Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Armageddon and the Great Tribulation - A Comparison?

The "Great Tribulation" (Matt.24:21 -the Greek clarifies the meaning) is a great "sifting" that tests all those who claim to worship the True God (Luke21:31; Rev.2:10; 13:10; Matt.10:22; 24:9; John16:2). It's scale and intensity will be the greatest test of hearts ever to occur to God's people, the Chosen Ones (Mark13:5; Matt.24:24,25,22; Luke13:23,24) since the beginning of Satan's world. The deceptive power Satan unleashes during that time (Rev.12:9,15; 13:2,11,7; 16:13,14; 2Thess.2:4,9,10,12), would ruin the salvation and sealing of the anointed exposed to it, unless that test was "cut short"....limited by God's intervention, on behalf of the chosen (Matt.24:22; 19:25,26; Luke13:24; Matt.7:21,14). This sorting tribulation exposes God's people to the Truth (through faithful anointed slaves bearing fruit from their lips) (John15:8,5; Heb.13:15; Rev.11:3; 6:9,11)
and Lies (through unfaithful slaves offering wormwood and rotten fruit) (Rev.8:10,11; (Rev1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) Rev.9:1,2; Acts20:30; Matt.7:15; 24:4,5; Rev.13:11; 18:23).

God's people must choose which they will believe and obey ("forehead" and "hand" Rev.13:16).
The simultaneous presence of both offerings ("fine fruit"/truth and "rotten fruit"/lies Matt.7:20) is due to the war already being fought, between those providing truths and those releasing lies.
The WAR between Satan's seed, and the faithful in covenant with God (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:7; 9:3; 13:7; 19:11,14; 16:13,14,16) has been raging since Eden (Hosea6:7).
["woman" = covenant (pearl-thewoman.blogspot.com)]

Armageddon is the final battle of this war, ...when the last of the 144000 are sealed, due to their faithfully providing Truth (Rev.12:11; 6:9,11; 14:5; 20:4) at the cost of their lives (in imitation of Jesus'example) (Rev.12:11; 6:9; Mark8:35; Rom.6:5).
During that final battle, the unfaithful also become sealed as the wicked slave, due to their leaving God and providing "wormwood" teachings, along with their "slaughtering" of the faithful [John12:48; Rev.20:12; 1John3:12; Rev.6:9; 13:15; 11:7; 20:4; 17:6) (Rev.8:10,11; (Rev1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) Rev.16:13,14].
(Mal.3:18; John8:44,40; 3:19; Matt.13:38; 24:48,49)

So you see...this battle between truth and lies, is what causes God's people to be exposed to both. This causes a choice...a "Tribulation"....a sifting and sorting as either loving truth
(Prov.4:6; John14:15,6; Luke10:27)
or as loving lies (2Thess.2:10,11; Rom.1:25).
This choice is manifested among the lesser anointed invited, as a choice between the Holy Spirit they were given, or "buying" "light" (2Cor.11:14) from those who "sell" (Matt.25:1,2,4,9,10; Rev.13:17).

Once this testing is completed (through all the anointed making their choice/sealed), and the final witness has been given by the faithful; God removes His protection from the whole world, and Satan goes to work as the "Destroyer". Only those who have chosen God as their Father, will be protected.

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