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Wheat and Weed seeds grow up and mature


Addition to: "Pregnant woman" and "Nursing Mothers"
as follows:

"The reproductive "seed" of spirit life, is the Word of God (1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11; James1:18).
If one's heart is "fertile", that seed will grow and mature (Luke8:15,8; Mark4:26,27,28,29; Col.1:9,10), and Satan (who tries to snatch that truth away --Luke8:12,5; Matt.13:19) will not be able to, because the seed of truth remains in them (1John3:9; John3:8; Ec.11:5,6; Eph.5:11) because it is treasured and cared for (2Pet.1:8; Matt.13:12,11). 

Satan sows misleading lies in our heart, as "weeds" (Eph.4:22; 2Thess.2:10; James1:15; Matt.13:25; 1Pet.2:11). As those deceptive desires and illusions/"weeds" grow and mature, they choke out the word from our heart (Matt.13:7; Luke8:7,14; Gal.6:8).
When these hearts come to maturity, the appearance of the heart is full of weeds/thorns. The identity of that heart then, is a weed (Matt.13:38; Ps.37:1,2; Eze.2:6; 28:24; 2Sam.23:6; Isa.51:12; Micah7:4).

These two types of hearts grow to maturity, side by side, until the harvest [Jer.31:27; Matt.13:26,30,38,39,40,41; 24:40,41,42; Matt.13:41,42; (Isa.24:6; Jer.5:14; Ps.35:15,16; 37:12) Matt.13:43; (Hosea6:5; Ps.37:6) Matt.13:40; (Jer.23:29,28; 5:14; Rev.11:5; Isa.62:1)]

Mature hearts/plants/trees will bear fruit, which contain more seed just like them (Gen.1:11; Matt.12:33,34,35,36,37).
Other hearts are offered that seed, contained within that fruit (Matt.7:20; John15:8,16; Ec.11:6,5; 2Cor.9:13,14,15; Col.1:23; 2Tim.4:2; Heb.13:15; Prov.18:20,21; Luke6:45; 1Thess.2:13).
  Once seeds in the heart have been cultivated, grown and matured; 
the dominant heart of a son of the kingdom, is filled with wheat seed (Prov.2:1; Matt.13:12,23; Luke8:8). This is proven by what he speaks and teaches, and where/who that teaching comes from (John8:31; 7:18; 4:24; 1Cor.3:13; (Jer.23:29); Matt.7:24; 10:20; 2Cor.5:19,20) (John8:42,43,44,45,47,37,38; 2Cor.11:14,15,13; Hosea8:7; 10:13). 

A heart filled with cultivated wheat/truth/scripture that is bearing/sharing/teaching, (fine fruit) filled with the truth of God... can therefore be viewed and identified as wheat, or, as a son of the kingdom (Matt.13:37,38).

Here is the connection between "wheat" bearing seed, and "mothers"...
(Ps.126:6,5; John16:22,21; Gal.6:9; Rev.12:2,5; Gal.4:19; 6:9,10; Eph.2:19,21; 1Cor.6:19; John2:21; 1Cor.12:27,28).
Hopefully from a close examination of the foregoing scriptures,
you can perceive that all the wheat are called ones, and that the "mothers" are sealed chosen ones (mature sons of the kingdom), who are giving birth to (producing a crop from their own seed) other called ones who are not yet sealed/matured, as a wheat harvest (Rom.1:13; Rev.14:14,15,16; Matt.3:12).
This occurs due to sowing seeds of truth and cultivating them, in yet others who cultivate and are sanctified by, the word of life (James1:21; 1Cor.3:6; 1Cor.9:9,10,11,12,13,14; 1Pet.5:2,3,4; Col.1:24; Eph.1:18) (John17:17; Eph.5:26). By this work, the workers themselves are fed (1Tim.5:18; 1Cor.9:14; John4:36).

But this gathering of called ones is only the first harvest of firstfruits.
(James1:18; Rev.14:4; Heb.12:23; Jer.2:3; Rom.8:23; Rev.20:6).
All these "firstborn" belong to God (Ex.13:2; Num.3:12,13; Neh.10:36), and must be brought into His service for the sake of all the priests (Prov.3:9; Deut.26:2,4; Num.18:7,13,15,17,18,21; Eph.4:11,12,13,14,15,16)
The spiritual prosperity of all harvests (first, and thereafter), depends upon this priestly sacrifice (Mal.3:10; Eze.44:30; Rom.12:1; 6:13; 15:16; 1Pet.2:5; Phil.2:17; 2Cor.12:15; 2Tim.4:6; 1John3:16).
The entire harvest includes more than just the firstfruits (1Tim.2:3,4; 4:10; John5:24; 4:36; Matt.10:40,41; 22:8,9,10; 1John2:2; John3:16; Acts26:18; 20:32; Col.1:6,10; Rom.8:17)..

We all must protect and cultivate our hearts (Prov.4:23,24,25,26,27,20,21,22,23,10,13; Rom.12:2; Eph.5:9,10; Gal.6:7,8,9; Job4:8). We receive support for this cultivation from mature ones (1Cor.3:6,8,9; John4:37,36; 2Cor.9:6; Gal.6:9). God makes the seed grow (1Cor.3:6,7; Ec.11:5; John3:8; Ps.1:3; 92:12,13; Matt.15:13; Isa.61:3,11; 4:2; 60:21; John15:1,2,6,8). Once fully mature, Christ harvests us into his storehouse...or not... (Matt.3:12; Amos9:9; Isa.30:28; 2Thess.2:11,10,12). 
We firstfruits must "die" to produce both seed and bread to the eater (John12:24,25; Romans6:5,3,4; 1Cor.15:36,37,38; 2Cor.9:10; Hosea10:12).

Just as a natural growth process of seed into mature plant ensues,
so too does the spiritual growth of truth within a heart, if the soil is good. (Luke13:8,9; 8:15)
Those who do not have a receptive heart, will only have weeds, and at the time of harvest will then be identified as a weed, or, "son of the wicked one".
James1:21; 1Thess.2:13; Matt.28:19,20"


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