual interpretation, I do not believe that this nullifies the direct physical interpretation. 

For example, 1Cor. 6:15 reads:
"Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? May it never be!"
While I perceive that this is speaking of spiritual fornication and a symbolic Harlot (such is found at Rev.17&18); that spiritual interpretation does not then nullify the prohibition of fleshly fornication with a literal Harlot, does it?

You say, that despite 1Cor. 11:33 and Matt.18:20, that "it does not matter" if the literal emblems are partaken in isolation. How do you conclude such a permission from within these scriptures? Do you have a scripture which directs these two scriptures to be discarded in their physical sense? If not, why would I nullify any aspect of their meaning?

If the literal emblems and Nisan 14 (13) don't matter, why should we partake of the physical emblems at all? If you do partake of them, why not do it as directed?

I agree that loving our brothers to foster unity is not optional (Col.3:14). Yet how does such a mandate necessitate that we nullify scriptural directives concerning the physical manifestation of this occasion? You seem to feel that it is either one or the other. Why can't these scriptures be applied, observed, and obeyed both spiritually and physically? I have no objection to obeying both. Do you?

"Carrying out what that meal symbolizes" 

means dying with Christ (Rom.6:5; Phil.3:10), as he surrendered his life for his brethren (John 15:13). He gave his life to teach others the truth (John 18:37; 14:6). We share in that life of sacrifice for truth (Rev.6:9; 12:11; 11:7; 14:5; 20:4; Phil.2:17;  2Cor. 12:15; Col.1:24;  1Thess. 2:8;  2Tim. 2:10; etc.). I see the spiritual meaning of the emblems (and partaking of them) as a sharing in the meaning of that sacrifice (John 15:20,21; Acts 14:22; Matt.24:9; John 16:2; Rev.11:8). 

Christ said to perform this occasion, in memory of him and what he gave for us that day (1Cor. 5:7; 11:24,26;  1Pet. 1:19; John 1:29; Rev.5:9,10). He did not say to do it to feed ourselves through debating on various forums, where I have found an unyielding disrespect toward God's Word.

It is Christ himself who "feeds and cherishes" his Chosen congregation (Eph.5:29); and cleanses it by means of God's Word (Eph.5:26; John 17:17; 15:3). When each member of that body receives "the proper food at the proper time" from Christ; should they "wait for one another" before they can accept it? (1Cor. 11:33)

 Jesus questioned the individual love of Peter, by his willingness to feed Christ's sheep. Christ decides what is fed his sheep, and when. This is called "the proper food at the proper time" (Matt.24:45). I don't see how "wait for one another" before you "eat", applies spiritually. He did not tell Peter..."when your brothers catch up to you and agree with what I taught you...then you can feed the sheep". Some never will "catch up" (2Tim. 3:7,8,9).
Should those receiving Holy Spirit's teaching, "wait" to prove their love for Christ, by delaying to feed Christ's sheep with what they have received from him?

There is no need to "gather together" to be taught by Christ. The apostles and prophets learn directly from him (Gal.1:11,12; Rev.11:3,4; Zech.4:11,12,14;  2Pet. 1:21;  1Cor. 14:32) Christ can teach each of us our place in the body, through the genuine anointing with spirit and the scriptures (1John 2:20). What he gives those who remain in union with him is harmonious with what he gives others (Eph.1:10,17,23; 4:5,13;  1Cor. 1:12,13). If we share what we are given, it should compliment what others are given. Yet we are taught by Christ, not by men. Those who are apostles, prophets, and teachers, must still teach based upon the cornerstone (Eph.2:20,21); remaining ever vigilant not to base their teachings on a different foundation laid by men (2Cor. 11:3,4; Gal.1:7; 2:4; 5:10;  1John 2:19).

Dissension within the body is expected (1Cor. 11:18,19; Mal.3:18; Luke 17:1;  1Tim. 4:1; Matt.24:6,10,11,12). According to Christ, "stumbling blocks" from among them (Acts 20:30), must come. We do not learn from these, nor will we continue to gather with them, seeking unity at the compromise of what truth Christ has taught us (1Cor. 10:21;  2Cor. 6:17). If that were permissible, I would still be in the WT Beast, committing spiritual fornication with the GB Harlot!

I will assume that your second paragraph is directed at me, since you wrote it to me.

I will respond to each point.

"So we should not be isolating ourselves from the body of Christ but we should be gathering to partake of the bread of Christ whenever we can."

