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"Unless you eat my flesh"

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When you find time, I was wondering if you could help clarify something for me.
I have done a lot of research on partaking at the Lord’s Evening Meal already, but kinda put it on the “back burner”. The scriptures indicate to me as well as the fact that the non-Israelites partook of the Passover Lamb before the “exodus”, that if “we want to have anything to do with Christ”, whether having a heavenly or earthly hope, rejecting the emblems would be tantamount to rejecting Christ.
  Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

I will tell you right off, that John6:53 does not mean what many are making of it....
namely, that all should partake.

Although all partook of the passover lamb;
those who were actually saved by this provision were the "firstborn" (Heb.11:28; 12:22,23; James1:18).
I know it sounds like Jesus is speaking of the memorial emblems in John6:53, but he is not.
He is speaking of taking in and believing truth (John6:63,55,47,48,49,50; 17:3,17). This is symbolic, which plays out in the context.
John6:54,58 speaks of the same manna as the "hidden manna" of Rev.2:17.
This "bread from heaven" is not the simple emblems of literal bread and wine (John6:31,51) as if eating the literal emblems, magically results in eternal life. These do not result in "eternal life". 
John17:3 makes plain, that such life results from a knowledge of God and Christ (Matt.28:20). Since "bread from heaven" and "knowledge" are both taught by God's Word as the source of eternal life; why not simply accept what so many scriptures confirm....
that taking in the "bread from heaven" is taking in a knowledge of truth, as delivered by Christ from his Father in heaven. Taking in the bread from heaven, is not eating literal bread.

Christ was the "Word" of God personified. He was truth, without which we cannot be sanctified (John14:6; 17:17), disciplined (Rev.2:16; Heb.12:6), and made wise for salvation (2Tim.3:15). This does not happen magically, through the simple act of eating literal bread and wine. When Jesus spoke of life resulting from his flesh and blood, he was not referring to literal emblems.
The manna/bread from heaven, being referred to in John chapter 6, is not the memorial emblems at all, but rather, an illustration about Truth as personified in Christ.

Although the emblems are also symbolic, they are a different application of the symbolism of bread, in that they were presented as symbols on the last night of Christ's human life. There they represent becoming one with Christ (as a wife) and that blood is one of a covenant with her (Luke22:20,19; Eph.5:25; Rev.5:9,10).
  Please read and ponder all these scriptures. 
If you doubt that the same symbols can be used for different meanings, please consider Luke8:11 (scripture); Matt.13:38 (disciples); John12:24 (a life to sacrifice).

Returning to the connection between the emblems shared by Jesus' disciples at Passover, and the passover lamb to save the firstborn of Israel in Egypt (Heb.11:28; 1Cor.5:7; Heb.12:22-23; James 1:18)... The provision of life to those who are not the firstborn from sin and death, is also clearly given within the scriptures (John13:20; Matt.10:41; 5:14,16; John7:38; Rev.22:17; Zech.8:23). The anointed branches of the true vine, are the channels of light, life, living waters, and truth (John15:4,5,8; Matt.7:20; Rom.11:17; 2Cor.5:20) to those who "come to life" after the firstborn (John13:20; Matt.10:40-42). 

Remember that although many put faith in Christ (John8:30; 12:11), only the 11 were at this event (Luke 22:14; John6:70). Of those Chosen Ones (John6:70; 15:19) to come after the original twelve (Eph.1:4; 2:10,20-22; 1Cor.12:18,28; Col.2:11; Eph.5:26; James 1:18; 2Thess.2:13; 2Tim.1:9; Rev.17:14), ...those had to discern their place in the body of Christ, in order to partake worthily (1Cor.11:29; 12:18).
If we are not a part of Christ's body (as his one-"flesh" wife Matt.19:6) ( spirit wife -1Cor.6:17), we do not partake of the symbol of this union and hope (Phil.3:10-14; 2:15; Rom.8:17,9; Gal.2:20; John17:21). This is the sacred secret of the bond between the chosen firstborn and Christ. This is why this relationship is compared to marriage. 
This covenant is not for those who receive life by means of God's chosen priests (Matt.28:19-20; Mal.2:7; 1Cor.4:1; Rev.22:17). The "children" to follow the firstborn "mother", receive life through a further provision, an eternal covenant to come during the kingdom of these sealed kings. (Rev.21:2-5; 22:1,2; Rom.8:19; Gal.3:26,29; John5:29; Mal.3:18)

Remember too, that Jesus was speaking to Jews already in covenant with God (Matt.15:24; 10:6). If these accepted the teachings of Jesus Christ, they would have a part of the New Covenant, which "Old Covenant" was "near to passing away" and being replaced through Christ (Heb.8:7,8,6,13; Matt.5:17). As physical descendants of Abraham, the Jews were first to be offered the inheritance of the kingdom, but this preference would not last (Heb.8:13; Acts13:44,45,46; Luke24:47; Rom.11:19; John15:2; Matt.21:43). God could raise up sons of Abraham from even Gentiles (Luke3:8; Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:14,28,29; Matt.21:43; Acts.10:34,35; 15:8,9,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19; Gen.17:3,4,5).
The point is, those to whom Jesus spoke at John6:53 were those Jews, still in covenant, and still eligible for the kingdom inheritance. That door is not open to all today. Not all are in the "Law" covenant, which covenant has now been done away with, replaced by one with those specifically chosen by God and Christ from all nations, who now become spiritual Jews (Jer.31:33; Acts15:14; Isa.43:21; 1Pet.2:9; Rev.5:9,10). The promises to Abraham are not by means of the Law Covenant with the Jews. They were to Abraham, and to his seed of "many nations" (Gen17:4,7).
As we read at Gal.3:17,18:
"What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years(AC) later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on the promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise."

Abraham's seed are the same spiritual "Jews" being spoken of in the symbolic book of Revelation (Rev.7:4; 21:14).
These are the same 144000 seen on "Mt. Zion" (Rev.14:1) and are equated in scripture with New Jerusalem (Isa.2:3; Heb.12:22; Rev.21:2).

I hope these scriptures clarify things for you. Please ask if anything is unclear.
Love in Christ,
PS. Additional info. can be attained by putting:
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Thank you for your good question,

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