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Unity of Christ's Body / Armageddon

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"I know you have reached out to connect with other anointed ,i am aware of 2 or 3 which also write translation (interpretation of scripture). My question is have you found other true anointed and what are their jobs, is there other sites we should be following? I myself have more then enough to study here, thanks to your insight."


I will tell you what I can about this.
There are other anointed which can be currently proving faithful, and yet they may not be working as prophets or teachers. Still, when they offer true  and scriptural expressions of their faith, these are good for building up all of us.

There are many considerations for me, when I am asked to recommend other teachers. All these considerations warrant my caution.
I hope to explain why.
The reasons why I reach out to connect with other anointed, are many.
  I know that it is the will of Jesus that we connect (John17:21; 1Cor.12:25).
  I know that the members of Christ's anointed body need one another (1Cor.12:7,21).
  I know that as a prophet, I must offer the Holy Spirit I am having poured into me,
  out to the anointed Congregation
     (Zech.4:12,14; Rev.1:20; John7:38; Prov.4:23).
  I know that the anointed (whether they are conscious of it or not) are in a testing tribulation.
  Those that are blind and asleep are headed for condemnation.
  Those who have awoken and are aware of the grievous condition of God's anointed Temple,
  are groaning in spiritual agony, and are in need of the comfort and the knowledge
  I have been shown (Jer.4:19; Isa.26:18; Matt.24:8; Rev.12:2).

The goal of my contact with other anointed, is to express love... not to judge harshly. I overlook any ignorance I perceive in them, since I am also ignorant, and all I have, I was given (1Cor.4:7; Rom.12:3; 1Pet.4:10; 1Cor.4:5). The calling of the anointed is to serve one another, according to the gifts and responsibilities we were assigned. This is my focus. As such, I decline summarily approving or recommending the work of another. We do not promote one another (1Cor.1:12; 3:4,6). We promote the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ (Matt.28:20; Acts1:8; Matt.10:20; Heb.4:12; 2Tim.3:16,17; 2Pet.1:19). If we find fine fruit sourced in the true vine, these specific teachings we can recommend (John15:4,5,8; Matt.12:33; 7:20).
If however, as a foundation stone to Temple members, I find falsehood within one's teaching; I will send the scriptures that adjust the misconception. If the scriptures are dismissed and the falsehood or disobedience against them, persists; I am to expose that deception/disobedience (Eph.5:11; 2Cor.10:5-6; Heb.13:17).

As a prophet, my work is not to promote the teachings of others, but to be faithful in my own heavy assignment...promoting the expressions I have received from Christ (Matt.10:27; Luke12:3; Heb.12:25; Luke12:11,12; Ex.4:12; John16:13; Eze.3:18; Rev.10:11; 11:3). I know that these offerings will and should be examined critically by any who find them, to verify that they are sourced with God and Christ (2Cor.13:3; 1John4:1). That integrity is my responsibility (Rev.14:5; 3:18; 2Cor.13:5; 1Cor.9:27; Gal.6:4; 2Pet.3:17,18; Matt.7:24; John15:4,5;  Luke21:36,29,30; Eph.5:6). The integrity of others, is their responsibility.

Judging the caliber of a prophet's doctrines, is the responsibility of the receiver, who is considering taking into themselves, the teachings being offered. Jesus advises all to examine the teachings of a prophet to determine if they are true or false (sourced with God's Word and Spirit; or self-sourced, self-glorifying) (John7:16,17,18; 8:18,28).
I cannot fulfill the responsibility to be discerning, for anyone else. Jesus has told each person to do this for themselves.
I do not even have the right to recommend myself, much less another.
I only have the right to fight for truth in my own station, against what I am able to perceive is against my Master's light, according to what my own master tells me. With the light my master gave me (1Pet.2:9; Eph.5:8,9,10,11), I fight against darkness (1Thess.5:4,5,6,7,8,9; Eph.6:12; 5:15,16).

I can only offer you the words of Jesus Christ, when he said that with prayer and a desire to do God's will, yourself will be able to determine truth from deception (John7:17; Luke11:13) (fine fruit from rotten fruit --Matt.7:15,16,17,18) and the prophets as true or false.
Making that determination is the result of a process also recommended by Jesus Christ. His guidance is contained in the article  ( "Who are the Fine Trees?" ).

All anointed teachers are struggling with their continuing battle with deception and ignorance...not only around them but within them. The faithful strive to continue to "walk by spirit", knowing that they must endure to the end without defilement from the world and it's falsehoods (Rom.8:14; Phil.2:12; Gal.5:16; Eph.5:10; 2Pet.3:14; 2Cor.11:2; Rev14:5). I do not relax my own struggle, in order to critique and compete with my fellow soldiers warring around me, lest I should fall. We will each stand before the judgment seat of God (2Cor.5:10; Rom.14:10,12). But if I am asked about a particular false teaching, or if someone lies-- accusing me of, or linking me with, their own falsehood; I must stand up and do all I can to counteract the potential spiritual damage that such lies may cause. Being faithful to the truth of Christ is more than one's teachings. Faithfulness requires honesty and humility in all things. If someone misleads in little things, they are not trustworthy (Luke 16:10,12). If an anointed one is working for Gentiles (non-anointed) in the way that they should be serving and supporting the priests of Christ's body as they were assigned by God (Eph.4:11-12), then they are not loyally serving Christ. They are committing spiritual fornication outside the Body of Christ.

