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The following is a letter I wrote to another anointed one. Although it contains a repeat of Bible concepts already discussed at this site; I thought it contains beneficial information.

"The spirit has shown me more about Revelation (John16:13; Prov.4:18; Dan.12:3; 1Cor.13:9,10,11,12). Armageddon is what I am learning to understand (Rev.16:14,16). This is God’s war against the lies that lead to death... and all those who work for lies and death (Matt.15:14; Isa.9:16; Matt.23:24; John9:39; Rev.13:8; 2:20; 18:23). I do not see it as a physical war [2Cor.10:3,4; Eph.6:12; 2Tim.2:1,2,3,4; 1Tim.1:18 Rom.7:23,25; --(Rev.17:5; Gal.4:24,26; Isa.28:14,15)]. It is a war between lies and truth (Gen.3:15; Rom.3:13; Luke10:19). Those teachings cause everyone to decide which they themselves want (2Thess.2:10,11,12; John8:43; 5:24; Matt.10:14,15,20,40). Do they choose lies or truth? This causes them to be judged (Gen.3:24; Dan.7:10; Rev.20:12; Matt.11:22; 16:27; Rev.11:18; 20:13,15; Joel3:14). All are judged by the teachings that they decide to choose and love ["fruit" and it's "trees" ( )]. All anointed are also judged. They take their side, with the God of truth, or Satan and his deceptions (2Cor.11:2,3; 2Pet.3:14; Rev.14:4,5; 16:13; 17:2,3,4,5; 1Cor.6:15,16; Rev.1:5,20). They side with Holy Spirit, or with confusion (Babylon).
Satan has 7 heads (Rev.12:3). He also has 7 mouths. No unity of one truth, but confusion and what results, death. Soon it will be Satan ( who is the destroyer and murderer Rev.9:11; Heb.2:14; 1John3:8; 2Tim.1:10; John8:44) who will destroy all under his power. Only those who listen to truth and obey it will have God’s protection will live through the destruction Satan will bring (Prov.19:16; 13:13; 16:17; Luke10:28; 11:28). God did not kill Adam and Eve. He removed His protection and the provision of life ( tree ). 
It is Satan who is the manslayer (John8:44). It was Satan who tested and afflicted Job (Job 1:12), though God allowed the test (Job 1:11; 2:5; Luke22:31; Rev.12:10,11,17). These are new ideas for me to realize.
Do you also see “Babylon the Great” as a mother “covenant of death”? (Rev.17:5; Isa.28:18)
Do you see the Harlot that rides the beast as a daughter of Babylon the Great? (Rev.17:5; Gal.4:24)
That mother covenant has had many Harlot daughters. These left the source of life, to become slaves to sin and death. The Harlots are branded slaves (on forehead) of their Mother Covenant of Death. This is why the forehead is branded with the name of the covenant of death 
    (Rev.17:5  -- mark-of-beast.html)
                         -- spiritual-virginity-what-is-it.html
The Harlots obey their mother. Whoever we obey, we are slaves of (Eze.16:2,44; Rom.6:14,15,16; John8:34). No longer do they obey the father and mother who loved them (1John4:19; John16:27; Rev.12:2; Gal.4:26; 1Pet.3:6; Isa.49:15; John14:18). No longer are they spiritual virgins who have no falsehood in their mouths (Rev.14:5;  1Pet.4:11; 2Cor.11:2). They have become Satan’s Harlots, and they peddle his lies.... twisting the scriptures for dishonest gain. (Eze.44:7; Jer.4:4; 2Chron.15:2; 2Cor.2:17; 11:13; 2Pet.3:16; 2:14)
Do you see “Jerusalem Above”, as the New Covenant? She is the mother that will give us our new spirit life (Gal.4:24,26,28; Rom.9:8; 1Pet.3:6; Gal.3:29; Rom.2:28,29). The covenants are mothers. They are the promises of what is to come. The fathers are Satan, or Christ. YHVH will become our Father through adoption (Rom.8:14,15,23), after the blood of Christ cleanses us of all sin and death, and gives us our new birth to sinlessness and incorruption (Col.1:22; Heb.9:24; 1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11; John1:13; 3:3; James 1:18; 1Pet.1:3; 1John5:19).
When the promise / covenant comes true, the promise of Jerusalem Above becomes real and true. New Jerusalem arrives, it will become the Holy City Jerusalem above. It will come down out of Heaven (Rev.21:2,3,4). Then there will be a new mother covenant for the earth, the physical creation (Rev.20:5; 5:9,10; 22:1,2,3).
The promise of now, is for us anointed.... a new creation of flesh and spirit, just as Jesus became when he was resurrected (John20:27; Luke 24:39; 1John1:1; 4:2,3; John1:14; Phil.2:5,6,7). The Word became flesh; and the spirit of the resurrected Christ materialized at will (1Pet.3:18; 1Cor.15:6) The new creation will bring the Covenant mother of life, to the earth, when she comes down out of heaven. Then she will be a mother Covenant, with Christ as her husband. Together, they will give life to earth (2Cor.13:4; Heb.9:28; Acts3:21; Heb.1:6).
These are the things I have learned. I wonder if you also see these things. Please tell me what you see about this.
Do you also see the “Wild Beast” from the "sea", as the spiritual Gentiles/ Man of lawlessness/ disgusting thing raised up in the temple? Do you see the Harlot as spiritual Jews become unfaithful and as loosing their circumcision of the heart? (Eze.32:19; 31:18; Jer.9:25,26)  (Rom.2:28,29)  ...because of giving the priesthood to uncircumcised spiritual Gentiles (who were not circumcised in heart by Holy Spirit) (Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Mark13:14)
( Not physical Jews ) (also the Fallen Star- Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; 1:20) (also the False Prophet, the two-horned beast from the earth, and the Harlot which rides the Beast) (Rev.16:13; 20:10; 13:11; 17:1,2,6; 18:7)
I share with you briefly what I have been given. I hope this causes joy, and not disappointment.
I am grateful for our contact, Gavril. I pray for you to have strength and peace in Christ.
Your sister,

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