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Head Wound Comment

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If I may can I give you a perspective on what the head wound of the wild beast might be?
In my opinion it seems to be a fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis 3:15:
Genesis 3:15 -And I will put hostility between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring; her offspring will attack your head,and you will attack her offspring’s heel.”
  Have we ever seen the head wound of the wild beast? I believe so, and I believe that It happened in Jesus day. The wild beast received a head wound and appeared to have been killed due to Jesus miracles and preaching and prophesying (John 11:48). But the lethal wound appeared healed when Jesus was killed, and the whole world followed in amazement (John 16:20). This reflects what will happen in the latter part of the days when the two witnesses wound the head of the wild beast and it appears as though it is dead, just like Jesus did, with their prophesying and powerful works (Revelation 11:4-6; Revelation 13:3a). Then the wild beast will conquer the two witnesses and kill them just as Jesus was conquered and killed, and this is how the head wound of the wild beast is healed (Revelation 11:7,8; Revelation 13:3b). The wild beast is able to kill the two witnesses, as it did Jesus and take back it's kingdom (John 11:48) and thus the whole world follows it in amazement Revelation 13:3,4; John 16:20).
  I also believe the dream of Nebuchadnezzar of the tree being chopped down and the tap root having a iron band placed around it until seven times passes by, MIGHT have some significance here as well.


    Summary of answer:
He is it's Father. (Rev.13:1,4)
The wound to one of the Wild Beast's heads, is not the same as Satan's own head being "crushed".
      "Crushing" the "head"(s) of Satan himself (Rev.12:3; Ps.74:14), are not merely
      the same as a blow to one head of his offspring/the Wild Beast (Rev.13:1,4).
      When Satan's head is crushed; it will not be a heal-able wound,
      such as is the case with the one head of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:3).
      When God, through the faithful, crushes Satan's head,
      the wound for he and his co-horts, is incurable
      (Jer.30:12,15; 6:7; Rev.2:21-22,23; 20:10,14;  2Chron.36:16;
       Ps.74:12-13,14; Eze.26:19-20,21; Isa.27:1; Rom.16:20).

What is this "head" that receives what appears to be a lethal wound, that seems so miraculously healed, that hoards are moved to follow it with admiration (Rev.13:3)? The heads are interpreted for us, at Rev.17:9-10,11. Briefly...the seven heads are seven kings that are ruling "heads" to the Beast Organization. These are separate from the "ten kings" who are merely "horns" of power, but do not rule (Rev.17:12,3).

One of these ruling heads, seems to be destroyed, but is restored.
If the last Beast truly is the WT, then we could expect that one of it's body of rulers/steward (a "head"), experienced a lethal blow, only to be restored, and that this restoration caused followers of the Beast to place their confidence in it.
If you would like to read the historical account of this happening to a ruling head of the WT, you can read it in the Organization's own literature. 
One example of this is in the "Revelation Climax" book, on pages 167-170 (read par.19,21,23,24)(See their illustration on the top of page 167), where the Watchtower falsely claims that the death-like blow to it's leaders (a head of the beast), was the fulfillment of the death of the two witnesses of Rev.11:3,7. In truth, this blow to the ruling leaders of that period, was in actuality, the death-stroke to one of it's (The Watchtower- beast) "heads".
Another example taken from the organization's own literature, is found in the book, Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose.
Inside the cover we see illustrated a table of their historic chronology. Under the years of 1918 and 1919, the themselves ascribe the experience of their ruling head, as a death and revival.


Truly, "J.W.'s" "follow the Beast with admiration", partly because of this seeming miraculous "resurrection" of the ruling headship of that period. Such a rescue from impotence, gave that administration the appearance of divine backing and approval. This gave the Beast an air of invincibility (Rev.13:4). So much of the "Watchtower's" claim of divine approval and standing today (appointed as the faithful slave over all Christ's belongings), rests upon the premise that
Christ approved of the spiritual "food" they were serving back then, as being truth;
and that this supposed "resurrection" and divine healing of their "death blow",
are confirmation of that approval and status, of being selected as the "faithful and discreet slave" in 1918-19, when their "death-stroke" was healed.

