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The "Day" and "Night" of a "Thousand Years"/ Two Kingdoms

Rev.20:4,5 continues:
"And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years."

When do the faithful heirs "come to life"? (Gal.3:29)

(John 1:4,12,13; 11:26; 5:24,25,28; Matt.4:16; John 10:9,10; 4:23,36; 6:47,50,51,40; Dan.12:7; Rev.1:20; Eph.2:6; Luke 1:79; 19:10; Eph.5:8; Isa.9:2; Luke 15:24;  1Tim. 1:15,16;  2Tim. 2:11; Rom.8:9,10,11,13,14,16;  1John 3:14)
By acceptance of Christ...his teachings and his example;
those chosen come to spirit life now, and retain that life as long as they remain in union with the true vine, the reigning Christ. (Luke 22:69; Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:25) (Luke 22:69; Mark 14:61,62; Luke 22:69; Heb.3:6,14; Eph.3:12;  2Cor. 3:4; John 15:4,5; Rom.11:22; Col.1:10; 2:6)
The kingship of Christ in this world, was not of worldly glory (John 18:37,36; Matt.21:5; Luke 9:58). His spiritual glory was that of grace and truth (John 1:14,17; 2:11;  1Pet. 4:14). Those who reign with Christ in his present kingdom, reign with and share it that same kind of glory, and are given authority and power over darkness, deception and death (John 1:12; Luke 10:17,18,19,20;  2Cor. 10:4,5).
by which they are also supplied with victory over Satan's power (Gen.3:15; Rom.16:20; Rev.12:8,11; 17:14;  1John 2:13,14; Luke 10:19). 
Reigning during the thousand years as kings and priests (Mal.2:7; Col.1:13; Isa.60:2), is not observable by worldly or physical standards. Those entrusted and faithful with this "little", will be assigned "much" when God's kingdom arrives.
During Christ's thousand year kingdom, the heirs learn obedience and are cleansed, preparing them for God's kingdom to come, should they accept their discipline and refinement (1Pet. 1:2; Rom.5:3; 8:17; Heb.5:8,9,10; 6:12;  2Cor. 4:17; James 1:3,4; Mal.3:1,2,3,4; Rev.3:17,18,19). 
While these kings use the "little power" they have been entrusted with as a test; those who receive the faithful or reject them are also judged secondarily. There will also arise unfaithful chosen who fail the test of discipline. There will also be secondarily, those who receive the wicked slaves and are mislead by them. This reflects their heart condition. Judgment is passed upon all, depending upon their conformity to truth and willingness to yield to it's cleansing direction.

The Thousand Year period mentioned here is that of "Judgment Day". As all the terms in the book of Revelation, this period is symbolic, not literal. As with all Revelation symbolism, the correct interpretation is found in scripture.
Where outside Revelation, is a thousand year era mentioned? 
We can find scriptures to guide our interpretation at Psalm 90:4 and  2Pet. 3:8.

In Psalms, the thousand years is compared to both, a "day", and, "a watch in the night." In Bible times, there were four watches to a night. The first started at sunset. Each watch was for 3 hours, for a total of 12 hours of darkness.

Jesus referred to this at John 11:9,10; 9:4,5; 1:4; 3:19; 8:12; Matt.4:16. He there spoke of the light of day, as existing while he was on the earth. The bright clarity of light from Christ, was spiritual. The light from Christ is compared to the sun whose light is so bright, it brings "day" to the earth (Matt.17:2; Rev.1:16; 10:1). 

Jesus also spoke of his faithful chosen as the light of the world (John 12:46; Matt.5:14,16; Eph.5:8;  1Pet. 2:9; Luke 12:35,38). The faithful chosen do not have a glory such as Christ (1Cor. 15:41), but are compared to stars (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3). Stars do not provide light during the day, but rather during the night (Rom.13:12,11; Luke 12:38), during which time, most are spiritually asleep, or worse (1Thess. 5:2,4,5,6,7; Eph.5:14; Matt.25:5,6,7). Christ's chosen slaves are directed by him, not to sleep as others do during his absence of darkness, but to remain awake, vigilant, and ready to respond to his return. They are to use the portion of light he left them with (Matt.28:19,20; John 14:15,16,17,26; 7:39;  1John 1:1,2,3,4,5,6,7). Those who do, will receive more light when he returns (John 14:18; 16:22; Mal.3:1,3; Heb.1:6). Once Christ does return, the daylight returns with him, for those upon whom he will dawn, giving them his complete light (1Cor. 13:9,10; Luke 1:78,79; Matt.13:43; 25:29,10; Rev.3:20). To him who has some light (Matt.25:14,15,19,21; Eph.5:13;  1Pet. 2:9), more will be given (Prov.4:18; Isa.60:1; Rev.2:28; Eph.5:14; Isa.30:26).

