Thursday, March 14, 2013

The "Marriage Feast"

i understand a lot of this and i agree with the parts i do understand.
i was only thinking myself recently, what if the WTBTS is the false religion, as you have been saying here. Satan deceiving and misleading the people. Counterfeit Gods organisation.
i have only just started thinking outside the organisation and researching.
It is all starting to take shape now.
All those poor people slaving and suffering under the organisation which doesn't even know or have contact with the anointed remnant on earth, who should be directing us as direct line to God and Jesus.
They are enslaved to a system and they don't even realise it. They really have set themselves up as gods organisation on earth. The truth is coming out now. A lot of people are waking up now to it, but a lot have lost their faith/belief in God and Jesus as a result.
I am thankful that my association benefited me in that I actually learned about god, Jesus and the Bible, which i wouldn't of done, so i am thankful for that.
i am thirsting for accurate knowledge and truth and learning.
kind regards

You say at the start of this comment "i agree with the parts i do understand.".
I encourage you to care for the parts that you do not understand, as well.
By doing so, you will strengthen your faith into a large shield, to protect you better (Eph.6:16).
Jesus said to "keep on asking", "keep on seeking", regarding what we have not yet "found" (Luke 11:9).
If there is any way I can help you to do this, please ask.

Jesus promised, that anyone (anointed or not) brave enough to leave the apostate "city" Jerusalem;
would be invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb 
(Matt.22:2,8,9; Luke 14:15; Rev.19:7,9,10; 22:6; 1:1; 5:2,5,7; 6:1). 
That feast has begun.
At Matt.22:9, the Greek actually says specifically...

n_ Acc Pl f

...that although it is often translated ("street corners", "broad way", etc.), it is those who are on the road "leaving" the City, which are invited to this end-time spiritual feast of truth.

You yourself are fulfilling this requirement, by your rejection of the detestable things (lies) which you have recognized inside the Org. (Eze.9:4)
You have walked away from that "city" to seek provisions elsewhere. Because of this, our Father in heaven has deemed you worthy of an invitation, to partake of understanding the final prophecies (Rev.11:3), the "marriage feast". The opening of these "seven seals" is by Jesus Christ. He is given that scroll of the book of Revelation, by the hand of God. Jesus (through vision), gives it to his anointed prophets (Num.12:6; Rev.11:3), who in turn provide "the proper food at the proper time" to the entire house of guests. The "proper time" for the "marriage feast", is now. Happy are you, for your invitation! (Rev.19:9)
As the numbers of faithful slain anointed grow (Matt.24:28; John 16:2; Rev.6:11), those with spiritual insight gather, and the faithful "slain"/"carcass", provide the feast from Christ 
(Luke 12:36,37; Matt.25:10; Job 39:27,30; Luke 17:37; Rev.12:14).
("eagles", not vultures - )

Please contact me if there is any other way that I can help you.
Please share the things you are learning, despite the persecution it will incite. (2Tim.3:12; Matt.10:25,32,33; Luke 17:33).
Love in Christ,


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