Since "The Finished Mystery" was the food being served back then; How could it be the basis for appointment as "faithful slave", according to their claim?
[For a description of what that book contained: ("Finished Mystery" comments)
  ^that link was suspiciously disabled. Here is another: LINK]
How could they have truly been the fulfillment of the "two witnesses" while teaching error? (Rev.11:3). Jesus does not cause his slaves to preach deceiving error and lying doctrine.
The claim to being the "two witnesses" and the "faithful slave" (Matt.24:5) is false, regarding the WT leaders of 1914-1919. Their "deathblow" then, is not the fulfillment of Rev.11:7, but is the fulfillment of Rev.13:3,11.

The events that befell that governing body of the past, were of Satanic design...a fabrication...a counterfeit fulfillment of the two-witness prophecy (Rev.13:11) (Rev.11:7,11-12)...aimed at accomplishing just what we see it has accomplished...a seeming divine endorsement of Satan's Wild Beast and it's leadership of false prophets/7 heads. Satan preempted the genuine death of the two witnesses, with this fabricated counterfeit.

The authentic death of the "two witnesses", would be at the hands of this same false prophet
and it's Wild Beast/counterfeit priesthood/counterfeit Mt.Zion (Rev.11:3,7).
By Satanic distraction and deception, the genuine deaths of the "two witnesses" to later follow, would be viewed just as prophesied...
punishment due for apostasy
(Rev.11:9; Hosea 1:10; Rom.9:26-27; Isa.66:5; John 16:2; Mark 13:13; Rev.11:8-9,10; Matt.5:11-12).
It has come to pass...just as God Himself foretold...and just as Christ has revealed to us, for our protection (Rev.1:1,3; 22:6-7,10-11,12)."

For a more detailed examination of this topic: 

We are offered clarification of Gen.3:15 within Gen.3:16.
Here is the Hebrew interlinear, along with my own Bible citations:
and·enmity (Eph.6:12;  2Cor.10:3-4,5)
אָ שִׁ ית
בֵּ ינְ 6
וּבֵ ין
הָ אִ שָּׁ ה
the·woman (Rev.12:1,2; John 16:20-21; Ps.30:5; Isa.58:1)
וּבֵ ין
זַרְ עֲ6
seed-of·you (John 8:44; Matt.13:38;  1Tim.4:1;  2Thess.2:3; Rev.9:3; 13:1,4)
וּבֵ ין
זַרְ עָ הּ
seed-of·her (Rev.12:5,17,7; 17:14
יְ שׁוּפְ 6
he-shall-hurt·you (John 16:33; Rom.16:20; Luke 10:18-19; Rev.12:10-11)
ר ֹאשׁ
head (Deut.28:13,43-44; Ps.74:13-14; Isa.27:1) (
וְ אַ תָּ ה
תְּ שׁוּפֶ נּוּ
you-shall-hurt·him (John 14:30; Luke 9:22; Rev.6:9; John 16:2; Mark 8:35;  2Cor.11:20,24-26,27-28)
עָ קֵ ב
heel (Job.18:9; 22:10; 30:12; Amos 3:5; Luke 21:34-36; Matt.5:29; Gen.49:17) (entrapped by Satan's snare--the "Gentiles" who "trample" the "seed" causing them to "stumble"/"fall backward")

אֶ ל 3:16
הָ אִ שָּׁ ה
the·woman (Rev.12:1; Gal.4:26;  1Thess.2:7; Gal.4:19)
אָ מַ ר
הַ רְ בָּ ה
אַ רְ בֶּ ה
עִ צְּ ב*נֵ(
grief-of·you (Matt.24:8; Mark 13:8) (
וְ הֵ רֹ נֵ(

Now the question is, why would the birth of the woman's seed cause more pain for the sealed woman to bring forth the unsealed seed?
Verse 16 contains the answer.

בְּ עֶצֶ ב
in·grief (Acts 20:23; 9:16; Joel 1:13; Lam.1:5; 2:5; 3:32-33,51; Prov.17:21,25
תֵּ לְ דִ י
בָ נִ ים
וְ אֶ ל
אִ ישֵׁ (
man-of·you (2 Thess 2:3-4 ; Rev.9:3-4,5,10; 11:2; 13:7)
תְּ שׁוּקָ תֵ (

