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What happened in 1914, if anything?

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What was it that really happened around the turn of the twentieth century? We know that the world scene did change with the industrial revolution, and the outbreak of global war and it's technology. Never before has civilization spiraled toward the end of it's existence, as well as the demise of the planet and all the forms of life it supports, upon which humanity, depends.
We are certain from previous scriptural posts, that it was not the start of God's eternal Kingdom...nor of Christ's "Thousand Year" kingdom.

We also know that it was the start of an era that marked the start of unprecedented negative change and world distresses. Knowing that 1914 was not the start of Christ's "thousand year" reign... is there another answer to the question... Why did this era, initiate a period of especially negative change?

Remember Rev.12:17,15; 13:1,7,8,10.
Could Satan do these things to all God's chosen remnant, while he were chained in the abyss?
(Rev.20:1-3; Mark 3:27; Isa.49:24-25; Luke 4:18,21; 10:18-20;  2Tim. 2:26; Matt.12:29; Rev.20:1-3)
No. Please consider thoughts and evidence to follow.

Jesus Christ restricted Satan's deceptive ability to mislead his faithful brothers 
(Luke 10:19; Matt.28:18; 26:64; John 3:35; Rom.14:9; Eph.1:20,21; Luke 10:17,18,19,20;  1Pet. 3:22;  1Cor. 15:24,25,26). 
This was fully accomplished when he himself conquered Satan's authority, by his faithful death. He then trumped Satan's authority over the abyss of death (Heb.2:14; Col.2:15; Rev.1:18), enabling him to release his faithful chosen ones from it's power (Rev.1:18;  1Pet. 2:9; Col.1:13;  1Thess. 5:5,9 (John 10:10) ;
 Eph.2:1,2,3; Ps.94:17; Jer.31:11;  1Cor. 15:57;  2Cor. 2:11; Luke 8:10) 
(2Cor. 4:4;  2Thess. 2:11,12;  2Thess. 1:9; Col.1:13;  Luke 4:18; Rev.13:10, 7; Gal.5:13; 
Col.1:13; John 8:32).
Christ, not Satan, became the ruler, head, and shepherd of Christ's Flock (Eph.1:22; John 10:16; Luke 10:19). Satan's captives were taken away, and given to Christ (Eph.4:8; Col.2:15; Heb.2:13; John 6:39; 17:12).
Satan's power to deceive those faithful and vigilant, was chained.
(Col.2:8;  2Cor. 2:11; Luke 21:36)

Satan does not forever lose his "key" (authority) to the abyss of deception and death (Heb.2:14)...
        ("Who has a key to the Abyss?")
...until the harvest is finished, and all have been sealed as either slaves of God or slaves of the abyss and it's agents. (Rev.20:10,14; 21:4)
Satan retains his authority (key) over death among the unfaithful
(2Thess. 2:9,10; John 8:44; Eph.2:3;  2Pet. 3:7;  2Thess. 1:9).
Christ has attained a "key", to release his faithful from the power of Satan's abyss of deception and it's resulting death, by means of the word of life (John 5:24; James 1:21;  1Cor. 15:26).
But Satan still retains that "key"...not over the faithful, but over those unfaithful at present, and those who remain unfaithful and become sealed as such.
(Heb.2:14;  1Cor. 5:5; Dan.12:10).
(Heb.2:14; Matt.8:29;  2Pet. 2:4;  1Pet. 3:18,19; Jude 1:6; Rev.1:18; 5:6,5,9; Matt.28:18; Luke 10:17,18,19).

All releasing from deception and death will be accomplished 
(Rev.20:12; 10:7;  1Cor. 13:9,10;  2Pet. 3:10;  2Thess. 2:8; Rev.5:5; John 15:15; Rev.19:9), 
when all "144,000" are sealed as faithful, redeemed, and set free.
(2Pet. 3:9; John 8:32; Acts 26:18; Eph.1:7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14; Rom.8:13; Eph.2:1,2,5,6,7; Rev.7:3; 9:4; Zech.13:9; Rev.9:2; 8:12; Zech.13:9; Mal.3:3; Rev.14:1; Isa.48:20; Jer.31:11).