If you are under the impression that I am isolated from other members of Christ's chosen body, you are mistaken. I do not believe at this point however, that the Memorial should be replaced with a "whenever we can"/want/feel like it/have time ---conferencing/contending/sharing of opinions or perceptions. (Prov.18:2; 26:16; 3:7; 10:8)

The wise are guided exclusively by spirit and God's Word of Truth (John 4:23; Ps.119:98)
    In my mind, the Lord's Evening Meal, and chatting on a forum, are two very different situations according to the scriptures. Try to recall the 10 genuine virgins, and the fact that the faithful refused to share their "oil" with the foolish (Matt.25:8,9). While they stood in the dark street at midnight (Matt.25:6), discussing the sharing of spiritual light,
they were not at the Lord's evening meal.

"We should not isolate ourselves from our brothers"

I agree. I never have. I privately communicate in a very personal way with many of them. We are very close and have a strong bond of love. There is a joyous growing of agreement in understanding. Do you assume that I isolate?

I reply to everyone who writes to me, as you can see here. I am easy to approach, as there is a contact form on this page that anyone can use, and many do. I do my best to not neglect anyone. Even though this takes time away from my writing, I know that it is my loving Father's will for me to care for each sheep individually, as well as publish what I was shown. My daily communications through letter responses are evidence that I am in no way isolated, nor are my readers, from me. 
Daily there are searches done on Google for those searching for answers.
Because of my constant efforts here, searching ones (including anointed) can find results, just as my Father wills. 
Just because I do not use my time according to the particular time and place that you wish, does not mean that I have walled myself off from my "brothers".

"spending too much of our own time on our own blogs"

How it is that you see it possible to spend too much time doing the work assigned by Christ,

or consider what I have been given as "mine", 
or my life as "my own time"? (1Cor. 4:7; Matt.10:8;  1Cor. 6:19,20) I do not view such work as "my own time", other then it is mine to give in the service of my Lord. My blog is the perfect way to do exactly as I have been commanded... to write down what I have been given, and to offer it publicly. Others are free to accept or reject what is offered.
Gal.6:4 reads;
"But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in comparison to another."

Each of us will render an account to the Master, for our own assignment (Matt.25:19;  2Cor. 5:10,9; Matt.16:27; Rom.14:10,12). My own own blog. Is there some other method that makes more sense to you?

You don't think I should work at this whole-souled, proving and fulfilling my own assignment? Why?

Whatever your reason, it matters little. My master is Christ. He directs my activity,
and my desire is to obey him (1Cor. 7:23; Gal.1:10).

"too much time on...personal pages and interest"

You've lost me. Personal pages? Personal interest? You will have to point these out, because I am not aware of the existence of these. Please follow up with what you mean here.

"too busy to gather with our brothers who we can find on other forums and sites"

First of all, your comment was submitted under "anonymous". I have no idea who you are, nor who your "brothers" are. Jesus said that his brothers were "those who hear God's word and put it into practice." (Luke 8:21; John 15:14) I am guided by his example (1Pet. 2:21; Matt.10:25; Luke 17:10; John 5:19).

A scarce few conform to this description on the public forums. I do search periodically to find such ones. When I do, and we begin a relationship privately, based upon God's word and it's practice, I do gather with those interested, regularly. It is a joy to do so. I am never too busy with my own interests (?) to give almost all my time to the sharing of truth with others. The only other pursuit that uses my time are necessities for survival. 
The only forums I am no longer on, are those where I was asked to leave, to stop posting, told that what I offered was offensive and unacceptable, or where I was thrown off. The Bible's direction on how to respond to this, is clear.

"other forums and sites, eating the bread of Christ together"

The bread from heaven is not what is commonly found on "forums and sites". Hopefully you know the distinction between our daily heavenly bread from the Father (Matt.6:11; John 6:51), and the air ruled by the demons and their human "hated birds" who attack the work of the faithful, and against whom the faithful must wage war (Eph.2:2; 6:12;  2Cor. 10:4,5; Rev.18:2; 19:17,18; 17:14; 19:11,14; 12:7). We are not to have a sharing with them (2John 1:9,10,11;  1Cor. 5:13). I repeatedly try to offer scriptural proofs on forums. Whoever is of God, hears His words (John 8:47). Those who don't, are not of God, and are not our brothers in Christ. Those who don't, are certainly not offering the "bread of Christ", who spoke only what His Father gave him (John 12:49; 7:16,17,18; Matt.4:4). 

"not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together"

Are you under the impression that I do this? If so, you are again mistaken. 