[that "impulse" is to be dominated by this "man" (Non-anointed blasphemous Organization). Therefore, within that climate of domination, the birthpangs (Mark 13:8) which bring forth the kingdom sons, will be more painful.
(Gal.4:19;  1Tim.4:1; Matt.6:25;  1John2:15; Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10; 2:4;  1Cor.7:23; 4:11;  2Cor.11:20; Rev.9:6; 13:7,15; 12:2)]

וְ הוּא
and·he (the "man of you"/"seed" of Satan/son of "destruction" (Rev.9:11;  2Thess.2:3) with which you fornicate (2Cor.11:2-3)
יִ מְ שָׁ ל
he-shall-rule (Acts 21:11;  2Thess.2:4; Rev.9:7; 13:1-2,4,7-8,17,10)
בָּ (
in·you (2Thess.2:4;  1Cor.3:16)

I hope by means of a consideration of the scriptures, which I believe relate to those portions of these two verses,
you will see that I do see the relevance of the Wild Beast/"Man of Lawlessness"/Locusts-Scorpions,  to the subservience of the woman's seed.
That seed is not sealed until it leaves this unclean "husband"/Gentiles/Satan's "seed", and returns in faithfulness to her true Lord (Jer.31:22; Zech.1:3; Mal.3:7; Deut.4:30; Jer.3:1; 4:1).

However, at Gen.3:15,
It is Satan himself who attacks the seed's heel;
and it is Satan's head/heads themselves which are attacked by the woman's "seed".
That "head" of Satan himself, is not merely one head of his offspring/the Wild Beast.
When Satan's head is crushed; it will not be a heal-able wound, such as is the case with the one head of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:3).
When God, through the faithful, crushes Satan's head, the wound for he and his co-horts, is incurable 
(Jer.30:12,15; 6:7; Rev.2:21-22,23;  2Chron.36:16; Ps.74:12-13,14; Eze.26:19-20,21; Isa.27:1; Rom.16:20).

I do not see John 16:20 as proving that the "whole *world follows with amazement" (Rev.13:3-4) the Gentile powers of the first Century. I see John 16:20 as relating to John 15:19; 17:14,16 and 1John2:15-16; and the temptation that Jesus also endured (Luke 4:5-6). It is in regard to Mark 10:42-43,44;  1Cor.4:8; Rev.3:17; 1Pet.5:3; and 1John2:9; 4:20-21,7 . 
Those who un-lovingly lord it over their brothers, are not weeping and mourning, but are already "rich" (Rev.3:17-18). These are fond of what is "their own", but persecute those who slave only for Christ.

Regarding Rev.13:3-4...
First of all, the Greek does not say "the whole *world follows in amazement". It says "earth" (Greek- "occupied home"/"being homed"/"inhabited earth" -What "home" is God referring to here? -see John 14:23). The EARTH is not the whole world, because the whole world includes the "SEA"/Nations/Gentiles/Non-anointed/not "Jews" (anointed -Rom.2:28-29; Col.2:11).
(Compare "earth" of Rev.14:3 to Rev.7:4. The source of the 144000 is from the "earth"; and at the same time, from the 12 spiritual tribes of Israel -Gal.6:16,15;  2Cor.5:17; Col.2:11)

Revelation is totally written in symbols. Revelation's symbol, "earth", does not mean our entire physical planet and all those of humanity residing upon it. 
The "earth" which exists within the entire symbolic scenario of Revelation, 
and when Revelation's entire symbolic drama takes place; 
it bears little resemblance to the whole world of the first century, nor the events which occurred at that time and place.

 [Revelation's symbol "EARTH" = God's people (anointed) in prophecy]
         -Jer.25:29-30,35-36; Jer.23:1-3,4-6,7-8 (Isa.60:13; 66:1 )      
          Rev.13:8; 14:19 ;
          Rev.18:24; Matt.23:34-35 
          Rev.11:18; Hosea 4:6,12 ; Rev.12:9)
       ---"harvest of the earth" (Rev.14:15-16), 
             is the "dried out" harvest of "wheat" (check Greek)
       --- When the interpretation of Rev.14:15 (according to the Greek - "Ripe" is "dried out") is compared to WT interpretation in the Revelation Climax book; WT error can be discerned, due to their translating "ripe" as juicy grapes. They wish to give the impression, that the harvest of the earth by Christ, is their own vine of JWs. When they teach their interpretation of Rev.14:18-19, they depict that vine  as withered, and as representing the world outside of JWs. Yet the Greek word for "ripe" at Rev.14:18, IS juicy and plump. WT changes what the scriptures tell us, in order to flatter their own harvest. According to the Greek... the fruit of the "vine of the earth" is condemned to the winepress of God's anger (John 15:4; Rev.14:19; Jer.2:21; 25:30) because the branches have failed to remain in union with Christ (John 15:4-5; Col.2:19).