The scriptures prove Satan and the demons were free during Christ's time on earth (Matt.4:1; 8:29). The scriptures also reveal that by means of Jesus faithfulness under test, they were banished. 
(Heb.2:14;  1Pet. 3:19; Luke 10:17,18)
They await the final judgment, on the great day of God the Almighty. (Jude 1:6; Rev.16:14,16; Dan.7:9,10,11,21,22,18)
(Rev.20:1,2,3,7,8,9,10; 16:14,16; 17:14;  2Pet. 2:4; Jude 1:6; Luke 10:19;  1John 2:14; 4:4; 
John 1:5; Acts 26:18;  1Pet. 2:9; Matt.5:14).
Satan and his hoards attack the woman's seed and are condemned to death, ONCE...not twice. (Rev.12:17; 20:9,7-8; 16:14,16) 
The one time, and the one divine judgment that results, takes place at Armageddon...."The Valley of The Decision" (Joel 3:14,12,2; Hosea 1:4,5).
Can you see that Satan and the demons were abyssed for the symbolic "thousand year" kingdom of Christ, at the time when Jesus began his own kingdom over his growing congregation of kings? 
(Eph.1:22; 5:23; Rev.1:5; 5:10; Ps.110:1-2) Both periods began in the first century.
[Eph.1:22; Col.1:18; Luke 10:17; Ps.110:1,2,3; "day of battle"  2Pet. 3:8; Ps.110:2 (from Zion);  
2Cor. 10:4,5; Eph.6:12; Rev.20:4 <<(click to read whole verse) --"power of judging" --John 20:23)].
The final judgment and sentencing of Satan and the demons, occurs "on the Great Day of God the Almighty" (Jude 1:6;  2Pet. 3:7; 2:9; Job 21:30,17,20; Rev.14:10; 20:10,14,15). 
This "Great Day" is the same period that is referred to, as Armageddon. 
Rev.16:14,16 reads;
"They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole earth, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon."
Can you see that Satan and the demons are free to "perform signs", using them to "mislead the nations" into war with God and the woman's seed? (Rev.12:17; 20:7,8,9,10; 17:14; 12:11; Matt.24:24-25). 
Satan and the demons are no longer chained in the abyss. They, along with Satan's Gentile forces, have been unleashed against the remnant of the "woman's" seed (Rev.9:1,2,3,5,10; 13:1,2,4,7; 12:17) and for a time, succeed against them (Rev.11:2; 13:7). 
What seems reasonable to you?....
That the cataclysms of our modern world ("labor pains" Mark 13:8) are a result of God's Kingdom having been already born...
or, the result of Satan's release from the abyss?
Which results in the Great Tribulation?
("Labor Pains")

Satan was restrained by the conquering Christ, in the first century.
(John 16:33; 14:30; Luke 10:17,18,19; Rev.20:1,2,3; Eph.1:19,20,21)

The WT has taught that Christ's Thousand Year Kingdom and Satan's being chained in the abyss, occurs after Armageddon. They teach that Satan's judgment and destruction come a literal thousand years after that.
Satan and the demons are performing these misleading signs, right now (Rev.16:14,16; 20:7-8; 19:20;  2Thess. 2:9-11), through the false prophet and it's Beast Organization (Rev.13:2,11,14,15; 19:20). They are presently gathering and deploying their forces for The Battle of demonic deception against divine truth; after which battle, they are destroyed! (Rev.20:10,14)
These lying doctrines of the WT are strongly entrenched, but must be overturned if we are to accurately perceive where we presently are in the stream of time (2Cor. 10:3,4,5).
Christ began ruling at God's right hand in the first century. That symbolic "Thousand Year Kingdom" ends when Wormwood releases Satan and his forces (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,11) from the abyss. The result, is Satan's "short period of time" (Rev.12:12; Mark 13:20).
"But after these things he must be released for a little while." (Rev.20:3 C).
    He uses that short time to wage war against Christ and the "woman's seed" (Rev.12:17), [the "camp of the holy ones" (Rev.20:9)] in the Battle of Armageddon. This Battle polarizes and seals all the remaining seed, finishing the harvest (Rev.14:14,15,16).

