Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Does the spirit bear witness to you when meeting another anointed person?"


One of the spirit's gifts mentioned as being given some members of Christ's body, is "the ability to discern spirits" (1Cor.12:10).
Just like the other gifts (prophesying, teaching , healing), not all receive all gifts (1Cor.12:29) (except the apostles, because they are "first" 1Cor.12:28). 
The "ability to discern spirits" can be described in two capacities. 
The first is the ability to immediately know if a teaching is true. Such teachings (both false and true) are sourced in the "spirit" of their origin (Rev.16:13,14; Matt.10:20). 
The second, is the ability to recognize which of these spirits a person harbors in their heart (Luke6:45; Matt.12:34,35).
So my answer to your question is this:
If you have been given the ability to discern spirits, and you meet another anointed one....Yes, you will be able to tell if that one is a brother of Truth, or not.

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