The "earth" is separate from the "sea" belonging to Satan's world (Psalm 65:7; Isa.57:20).

The "earth" is not the whole world of mankind. It is the symbol for God's habitation and people.

I agree with your last statement about Nebuchadnezzar's Tree.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope my cited scriptures give you fuel for further ones.




  1. Hello again Pearl,

    I was trying to give you in the least possible words my take on the head wound of the wild beast, because I didn't want to fill up your question box with an "essay", so I left out a few relevant points but tried to give you the jest of my argument. I also left another comment about the prophecy spoken by Lamech. But I did not get to go too deep into that point for sake of brevity but I think that prophecy by Lamech and the reasons behind it sums up my reasons why I believe the prophecy of Genesis 3:15 is the head wound of the beast and the heel wound of the seed. At (Genesis 4:23,24) I believe Lamech is prophesying about the wound on the head he received from the seed so he delivers in turn a wound on the heel (Genesis 3:15; Genesis 4:23). Lamech then goes on to say that if Cain is to be avenged up to 7x then he will be avenged up 77 times. I believe Jesus is actually referring to Lamech's prophecy when he says forgive your brother up to 77x (Genesis 4:24; Matthew 18:22). Why do I believe this and why is Jesus saying forgive your brother up to 77x? Because vengeance comes from God (Deuteronomy 32:35; Isaiah 1:24; Romans 12:19). It is God who will avenge the blood of his servants who cry out to him, not by means of men (Genesis 4:10; Genesis 4:23; Revelation 6:9-11; Hosea 1:6,7). I believe this is why "Cain" and "Lamech" would be avenged if anyone seeks vengeance against them. Again because it is God, by means of Jesus who will avenge the blood spilled of his servants.

    1. If you read my other recent posts, you will find the scriptures which reveal the place God's prophets have in judging the wicked (1Cor.6:2; Rev.20:4; Hosea6:5; Jer.5:14). God avenges, but the "righteous" judge and condemn (Heb.11:7). Otherwise, there is no basis for vengeance or divine justice for those of demonstrated faith. It is the faith, testimony, and obedience of the righteous that condemns and judges the wicked.
      If you got the sense of what I wrote, I did not say that the fire from the mouths of the prophets, sourced from heaven, literally and physically killed the wicked.
      The destroyer takes care of that, after God's judgment is passed.
      God abandons the wicked to the destroyer, and that is His vengeance.

      Regarding the blow to the head of the Beast being the blow to Satan's own head...
      please re-consider:
      Summary of answer:
      "Crushing" the "head"(s) of Satan himself (Rev.12:3; Ps.74:14; Isa.27:1), are not merely
      the same as a blow to one head of his offspring/the Wild Beast (Rev.13:1,4).
      When Satan's head is crushed; it will not be a heal-able wound,
      such as is the case with the one head of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:3).
      When God, (justified through the victory of the faithful over Satan Rev.12:10,11), crushes Satan's head,
      the wound for he and his co-horts, is incurable
      (Jer.30:12,15; 6:7; Rev.2:21,22,23; 20:10,14; 2Chron.36:16;
      Ps.74:12,13,14; Eze.26:19,20,21; Isa.27:1; Rom.16:20).

      The number 7 and 77 is symbolic, and that same symbol can be applied to more than one subject.
      The "heel wound" to all righteous seed, is defined in the scriptures (in today's post).
      Satan is incapable of wounding anything after his head is crushed,
      so I do not see the pattern with Lamech,
      nor the idea that the faithful have no personal warfare against Satan (Eph.6:12; 1Pet.5:8,9; 2Cor.10:4),
      (and that if they do take one up, they will pay for it 77 times).
      Lamech said, "I have killed a man for wounding me". There are many wounds in scripture. This wound occurred previous to Lamech killing his assailant. I see nothing about a heel. How is it that you see Satan receiving his "head" wound, previous to him hurting his assailant in the heel? (Such as is the case with Lamech)

      Thanks for your expressions,


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