As long as Satan is able to dominate the world and those deceived (2Cor. 4:4;  1John 5:19), he is in a symbolic "heaven" (Eph.6:12). He can occupy that position, even while his power to deceive the "sons of light" is "chained" within the realm of his dark, deep "waters" of the deceptive abyss. (Prov.4:19; John 12:35;  1Thess. 5:4,5,6,7,8,9; Rev.2:24)
When he is "released", none are protected. All called ones are deceived through their subjection to the "man of lawlessness"/"wild beast"/Gentiles (Rev.13:7; Isa.14:13;  2Thess. 2:4;  1Cor. 3:16; Dan.11:36; 7:25; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:11,14) until Michael "stands up" in behalf of his people. (Dan.12:1; Rev.3:5;  1Pet. 2:10,9) (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:17,7,11; 17:14; 19:11,14,8; 6:9,11; Mark 8:35)

The gift of life has it's requirements, just as partaking of the tree of life in Eden, had it's requirements (Gen.3:3,11,22,23,24). If the heart of a called one cultivates doctrines of error within it, he will grow into a "weed". One must cultivate the seed of truth within one's heart, to be finally deemed a mature "wheat" son of the kingdom.
(James 1:21,22; Luke 8:11,15;  1Cor. 3:6; Matt.13:23,37,38)

The wicked steward's/"Wormwood's" betrayal and compromise, (to her covenant with God, to enter a covenant with Satan and his abyss of deception and death) (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; Isa.28:15; Rev.13:11; 19:20; Hosea 8:1; 4:6), affords her a key (symbol for authority) to open the abyss of darkness and deception.
Satan who was bound there with a "Great Chain", is then released from the abyss ("deep"/"sea") (Rev.9:1; 20:7,8; 16:14,15,16; 17:14; 20:9; 11:5; Jer.23:29), to war with and conquer, the woman's seed (Rev.13:7; Dan.8:12). The sealed woman herself, is given the insight of Christ ("wings of great eagle" -Eze.17:3,22,23,24), which feeds and protects her (Rev.12:15,14,6; 11:3).

Upon Satan's release, he then rules over Wormwood's kingdom (Rev.9:11) as compensation for granting his deceptive power ("key") given to Wormwood
 (Eze.17:7,9,10,12,13,14; Isa.28:15; Deut.32:32,33; Matt.15:13).
Satan uses Wormwood's dominion, and her, to release his agents of deception 
(Rev.9:1,2,3,10; 11:7; 13:1;  2Thess. 2:3,4; Rev.16:13,14,15; 19:20;  1Tim. 4:1) to pursue the sealed ones (Rev.12:13,15; 16:13; Matt.24:24,25). 
He wants to devour the other, heavenly "woman's", prospective seed (Rev.12:4,17).

This release and, as a consequence, the time of testing to follow (Great Tribulation), IS JUDGMENT DAY (Matt.25:11,12,29,30,32,46; 7:22,23). It is at the conclusion of Christ's "Thousand Years"...and the period in which both Satanic spirits and humans claiming to be God's nation, are released, rallied, judged, and sentenced, based upon their choice between the truth or lies, both of which are made fully available at that time. (Rev.16:13,14,15; 20:7,8,11;  2Pet. 3:7,10,12; Rev.20:9,10; 11:3,5; Jer.23:29) (Rev.20:12; Dan.12:4,9,1,10)
It is as it was with Adam and Eve. They can adhere exclusively to the tree of life (John 6:57,63; Matt.12:33,35; Luke 6:45; Matt.7:20),
partake of the deceptive fruit of death, through Satan and his agents (John 8:44; Rev.12:15; 13:4,11; 16:13,14; 19:20;  2Thess. 2:9,10; Rev.17:14; 20:7,10; 14:9,10; 13:8; 20:15).
They will look to one or they will look to the other. They will espouse, proclaim, serve and live by, one or by the other. The battle line of Armageddon will be drawn, and the sorting of the harvest, accomplished.

