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"Grieving" Holy Spirit?

Good day sister Doxsey,
Can you please help me regarding this scripture Eph 4:30 - how can we grieve the holy spirit if it is God's power? Should it not be the holy spirt but God we grieve?
I think this is a two part question: what is the holy spirit and how can we grieve it?

"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers. AND GRIEVE (Greek: lupeite -- "causing sorrow") NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, WHEREBY YOU ARE SEALED TO THE DAY OF REDEMPTION. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice". Eph.4:29-31

God's power to communicate with men (Holy Spirit) can compare to us sending an email. The receiver of an email can resist that power and message, by deleting the email without reading it, or by only heeding a part of what it requests. Yet that does not diminish the power of the sender to send out more emails, nor their ability to communicate in other ways, nor their ability to send that same email to someone who will read and heed it.
Independent of an individual's choice; the full spectrum of Spirit's use and purpose by God, will see full satisfaction, AS A WHOLE.

Here is a difficult paradox to define...
There is unity (yet also separation) between the content of an email/it's message, and it's sender/author. This can compare to defining the paradox of God and His Spirit.
How a recipient treats God's message/spirit sent forth to them, effects the outcome of that spirit's work IN THE INDIVIDUAL recipient. That result is largely based upon the individual's will, not only upon God's. In this way, the power and result of Holy Spirit upon an individual, is not the same as God's direct affect, which is always successful
(Isa.40:8; 44:26; 45:23; 46:10; Jer.23:20; Eze.24:14; Amos6:11; Num.23:19; Isa.55:11).

This free-will/individual choice, causes a separation between God Himself, and His Holy Spirit.
You see, God's Will and purpose are always, fulfilled. Not necessarily so, is the purpose of God's SPIRIT at work in the individual Chosen One. This difference is one aspect of the difference between God Himself, and the Spirit He gives.
As we saw from the preceding scriptures, God can not be resisted. Holy Spirit can be resisted (Acts7:51; Isa.63:10). When it is resisted (it's purpose for which it was sent forth, rebelled against)... it is "grieved". The hope and potential good which it contained, is dashed. This divine messenger is turned away at the door. It's blessings are denied and rejected by the one who could have benefited; due to a proud, stubborn, rebellious and selfish spirit already at work within them (John8:37,38,42,43,45,44; Eph.2:2; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:14; 13:11,15).

Like an email, Holy Spirit is a mediation. But it is more than a mediation.
Holy Spirit is "living"......

For the Chosen Ones, Holy Spirit is at work IN THEM (Phil.2:12,13,16; 1:6,10; 1Cor.12:6; 15:10; Heb.13:21), perfecting/preparing their hearts, to be as Christ's. Holy Spirit is a tool of mediation by Christ. It has a goal and purpose. Yet, it is up to each individual Chosen One whether or not Holy Spirit reaches that goal and purpose WITHIN THEM, AND FOR THEM. (Ps.51:10; Eph.1:11; 2:10; 1Thess.4:4; John3:5; 14:23)

Clearly, there is a distinction between God, and God's spirit; just as there is a difference between us, and an email we may send. Yet God's will, mercy, and love are contained within that Spirit. That spirit is alive within those given it (Rom.8:11). Like a flame, it has it's own energy and power (1Thess.5:19) and can be dampened/grieved. It contains God's love alive within it (2Cor.1:22). It is alive within the scriptures (Eph.6:17; Heb.4:12; 1Thess.2:13). It is attributed a life of it's own, due to the power of it's affect over those who treasure it. Both God and his sons are sources of this living Holy Spirit.
Those persons/sources of spirit can be grieved when the spirit within them is displayed, offered, and then rejected.
The spirit works from within, and upon, persons. That work is inseparable from those who possess it in their heart, once they become One with spirit (When spirit is rejected and grieved, so is their heart). That matured Holy Spirit within the sealed anointed is also "grieved", when these who have spirit living within them, are caused grief (1Cor.3:16; Rom.8:9,11; Eph.2:22)
 (Eze.3:17; Acts20:28; 1Thess.5:12; 1Cor.16:16; Heb.13:7,17).

Matt.6:22; Num.31:23; Rev.3:18

The Holy Spirit did dwell within Christ (Rev.19:12; Col.2:9), as it also dwells within all sealed anointed (Eph.2:22; John14:23; Rom.8:9; 1Cor.6:17).
That is not to say that it does not dwell at all in those not yet sealed. But it's full presence within a heart depends upon it being cultivated to maturity (Luke8:18; Matt.25:3-4), just as is the case with "wheat seeds" of truth (Luke8:11,15; Matt.13:38; 11:19), and this maturity of spirit manifested by discernible deeds (Matt.7:20).
In order to become mature and have a simple eye, one must be completely guided by spirit and Truth. This requires letting go of all reliance upon worldly wisdom, including our own thoughts (1Cor.2:14; 1:27; Acts4:13; 1Cor.4:10; John16:13; 14:17; 7:18; Matt.25:4,7,8; John15:5).

