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Who are the "birds"?


Ezekiel 38-39 is the same event so Revelation 20:7-10. What do you think?


Yes, these scriptures complement each other. Such parallel scriptures define the meaning of Revelation's symbols and identities.
Yet even among some chosen ones (anointed), these "birds" and "wild animals" are mistakenly viewed as anointed ones partaking of the marriage feast.
When these "hated birds" and "WILD animals" (Eze.39:4; Rev.19:17,18,21; 18:2)......

"eat the flesh (Gal.5:16,17; Rom.8:5 -powerful wicked leaders) of mighty men and drink the blood (Heb.9:19,22) of the princes of the earth (Rev.5:9-10; Rom.6:5; Rev.11:3,7; 6:9-11) as if they were rams and lambs, goats and bulls" (Heb.9:19; Rev.6:9; 11:9,10,8).

"At my table you will eat your fill of horses and riders, mighty men and soldiers of every kind,’ declares the Sovereign Lord."

The carrion feasted upon  by  these unclean birds and wild beasts, includes picking apart both the wicked and the fallen faithful. No distinction is made by these scavengers. They attack and rip the bodies, of all who come before them...
The "free and slave" (John8:32) (Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7; Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10).....
the "great and the small" (Matt.5:19)

This scavenger "feast" is not the wedding feast where the "eagles" gather to the "carcass" (Luke17:36-37)...
Even though this may seem to be so, there is an antithesis to every event and identity.
...There is a "good" fulfillment, and a "bad" one, during the battle of Armageddon....
the truth,
and Satan's misleading counterfeit.

You may note that this scavenger feast upon the wicked and good, takes place on the "mountains of Israel".
These mountains ARE the faithful chosen (Eze.36:8; Isa.49:11,12,13; Ps.72:3; Joel3:18), not the hated birds and wild animals who are gorging themselves upon them. The wicked have fallen "on the mountains of Israel" also, because that is where they have been exposed as spiritually dead, by revealed truth.

If you note in Rev.20:12, the truth is revealed about the wickedness of earthly religious leaders (2Pet.3:10,7; Rev.13:4; 2Thess.2:3,8) by means of "fire" (Eze.38:19,22; 2Pet.3:10,12; Rev.20:9,10; 1Cor.3:13) which is the symbol for God's judgments of Truth (Heb.12:29; Isa.33:14; 66:15; 10:17; Jer.23:29; Jer.5:14NIV) delivered by means of his prophets (2Thess.1:7; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14NIV).

Who then, are these birds and wild beasts, who will enjoy a feast when the wicked deeds of the powerful are exposed? Who are these same birds and wild beasts, who also mercilessly feast on the faithful, after they are unjustly condemned and killed? (John16:2; Rev.11:7,8,9,10; Hab.3:16; Job 30:16,17; Ps.109:3,4,5; 22:20,21,13; Luke21:20; Ps.88:17; 124:3,4,5,6,7,8; Rev.12:15,16,14)
Yet God does not abandon them. Despite the merciless treatment to, and trampling of Christ's brothers, they will be sustained during their tribulation (Rev.12:6; 11:2,3,4,5; Amos 8:10).

Just take a look on all the forums which tear apart every fault of the "watchtower" and it's leadership,
it's policies, and it's "shepherds"; after the dead condition of these have been exposed (2Thess.2:8; Rev.16:15; 3:18; 2Pet.3:10; Rev.3:1; Deut.28:37; Ps.74:14). Look at how the "flock" of "birds" are gathering and circling the "dead", and how the "packs" have begun to work together, to take down their prey.
Look at how they speak injurious contempt... not only against those who are judged and condemned by the truths of Christ, but also against the Holy Ones, as these suffer during their ministering in the wilderness, after their own expulsion from the "camp" (Heb.13:13; Mark13:13; Rev.11:3,7-10).
These "birds" and "wild animals" may feel righteous and wise, while they gnaw apart the fallen... both wicked and good. But this does not mean that they themselves are free of Satan's deceptive power, nor do they sincerely search for Truth, or have faith in God and a desire to gain His favor.
They are drawn to all the condemned...both the spiritually dead and those unjustly condemned by men for their witness to truth. Yet these scavengers are not drawn to the sacrifice of those spiritually living...those who have sacrificed their lives to offer others the fine fruit of truth (John12:24-25; Mark8:35; Rom.12:1; 6:5; 2Cor.2:14,15; Rev.6:9; 11:7,8; 12:11; Mark8:35; Luke17:37; Job 28:7,8) (John15:5,8; Matt.7:17,18,19,20).
Though these carrion birds and wild beasts are ever ready to pridefully condemn, they too fail to find and accept truth, and they also will fall under the power of Babylon the Great (2Tim.3:7; Amos 8:11,12; Rev.17:1,15; 18:2)
("Babylon" means "confusion"). (Gen.11:7,9)

Despite their seeming advantage over the "carcasses" of the fallen, they are still unreleased from Babylon's captivity of religious deception and doctrinal confusion.
This is not the marriage feast of sacred secrets, meant for the faithful virgins
and those leaving the apostate city...
(Rev.19:9; Matt.25:10; 22:8,9,10; Luke17:37; Rev.11:8; 17:18; 18:4).
This "marriage feast" is meant for the perceptive "eagles" (Matt.24:28 ("carcass"=Greek-"slain" plural); Luke17:26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37; Job 39:27,29-30; Jer.3:14-15NKJV)
who feed gratefully on the "slain" bodies (Matt.6:22; 24:28) of the fallen faithful (Rev.11:7,8,9; 6:9,10,11; 12:11; 20:4).
LINK: "The Marriage Feast"

It is understandable why the scriptures about these two different "feasts", get mixed up.

[Note: Some Bible translations render Luke17:37NKJV, as "vultures" when the original Greek was aetos ("eagle") (not opvio-- "vulture").
Please consider this link: Link: "Eagle" or "Vulture"? ]


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