Friday, May 17, 2013

Expect Slander [] Matt.5:11-12

A fellow anointed one wrote me today, asking if I needed any support for the current interchange with "JoshuaStone". My reply:

Thank you so much for offering John. No, it is par for the course. But you may want to know that although he denies any contact with me, we have been writing for days. One of the things he said to me in an email, was that the website (Robert King's) has "changed hands". (I think this is a slip, in his attempt to explain why I can no longer log in).
I think maybe the Org. may own it now, perhaps attempting to contain damages to their image. They may have made an agreement with Robert. (Dan.11:17,18,19)
What "JoshuaStone" started out doing, was declaring doctrines as mine, that I have never taught. Now he is quoting out of context from inside my blog, but twisting it's context. It is also being said that I am demonized. What else do we expect, when they said the same of Jesus (John8:48,49)? Jesus himself said that opposers would do this to us (Matt.10:24,25; 5:11).
Thank you just for being there,
The anointed are at war. (
This is the nature of Armaggeddon.
Do we expect it to be mild, gentle, or easy?

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