Upon their release, Satan and the demons don't waste any time in creating their lying signs and portents/counterfeit interpretations; and their stealth opposition to the truth of Christ and his ambassadors (
(Rev.12:12,17; 13:1,7,10; Jer.13:17; Col.2:8;  2Tim. 2:26; Eph.4:14;  2Cor. 11:3,4,12,13,14,15,20;  2Thess. 2:4,9; Dan.11:23,24).

It is Satan's release from the abyss, that is the source of global distress, as well as the "woman's" "labor pains".
The world distresses of our era, is not a result of the birth of God's or Christ's Kingdom. Labor pains do not result from birth....but birth results from labor pains. Labor pains come before birth, not after.
How atrocious, to credit the inauguration of Christ's kingdom as responsible for the manifestations of Satanic wrath, and his demonic rage against Christ's Bride upon his release from the Abyss.
Christ comes to defend his captive brothers from those too powerful for them, while they undergo the labor pains...previous to the Kingdom's birth. (Jer.31:11,12,13; John 16:22; Rev.21:4; Isa.35:10; 60:20; Rev.22:5; Jer.3:14; Luke 17:34,35,36,37; Matt.24:28; Rev.11:8; Jer.31:7; Isa.48:20; Matt.24:14; Eze.34:14; Matt.24:16; Eze.36:8)
Those who can hear Jesus knocking at the door and open to him, will be redeemed. He will come in, feed them, and seal them as slaves of truth (Rev.3:13,19,20; Prov.1:23; Luke 12:37; Deut.6:6,8; 14:1), if they are not slaves to the lying doctrines of Satan's Beasts (1Cor. 10:21; Rev.13:11,16,15). They will then join Christ in his battle against the deceptions that Satan is using against the Chosen (Rev.12:15,17) through the fallen false prophet and it's Gentile Beast (Rev.13:11,15,7,8; 16:13,14,15; 20:7,8; 17:14; 19:11,14,20; 2:16).

The unfaithful leaders of God's chosen ones proclaim a false "good news" of peace...
            (rather than redemption from their idolatry)
...while in reality, the enemy devours those under them.
(Eze.13:10,11,12,13,14,15,16;  1Thess. 5:3,4; Dan.11:16,23,24,31,32,33,35,36;  2Thess. 2:4; Matt.24:15,16).
In reality,
Christ's Temple priesthood has been overcome, and his sanctuary, thrown down under the feet of Gentiles (Rev.11:2; 13:7; 12:4; Dan.8:10,11,12,13,24;  2Thess. 2:4; Dan.11:23; Lam.1:10). Satan was able to do this, due to the lying signs of Wormwood/false prophet (Rev.8:11; 13:11,15; 19:20; 16:13; 20:10), to whom 1-Satan gave the 2-"key" to the 3-abyss of darkness  1-(LINK) 2-(LINK) 3-(LINK), and it's individual sons that come forth from it (Rev.9:1,2,3,10,11; John 10:10; Isa.33:1) (collective sons - "Beast from abyss" -Rev.11:7; 13:7).
The chosen ones are also guilty of compromise at that time. 
They have not kept on the watch as Jesus warned (Matt.5:13;  2Cor. 11:20,4; Isa.51:23; Rev.11:2; 13:7). They must wake up to these LIES that inebriate them, and repent! (Mark 13:36,37; Matt.24:24,25) They have grown drowsy...drunk with the lying doctrines of the harlot (2Thess. 2:2,3; Jer.51:7,6; Rev.8:10,11) (who is also the wicked steward, false prophet, two-horned wild beast, and Wormwood).
"Wormwood" was a "great star" (Rev.8:10,11; 1:20; Dan.12:3; Phil.2:15) , a "blazing lamp" (Matt.5:14,15; Luke 11:34,35,36). (LINK:the-fallen-star)
The Harlot  was previously  a "golden cup" in God's own hand (Jer.51:7; Dan.5:3), a genuine member belonging to God's spiritual Temple priesthood! (1Cor. 3:16).