Yet I do not gather with just anyone. I use the standards of Christ and the apostles in making this choice,
not my own. (Prov.13:20; Psalm 119:98; Luke 8:21)

This is what the memorial symbolizes and this is what matters most, not the literal gathering together"

As I have said, I do not view this as an "either/or" directive.

We must strive to fulfill the intent of the Memorial symbols,
as well as gather to partake of the physical reminders, just as directed by Christ. 
I see no conflict between these two clear interpretations. I will obey both, just as the scriptures direct. However if you give me scriptural direction to stop following the physical model and command of Christ concerning this occasion, I will certainly consider them.

"but gathering together to be fed by Christ spiritually."

At Rev.3:20 Jesus Christ said,

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me."
How many are eating with Christ in this description Jesus gave?
Do you think this "food" is physical or spiritual?

Matt.10:27 reads;

"What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs."

When we learn directly from Christ during the night, and then we obediently publish it for all to read; we are giving "the proper food at the proper time". The "proper food" is the truth, from Christ. "The proper time" is when he gives it to you.
How does this compare to the spiritual fulfillment of 1Cor. 11:33?

Rev.3:20; Matt.10:27;  1John 2:27,28; and my own experience,
teaches me that there is no necessity to be "gathering together to be fed by Christ spiritually" if we are a "part" fed directly by him.
It sounds as if you dismiss the differing roles of each body part (1Cor. 12:29,27,28; Rom.12:6,7,8). Each one is stationed by God to contribute an integral and necessary part to the welfare of all. (1Cor. 12:11,18,19,24,28; 15:23; Eph.4:11,12)
Not all teach. Not all prophesy. (1Cor. 12:17) If all believe that they are apostles, or prophets, or teachers, confusion (not unity) is sure to result. "Confusion" is the meaning of "Babylon". Such is not food from Christ.

If you depend upon forums and websites in order to gather spiritual food and you were chosen to be a prophet, you have lost your unity with the Head (John 15:4,5) and are resorting to "buying" from those who "sell" (Matt.25:9,10; Rev.13:17). If you have been chosen to be a teacher or latter part of the body (1Cor. 12:28), then be certain that those from whom you learn, are true prophets and teachers. Use the scriptural guidance of Christ to discern this. (Matt.7:24,26) 
There is no guarantee that you will find a genuine anointed prophet of Christ, perusing public forums regularly for endless hours, as this is not what Christ has directed them to be doing. I can guarantee that a true prophet will be consumed with their work of publishing the message they were given. This is the end of all things! (1Pet. 4:7) That work will include some public preaching on public sites and forums, which I have done much of. 
That work does not include wrangling and arguing with those not interested (Matt.12:19; 15:14), or worse (Luke 10:16;  2Tim. 3:13; Matt.7:6). 

A leisurely consideration of endless opinions is a luxury which a true prophet cannot afford, if they hope to be found truly faithful with what Christ has directed. (Ec.12:11,12,13;  1Cor. 4:6) 

Christ directly provides the nourishing sap of Holy spirit to all his true branches (John 15:5; Rom.11:17,18;  1Thess. 5:18,19,20,21).
These in turn appreciate the harmonious fruit they discover, which is produced by the other true branches.
Thankfully God knows my limitations. All those (anointed) with whom I associate regularly, found my work from Christ, and wrote to me directly. My current divine assignment is to see to it that the work assigned me can be found,
and that all I have been given will be made available before I am finished.

If you are not interested in observing 1Cor. 11:33 and Matt.18:20 along with me on Nisan 13; there is no need to reply. I seek to afford an opportunity to obey the obvious meaning (both physical and spiritual) of those verses for my anointed readers and for myself. I am seeking replies from those of like interest.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Upcoming Memorial

1Cor.11:33 reads:
"Therefore, my brethren, when you come together to eat, wait for one another."

According to this verse, what was expected of those who partook of the emblems of Christ's sacrifice?
I conclude that they were expected to gather for this occasion, and to view the collecting of each member of Christ's body, as important enough to "wait" for all to arrive, that they may all be present to participate.

Matt.18:20 reads:
"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

I conclude from this verse, that Jesus does not want those chosen by him to isolate. If they do, can they expect Christ to be with them?
If they are forced into this isolation, yes (Rom.8:35,38,39).
What if our isolation is our own choice? (Prov.18:1; 1Cor.12:15,21,25,27; Eph.1:10)
We remain in union with Christ (John15:4,5) if we remain obedient to him (Col.2:6; John14:23). This obedience requires our effort to unite (John17:20,21,22,23; Col.3:13,14; 1:17; Eph.2:14,18,19,21; Matt.18:20).

