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Introduction to Leviathan

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There has been much conjecture over the identity found within the Bible who is named Leviathan. It has been defined as an Egyptian crocodile, and even as "Nellie" the Loch Ness Monster.
According to the "Watchtower" (;
"The description of “Leviathan” at Job 41:1-34 aptly fits the crocodile, and the “sea” of Job 41 verse 31 may refer to a river such as the Nile or another body of fresh water. It should be noted, however, that some crocodiles, as the Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus), are found along the seacoast and at times go out into the sea some distance from land."

Is Leviathan a crocodile? Let's look at the scriptures to see what we can find.

Isa.27:1 reads:
"In that day, the LORD will punish with his sword, his fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent,
Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea."

There we learn that this cold-blooded reptile is going to be "punished" by the will of God,
that it is a "serpent",
and that this "monster" belongs to the "sea" (more about this, will follow).
The symbolic book of Revelation, equates the "sea" (Isa.57:20) with the realm of the "abyss" (Rev.13:1; 11:7; 17:8).
We must ask ourselves...
If Leviathan is one of the natural creatures of the earth; why does God deem it worthy of punishment? (Isa.27:1)
He Himself declared all such creatures, "very good" (Gen.1:20,21)?
Is Leviathan a natural creature at all?

Psalm74:12,13,14 reads:
"But God is my King from long ago;
    he brings salvation on the earth.
It was you who split open the sea by your power;
    you broke the heads of the monster in the waters.
It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan
    and gave it as food to the creatures of the wilderness."

I don't know of any crocodiles,
nor any other natural creature that has more than one head.
If any of my readers know of any such reptiles, (which also deserve to be punished, and are to have their "heads" "crushed" by the will of God); please let me know right away!

Since the description of Leviathan at Isa.27:1 calls Leviathan a "serpent"; this reminds us of Satan. But if Leviathan
---(Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן, "twisted, coiled, crooked")---
really is Satan; then there must be scriptures to confirm this same description of Satan.
Does Satan have "heads" (Rev.12:3)? Is he a "serpent" (Rev.12:9)? Does he deserve to be punished? (2Cor.4:4; Eph.2:2; 1John3:8; Rev.12:9,17; John12:31; 16:11)? Are Satan's heads going to be "crushed" by God? (Psalm74:14; Gen.3:15; Heb.2:14; Rom.16:20)

We see it is reasonable to believe that Leviathan is one of Satan's identities. We can also see that descriptions of Leviathan are related to the Serpent in the Book of Revelation. Therefore, we should be interested in learning all we can about "Leviathan", so that we can know our enemy better, and are not ignorant of Satan's end-time tactics (2Cor.2:11; 11:3; 1Pet.5:8).
The more we learn about Leviathan, the clearer his identity becomes.

Can Leviathan possibly be the "Wild Beast", as the comment below, believes?
(due to the multiple heads description)

To see the scriptural answer to this question, please read the following...

Prophecies about Satan and the Wild Beast, did not first appear in the Greek scriptures. The Hebrew scriptures also teach us about these end-time identities of great import. Satan's role as deceiver has been with mankind from the start. The role of his "seed" as adversary to all those of godly devotion, is well documented throughout history. Symbolism was used by all the prophets and can be found throughout Psalms and Proverbs. Do not miss the deeper meanings and great significance of the illustrative prophecies found in the Hebrew scriptures. It is there that we find the descriptions and lessons regarding Leviathan.

The word for "Beast" is in the Bible. The Hebrew Scriptures call the Beast "Behemoth". It is four-legged (which is what Behemoth means in Hebrew), usually referring to a calf (think golden calf, Wild Beast). A serpent does not have legs and feet, as the Wild Beast is described as having. (Rev.13:2 A) This is because Leviathan "glides".(Isa.27:1)

John8:38,44 is a good reference (Eph.5:1).
These scriptures show us that "seed" possess the traits of their fathers and can be identified by that resemblance (2Thess.2:3; Rev.9:11).

Leviathan's name MEANS "crooked and twisted". The seed of Satan are a "crooked and twisted" generation (Deut.32:5; Phil.2:15; Acts2:40) which terms reflect their lying teachings (Prov.8:8; Rev.2:5; Rev.17:3; 13:1,11,14; John8:44).
Leviathan is clearly described as a "serpent" in the "sea". This is not a Beast....which is warm-blooded and lives on land (as you say, "EARTHLY creatures").

The invisible spirit realm is made partially perceptible to us, through scriptural illustrations. We don't want to pass the details of these up, because they are in the Bible for a purpose.

Even Christ (while in the invisible spirit realm) is described as a visible creature, to help us to learn from illustration (Rev.5:6). There is a deeper spiritual layer to the entire Bible.

You ask, "Is Leviathan invisible?".
If Leviathan IS visible (as described in scripture with multiple heads -Ps.74:14); where is it? Can you point it out to me? If not, then is not visible! But this does not make it a mythical fantasy. Leviathan is real. But it obviously must exist in the spirit realm.

Satan AND the Wild Beast have seven heads. This is because the Wild Beast is the "SON of 'Destruction'" (2Thess.2:3).
As such, he bears his father's traits, who is Satan ("Destruction"/"Destroyer" --Rev.9:11; Heb.2:14,15; John10:10; 1Cor.5:5; Isa.33:1).
(The Destroyer is not Christ, as is taught by the WT -John10:10; 1John3:15; Rev.1:18)
The Wild Beast bears his father Satan's trait of the "seven heads" (Rev.12:3; 13:1). What does this mean?
Rev.13:2 explains, "The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority."
The meaning is NOT merely "a 'corporation' of several beast-like individuals".
Satan's seven heads, (which trait he gives to the Beast), is much greater than that --1John5:19; Rev.13:2,7,8; 12:9; 2Thess.2:9,10).
But in fact...while Satan's heads are concurrent; the heads of the Wild Beast are consecutive, and do not all exist at once (Rev.17:9,10).

The Wild Beast is not Satan, but is Satan's son. The "Wild Beast" is NOT described as a "crooked serpent" (Rev.13:2)...Satan is (Isa.27:1; Rev.12:9). Therefore, you can not gain accurate understanding through a partial description taken out of context, such as the "seven heads"...which could either be Satan OR the complete history of the dominion and workings of the Wild Beast.
The rest of the Bible's details about Leviathan, narrow the identity to Satan alone.

Perhaps if you can consider the article to come (this is only an introduction to it), you will see this even clearer through the additional scriptures which are offered. (
Everything I expound upon in this comment, I have already given in the introduction above. Please read carefully and think about the points and scriptures given, before replying with a question (Prov.18:13).
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  1. Is it not the Leviathan a BEAST ?
    Unlikely the sheep , are not the BEASTS earthly creatures who are doing their father's will (Satan's will) ? Ioan 8:38,44
    Satan is invisible - is the Leviathan invisible ?
    Has Satan more heads, or does the visible BEAST (a "corporation" of several beast-like individuals) has more heads - possible 7 heads ?
    Is it possible that their father's characteristics (qualities) are manifested in each one of "his earthly sons" (who are doing his will) as also all of his characteristics in his earthly beast-like corporation/entity ?

    ... a few thoughts, I hope constructive ones ...

    1. I will add my reply at the end of the above post.


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