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The Final Prophecies

It is important to understand the nature of what the final prophets prophesy (Rev.11:3). We are able to know what to expect of these "two witnesses", through what the Bible tells us.
Although a degree of what they preach contains the knowledge of short-term prediction (Rev.1:1); the bulk of their testimony is "bearing witness to Jesus" (Rev.19:10 D; Rev.17:6; 20:4; 12:11), which is, Truth (John 14:6; 18:37). His words are already recorded in scripture. Through the scroll of Revelation, Jesus Christ has given a further message to his slaves, to be understood when it's "seals" are "opened".

Jesus is the messenger of that scroll (Rev.1:1). He himself received that scroll, from his Father (Rev.5:1,6,7,9). He gives holy spirit to the "two witnesses" (Rev.11:4,3; Zech.4:2,3,4,5,6,9,11,12,14) so that they may "see" inside the "seals" that Christ is "opening"(John 15:15; Matt.13:11,16,17). These two prophets are given understanding and knowledge, of what was previously hidden (Rev.2:17; John6:31-32,33-34,35; 14:21). This knowledge is not so much a foretelling of the future...but rather an opening of understanding for scrolls which already exist (Luke 24:32,45; Rev.20:12; John12:48). 
Can you see this?

The "seven" seals, [which have guarded interpretation to a particular divine knowledge (Matt.24:36; Acts 1:7;  1Cor.13:9,10; Gen.3:24)]; are removed by Christ (Matt.13:35; Prov.1:6; Eph.3:9,10,11; Rev.5:9).
As those seals are removed (Rev.6:1-17; 8:1), he gives that knowledge to his messengers (Rev.1:1; 11:3,4; Col.1:26), that these chosen priests/"messenger"-angels, might "blow" their "trumpets". Who are these angels? (Rev.1:20; 8:6; Matt.25:7; Joshua 6:13,4; Num.10:8,9; Rev.10:7;  1Cor.14:8; Amos 3:6).
Yes, the trumpet blasts of Revelation is a call to Battle...the final battle! (Joel 3:9; Rev.19:11,14,19; 9:16; 16:14)
Until the seals of Revelation are "opened", all are asleep (Matt.25:5; Mark 13:33; Luke 21:36;  1Thess.5:6) so that they are not even aware of their true enemies, nor their war with them! (Jer.6:14; 14:15;  1Thess.5:3; Mark 13:35,36; Rom.13:11)
Those awakened by the warning sound of the Priest's trumpets, and who heed the warning, will save their souls (Rev.1:3; Eze.33:2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

As Jesus opens the seven seals of Revelation, it will open understanding and knowledge that was previously "sealed up" (Isa.29:11; 8:16; Dan.12:4; 10:14; 8:17; Luke 24:45). The times arrives for the seals of the scrolls to open (Dan.12:4; Rev.22:10,12; Isa.29:18;  1Cor.13:10; Prov.4:18;  2Pet.1:19) due to Christ (Rev.22:16; 2:28; Matt.17:2; Isa.11:1; John 15:5; Jer.23:5,6; Rev.1:1,16), his messenger angel (Rev.1:1; 22:16; Mal.3:1-2,3-4; Dan.12:10), and his obedient priests (Mal.2:7; Dan.12:3; Phil.2:15; Rev.2:28; Mal.4:2; Matt.13:43; Prov.4:18; 11:30; Dan.12:10). By implication, not just one scroll is opened, but many of the scrolls....the "little books/scrolls" (Rev.20:12)
(which is the meaning of the word "Bible")

In the time of the end, Jesus Christ receives new understanding from his Heavenly Father. He conveys that information to his priests/angels-"messengers". These faithful slaves, in turn, proclaim what Holy Spirit is giving them (Rev.10:10,11; Eze.3:3,1,4; Psalm 40:3; 33:3; Num.10:9; Jer.4:19; Eze.33:3; Joel 2:1;  1Cor.14:7,8). While this may involve some foreknowledge, the bulk of their message is a call to alertness and battle, and a warning about the dangers facing God's people. The "two witnesses" faithfully declare this revealed light/understanding of what was written, and are killed for it. Killed by whom?

Just as was the case with Christ (Rev.11:8; 18:24; Matt.23:37,35), it is apostate "Jerusalem"... considered by God as having left His covenant with them, in order to belong to the "Covenant of Death"; Babylon the Great (Jer.51:49; Isa.28:14,15; Rev.17:5) the mother Covenant of the Harlots (Hosea 9:1; 4:12) versus the mother covenant of the virgins (Gal.4:24,26;  2Cor.11:2,3; Rev.14:4,5; Matt.25:1,2).
Jesus faced (and was killed by) the same adulterous (harlot) generation (seed of Satan) (Matt.16:1,4; John 8:33,37,40,41,42,44,45,47)... those who were in Covenant with God, but who left Him, and killed His prophets...just as they always have done, and just as they do in Revelation (Eze.16:38; Rev.17:6; 11:7; Isa.57:1,3).
Matt.13:30; Rev.14:14,15,16,17,18,19,20; Jer.25:30,29)

We already know (and I have thoroughly explained in other posts and articles)
that the Harlots are those who left their covenant with God;
and the "Wild Beast" are the spiritual Gentiles they use to destroy the faithful.
Knowing this, we can expect that soon....
the Wild Beast, will turn on and remove, that Harlot (Rev.17:16,17).
When can we expect this?
As was the case in the precedent which occurred in first century Jerusalem, that apostate city will be destroyed after all the righteously inclined and genuine lovers of Truth, discern the "disgusting thing standing where it ought not" (Mark 13:14) and obey Christ and "flee" (Matt.24:15,16; Rev.18:4).
We should each do all we can to wake up and warn any who may prove to be among those who are capable of "having ears" by "listening" (Rev.2:29; 1:3; Jer.36:3,31; 35:17; Eze.18:21; Prov.29:1; Eze.3:18).



  1. As humans we believe by seeing just as Thomas did after our Lord was resurrected.

    I like the comment you made that Jesus gives understanding to what is written in the Bible and not what lies ahead of us.

    A lot of people are disappointed by your understanding because you teach the truth, the spiritual fulfilment of the end time prophecy is not what many were looking forward to nor expecting.

    This article made me understand why you always want to wait on holy spirit to reveal matters to you because if you do not then you go ahead of Christ.


    1. We should not be too shocked that the Truth is quite different from what we previously thought.
      Satan is said to mislead the entire inhabited earth (Rev.12:9)...
      A false prophet and her beast are said to dominate the Holy Ones (Rev.13:7,8; 11:2)...
      The Man of Lawlessness is said to rule over the anointed (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16)...
      and mislead, if possible, even them (Matt.24:24,25).
      No wonder we are deceived previous to the testimony of the genuine "two witnesses"!
      Thank you for your comment, Modise.
      Love, Pearl


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