Because I myself seek to obey these scriptures;
Each year I post a call for others to partake with.
In all the years past, replies to this repeated invitation come in slowly;
and most, come in the day of the Memorial, at the last minute.
To have a meaningful participation,
each attendee is invited to prepare and contribute their own heartfelt offering.
In this way, we keep the presence of our Lord and his pleasure in mind,
as we each seek to express our own love and appreciation to him on that night.
As with all creations of quality, time is needed to adequately prepare.

When the bulk of attendees are last minute, the pre-arranged work of others must be revised to accommodate a new program. The focus then switches from a meditative spiritual preparation, to a hectic scramble, resulting in the prayerful meditation the occasion deserves, being left wanting.

While I warmly welcome my brothers and sisters in Christ at any hour;
such stressful, last minute arrangements, leave me depleted and ill afterward;
and unable to fully accomplish my ministry in the weeks to follow.
I am not well, so I must pace myself.
My highest priority and concern, is that this occasion honors our Lord to the best of our capacity.
I seek to partake with those who seriously agree, and also have the desire to prepare accordingly.
Our appreciation for Christ is reflected in the quality of all we offer, expressed within our talks, songs, and prayers.
These things deserve an investment of time and good preparation. Our Lord gave his best for us, at great strain and cost.

Therefore, I request mercy and cooperation of all those considering partaking with myself and any others who respond, by please contacting me to express these wishes, promptly.

It is now 12 weeks until the Memorial.
These weeks will pass quickly. I hope that any who are considering partaking with me, will start to give thought as to what they might individually choose to offer the occasion, and proceed to prepare it. It would also be helpful to notify me of what that contribution will be, so that if there is more than a few of us, a program can be organized well in advance. When participants are scattered around the globe, timing is also a mandatory pre-consideration.

If you have clearly experienced the choosing by God and Christ, and have received of their baptism by the outpouring of Holy Spirit upon you,
and you wish to gather along with me on Nisan14 to partake of the Lord's Evening Meal;
Please contact me via the contact form on the right side of this page, promptly.

May the blessing of our Lord be upon your prayerful consideration of this invitation,
and upon your serious effort to contribute a pleasing offering to our Lord and King.

Love in Christ,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How many religions can fulfill Revelation's prophecies today?

TWO UPDATES/ADDITIONS to "Disgusting Thing Rationalized"
as follows:

In the parable about the wicked steward, Jesus makes clear that this unfaithful slave, is one of his genuine chosen ones, ruling over Christ's own household of chosen slaves (Luke 12:42,43,45,46,47,48). The wicked steward of Christ's illustration is over the household of God, and is genuinely anointed. 
(I don't know of any other religious organization, that is directed by those claiming to be Chosen Ones, nor other religious organizations even understanding this divine assignment and designation). 
  Fulfilling these traits (of being a ruling chosen one, "star", "lamb", false "Elijah", "Harlot", "Steward" appointed and anointed by Christ -Luke 12:42), is a requirementin order for a religion to fulfill Revelation's prophecies. -Rev.8:10; 9:1; 1:20; 13:11,15,13; (2Kings 1:10; Matt.17:3; Rev.11:2); Rev.17:1; Deut.31:16; Isa.1:21; Jer.3:1,3 -lit."forehead"; Rev.17:5; Eze.16:17; Rev.13:14; Eze.20:30; 23:30; Hosea 6:10; 9:1)
The possibility of an appointed steward's unfaithfulness (as described by Jesus) must be considered, before assuming that a "Steward" should be supplied an army of "Gentile" helpers, if these are being used to beat a steward's fellow slaves. Today's "helpers" are exclusively supporting the Steward, and are being used to suppress his brothers in Christ. Such an arrangement is not of God. Such an arrangement is not scriptural, other than it's fulfilling the foretold traits of the wicked slave, "Harlot", "false prophet", and "fallen star".


The reality today, is that Non-anointed elders (spiritual Gentiles) do not assist the "least" brothers of Christ.
Many of these least ones are being judged and expelled (by these spiritual Gentiles) for loyalty and subjection to truth, rather than to the false doctrines of the current steward. These loyal brothers of Christ are being "beaten" for this faithfulness (Luke 12:45,46; Hosea 6:5), through the Gentile so-called "helpers";
   ...just as the last Harlot persecutes God's witnesses (Rev.17:3,6)
through the Gentile Wild Beast she rides (Rev.17:3; 11:7)
  (...and as the "false prophet" persecutes through the Gentile Wild Beast --Rev.13:11,15,17,7; 16:13) 
  (and as the "fallen star", "Wormwood", persecutes those not yet sealed, through the "locust-scorpions -Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,3,4,10)
  All these illustrations depict the very same identities...
each illustration providing additional details about each of them.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Disgusting Thing" rationalized

I received a question about the reasoning of the WT, when they appoint non-anointed over the Chosen Ones. Please consider the value of that reasoning, and if it is truly in agreement with God's Word.
That WT reasoning is...
What about the Moses principle of appointing helpers?  
If only true anointed cared for the sheep, very few would get help.  
Is it not numerically impossible for the chosen to care for all "JW's"?.  
Is not Jehovah flexible in applying principles of leadership over his people?