The thousand year reign of Christ will be during the night that began after he departed from the earth (John 12:33,35-36). His chosen ones will stand watch during their lives (Matt.24:34; 25:21) in Satan's dark world (Eph.6:12; John 17:15), during which they will remain sons of day (1Thess. 5:5), shining their light from Christ (Matt.5:14).
This brings us to the second reference to the meaning of the "Thousand Years".
In 2Pet. 3:8, a thousand years is referred to as a "day" to God. This day will exist for those who walk in the light of Christ. While they possess that light, they shine it in the dark world (John 1:5; Acts 20:20,21,27,31;  1Tim. 4:2,15,16;  1Cor. 4:1; Matt.10:27,26,28; 5:14,16;  2Cor. 5:18,19,20; Eph.3:1,2,3,4,5). That light is offered to all. That light is the light of life (John 1:4; 8:12). Life is offered, through light (John 1:9). The light of understanding, is also the cleansing "water" of life (Eph.5:26; John 17:17; John 1:4,9,12,13,14; 4:10,14; Rev.22:17,16,14).
What "day" offers life and light?
2Cor. 6:2 reads
"For God says, "At just the right time, I heard you. On the day of salvation, I helped you." (Indeed, the "right time" is now. Today is the day of salvation."
Now is the opportunity for life, as well as the judgement for eternal destruction (2Cor. 6:1; 5:20; Rom.5:10; 2:8; John 3:18;  2Thess. 1:8,9; Matt.25:32,46;  1Pet. 4:17; Jer.10:25)
Christ's "thousand year" kingdom began in the first century (Luke 22:69; Matt.28:18; Psalm 110:1;  1Cor. 15:25; Acts 2:33;7:55,56). It ends when all enemies of Truth are judicially subjugated (Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:24,28). Christ's kingdom is symbolized by a "thousand years", because this era has a beginning and an end (as does "a watch in the night" --Ps.90:4). The number one thousand, = 10 X 10 X 10; and the purpose of this period, will establish a full testimony as to the deficiency of "earth" and "world" rulership, under Satanic deception (Eph.6:12;  2Cor. 10:3-5; Rev.12:10-11; John 16:11; Heb.2:14).
Since Christ will remain in his kingdom position until all his enemies are subdued, it is the same position Christ occupies during the Thousand Years (Ps.110:1;  1Cor. 15:26; Rev.20:14,5a). 

(Christ's initial action as King is as head over the body of anointed ones...God's house, the anointed Congregation. Eph.1:22; 5:23 Col.1:18; Acts 4:11; Rev.19:16; 1:5) 

He subdues his enemies of truth through those he is choosing and sealing to become members of heavenly Mt. Zion (Psalm 110:2; Rev.14:1; Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17). This war between agents of Truth and Lies, will climax in the battle of Armageddon (Rev.12:7,11; 16:13,14; 11:3,7). That battle will finish the subjection of Christ's enemies, and conclude Christ's initial regal assignment. Christ fights the spiritual war, along with his sealed brothers (Rev.6:9-11; 19:14,8,11; 17:14; Rom.13:12;  2Cor. 6:7; Eph.5:11; 6:11;  1Cor. 15:57-58; Rom.16:20).

[Although he had received his authority over heaven, earth, and even death and Hades upon his ascending (Col.2:10; Matt.28:18; Rev.1:18) (Matt.28:20;  1Pet. 5:10; Eph.1:13; Acts 2:33;  2Pet. 1:10; Phil.1:19).]

...these spirit educated "witnesses" of his, would be in the front line of Christ's ongoing battle (Gen.3:15; Isa.43:10;  1Pet. 2:9;  1John 2:27; Rev.12:11;11:3,5; Ps.110:2; Rev.2:26-27). Christ and these angel messengers of his, battle against Satanic deception in the ongoing war that will finally end in the Victory of Truth, and the subjection of Christ's enemy, Untruth, it's father, and all it's agents. (Psalm 45:4; Rev.1:20;  1Cor. 15:25)


While Christ's kingdom has a start and finish...
not so, God's Kingdom ( 1Tim. 1:17; 6:15,16; Ps.10:16; 90:2; 145:13; Jer.10:10).
God will rule through Christ and the completed, tested, refined, and ransomed 144,000 (Dan.7:18,22,27; Heb.1:2 ...after Creation has been cleaned by the kingdom of Christ and his brothers under test (Hab.1:13,12; Phil.2:15). Christ is at God's right hand, being used by his Father to restore His creation back to it's original condition, to cleanse and prepare a people/priesthood/kings, to eternally slave for God under His kingdom to come, and establish the condemnation and judicial judgment of the lying wicked.

The "Thousand Years" contains a concurrent day and night. The night is Satan's time to rule the world (1John 5:19; Rom.13:12) while he holds the hearts and minds of mankind in spiritual darkness. Those chosen are called out of that darkness (1Pet. 2:9;  2Cor. 4:6;  2Pet. 1:19).

The sons of "light" and "day", must stand watch during the night which surrounds them (Hab.2:1; Eze.33:7; Isa.62:6; 21:6,8,9,10,12; Jer.26:2; Mark 13:35,36,37; Luke 12:35; John 5:35), shining their lamplight sourced in the "sun" contained within their hearts (2Cor. 4:6;  2Pet. 1:19). They war against the darkness, along with Christ, as he gradually gains dominion over enemies of light (Eph.6:12; John 1:5; Ps.110:1,2,3;  1Cor. 15:24,25; Rev.12:10,11; 19:11,14). The faithful chosen must do that work, until Christ returns (John 14:18,3,28; Acts 3:20,21; 5:20; Heb.1:6; Mal.3:1,3; Matt.24:13; Rom.2:7;  1Cor. 1:8; Heb.10:39; Rev.2:10,25; 3:11; 12:17), bringing with him the eternal end of night, and the return of day, eternally (Rev.22:5,6,7).

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  1. I didn't see the role of Christ's Kingdom chosen ones
    And the meaning of the 1000 year rule until after reading this post. Now I see the role each anointed plays on this 1000 year judgment. Very serious indeed. How Satan is a master deceiver. We the anointed have to expose his lies. It is a fight between truth and lies and our responsibility in exposing his lies. Thank you Pearl.


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