Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Kingdoms


Update/Addition to this post: The Kingdom --1914?
as follows:

the Bible tells us that Jesus began his rule in the midst of his enemies in the first Century (Ps.110:1,2; 1Pet.3:22; Matt.28:18; 1Cor.15:25,24; Eph.1:20,21,22,23).
Jesus already became king for a "thousand years", back then...(John18:33,36,37; Matt.21:1,2,3,4,5; Luke17:21). Revelation is symbolic [Rev.1:1 (see Greek); Matt.13:34,35], and this "thousand years" is symbolic (Rev.20:6; Eph.2:6,10; 1:3). It represents 10X10X10, and means a complete witness regarding the truth (3X -2Cor.13:1) to the existing world (10) of Satan (1John5:19). 
This "thousand year" kingdom (John18:37; 2Cor.5:20; 1Cor.4:1) is not the same as God's eternal Kingdom; which arrives when all of it's administration of 144000 have been completely gathered and sealed (Eph.1:10,20,21,22). 
Christ's headship and kingdom is of a limited time, during which his "body" (bride) is being assembled (Rev.1:5,6; 19:16; Col.1:18; Ps.89:27; Heb.1:9,5,6; 2:16,5; Gen.28:14,12,13; Eph.1:22).
In contrast, God's Kingdom is eternal (Dan.2:44,34,35; 7:17,27; Luke1:33; 1Cor.15:24; Rev.11:15; Gen.28:14; Rom.4:13; Gal.3:29; Eze.37:25).

Two basic facts derived from these scriptures, are that Christ's time-limited kingdom of a symbolic "thousand years", began in the first century. It ends when he hands it over to God, after all enemies of truth and life are conquered and judged (Matt.25:45,46; John3:18,19; 1Thess.5:5; John12:48,36; Rev.20:12,4; 2Pet.3:7; Rev.11:5,3; Luke10:16; Deut.18:18; Eze.2:5; Rev.12:11; Luke10:19; 2Cor.10:4,5; Rev.19:11,14,8; 17:14), and Christ's bride is completely collected together (Eph.1:10; 3:2; Rev.7:4; 14:1; Isa.2:3; Rev.21:2; Ps.110:2). 
In contrast to Christ's time-limited kingdom of servant kings and priests (symbolic "thousand years") (Rev.1:6,5; Rev.20:4,6; John5:24);
(Rev.20:4 must be clicked on to read the entire long verse)
God's eternal kingdom does not begin until the entire administration of 144000 is sealed and installed. 
Neither began in 1914... obviously."


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