"What about the Moses principle of appointing helpers?"

This may seem to be sound reasoning, but if today's application of this pattern is not followed with accuracy, 
and that error violates any of God's commands, it is false reasoning. 
(Prov.14:12; James 1:22; Matt.7:26; Luke 6:46; Rom.2:13; Matt.28:20)

This arrangement under Moses was replaced, when God gave orders for the Tent and it's priesthood.
(Ex.25:1,9,22,40; 27:21; 28:1,4,41; 29:44; 30:25,30,31,32,33; Num.3:10; 18:7; 2Chron.23:7)
That Temple priesthood foreshadowed the chosen priesthood to come
 (Heb.7:11,12; 8:1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10; 9:11; 2Cor.5:17; 1Pet.2:10,9; Acts 7:48; 1Cor.3:16; 6:19; Acts 17:24; Col.2:17; Eph.2:20,21,22; 1Pet.2:5,9; Rev.5:9,10), 
under the high priest, Christ. 
We are under that New Covenant now,
so that this is the pattern we are to follow.
We must look to the "shadow" pattern of that physical Temple and priesthood, 
to enact God's approved arrangement of the spiritual Temple "reality", 
under the New Covenant to the anointed priesthood, which is now.

Yet there are some things we can learn from the example of Moses and his "helpers".
God Himself bore witness to His nation, to the fact that Moses was His approved representative (Josh.1:7).
God spoke of Moses as being above prophets, in that God spoke to Moses "face to face" (Num.12:6,7,8).
Can any man today, rightly claim a comparative position to that of Moses?

Among the anointed, there is only one Head and Leader...the Christ
 (Matt.23:8,10; Eph.1:22; 5:29,30,28; Col.1:18). Only he speaks face to face with God (Heb.9:24) and has had God Himself bear witness of divine approval (John8:18; Mark 9:7).
If we today are to compare God's approved leader of His nation, Moses, with anyone; 
it should be the high priest of the Temple reality, Christ. He is the only single head of the Congregation, similarly appointed by the authority of God (Eph.1:22).

Christ's appointed "helpers" are his chosen underpriests, who are the only ones permitted to serve in the spiritual Temple priesthood (Num.18:7; 1Pet.2:5; 2Cor.5:20; 1Cor.3:9). Others may support these, but it is forbidden by God, to replace them 
(Num.16:10; 2Chron.13:9; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.11:31; Matt.24:15)
 or bring them under subjection to anything but Christ (1Cor.7:23; Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10,11,12,16,17,20; Col.3:24) (2Cor.11:3-4,20; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7; 11:2).

How do the elders today support all the Chosen priests, including the "least" of Christ's brothers? (Matt.25:32,45,46; John13:20)
Are the elders truly under the direction and service of all those appointed by God's spirit, or do they usurp and dominate the divine designation of these, in order to serve a prominent few who claim to be the only slaves of God? 

Do the elders take the lead in judging, directing, and even punishing God's chosen priests 
(John16:2; Isa.66:5; Luke 21:16,17; Matt.24:9; Rom.8:33; Hosea 4:4; Rom.14:4); 
rather than yielding to the Headship of Christ over his own Bride and chosen slaves?

The "helpers" of Moses were Israelites, members of God's Nation. The "Israel of God" today, are a Nation of spiritual Jews (Rom.2:28,29; Col.2:11; 1Pet.2:9; Gal.3:29,26)....not spiritual Gentiles (Rev.3:9; 11:2).
God did not approve of appointing Gentile "helpers" over His Nation under Moses,
so that these could dominate, and even oppress his people.
In fact, it was Moses who delivered God's people from such Gentile oppression under Egypt.

