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More on "Two Witnesses"


Matt.24:31 reads;
"And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other."

According to a comment which was left here, some believe that the "angels" are "Elijah", and that this proves that there is more than one to make up this Elijah identity. They believe "the elect" are the prophet Moses to follow.

I offer some additional scriptures for consideration.
"And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet blast"
The "trumpet" mentioned here, is not a literal musical instrument. It is the voice of the Herald "Elijah".
This is the same voice from the golden altar before God (Rev.9:13), as well as the single voice of the "friend of the Bridegroom", who calls to all anointed virgins to wake up (Matt.25:6).

If you notice Rev.9:14, this single "trumpet"/voice/"angel",
 awakens "four angels".

Now if we return to Matt.24:31...
"And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call"...

The "angels" Christ "sends" were sent due to a "trumpet call". We now know that this "trumpet" awoke/released those four angels. That "blasting", "loud" "trumpet" is the prophet who comes in the spirit and power of Elijah.
"Four angels" are a symbol for North, South, East, and West.... all throughout the earth.
These are also the four winds from which the "angels" are from.
These anointed (who are the first to awaken to the voice of "Elijah" throughout the globe), are the four angels.
What will these alert and sober messengers do with what Elijah tells them?

Matt.24:31 continues;
"and they will gather his elect from the four winds"
Who will gather the "elect"?
The "four angels" who were awoken/released by the "trumpet"....

Moses did not initiate his ministry at the call of a prophet, or at the call of a prophet's associates.
He was contacted directly by the Word of God himself.
Moses and Elijah are not seen one before the other in vision with Jesus.
They are seen together speaking directly with Christ. (Matt.17:3).
These two witnesses prophesy during the same period (Rev.11:3).

To where do the "four angels" "gather" the "elect"?
During that same period, ALL those who are sealed as belonging to the "woman" covenant,
are "gathered" by the "four angels", to the slain carcass ("Moses" and "Elijah" Rev.11:7,8), and are symbolized by "eagles". These are the remnant and survivors from among the "elect".
(Rev.12:6,14; Luke17:30,34,35,37; Matt.24:28; Joel2:32; Acts2:39).
But these "elect" are not alone in their being "gathered" to the existing "carcass"/"slain"/"body" of "Moses and Elijah".
Most of the elect decline their invitation to this feast (Matt.22:3,8; Rom.9:27), preferring instead to "conduct business" and to acquire their provisions from "those who sell" (Matt.22:5; 25:8,9,10; 2Tim.2:4; Rev.13:17; 6:6).
God considers these "unworthy" of the slain body/marriage feast  (Matt.22:8; 24:40,41; Eze.7:15).

God graciously calls any "leaving the City" to be gathered. All those entering the marriage feast/gathering of eagles to the body;
are "elected", because they each have been chosen to be "taken" and not "abandoned", even if they are not of the original "invitees" (Luke 17:30,34,37). They are all last minute invited attendees, due to the deplorable response of the majority of invited Chosen Ones.

the symbolic "two witnesses" fulfill a dual role of Moses and Elijah. The symbol of "two" reflects that this witness is true (John8:17).
The "two witnesses" do not gather the elect or guests of the marriage feast...
they are rejected and despised. (Rev.11:7,8,9,10)
But they are the "slain" who do provide the feast for the eagles (Rev.11:3; 12:6,14).
After these receive their approval by God and those who "see" their elevated spiritual status (Rev.11:11,12; Prov.25:6,7; Luke14:10,11);
the survivors are gathered to the testimony these "two" left behind (Jer.3:14,15,16,17,18; Luke17:34,35,36,37),
by the "loud voices in heaven" (Rev.11:13,15)...the "four angels".



  1. Let's read Matthew 24:31. this could be the same as 1 Corinthians 15:51,52. And the anointed will be gathered to Jesus Christ, 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17

    1. If you recheck Rev.9:13,14...
      the "Elijah" call to the four angels is not the last seventh trumpet. (It is the sixth.)
      Before the faithful are resurrected, they must first be given a witness and a choice to emerge victorious from this great test.
      A better parallel would be Isa.27:13, since the "Two witnesses" are the "capstone" of God's Holy Mount Zion (Zech.4:8,9,10,14), and from the completion of their testimony, that completed mountain becomes an available channel for worship (Isa.2:2,3; 25:6; 66:20; Micah4:1,2,3).
      This sixth trumpet call corresponds to Zech.9:14; Ps.18:14; Hab.3:11; and Matt.24:27.
      During this period, the battle of Armageddon is still being fought. Not so during 1Cor.15:51,52 or 1Thess.4:16, at which time the battle is over.
      At the seventh trumpet, the faithful are done with war...
      Christ is done with his inspection of his slaves...
      the Father is done with His decision (Joel3:12,14; Dan.7:21,22,26,27)
      and the Holy Ones are installed into their eternal kingdom.

      At Matt.24:30,31; The elect are being gathered to the war (Rev.16:12,13,14,15,16; 19:11,14,15,19; Luke11:23),
      as they have always been (2Cor.10:3,4,5,6; Gen.3:15).
      Their armament for the LAST BATTLE ("Armegeddon"), is the testimony of the "two witnesses" (Rev.11:3; 12:6)/"Marriage Feast"(Luke8:18; 12:37; Matt.25:10)...
      the opened scroll of Revelation/ the "sword" protruding from Jesus' mouth. (Rev.19:15,21; 2:26,27,28,29)
      This is not the seventh trumpet, nor the time of resurrection and reward. Matt.24:30 corresponds to Rev.11:8,11.

      Each "trumpet" is a distinct announcement/declaration,
      and carries with it it's own events.
      We must not blur them together if we desire a sharp image of truth.
      Thank you for your comment,


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