Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Supporting the Truth

I received some questions:
Someone is bringing out on a thread, the meaning of the word "Christian", which in Greek means anointed.  He is saying by using that term all are considered anointed that profess to be Christian.  I am thinking he may have a point.  This may be a term specifically for the true anointed but not for the non-anointed.
 What do you think?
 I also remember reading somewhere on your blog how to determine that the number 144,000 is literal.  As soon as I find it, that's my next convincing point with this person.
 The "daily sacrifice" - "constant feature" in Daniel 8:11 is a crazy hang up point for a lot out there for some reason.  My thought is a concern for a stream of true worship to the Almighty being replaced by false worship. Is this true?
 I have also lost my dear friend - After all the scriptures I sent and the reasoning, she says I have left Jehovah and his Organization, even after I stated many times I would never leave Jah or Jesus.   As I said before, she is not sighing or groaning over all the detestable thing going on in the Org.

My reply:

You will run into many powerful demonic deceptions on forums. We are at war with those falsehoods, under which power and darkness, the whole world lies.

The word "Christian" of course, comes from the word "Christ" which does mean "anointed one".
This is why Jesus said "False Christs will arise and mislead many". He was speaking of those falsely claiming to be faithful anointed (F&DS). (Notice he did not say, "false Christians", but "Christs"/anointed ones)
The word Christian, means to be a disciple of Christ....a follower of the anointed/Christs, of which Jesus Christ is foremost and first (Rom.8:29; Heb.1:8,9). A disciple of Christ can be anointed, or can be not anointed. All can strive to be a follower of Christ, or, a "Christian".
You can be a Christ/anointed one, and yet leave off following Christ, which would mean that although you are a Christ, you are not a Christian.
You can be a Christian, and yet not be one of the Christs.
The "ian" at the end of the word Christ-ian, indicates one who is associated with a genuine "Christ" = Christian.
To illustrate, a Librar-"ian" is associated with a Library, but is not the library itself.

Regarding the number 144000. I have not yet definitively stated that it is only literal.
What I can tell you is that there is a required number of anointed priests (proven by the fact that the Jewish anointed of the first century ("little flock") were not considered enough to comprise the completed Temple priesthood (John10:16; Acts13:46; Eph.1:10; 1Pet.2:5; Eph.2:20,21,22).
On the other hand, we know that the book of Revelation was written in symbols (Rev.1:1 -check Greek). The number 144000 does have symbolic meaning. I will write more about that meaning in the future. It is based upon the numeral 12 (6+6), which also has great meaning (12X12=144).
It is also based upon 72 (36+36/ two "times") (Luke10:1 NIV)...which is half 144 for a reason (72+72=144). This (72) is half the witnesses needed to make 2 witnesses for the establishing of Truth (John8:17). All these numbers have symbolic meaning. Until Holy Spirit finishes teaching me these things, I suggest not preaching ahead of it's witness.

You can best serve the Truth by contributing to threads that already have articles written about the thread's subject...
such as the Great Crowd, 666, the Man of Lawlessness, Wild Beast, the Faithful Slave, etc.
You can find a list of subjects according to the Titles of articles in my profile,
or use the search box on the Main Page to find material on a particular subject.
If you refer others to these writings by contributing in a thread on a forum...This support is greatly appreciated and needed (Rev.1:20; Matt.5:14-15).

Regarding Daniel 8:11----
The daily sacrifice/constant feature, is the offering given in the Temple by the chosen priests.
When this Holy Place is trampled by the Gentiles, taken captive (Rev.13:10; Luke 21:24; Col.2:8)...
...and they dominate or remove the priesthood from the Temple (1Pet.2:5,9; Eze.44:6-9; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.11:2)...
that priesthood and it's sacrifices, stop. This is the same "5 month" period while the unsealed Holy Ones are "conquered"/held "captive", by the Wild Beast (see Rev.13:7,10; 9:4,5,10), previous to being set free to do their work. I suspect that Dan.8:11 overlaps with Rev.8:1.

Regarding your friend, It helps to remember what Jesus said, about the effect his truth would have on close associates...
Luke12:51,52; Matt.10:34,35,36; Luke17:34,35
Those who are saved through the Great Tribulation will be separated from those who are not saved, in order for those being saved to join the other eagles in the wilderness
(Luke17:35,37; Rev.11:8; 12:14,6; 11:3).

I am very happy to hear about your son, and have hope and pray that this positive development will continue. If it does it is because of our heavenly Father's grace, and your son's heart condition. The Tribulation was prophesied to be so effective, that parents could not save their own children from it (Eze.14:14,20-21; Rev.6:7-8). If they are saved, it is because God is reading their own heart (Hab.2:4). It is important that in time, your son is given further understanding of how these present events and circumstances were prophesied, and are being fulfilled....not in the way we were taught to believe, but in the way God's Word foretold.

Thank you for your past offer to help others on forums, to consider many Truths.
I suggest that you choose to comment on threads that discuss subjects which are already covered by articles which you might refer others to, perhaps with a personal comment about what you learned, or a part that you appreciated.
You will find that there will be many negative responses, even by the sort who have no faith in God whatsoever.
Jesus himself did not answer every senseless question and retort (John8:25; Mark14:61; Matt.12:19; 26:63). We are out there working for the searching humble ones (John21:15), and we can choose to respond to only these (Matt.7:6).

Thank you for writing me, and I'm glad to support you anytime I can.

I hope this reply has helped you with your questions.
Please let me know if there is anything else, and again, thank you for your support of the Truth.

May our Father's spirit continue with you and yours, and any work you do. (Heb.6:10).
Love in Christ


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