The reality today, is that Non-anointed elders (spiritual Gentiles) do not assist the "least" brothers of Christ.
Many of these least ones are being judged and expelled (by these spiritual Gentiles) for loyalty and subjection to truth, rather than to the false doctrines of the current steward. These loyal brothers of Christ are being "beaten" for their faithful declarations (Luke 12:45,46; Hosea 6:5), by means of the Gentile so-called "helpers";
   ...just as the last Harlot persecutes God's witnesses (Rev.17:3,6)
through the Gentile Wild Beast she rides (Rev.17:3; 11:7)
  (...and as the "false prophet" persecutes through the Gentile Wild Beast --Rev.13:11,15,17,7; 16:13) 
  (and as the "fallen star", "Wormwood", persecutes those not yet sealed, through the "locust-scorpions -Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,3,4,10)
  All these illustrations depict the very same identities...
each illustration providing additional details about each of them.

When Moses was given divine authority, there was no question as to him being an authentic representative of God.
Yet when it comes to all Chosen Ones...Jesus pointed out two distinct possibilities...
"Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?" (Matt.24:45)
Some would remain faithful representatives, and therefore lead others in the way of truth (1Cor.4:2,1; John7:38,39,18,17).
Others would become unfaithul slaves, and lead others into error 
(1Tim.4:1; Matt.24:4,5,11,24,25,48,49,50,51; 7:15,20; 2Pet.2:1,2,3; Col.2:8; John8:47; 2Cor.11:13,14,15; Rev.2:2; 2Thess.2:1,2,3,4; Acts20:30; Luke16:1,2; Rev.2:20; 13:7,10,11). 

God assigns His chosen priests into positions which direct their individual assignment and responsibility, according to His own choosing
 (1Cor.12:4,18,19,13,27,28,29; Rom.12:6; 1Cor.14:32; Eph.4:11,12,13). Those positions are made plain within scripture as "apostles, prophets, teachers, etc.".
 God has clear authority to assign each anointed one. Those not fulfilling their assignment come under the Master's condemnation (Matt.25:19; Rev.3:2; Ec.12:14; Rom.2:16). 
How are the elders today, respecting God's appointment of each anointed assignment, by their supporting the various positions within the entire body of Christ's anointed slaves, under Christ their Head?

In the parable about the wicked steward, Jesus makes clear that this unfaithful slave, is one of his genuine chosen ones, ruling over Christ's own household of chosen slaves (Luke12:42,43,45,46,47,48). The wicked steward of Christ's illustration is over the household of God, and is genuinely anointed. 
(I don't know of any other religious organization, that is directed by those claiming to be Chosen Ones, nor other religious organizations even understanding this divine assignment and designation). 
  Fulfilling these traits (of being a ruling chosen one, "star", "lamb", false "Elijah", "Harlot", "Steward" appointed and anointed by Christ -Luke12:42), is a requirementin order for a religion to fulfill Revelation's prophecies. -Rev.8:10; 9:1; 1:20; 13:11,15,13; 2Kings1:10; Rev.17:1; Deut.31:16; Isa.1:21; Jer.3:1,3 -lit."forehead"; Rev.17:5; Eze.16:17; Rev.13:14; Eze.20:30; 23:30; Hosea6:10; 9:1)
The possibility of an appointed steward's unfaithfulness (as described by Jesus) must be considered, before assuming that a "Steward" should be supplied an army of "Gentile" helpers, if these are being used to beat a steward's fellow slaves. Today's "helpers" are exclusively supporting the Steward, and are being used to suppress his brothers in Christ. Such an arrangement is not of God. Such an arrangement is not scriptural, other than it's fulfilling the foretold traits of the wicked slave, "Harlot", "false prophet", and "fallen star".

Jesus referred to the existence of both faithful and unfaithful anointed
 (2Pet.2:11; 1Cor.11:19; Matt.18:7,6; Rev.18:2; 8:8; Mark11:23; Jer.51:42,64; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14), 
when he spoke of two sorts of prophets and "trees" (Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20; 12:33,35,36,37). He told us to be discerning and cautious, and to examine the fruit of all those claiming to be "Christs" (Greek-"anointed") if we wished to avoid the wide path of those deceived. 
Christ's repeated warnings should not go unheeded; nor should the identity of the faithful slaves be assumed; due to their having power, riches, or religious influence (1Cor.4:8,9,10,11,12,13,14; Matt.4:9). 
If we compare that image of the Scribes and Pharisees to that of Jesus Christ, the contrast contained within Christ's example becomes clear 
(Matt.16:24,25; Phil.3:10; Rom.8:17,36). 
It is Christ's model which the faithful anointed follow as Master 
(1Pet.2:21,22; Rev.14:5), not spiritual Gentiles or other chosen ones
 (1Cor.1:12,13; Matt.23:8; 1Cor.4:6; Gal.1:11,12; 2Cor.11:20,4,2,3,5,12,13,14,15).