This all may seem quite contradictory to the very battle we anointed are fighting.
You see...I do not war against (or support) individuals. I sound a horn...a battle cry. That sound is what I have been given by the Master. It is time to defend the truth, and the lives being lost to falsehood.
Those declarations of truth will condemn and crush many falsehoods. That result is not my personal will, but is a message from my Lord. How each person responds to that sound, is between them and God. It is none of my business, other than to warn. I must only be concerned with my own humble reaction to truth, and if I do with it what I have been told (Eze.3:17; 33:7,3). Yet that does at times include, messages of discipline and needed refinement. That is my place as a foundation stone within the temple of God, as His prophet to my contemporaries (Heb.13:17; 2Cor.12:20).

To be more specific...
I have very little time to read the writings of others. Of what reading I have done,
I have found differing amounts of truth and falsehood within the doctrines of present anointed writing on the internet.
Some have much beneficial truth...some have much corrupting falsehood. My standard is the Bible and turning to IT for interpretation.
Those who have much truth, can fall. Those who have much falsehood, can repent.
How can I recommend or condemn either sort? It is enough for me to do my own work, which includes presenting a firm standard, to those with whom I associate. It is up to each person, how they receive the scriptures I present to them (Matt.10:41; John13:20).

When I find truth (some of which I myself may not have known), I accept it and then also teach it.
When I find falsehood (some of which I myself may have believed), I reject it, and teach the scriptures which correct it.

We anointed are not in a personal battle with each other....UNTIL we are sealed on one side or the other.
Those sealed as slaves/sons of Satan, have taken up a personal battle with the faithful.
Those sealed as slaves/sons of God and Christ, have taken up a personal battle with the sealed of Satan's seed.
(Rev.12:7,10,11; 16:13,14; 17:14; 19:11,14; Gen.3:15)
Why does it then become personal?

Because the sealed one takes on an irrevocable identity as an angel/representative/messenger of their Master,
and in doing so, fulfills the identities in the book of Revelation. They have firmly taken their places within their side of two opposing armies. One side is for truth and life, the other for error and death. That battle cry and warfare must be distinct in order to be effective (1Cor.14:8,9,11; Num.10:9; 1Cor.14:7; Joel 2:1; Joshua 6:4; Rev.8:6). Therefore, the agents of death must be clearly identified.
Only when I see an anointed one proudly resist scripture and take a firm stand for self-serving deception, (and I am confronted or am specifically asked), do I offer my scriptural reasons to advise caution concerning what that one offers their readers, as well as my scriptural reasons for why their teachings are lethal.
This battle between the truthful witness and lying doctrines, is the essence of Armageddon.

Use God's Word to perceive which anointed are in harmony with God's spirit.
If an anointed one is rebelling against their assignment within the body of Christ,
then it is likely not a good idea to eat the fruit they offer,
unless you see that one repent.
By this I mean that if they are working as a prophet, when they have not been assigned by God to be one (Num.12:6; Amos 3:7),
then they rebel against the arrangement of God for them (1Cor.12:18; Titus 1:11,13).

If they have been chosen to be a teacher, are they teaching in accord with the apostles and prophets, which should be the foundation of their doctrines? No? (1Cor.12:4,5,6,27,28,29; Eph.4:11,12,13; Eph.2:20; 1Cor.3:10,11,12,13; 14:32,33; 2Cor.13:10; 1Tim.5:20; Titus 1:1; 2:15)
Are any of their teachings sourced outside God's Temple foundation? Yes? Then again, they rebel against the foundation God has built with His own hands (1Cor.3:9; 2Cor.5:1; Heb.11:10; Mark 14:58; Acts 17:24).
They rebel against the Head, who alone determines the work of the parts of his own body (Eph.4:15; 5:23,24; 1:22; Col.1:18; 2:19; 1Cor.11:29), and Christ wants his body kept free of outside influences (1Cor.3:19; 1:21; 2Cor.11:2; Col.2:8; James 3:17,15), especially from teachings of those not anointed (Rom.2:28-29; 2Chron.23:6; Mark 13:14).

Only when all the parts of the body submit to Christ as head, will they find harmony, affection, agreement, and unity,
according to the arrangement of God, who supplies order and peace (1Cor.14:33; 1:10; 7:17; 14:32,40; Rom.9:16).
Those who have humbly submitted to the Body's arrangement by God (1Cor.12:18; 11:29,31-32), have found that order and peace,
and relief from the confusion which is the condition of those still under "Babylon the Great",
whose very name, means "confusion" ("Babylon"). (2Cor.12:20; 1Cor.1:11,12; 3:3; 4:6,18; James 4:1; 1Cor.11:19)
There is little time left for the anointed to recognize what is required of them and to conform,
leaving behind their rebellion, idolatry, and spiritual fornication, to make peace with God (Isa.1:18,19,20). If they do, their sins will be washed away (Isa.48:20; Jer.31:11; Matt.24:14).
and they will be given a white robe....sealed as a vessel of Truth (Zech.3:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10; Isa.4:2; Eze.17:22; Zech.4:10).

If you have found the voice of Christ within my work, listen to it, not to me.
For, at any time, I can fall, if I do not remain in union with the true vine.
This is why I urge readers to make the focal point of their study, the scriptures cited.

Love in Christ,
P.S. 2Tim.3:13; 2Cor.7:1 show that there is a progression amid anointed ones.
As this time of tribulation and Armageddon advances; each called one, will progress to be more clearly identified as redeemed, or judged, by the present inspection of Christ (Mal.3:18). As this clarity emerges, my contending with the messengers of falsehood, will intensify. Expect that where I once was of a neutral and tolerant stance; I will no longer be such, as I myself progress in spiritual knowledge, authority and power, by Christ; that I might assist him in the conquest of his enemies (1Cor.15:25,24; Rev.20:7-8; 16:13-14; 17:14; 19:11,14; 12:10-11,7-8).

For an incomplete list of blogs which I believe to be written by those genuinely of the anointed,
you can refer to the section "Supplemental Reading".
(Note: Obadiah is not anointed, but writes for me when needed.)


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