Friday, September 6, 2013

"Tails" / "stingers" / "scorpions"

In speaking of the "Locust-Scorpions" who "torment" the "unsealed men";
Rev.9:10 reads:
 "They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment the men for five months."


Rev.9:10 starts by saying that the oppressing captors of the unsealed, have tails.

God's Word graces us with what Christ it telling us here. "Tails are those in servitude...those who follow the direction of "heads"..."heads" who are **in a position to provide... causing the "tails" to be dependent upon the "heads" (see Deut.28:13,44; **Luke 22:25). This is fulfilled by these Locust-Scorpions, due to their shameful subjection to those who are false spiritual leaders (Rev.9:8 A;  1Cor. 11:14)...the ruling False Prophet / Harlot (Rev.13:11; 16:13,14; 8:10,11; 9:1; Micah 3:9; Isa.28:14; Hosea 9:1; Rev.2:20,21). There is a succession of "Heads"/Harlots, who are all under their mother covenant/"woman", of death (Rev.17:9,10,5; Isa.28:14,15 --see link: "Who is the 'woman'?"). These "Heads"/"hills"/kings, are the seven governing "heads" of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:1; Gen.41:6,7; Rev.17:3,7,9). The Locust-Scorpions are in subjection to, and under the direction of, that last False Prophet /"Head"/"hill"/king/harlot/Wormwood/Fallen Star. In servitude to that last Harlot, these Locust-Scorpions prophesy lies themselves (Isa.9:15,16; Rev.16:13). This messenger capacity brings us to the next phrase...


When these Locust-Scorpions falsely prophesy the Harlots wormwood lies, what is the result to those who accept/receive/ingest those false doctrines?

Although the Harlot's lies may taste as sweet as truth (Ps.119:103,98; Eze.3:3), the result is death (Rev.10:10; Prov.5:3,4,5; 7:27; 2:16,17,18,19; Isa.28:14,15; Rev.8:11; Deut.32:32; Rev.17:2).
Since the "Locust-Scorpions" are the messengers/bearers of the false prophet's lethal lies; how is it that their "tails" have "stingers"? (see 1Cor. 15:55)
As long as the "unsealed" Chosen Ones, remain in subjection to these agents/sons,  of Satan/destruction,  
     (2Thess. 2:3; Rev.9:11;  1Cor. 5:5) 
     ("son" resembles "father" --Rev.12:3; 13:1,7; John 8:44) 
     (the Locust-scorpion minions of the final Harlot)
... they remain un-ransomed, and under the power of death/abyss/pit, and it's agents.
[For many of these unsealed, this condition of captivity will change (Matt.25:6; Rev.9:13,14; Luke 4:18;  1Cor. 15:55) due to an "East wind" (Hosea 13:14,15; Gen.41:6; Rev.16:12; 7:2)].
These "tails" then, carry within them the venom of demonic deception, whose "stingers" cause spiritual captivity, paralysis, and death 
(Eph.2:1; Rev.3:1,2,3; 13:7,10;  2Cor. 11:20,3,4; Isa.42:22,23; 51:14,16,21,22,23; Gal.5:7; Rom.6:16;  1Cor. 7:23; Gal.1:10; Col.3:24). (Rev.9:7,8,2,3; Joel 1:6,7,4; 2:2,4,10; Luke 21:20,24; 19:43)
While enslaved to obedience toward these masters, these Chosen Ones remain outside the headship of Christ, and "unsealed". Isa.42:6,7,14,16; John 14:18

("remember what you have received" Rev.3:3; Isa.51:1; Deut.32:4; Isa.30:29; Dan.2:45,34; Isa.51:1; Eph.2:10; Isa.43:7) 
Remember that you are slaves/-living "rocks"/stones, belonging to God's mountain.....not slaves of men --1Cor. 7:23; Col.3:24; Gal.1:10; Rev.14:1;  1Pet. 2:5; Heb.12:22,23].

"with stingers LIKE SCORPIONS"

Satan sees to it that those who have God's favor, are surrounded by his agents. God allows it as punishment for this idolatrous subjection to Gentiles. These stinging "scorpions" are not literal, but are a symbol for those human agents who rebel against God and the faithful Chosen Ones (Eze.2:6;  1Pet. 5:8; Luke 22:31; Rev.9:7 C). These are Satan's agents of tribulation (LINK(greatest tribulation-Why)), while the final Chosen Ones trek through Satan's "wilderness" of testing (Deut.8:15;  1Kings 12:11; Rev.9:3,11) (Matt.4:4; Rev.12:6; Luke 22:31). Yet those who choose loyalty to God despite the threat of death (Rev.13:15; 11:7; 6:9), will arise from Satan's dominion of the set free from the power of it's agents...and be sealed (Luke 10:19; Deut.8:15,16; Rev.2:17; 12:14).
Although the power of these scorpions includes the sting of death, God's power can set those of faithful heart, free (Jer.1:19; 3:12; 31:11,2; Isa.51:1,7,10,12,14,16,22,23,3,4,5,6; Ps.144:1,7; 10:15 (2Thess. 2:8); Ps.10:15,14 (John 14:18); Ps.35:10; 18:16,17,19; 30:3; Job 33:30,24,28; Ps.94:17; Matt.24:22; Isa.38:17,18,19,20; 54:10; Mal.3:1; Zech.4:9,7).

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