The helpers of Moses were chosen and installed according to the suggestion of his father-in-law Jethro who was a Midianite priest, not according to a directive from God. Moses was serving God like a priest would (Ex.18:15; Mal.2:7), prior to the official inauguration of the Levitical priesthood. It was during this time, that Moses yielded to Jethro's suggestion. (Ex.18:13,14,15,16,24). 
Although Jethro was critical of Moses slaving for God "morning to evening" (Ex.18:14), there was nothing wrong with this in God's eyes. This is in fact, normal for chosen priests (1Chron.9:33; 23:30,32; Rev.7:15). It was not until Moses complained to God (Num.11:10,11,12,14,15), that God made an arrangment for Moses to share his authority (Num.11:16); but this came at a price (Num.11:17,25).
The "helpers" suggested by Jethro were under the oversight of Moses, who was a proven representative of God.
Despite this arrangement being compared to the arrangement of today, God's own arrangement forbids the replacing of the chosen priests, nor allows their sacred service to be performed by others. (Num.16:10; 18:7; 2Chron.13:9; Eze.44:6,7,8,9)
Therefore, this assumptive comparison to the helpers of Moses must be carefully scrutinized,
especially in light of the prophecies regarding the Holy Ones (stars -Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) 
losing power 
(Rev.12:4; Dan.8:10,11,12,13; 12:7; Rev.11:2; Luke21:24)  
and their sacrifices being discontinued in the time of the end 
(Dan.8:11; 9:27; 11:31,32,33,34,35,36,37; 12:11; 2Thess.2:4; Matt.24:15,16; Rev.13:7; Dan.7:21) 
by means of a "disgusting thing standing" in God's anointed temple (1Cor.3:16,17). 

Jesus pointed to the fact that the Scribes and Pharisees seated themselves in the seat of Moses (Matt.23:2).
  Is it appropriate for those of the New Covenant and anointed body of Christ, to imitate those religious leaders by acting similarly over their fellow slaves? What did Jesus say about this? 
(Matt.5:20; 23:8,9,10,11,12; Mark9:33,34,35; 10:37,40,42,43,44).
The manmade term and doctrine of "governing body" is not found within scripture. 
Jesus brings "all authority, governments and powers" to nothing, upon his return, regardless of their claims 
(1Cor.15:24; Matt.4:8,9,10; 1Cor.4:8,9,10,11,12,13; Eph.6:11,12,18). 
If the scriptures which supposedly support the concept of a governing body are closely examined according to the rest of God's Word, that concept disintegrates (John5:44,43; Gal.1:10,11,12,17,18,19,20). 
It was James (who was not one of the apostles) that called the congregation in Jerusalem to their senses, to stop persecuting Paul and resisting the demonstrated work of Holy Spirit (Acts15:1,5,10,12,13,19,20). James was first to suggest the precise decrees which were accepted and published.
The entire congregation agreed (Acts15:22,23,24,25,26).

If we resort to the pattern which the scriptures themselves direct us to consult, we note that Christ is the cornerstone of the spiritual Temple priesthood (Eph.2:20; Ps.118:22; Acts4:11). The apostles and propets are the foundation (Eph.2:20; Rev.21:14), upon which the rest of the "living stones" are erected (Eph.2:22; 1Pet.2:5). There is no mention within the Temple arrangement, of spiritual Gentile "helpers" who become masters over the faith of anointed priests (2Cor.1:24; 1Cor.4:6). No one but Jesus Christ is given the right to judge which stones are fit for inclusion or expulsion from the spiritual Temple (Heb.12:22,23; Rev.3:5; 21:27; Luke10:20; Rev.20:12; John12:48; Rom.8:33,34). It is not up to spiritual Gentiles to replace or cast out Christ's anointed brothers. 

"If only true anointed cared for the sheep, very few would get help."

According to last count of partakers, there were over 12,000 partaking. The number was on the rise, but this annual public tally was discontinued, and then re-instituted.
What is the special role of these in the congregation? Do you find one? (1Cor.6:2,3; Mal.2:7,8)
  The ancient Nation of Israel consisted of many millions. Yet how many priests served all the needs of the people?

