Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Scarlet Colored" Discipline, followed by Restoration

In the Bible book of Revelation, we are given many symbols. We are promised by God, that all the symbols contained within that scroll, will be Revealed/uncovered/unveiled, in "the time of the end"...
first to Christ (John3:34-35; 16:15; Rev.5:1,2,5,7; Dan.7:13; Col.2:3)
and then to his faithful witnesses (John1:16; 16:15; 15:15; Matt.13:11,12; Luke12:48,37; Rev.1:1; 11:3,4; Zech.4:12,14; John16:14,13).
Those who receive that information, by the opening of Revelation's "seals", are under great obligation to use the knowledge they have been given, fully (Luke12:48; Eze.33:3; Matt.25:15,16; Dan.12:9,10,3; Rev.20:12,4; John15:8; Zech.4:14).
I was chosen by God to be shown visions related to Revelation. I am distressed until my work of disclosing these things publicly, is finished. This work I can not do of my own power or wisdom. I must have Faith, that God will accomplish His Holy Will, through whatever means He chooses. If these things will be disclosed through myself, then I know He will enable me.
If it is the Father's will, I will one day release a book which examines every verse of Revelation, which I am currently working on.
For today, I will consider the symbolism of what it means to be "scarlet colored".

We are told at Rev.17:3,4, that the identities of the harlot and first Wild Beast (Rev.13:1) are "scarlet colored".
Although there are scriptural references to scarlet as meaning royalty and finery,
there is another, more symbolic meaning also... one of sin. (Isa.1:18)
Not only is the Harlot clothed in scarlet/sin; (Rev.17:4; Jer.4:30; Rev.18:5; 17:6),
so is the Gentile Wild Beast who supports her (Rev.17:3; Nahum2:3; Eze.23:14,15).

That scarlet Wild Beast, is the same as the collective "Man of Sin" (2Thess.2:3),
(whose "horns" commit fornication with the Harlot -Rev.17:3,12,2; Eze.23:14)
as well as the army which that Harlot ("Wormwood") releases from the "abyss"/"sea" (Rev.9:1,2,3,7; 8:10,11).
The angel of the abyss/"fallen star"/2nd Wild Beast (Rev.13:11)/false Prophet,
causes both:
this army to rise from Satan's abyss of death (Rev.9:3; 11:7; 17:8)
seemingly rise from the spiritually dead condition of Gentiles, by "breathing life"/spirit
into that same Beast's Image (Rev.13:15), empowering it (crowned/"diadems") to dominate all...
including the unsealed chosen ones (Rev.13:1,16,17,7,8; Rev.9:3,4,7,10; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.8:24; 9:26; 11:31,32,36,45,40; Rev.12:15; Rev.9:2,7; Joel2:2,4; Rev.11:7; 13:1; Rev.9:8; Joel1:6,7,8,9,10,13; Rev.11:3).

Christ allows this Gentile army to discipline his chosen kings (Rev.1:5; 5:10; 3:17,19,1,2,3).
They are guilty of subjection and worship to the Image/Idol, of the Gentile Wild Beast
(Heb.12:6; Rev.3:19; 17:17; Joel 2:11; Rev.6:2,4; 2:14,20,23; Rev.13:7,8,16; 2Cor.11:3,20; 1Cor.7:23; Rev.9:5,10).
If we examine the scriptural contexts about this Gentile army, which "tramples" the final Holy Ones (Rev.11:2; Matt.24:15; Luke21:24; Dan.12:7,8,10),
in each of the Bible's references to them,
we see that although Christ allows them to discipline his slaves who have not kept awake and on the watch; those Gentile forces are evil, and the unrepentant come to destruction (2Thess.2:3NKJV ; 2Thess.2:8; 2Pet.2:3; Rev.9:20,21).
Those slaves of Christ who repent of this idolatry, are restored,
and empowered to be victorious over the deceptive Wild Beast...
according to those same references and their contexts.
(Rev.11:11,12; 4:1; Prov.25:6,7; Luke14:10; Rev.9:13,14; 20:4; 2:7; Prov.3:13,18; Rev.2:17; Ex.16:32,33; Heb.9:3,4; John6:49,50,51,56,55; Rev.2:17,26; Rev.12:5; Rev.3:5,12,21; Joel2:12,15,18,20,25,27,32; Matt.24:16,40,28; Dan.7:10,11,18,21,22; Zech.1:12,13,14,15,16,17)


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