 Jer.51:7; Rev.14:8; Jer.23:14; Rev.11:8; Deut.32:32; Rev.14:18,19

This is a Chosen One, turned rebellious! 
(Hosea 9:1; 4:12; Lam.4:1,2; Ps.2:1,2,3; Rev.17:14;  2Pet. 2:1,2,3,4; Isa.1:21)

Only when these complacent priests under the alliance of the harlot and her beast, wake up and repent (1Cor. 6:15; Rev.18:4,5),
are refined by the inspecting Christ (Mal.3:1,2,3; Rev.3:18;  2Tim. 2:20,21)
and are defended by "Michael" (Acts 3:20,21; Dan.12:1; Rev.3:5; 22:19; 12:7; Amos 9:8,9,10,11,14,15; Luke 18:7,8)
will they overcome Satan once again, forever (Rev.12:10,11; 11:5; 20:9,10; 19:11,14; 17:14; Rom.16:20; Dan.7:18,22).

"1914" is more accurately the resurrection of Satan's kingdom due to his release from the abyss; not the start of Christ's! Just look at the world! (1John 5:19; Rev.12:9), and the condition of God's priestly Temple! (Dan.8:24; Rev.13:7; 11:2; Matt.24:15,16).
Yet the signs of labor pains are to be seen in the "woman", and not the world (See LINK)

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  1. If I had come across this article when I was directed to your blog I would have made better progress. There were unanswered questions that other posts of yours didn't give a clear answer. This post answered those questions. Thank you Jesus for directing me to this post when I needed it most. Thank you Pearl as well.

    1. Dear Anabela,
      I understand that it is hard to grasp the whole picture of truth, due to all the refining that is needed to cleanse our minds of previous indoctrination. That task is formidable, for both the writer and the reader. Although I try to explain as much as I can within each post, (and include links to further information on each subject which a post may raise);
      it is not possible for me to explain everything in every post. Many find my work difficult and deep, and say that they must read each post a few times before the information is clear to them.
      For this reason, I try to keep each post, centrally focused on the subject at hand, so that the information is kept manageable, and as simple and clear as possible.
      Just as a puzzle needs to be assembled, so too, the Truth must be made into sections.
      Many who have not yet read all the posts, find the search box very valuable as they progress on their personal path of understanding.
      If after trying the search box, you have any trouble finding an answer to your "missing piece"... (a persistent gap in your understanding)... please contact me (using the contact form on the right side of this page) and I will be happy to refer you to the posts that address your question. If a post has not yet been written about the subject, all the better. I will then make a new post out of your question.
      It is Christ who is providing "the proper food at the proper time". It is up to the prophetic messengers over each of his congregations (Rev.1:20; 22:6), to convey that unfolding information, to his sheep (Rev.1:1). I have a clear sense, that the content of each post, is determined by Christ. He has arranged how each topic is ordered and dispensed... something I could never arrange myself.
      Jesus compared the knowledge leading to the kingdom, as treasures. He instructed that such treasures must be dug for... understanding gained through prayer and mental effort, and it's application only achieved through exertion. If we apply ourselves to the gaining an accurate understanding of the knowledge of God, and the life which results;
      we will find what we are searching for.
      I am happy to hear God's spirit guided you to the answers that He provides through His Word.
      If you keep seeking, you will find.
      I am also very happy, that you have joined us at this marriage feast of truth,
      prepared through the merciful generosity of our God (Rev.19:9; Matt.22:2).

  2. Dear Pearl how i can help my mom she is active witness to understand she is a victim of deception. Your articles are so deep and written in English. My mom lives in Poland and she is convinced that JW.ORG are the ONLY true religion.My knowlegde of English is not sufficient to translate your articles unfortunateky.

    1. Please go to the top of the blog page. On the right side, you will see a translator. You can click on it and choose Polish as your language, and the blog will translate into Polish. When you hover over the scriptures, they can translate also, if you wait a moment. If you can make your own blog, and put up the translated posts from my blog, put them on your blog in Polish, that would help greatly. You can edit to make sure that the translation is good. Then those who speak Polish can find the posts, when they search Google in Polish. Please let me know if you now have what you need.


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