Should the divine assignment of God's priests today be dismissed, because of the reasoning of men, and their lack of Faith?
 If men doubt that God's spirit can equip those whom He assigns to accomplish their divine commission, does that justify rebelling against God's expressed direction because we deem it unreasonable? (Col.2:8; Zech.4:6,11,14; Rev.11:4,3) 
Is God an adequate shepherd, or not? (Eze.34:12; Ps.23:1,2,3,4,5,6) Will He not care for His sheep according to His own decrees?
Which is more reasonable...
for 12,000 to serve and shepherd God's flock, or 8?

If we look to the scriptures, we see an example as a lesson in this.
Both Saul and Uzziah thought it unreasonable to be patient, and wait on God's arrangement of the priesthood 
(1Sam.13:9,10,11,12,13,14; Num.18:7; 2Chron.26:16,17,18,19,20; Neh.13:29).
These proud men did not discern the sanctity of priestly duty, feeling that others could "fill in" if the priest were delayed.
How did that turn out?

There was a time when the people grew impatient with waiting for God's direction through Moses as well.
When he took "a long time" to return from the holy mountain to give the nation direction;
the people thought God's principles so flexible, that it seemed acceptable to replace His expressed arrangement with a golden calf. 
Even if we should judge Godly obedience as inadequate in caring for our needs, we are not excused when we deviate from it. 

Is it not numerically impossible for the chosen to care for all "JW's"?

Jesus and the twelve took care of the entire nation of responsive Israel in his day. Through their teachings and writings; these continue to care for all of us. 
How does anyone know what the 12,000 partakers can do with God's spirit, if these were brought out of their restrictive bonds, and began to prove faithful to their calling? 
Who are men to judge that God's spirit would be so lacking upon these, that disobedience is necessary and preferable, just as kings Saul and Uzziah reasoned? (Prov.3:5,6,7; Isa.5:21)
(Rom.12:2; 1John2:17)

Is God's way "not adjusted right", because we deem His arrangement as "numerically impossible"? 
(Eze.18:29; Isa.55:8,9)
Who dares to cut God's arm short?

Was it not "numerically impossible" for Gideon's 300 men to conquer the Midianites and Amalikites, who were "as numerous as the locusts" (Judges7:2,7,9,12). 
Why did God decree this numerical imbalance? 
God demands that we recognize, that His will is accomplished, "not by a military force" or any other earthly "power"; but by His own spirit and obedience to His direction. 
(Zech.4:6; 1John5:3; Matt.15:8)
If we do not worship Him according to His spirit and His Word of truth (John4:23,24; Rom.8:14), any efforts to serve Him while we lean upon our own understanding or the doctrines of men, are in vain (Mark7:7,9,13). 
When was God's will ever accomplished through the power of men or the physical/earthly advantages of Satan's world? (Matt.6:19,20,21; 1John2:15,16; 1Cor.4:8)
If the elders believe that the divine assignment of the anointed and the Will of God can only be accomplished by means of them; where is the giving of all glory to God? 

The divine assignment given individual anointed, is to keep their lamps burning based upon spirit, not upon doctrines of men. This assignment is ignored or scrutinized by the elders. When spirit decrees light other than the current official doctrine, the faithful are subject to persecution by these "helping" elders. 
Since those assignments are due to the will and choosing of God, that will and choosing is also ignored by the elders, in favor of the will of the "Steward", who has seated "himself" in the seat of Moses (Matt.23:2,28; 5:20).

"Is not Jehovah flexible in applying principles of leadership over his people?"

We also know that with most principles, God is not flexible, nor does He change. God is righteous, and as such, He has standards. It is never okay to disobey Him or the teachings of Christ. Is the principle of exclusive devotion to God, loving and serving Him alone, avoiding idolatry, or going beyond what is written,  negotiable? Is it permissible to alter the chosen priesthood and it's temple service (Mal.2:7,8,9; Lam.1:10)?
Is this related to Jesus' prophecy about a "disgusting thing standing in a Holy Place"?

The discipline contained in the book of Revelation to the seven congregations makes very clear, that if we deviate from Christ's direction, there are consequences. The principles expressed there are not flexible. In fact, unless the faithful are willing to die to uphold Christ's commands, Revelation's message is that they will lose their crown and fail the test.
We who face the time of the end, should be sober and in fear of God;
vigilant with a view to prayer that we may succeed in escaping what is destined to occur,
that we may be found spotless, and remain standing under Christ's inspection 
(Phil.2:12; Eph.6:18; 1Pet.5:8; Luke18:26,27; 21:36; 2Cor.13:5; Mal.3:2,3; 2Pet.3:14).
If our focus and priority is upon how we can bend God's principles, to be flexible enough to accommodate our own application, rationalizations, and interpretations of His directives, we are asleep as to this hour of test.

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