Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Time to Speak

I would like to post some sections of recent letters I have written, for the benefit of the scriptural references.

My responses to an professed anointed one:

"Dear sister, I must ask you more about this...
You said;
"I must remain silent each day on my job at the church, as I work in an environment where false doctrine is preached from the pulpit every Sunday. I hold many ideas, values and beliefs which differ greatly from the congregation, but I have become very skilled at listening to things I do not agree with while at the same time, remaining quiet."

Why, my dear sister, do you do these things?
Please read:
(Psalm26:4; 119:63; Eph.4:25,24; 1Tim.4:16,13,11; 1Cor.10:21; 6:17)

Do you imagine that the Father wants you to keep your knowledge to yourself (Matt.5:14,16)?
Do you imagine that he wants you to belong among those who do not know God?
Why leave "J.W.'s" only to connect with other "Gentiles" and their foreign worship?
While, as you say, "everyone thinks they have the truth",
who really has been given it? (1John2:20,27)?
"The truth" is already "being revealed". That light will not reach you, if you are hidden away among the blind.
The "argument of doctrine" is already a thing of the past.
If you are a genuine Chosen One, your place is riding with Christ in the war for truth...
not in silent cowering... chained among the ignorant and proud. This is not the purpose for which you were called.
You were given a gift to use. Woe to the slave who buries that gift to please men.
We are not slaves of men, but of God (Rom.2:28-29).

If the concept of anointed teaching falsehood is difficult for you,
then perhaps you do not understand the meaning of the book of Revelation.
That scroll is a description of the war between faithful anointed and unfaithful (Rev.16:13-16; 17:14; 19:11,14)...
those who have remained in union with Christ (John15:4,5,8), and as a result continue to bear the "fine fruit" of truth...
and those who
have left the Christ (Col.2:19; Eph.5:23), who bear "rotten fruit" of false doctrine (Matt.12:33,37; 7:15-20).
Those who eat the fruit/teachings of the false teachers/rotten trees,
are lead to spiritual death...
just as what resulted to Adam and Eve,
and as you are aware,
is the result to "Jehovah's Witnesses".

You yourself must decide which kind of anointed "tree" you will be.
Will you teach the truth?
Or will you be a barren tree, hidden among the briars? (John15:8; Mark11:12-14; Luke8:11,16)
Our time to be judged by our Master is now. He is examining each one's work.
What have you to offer him? What public teachings are you producing for the salvation of the blind?
Are they sourced in the true vine, who gives us the "nourishing sap" of Holy Spirit (Rom.11:17; John15:4,5; Zech.4:2,12,14; 1Cor.12:13?
Or, are you hiding your "light" under a basket? 
If you are a genuine chosen one, it is time to wake up (Matt.25:6; Rom.13:11,12).
When you complain about the "Witnesses" not recognizing your calling,
nor asking themselves, "What if it is true"?
...I ask you, "What if it is true"!?!
If it is, you must wake up now! (Mark13:36; Rev.3:2,3,18).
This IS the "Great Tribulation". The Great Test. 
I surely hope you are sober and awake to your responsibility before the Master.
It surely is not to be among the blind, silent and submissive to them.
This is the condition of the "unsealed" (do you understand Revelation chapter 9?).
I am sincerely praying for your awakening, my sister.
Love in Christ,
Pearl "

Another response from me:

"When an anointed one publicly teaches their mistaken perspectives, must I publicly offer the scriptures which offer an alternative view. This we all must do, in our spiritual warfare within this world (2Cor.10:3,4,5; 6:7; Matt.5:14,16; Phil.2:15). That world under Satan's dominion (1John5:19), includes all anointed who have left the truth of Christ, who have ignored the scripture's warnings (1John2:15; Rom.12:2; James 1:27; 4:4). Yes, we certainly can "fall" (2Pet.3:17; Rev.6:13; Rev.12:4) and pollute the waters of truth (John7:38) coming from us (Rev.8:10,11).
This battle between Truth and Lies, waged by the faithful and unfaithful anointed, between the "seed"/messengers/angels, of the "woman" (Gal.4:26; Rev.12:1), and the "seed" of Satan (John8:44; 2Thess.2:3; Gen3:15)
is the essence of Armageddon (Rev.16:16,15).
The lies being spewed by Satan's mouth (Rev.12:15; 16:13,14) cause this "gathering" of the "kings of the earth" to this battle (2Tim.4:1; Matt.24:10,12; Rev.1:5; 5:10; 19:11,14).
The unfaithful promote lies to retain their worldly advantage.
The faithful promote truth to set free the meek from those lies.
This results in a battle of words/doctrines. (Matt.12:36,37; Rev.12:7)
This is why it is so important that we "keep testing" that we have the one faith (2Cor.13:5; Eph.4:5,20,21; 1John2:4; John15:4) 
of Truth (John14:6).
So yes...I accept you; and in a large way, I do understand you.
Why do I say this?
Because the Bible makes clear what the path of all Called ones is.
We have many things in common, especially if we are among those who are continuing to prove faithful (Matt.24:13; 10:22; Luke21:19).
The tribulations of the faithful (John16:21,22; 1Pet.1:6,7) are universal among them, and the book of Job outlines that path.
But knowing you personally, and drawing closer to you in love as a result, I anticipate with pleasure.
If we are united under the headship of Christ, this harmony will result from our continuing contact.

May our Father continue to bless the gathering of the body of Christ,
and all those longing for it.
Pearl "

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