What particular "message" and task does Holy Spirit bring/do for the Chosen Ones?
Truth and it's cleansing power (shown to them out of love and mercy).
(Eze.36:25,26,27; 2Cor.3:3; John16:13; 14:17; Rom.2:29; Heb.10:16; Eph.5:26)
They must be cleansed by spirit and Truth, in order to become clean vessels of Truth. (2Tim.2:20,21; 2Cor.4:6,7; 6:16; Titus 2:14; 1Pet.2:9; Matt.3:11; Num.31:23) They must choose as individuals to work in harmony with that cleansing and truth (Isa.52:11; 2Cor.6:17; Rev.18:4; 1John2:27,28; John15:4,5; 6:56; Gal.5:16) given by means of Christ (John14:6; 13:8; 1Tim.2:5; Eph.5:25-27). As the fire of holy spirit refines their hearts into pure gold (Prov.17:3; Mal.3:3; Isa.1:25; Dan.11:35; 12:10; Zech.13:9; Rev.21:18,21; 3:18), they become cleansed vessels/"golden cup" (2Tim.2:20; Eph.2:22), for God to inhabit.
This cleansing is not by means of an Organization, nor this qualification through compliance to its arrangements (2Cor.3:5,6; 4:7). Only those directly begotten by Holy Spirit, are qualified to be God's chosen priests (Rom.2:29; Col.2:11; John1:13; 1Pet.1:23; 2:9; 2Chron.23:6; Rev.5:9-10; 1John1:7; Luke22:20).
Now you may perceive the context of Eph.4:30 above, more deeply, (Eph.4:29,30,31)
and why hatred and falsehoods grieve the Spirit at work in an individual.
The Spirit's work is for love, truth, life, and sanctification to the receiver...

Remember, Jesus taught us that he needed to present the ransom to God in heaven, BEFORE the Chosen Ones could receive the Holy Spirit (John14:16,17; 16:7). This indicates a judicial basis is needed in order to receive Spirit (Heb.9:11,12,24; 4:14; 7:25; 8:2; 1John2:1). This also reveals that God does not deal directly, even with those chosen. They can not be the spiritual Temple of God's HOLY Spirit, unless they are first cleansed by Christ's blood (Rev.5:9,10; 12:11; 7:14; 1John1:7).
If this cleansing and mediation is needed to receive such communication FROM God, how much less are men of dust able to receive God Himself. He alone dwells in UNAPPROACHABLE light (1Tim.6:16; 1:17; Ps.104:2; 1John1:5; 4:12; John1:18) before which light, men would perish (Ex.33:20). God's spirit interacts with the Chosen, according to it's direction by Christ their Head.

Another illustration:
If you poured your soul into a painting or wood carving, and gave it to someone you loved...
and that person destroyed your work...
would that person be hurting your work, or you?
The whole purpose of the creation of your work, was to bring that person joy and love.
The purpose of that work would itself be grieved/saddened/sinned against.
Both the artist, and the expression of his work, would be dejected.

No one can resist God.
Yet, each has a choice to resist His spirit. Spirit may miss the goal of it's purpose in those who sin (Mark3:29). That spirit was sent forth from Love, mercy and grace. To have those things turned away, "saddens"/"grieves"/disappoints/resists... the purpose for which Spirit was sent forth (Isa.33:8; Prov.2:13; 2Pet.2:15; Jer.6:10; Acts.7:51).

If a chosen one submits to spirit as a slave; that spirit guides that one on a holy path (Jer.31:21; Isa.35:8; 11:16; 30:21; 40:3; Matt.7:14; Ps.118:20; Prov.16:17; Gal.5:16,25). If that person continues to walk that path, they leave sin behind (Eph4:21,22,23,24,25; Rom.6:6; Heb.12:1; James1:21; Col.3:9). They are "perfected" in the mature stature of Christ, and sealed as a slave of God (2Cor.7:1; Matt.5:48; 1Pet.1:15; 1John3:3; Gal.4:19; Eph.4:13,24,30).

If we were to be guided by an email, and do everything it requested; we would be a slave of the sender, even though our obedience was through the letter sent.
Being sealed, is to be redeemed (Eph.1:13; 2Cor.5:17; Rom.8:9; 2Tim.4:8; James1:12; Rev.2:10). It is to become the New Creation, capable of seeing God directly (Matt.5:8; Rev.22:4; 2Cor.5:17; Eze.36:26; Rom.6:4; Isa.43:19; Gal.6:15; Eph.4:24; 2Pet.3:13). Under the kingdom arrangement, this will occur, and after their full cleansing and adoption; the New Creation of first-born sons will hear the seven thunders of God's voice, and these priests will bring that progressive message down to the earthly creation (Rev.21:2; 22:1,2,3,17).

When we understand the distinction between God and His Spirit; we perceive why baptism requires submission to all three...
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matt.28:19).
We need to understand and submit to what each one represents.
The Father, through whom all things are.
The Son, who is the only path to the Father...the personification of truth, and whose example is the only path to life.
The Holy Spirit, who offers us a be guided by it during our application of Christ's model to ourselves (1Pet.2:21; Gal.4:19; Rom.8:9; John14:23; 1Cor.3:16; 6:19,20; Eph.2:22; 2Cor.6:16; Isa.1:16) or to "grieve" it, by our personal rejection of the individual purpose for which God has sent it forth to us.

God's Spirit is ever "moving" toward the realization of God's Will. Both God's Will and His Spirit will succeed. We can choose to be in harmony with that movement, becoming One with it! (John17:8,10,11,21,23,24,26; 1Cor.6:17)
When we are united with spirit, we are united with God, Christ, and all those in unity with it (Phil.2:2; John17:21-22; Eph.4:1-7,11,13).

If we choose against the work of God's Spirit, (resulting in our own "abandonment" and "destruction" --Matt.24:40; 2Pet.2:3); The loving, cleansing purpose of that spirit's grace within us, has been grieved (Eze.18:31; Zech.7:12; Heb.10:29). When this occurs, we work against God's spirit, and all those through whom it came. He in turn, will work against that resistance (Isa.63:10; Lev.26:41) so that some may be refined...but others, judged (Jer.44:4; 26:5,6; Eze.18:31; 33:11).
(Can the Watchtower Crumble?)

This wayward condition of God's people also happens in the time of the end.
This is concerning the curse of the four horsemen of Rev.6. Some will be refined and repent due to this discipline.
Others will be judged. (This is the subject of another post.)

Thank you for your good question. I don't know that I have answered it well enough.
If not, please let me know.


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