Monday, May 13, 2013

The Source of Life

I have seen from my "stats", that most readers only read long enough to read my words...
not long enough to read, meditate upon, and compare the cited scriptures to the subject at hand.
Please read the scriptures, even if you must divide the study article into separate sessions.
The scriptures referenced are the whole purpose of the article. Reading THEM is where you will learn.
My words are nothing. Learn from your Father, not me.
When reading a cited scripture, it is wise to ask yourself...
"What is this scripture saying, and how do it's words and thoughts enlighten me about this subject?"
"What Divine Truth is being revealed, and how should that affect our decisions and actions"?
"Why has Holy Spirit chosen these verses to be connected to this subject?"
"Where can I apply the meaning of this scripture?"

We will be blessed by God's spirit if we show honor to God's Word (John1:1,4,14; 6:63).
God's spokesman, the "'Word' of God", is the source of all scripture, which is your light, truth, and life.
I can help guide you to it (Matt.5:14; John13:20; 2Cor.4:7; Rev.1:20)
...but I am not it.

  John8:12; Psalm36:9; Prov.8:17; Deut.30:20; Isa.43:11


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